Saturday, June 30, 2012

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Friday, June 29, 2012

Runaway Red

testing the Runway Red MAC lipstick that I got from the private sales..

yay or nay??

* hubs terkejut dan terdiam dan tergelak ~ no words! cehhh!!

* still need to get used to liquid eyeliner ~ susah giler nak pakai weyh!!

Aisyah Samsudin
Authorized Premium Beautiful Agent

Thursday, June 28, 2012

an honest conversation

me and hubs we always try to be honest with each other ~ even though sometimes its hurtful to listen to the truth , but we believe to be a better person, a better family, a better servant to Allah, we have to be honest..

there is one topic though, that he tries really hard to avoid.. coz he knows its so sensitive to me..

weight / body issues.

after delivering Aqil, there was a period when I was struggling to lose weight, I was a little cranky and moody ~ and was very hard on myself, till one day hubs tak tahan kot tgk I was super stressed.. he said..

"sayang jgn laa stress sgt...abg tak kesah laa sayang berisi .."

"serious abg tak kesah?"


"so, if I tak maintain my body...gain more weight, lemak terkeluar sana sini, peha besar mcm dinasour .. abg tak kesah? honestly?"

he paused.

"tapi jgnlaa naik bnyk sgt.."


I remember a conversation we had when we were friends dulu....

"aku pernah tanya member aku yg dah kahwin, ko mmg bila dah kahwin ni takde usha (tengok) perempuan lain eh masa jalan2 kat mall ke ape, sbb aku tengok die langsung tak usha perempuan..member aku jawab...betullaa orang kata klu wife pandai jaga badan, tak terasa langsung nak tengok perempuan lain...aku harap laaa nnti wife aku nnti pandai jaga badan.."

and now I'm his wife :)

but even if that conversation didnt took place pun, I think I still would be the type yang akan try at least maintain a good body for my husband ~ I mean, I sendiri tak suka tgk my hubby buncit (i dont care what people say ~ buncit tu tanda bahagia ke ape - my own personal opinion buncit is not sexy! tapi itu pendapat saya jer laa) so if I dont like him to be buncit, I cant be too kan? :)

and actually when your fit your healthy :) and healthy is a good thing, for you and for your family :)

Aisyah Samsudin
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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

such difference

this is me 7 month pregnant with Aqil 

this is me 7++ month pregnant 2nd child

spot the difference?


the smile is still the same tho! :)

masa first pregnancy dulu, I was eating like nobody's business...the concept "eating for 2" applied eventho my mom always reminded me that I was not eating for 2... "berapa sgt laaa baby kamu tu makan.." 

and the results >> I gained 20kgs thruout my first pregnancy! THAT IS VERY BAD!!

the aftermath >> those kilos are like almost impossible to shed! I did lose a lot masa dalam pantang but I admit I wasnt very disciplined wearing my PB after returning to work ~ so mmg badan naik mcm kene pam coz breastfeeding makes you eat - A LOT! memula gigih nak kecikkan badan ~ pastu bila usaha tak menjadi rasalaa down ~ pastu start laa kata kat diri sendiri ~ takpe laki aku sayang aku walaupun aku dah gemok.. yes - i pernah sampai that stage - I avoided looking at the mirror too long - and started to have low self esteem - tak confident jer rasa 

I cant really remember what made me snapped out of it - but I remember starting to wear my PB more disciplined after that - everyday - the eating part I cant really control coz seriously no joke when I say breastfeeding makes you hungry 24/7!!  but the good thing about PB is it controls your food intake where u eat in small portions but more frequently ~ which is good kan... and I started to loose weight ~ after 3 month I was able to get back to my normal weight which was 56 ~ masatu Aqil was already 1 yo!

this time around, I'm more cautious of what I eat, and how much I eat ~ so alhamdulillah ~ even now 34w pregnant ~ I've only gained around 6-7kgs :) my aim is to not exceed 10kgs! insyaAllah ~ and also this time, knowing that wearing PB with discipline can actually make me loose weight and get back into shape faster (my SIL, ex-colleague and ex-schoolmate has proven this!) ..I'm determine to wear my PB as soon as my body says ok - which I'm aiming on the end of the 1st week of pantang ~ insyaAllah ~ I hope everything goes smoothly and little A inside me comes out healthy..insyaAllah...

