Sunday, June 3, 2012

Family trip to Kuching, Sarawak - at KLIA

at first it wasnt planned as a family trip, my cousins wedding was on, and kebetulan everyone almost everyone decided to follow, trus jadi family trip..hehe..and it was awesome...cant remember the last family trip we had...i think it was Singapore last December kot..lama giler - but this was much fun coz we got to fly together - walaupun within Malaysia jer, but it was the first flight that Aqil understand about planes and flying - so his expressions were priceless!

started with our ERL ride to KLIA - aqil tak berenti - naik train..naik train... this is his first train ride!! and also our first as a family :)

his expression bila nampak plane tersusun masa kat boarding area :)

me travelling at 30 weeks :)

his own seat on the flight - dah lebih 2 tahun kan - but he ended sitting with his ba the whole journey - then with his uncle Amir..

i think I'll stop here, memula ingat nak buat all in one post, tapi looking at the pictures mmg tak boleh..panjang menjela nanti - i'll blog according the interesting things we did (mostly makan!)

till then, cheerio~~

aisyah samsudin

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