and owh, before I finish my post, I would like to say to all the 1st timers preggies out there - when people say "takpe..ko makan untuk 2" - IGNORE them!!! honestly, the pain of shedding the kgs after that is physically and mentally torture! unless you are genetically skinny and small ~ tu lain laa :) I'm talking about average people here :)

Aisyah Samsudin
Authorized Premium Beautiful Agent

MAC Warehouse Sales June 2012

* this post ditulis bukan atas tujuan nak menunjuk - but more for sharing with you guys about the sales and also for future reference since I heard its held a few time every year :) *

it all started last 3 weeks when my make-up junkie buddy Iffa texted me tanya if I wanted to go to the MAC's warehouse sales or not.. I heard great reviews about the sales before so I instantly said yes! this sales was by invitation, so we had to get the invitation cards at MAC MV at a certain date and time that they announced (cant remember when tho).. each member was entitled to get 3 passes, of course I was Iffa's +1 coz I was not a member (yet) at the time , we had 1 extra card, and I did post on my FB wall semalam tanya siapa nak ikut, I guess it was last minute and most of my friends kerja so tak dapat nak ikut, then my cousin SMSed said she wanted to join.. so voilaa.. there we were the 3 of us at 9 am beratur ~ 2 mak buyong ~ haha ~

once the door opened ~ the crowd went crazy (termasuk saya!).. we were given a plastic bag to put it the items we wanted to buy, and everyone was like grab grab grab - pilih later!! we were not suppose to take pictures inside, but I managed to snap this (sbb beratur nak bayar lama gilerr) ~ 

crazy makeup junkies!!

the prices I tell you! dirt cheap!! by the time I was done grabbing ~ my plastic bag was FULL!! i had eyeshadows, eyeliners, pigments, lipglass, blusher, brush set, senang cerita EVERYTHING YANG ADE ON THE TABLE were in my plastic bag ~ then it hit me ~ masyaAllah ~ bertenang aisyah ~ you seriously dont need all these ~ seriously ~ so I started sorting the stuff I took and got myself these

tak banyak kan...baik betul saya :)

Paint Pots - 3 jars for RM45

this was actually the only thing I intended to buy ~ mmg aim ni coz I love the ones I have, it stays longer and doesnt smudge - retail price per jar is rm70 

lipsticks - 3 for RM60

the thing about the lipstick is its prepacked (all of the stuff were prepacked actually) - so you cannot choose the colors , and I guess the SA knew that the lipsticks would be a great hit, they didnt put it on the table - the packed it there and then threw it one by one at the crowd! crazy i know!! we were like screaming "here,here" .. I was lucky I didnt have to wait that long to get mine ~ i think the 10th pack I got mine ~ tinggal laa Iffa n my cousin pulak berebut while I was grabbing other stuff :)

the colors that I got :

from left : Runaway Red (satin) , Naughty Saute (Cremesheen) , Innocence Beware (Cremesheen)

OK laa..I love the Runaway Red, can imagine nude/fresh eyes - dark lips! owh love!! the Naughty Saute kalau mix dengan color lain shud be ok kot..the nude color I love!

Eyeshadow Palletes - 2 palletes for RM60!!!

ok now, how crazy is that?!!!??!!! RM30 per pallete!! I know - please cry now!!

I am on the midst of collecting MAC eyeshadows now so this was a real steal!! These are great for travelling coz the colors are really cool!

but NO...those are not all mine! I'm not that insane! Got 2 sets for myself (4 palletes) the rest are for my SIL and friend yg sempat pesan kat I..

Blusher - 2 for RM60

these are the ones without the casing - there are with casings but I dont really like the colors - too bright for my liking ~ I think the price is about the same tak silap.. will go and check out the casing ~ klu mahal sgt pakai jer macam ni..hee~ tak susah pun..

lipglass - 3 for RM45

this is not mine, my friend yg pesan - personally I dont like the lipglass coz its kinda too sticky for me ~   memula nak amek jugak untuk diri sendiri but thinking that I dont think I'd be using them much ~ trus letak balik (baik tak saya!!) hee~~

Big Bounce Shadow - 4 for RM40 (RM10 per jar!!)

Kinda regret getting this at first coz we thought it was like the paint pot ~ but when we opened it (after purchasing the thing) the texture was kinda runny ~ and lambat kering ~ me and iffa were like ~ camne nak pakai ni ~ Iffa lagi laa amek 2 packet kan ~ but when I reached home ~ tried it again ~ hmm ... ok laa boleh tahan... plus its like RM10 jer pun per jar keep!!

plus I super duper love the colors! still have to figure out how to wear it correctly tho ~

ok..this set I love to bits! its a travelling pack I think called the Go Sees/Lash+Line , there's 3 items in it

Prep+Prime Lash , Pro Eye Makeup Remover , Graphblack Technakhol Liner 

and its only RM50!! 

I got one for my SIL coz she wanted an eyeliner ~ so dapat all these at only RM50 - SCORE!

lastly, got my SIL the Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

this item was not in the hall ~ we had to fill a form at the event hall, place an order of which one we wanted (max 3 pieces per person per item) , get the form signed and stamped by the manager and get then get the item at the counter in MV for 20% discount ~ ok laa kan... retail price is RM105 , after discount RM84 ~ save RM21!! 

the other items that we could get for 20% at the counter were the 
Studio Fix Fluid foundations - retail RM115 , after less RM92
Eyebrow sets - retail RM62 , after less RM49.60
Makeup Base - Fix+ retail RM75 , after less RM60
Strobe Cream - retail RM130 , after less RM104
Primer - retail RM105 , after less RM84
Loose Powder - retail RM90 , after less RM72

I didnt get myself anything from the counter coz the foundation I still have, the powder I just got, the eyebrow sets yg available were shimmery, and I still got my Chanel loose powder so mcm membazir klu beli lagi and the makeup base ~ ntah ...terasa gak nak beli the Fix+ tapi since I dont really need it for my everyday wear ~ malas nak membazir ~~

Other prices and items I remember that were on sales were

Eyeliners - 3 for RM75 (combination of gel and pencil) - this I regret not getting
Eyeliners + Mascara - 3 for RM75 (tak sempat nak grab habis T__T)
Single eyeshadow - 5 for RM100 (iffa managed to get this - me no T__T)
Pan eyeshadow - 3 for RM45
limited edition eyeshadow palletes - RM50-75
limited edition lipgloss - 4 for RM80
loose powder - 2 for RM70
pressed powder - 2 for RM70 (yg ni pun regret tak amek!!)
Pigments - 4 for RM35
2 color eyeshadow pallete - RM35
limited edition 4 piece brush set - RM105
lipliner - 3 for RM75
makeup pouches range RM40-60
combinations 4 items - cant really remember what - blusher, lipglass, 2 color eyeshadow pallete and ntah - RM100

bnyk lagi laa but I cant remember ape lagi ~ banyak sgt....dalam tu mcm medan perang mmg tak mampu nk tgk satu2..heee~~

ramai tanya if ade yg I nak let go ~ so far mmg takde ~ semua pun I nak ~ sorry girls ~ wished I did grab more ~ tapi apekan daya ~ perahu terlajak takleh undur ~ there will be more sales in the future right!! read that the Loreal sales will be this friday!!! I'm not going tho! enuf shopping for myself now ~ next focus on baby stuff  <3

Hope you guys enjoyed this post :)

Aisyah Samsudin
Authorized Premium Beautiful Agent

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

this is how i made my pattern

ade yg bertanya where did I get the pattern to make the blouses .. like I said, I drafted the pattern myself using a blouse I really2 like ~

this is what I did.. 

this blouse I love to bits! bought it at a vintage shop for only rm10 but I swear the cutting fits me perfectly! my only problem is its kinda short ~ klu tak pregnant ok laa..tapi bila pregnant ni mcm tak berapa manis mata memandang..but I can still fit the blouse hokeyy!! :)

so I took this blouse to make the pattern, but I skipped the button part coz honetly, I just hate buttons in front coz I have nice assets :)

this is actually a tracing paper (i think) - bought it at Popular for 50sens a piece - boleh jugak nak guna kertas minyak :)

i started with the front part, folded the blouse in half, and traced it on the paper

its kinda tricky at the sleeve hole part, be very patient and try to get it exactly the same pattern

here's the initial draft

then I added 4 inch ke bawah so that blouse labuh sket, yg ni ikut suka hati nak berapa labuh ~ but I prefer it to cover my butt, so 4 inch shud be ok..

u can try to follow the curved line by hand but I find it easier just to trace it using the original blouse, placing the bottom part at the line I marked

I even kembangkan sket coz my belly is still growing ~ i need the extra space! hehe ~ later klu nak kecik kan boleh jer :)

then I added 1/2 inch seam allowance around the original draft, except the neck area coz biasa kat ctu just guna bias tape..

do the same for the back piece, trace and panjangkan and add the seam allowance..

to make it easier I cut out the front piece and followed the new length and side flare (sbb itu pakai tracing paper - klu kertas minyak susah sket nak tekap)

back piece done.. 

now the sleeves - place it on the paper like above..and trace..

again, be very carefull when you trace the arm hole, try to be as precise as you could .. then add 1/2 seam allowance...

and voila.. cut out all pieces and ur done! 

opss..the 4th piece tu is the shoulder part of my blouse, there are certain blouses yg takde this piece, klu ade, do the same thing :)

now all you do is find a cheap material to try your pattern out - adjust mana yg perlu ~ bila dah puas hati ~ you can start making all the blouses you want :)

so far I just made 2 ~ itching to buy more bold colors :)

Aisyah Samsudin
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Monday, June 25, 2012

Price Tag


"Price Tag"
(feat. B.o.B)

[Jessie J]
Okay, Coconut man, Moon Heads and pea
You ready

Seems like everybody's got a price,
I wonder how they sleep at night.
When the sale comes first,
And the truth comes second,
Just stop for a minute and

Why is everybody so serious?
Acting so damn mysterious?
Got your shades on your eyes
And your heels so high
That you can't even have a good time

Everybody look to their left (yeah)
Everybody look to their right (uh)
Can you feel that (yeah)
We're paying with love tonight

It's not about the money, money, money
We don't need your money, money, money
We just wanna make the world dance,
Forget about the price tag
Ain't about the (uh) Cha-Ching Cha-Ching
Ain't about the (yeah) Ba-Bling Ba-Bling
Wanna make the world dance,
Forget about the price tag.

[Jessie J]
We need to take it back in time,
When music made us all unite!
And it wasn't low blows and video hoes,
Am I the only one getting tired?

Why is everybody so obsessed?
Money can't buy us happiness
Can we all slow down and enjoy right now
Guarantee we'll be feeling alright



Yeah yeah
Well, keep the price tag
And take the cash back
Just give me six strings and a half stack
And you can, can keep the cars
Leave me the garage
And all I, yes all I need
Are keys and guitars
And guess what, in 30 seconds
I'm leaving to Mars
Yeah we leaving across
These undefeatable odds
It's like this man
You can't put a price on a life
We do this for the love
So we fight and sacrifice
Every night
So we ain't gonna stumble and fall
Waiting to see a sign of defeat
Uh uh
So we gonna keep everyone
Moving their feet
So bring back the beat
And then everyone sing

It's not about the money

[Chorus 2x]

[Jessie J ‒ Outro]
Yeah yeah
Forget about the price tag

Aisyah Samsudin
Authorized Premium Beautiful Agent

Sunday, June 24, 2012

birthday tea time :)

yesterday (sunday) , my ex-headgirl Azz organized a combined birthday get together for a few of our friends, she went all out with cards, cake, and even a birthday board!! for a 38 weeks pregnant lady, tabik springg ~~ heee :)

it was nice, meeting my friends, jarang2 jumpa diorang bila jumpa tetibe rasa berasa di highschool kembali :) suppose lagi ramai but last minute ade yg ade hal ~ but nvm ~ the show must go on right :) 

tak tau nak tulis ape ~ layan gambar jer laa k :)

the organizer ~ 2 more weeks Azz!!

Farah and FanFan! comel gilerrr!!

peace!!! pandai sungguh budak nihh!!

with erin :) one of the birthday girl :)

Dr Shila :) she went back to Penang right after the get together :) gagah ~~

Birthday girls ~ Nurvia just came back from Milan for work ~ dengar cerita die ..dalam hati .. I want her job!!

the mommies :) 

Azz is 38 weeks pregnant and she's thinner than me! pfffttt...

the birthday cake :) Tiramisu ~ sedap giler ~~

The birthday girls :)

Happy Birthday Girls!!! enjoy your 28th birthday :) 

thanks Azz for organizing this get together :)

thanks girls for the wonderful time :)

*owh ~ lupa ~ it was a Decanter, Bukit Damansara ~ I swear the food id to die for! sedappp gilerr!!*

Aisyah Samsudin
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Our husband is also A Son

biasa kan dengar ... "haa..itu kan tugas suami.. itukan tanggungjawab suami.."

yes, of course, suami ni banyak tanggungjawab especially to provide enough for his wife and kids..

BUT REMEMBER ... he also has his responsibilities as a son..

and in Islam, even though his someones husband, his responsibilities as a son comes first!

first to his parents, then to the inlaws, then only to his wife and kids...

jgn kita pentingkan only the part of tanggungjawab suami tapi bab die nak jalankan tanggungjawab as a son ~ kita tarik muka

especially when it comes to money

learn to be understanding ~ learn to compromise

remember that the parents are the one who raised our husbands for berpuluh tahun ~ who spent a lot of money for their education, for their up growing ~ made who they are today ~ now is the time for them to give back ~ 

you should be proud if your husband is the kind yg dahulukan parents ~

coz InsyaAllah our son pun one day akan jadi mcm tu ...

insyaAllah ~ always pray for the best kan ~~

*tapi jgn sampaikan tak kahwin lagi dok lebihkan girlfriend ~ dah kahwin nnti tak tau laa ~ mintak jauh ,, ameennn...*

~ terasa berat plak post ni ~ tapi ntah laa ~ something I overheard a long time ago ~ tetibe teringat ~

Aisyah Samsudin
Authorized Premium Beautiful Agent

while I'm in the groove :)

I am a sucker for DIYs! 

and these are my latest creation!

 finally!! belajar buat sleeves plak - tricky but not impposible!

tunjuk kat hubs ~ suka tengok muka tak percaya die..hahahh...

die kata "klu sayang boleh jahit baju kemeja untuk abg, mmg syg wife yg paling perfect skali!!" 

hahahaha~~ i take that as a challenge my love! 


pattern baju - reka sendiri ~ drafted from a top that I really like ~ just labuhkan kasik tutup punggung :)

kain both from kamdar ~ one dull satin, one silk ~ 

Aisyah Samsudin
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Friday, June 22, 2012

when I'm stressed out

I sew!!

Patterns and Tutorials :

then stress balik ~ siapa nak kemas ni?? sakit pinggang dah T__T

*alasan nak menjahit sebenarnya ~ tapi mmg tgh stress pun T___T

Aisyah Samsudin
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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Babies and Kids Patterns and Tutorials!!

I swear I'm going kinda nuts right now ~

Look all those kids patterns!!!

My heart is beating so fast right now feel like nak buat semua all at the same time!!!

Aisyah Samsudin
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Tuesday, June 19, 2012 we go!!

was going thru CT's blog and I saw this post about J.Crew..

terus click on the website and saw all the pretty and cute baby clothing ~ 

simple and cute!!

since J.Crew's price is so darn expensive (USD62 for this onesie!!) trus bukak BabyGap and browse through ... aahhhh.... I think my heart just skipped a beat!

arent they just the cutest?!!

we're still not sure the gender of the baby yet - or more like - we dont know coz when the doctor asked we refused to know the gender (this is the reason ok!!)

but if its a girl ~ pretty sure these will all be in my cart in a heartbeat!! plus they're all on sales! sayyy whatt?? yes!! on sale!! can I cry now!! rasa mcm nak p buat detailed scan laaa ni jugak nak tau gender baby! arghh!! why did I say no to the doctor the other dayyy?!?!?!!!!!


but in the other hand ~ my strategy works! no unnecessary spending on things like this laa ~~ 

I mean, kejap jer kan baby membesar ~ BUT THEY ARE ON SALESSSS!!


Aisyah Samsudin
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