Monday, June 28, 2010


hubs is back!!



Wednesday, June 23, 2010

the things people have to go thru eveyday

since hubs is still in PNG and lil sis is back in school, I am now staying at my Aunt's in Subang [where I leave Aqil during the day]. Its easier for me to go to work from there. if not i have to berulang from Selayang to Subang. mampus!

the only way I know from subang to work is using Federal. and boy...the traffic starts as early as 6.45am!! [the time I went out this morning!]

asked my cousin how on earth these people go thru this traffic every single day..??

cousin said, it takes a true Subarian at heart to have the patience to be stuck in Federal everytime they go to!

here are images of the road of me going to and back from work..

To work @ 7.10am

From work @ 8.15pm !!!!!

seriously!! I went back from work late yesterday [because of the workload not suka2!] , thinking that..for sure the roads will be traffic....but nope...same old same old..

so, to all subang people..

wa tabik sama lu!!


Sunday, June 20, 2010

RED is for STOP

i was driving back home from a Kenduri yesterday, singing my heart out in the car while waiting for the traffic light to turn green.. [bored driving alone]

the lights turn green, i change the gear to "D".. ready to press the pedal when suddenly... whooossshhhh a car from the lane which just turned RED drove infront me..


helloooooo!!!! RED means STOP you idiot!!! marah ni..!! seriously....I get angry when people give excuses..."owh...dah laju tak sempat nak berenti.."

meh nak ajar sikit..

YELLOW means...slow ur car and get ready to stop...NOT..tekan minyak lagi kuat so that boleh dan lepas sebelum lampu merah!!!!

seriously..!! dont be selfish and please think about other're not the only one in a lain pun nak kejar p berak jugak..but please laa drive laa betul2!!

You dont know what will happen...and please dont say..."alaa...tak jadi ape2 pun..." I dont care jadi ape2 ke tak..but precaution kene amek!! bukan dah jadi baru nyesal..

You really want to be the reason of the death of somebody's child? mother? father? brother? sister? friend????

Just think if that ever happens to somebody you love???? tak ke rase nak marah orang yg langgar the red light tuuu????? tak ke akan blame that person??? akan kan kan kan kan....??? but when you do it takpe??fikir laa babe!!!

things that we can prevent...ape salahnya kita try prevent?? please think about others.. there are other people living in this world , not only you!

*emo emo emo..marah betul aku manusia2 begini*


Saturday, June 19, 2010

HAPPY [belated] FATHER's DAY

To my lovely dad..

And also to Hubby dearest...

Its his first year celebrating Father's Day...I made him a boxer [not so nice...the tutorial was a bit confusing] for Fathers Day...but have to wait another week to give him the boxer.. so abg, cepat2 balik ye!

and made one for baby Aqil..but turn out to be too small for him! boohoo...i forgot I downloaded the 0-3 month old size, my baby is almost 4 month already! duhh!! [nk bagi org pun segan, tak berapa kemas the jahitan..hmmm]

*wrote this post yesterday, on the ACTUAL day of fathers day, but got somewhat interrupted, laa today.. ;)

xoxoAlign Center

thank you granmama! ;)

2 new PJs

one set of sleeveless, tshirt n hooded sweater [pants dah habis! boohoo!]

Aqil sayang Tok Wan..!!

Mekasihhh....muah muah muah....


Thursday, June 17, 2010

tutorial : baby boy soft cap

when I browse through the baby blogshops [which I do oh-so often..hehe] I find it hard to find caps/hats for my baby boy...girls hat..yes..a thousand and one different patterns and colours, but when it comes to boys selection..adoi....its like close to impossible... [exaggerate much! lol!]

one day, i went into a baby store and found this..

yeay!! a cap for my baby..its soft and very2 comfortable coz the material is the tshirt-like its soft for baby's anyways..hubs complained that its too baby-ish.. i mean with the hippo on the cap...i was like..erk..?? its a baby cap..what do u expect syg..??

anyways...i was looking at the cap and thought "i cant make looks easy enough to copy..."

so I instantly went home and start digging for old tshirts that I dont wear anymore...did a little bit of sketching and drawing...and cutting and sewing...and i finally made this...

a combination of green and black..very the hip-hop dont u think?? hehe.. i used two of my very2 the small-never worn for 3 year- bodyglove tshirt....nice or not? hehehe

then i thought..hmm...why not share the love? so here it goes...the tutorial...i hope its clear enough to understand...

you can download the BABY SOFT CAP TEMPLETE here.

1. cut 12 pieces of the curvy-triangle, you can mix the colours accordingly..the basic is 6 pieces for the outlayer and 6 pieces for the inner-layer. [i used 3 green, 3 black for the outerlayer and 6 white for the inner- all fabrics i cut out from my unused tshirts]

cut 2 pieces of the front cap [i forgot to take pictures, i'll put it in the pattern later]

cut a piece of hard interfacing, iron on the top side of the front cap, and sew both right side together...

turn the front cap inside out, and top stitch the top cap.. you'll get something like this..

sew the curvy-triangles right side facing all six of the outerlayer..and you'll get something like this...

topstitch the outerlayer..and get something like this..

do the same thing with the inner layer..but leave 2 1/2 inch on one below

take both inner and outerlayer and sew right side together

remember to put in the front between the layers..this part is a bit tricky, so do it can pin it first to make sure the position of the front cap is correct.. [sorry..forgot to take picture]

also..try to align the inner and outer layer together so that it will look better..

turn the cap inside out and sew in 2 1/2 inch of elastic band at the back of the cap..use the 2 back triangle of the cap...this one you have to use your imagination, coz it took me 1/2 n hour to make it right...i dont know how to really explain...just trial and error.. [not a very good tutorial huh??] lol!

lastly, sew the opening in the can do it however you, i'm the lazy type..just use machine...see..even the thread i'm lazy to change colour! ;p

and then you have it! your own baby cap!! ;) soft and comfortable for your lil munchkin!

and now theres two! ;)

good luck!


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Anna Patchwork House

eversince Aqil was born, my sewing machine has been collecting dust somewhere in mom's house..[brought it there to jahit-jahit but never found the time to do it]..

and then I saw this camera strap cover at Made by of my favorite craft blogs..she makes just the most cutest dresses for her daughter...of course the sewing mood came straight I googled for designs and fabric...unfortunately those fabrics she uses are crazy expensive..and need to be pre-order/order from US...sgt bukan seorang yg penyabar diri ini..heheh...

so i googled somemore and found Anna Patchwork House blog..and guess what..she has a store in Sunway Pyramid!!

but of course I had to go usha the shop at called up Aye, asked if Aqil is ok...of course he is..Wa took him out..that manja little boy..huhu...

so after work, I went straight there...and felt like I was in heaven!

Kak Anna, the owner, is a very nice lady..she opened this store of hers almost one year ago, where she quit her 8-5 job and pursuit in something she's most passionate about..I envy her..I wish I could do that..maybe one day bila ade rezeki..insyaAllah...

here's some picts i took while i was there...

a cozy little store

fabrics arranged by colours..

just scrumptious!

pretty pretty pretty!

Fat quaters.. best for quilting...small pieces but variety..

work in progress...she takes orders and also conduct classes! just call her up for the time..she's normally at the store from 11 am till it closes

the fabrics I bought..cant wait to start sewing!!

all her info you can get it from her blog..and owhh...she's having her 3 day 1st anniversary sales starting July 1st!! go go go!! i will definitely be there the first day!! hehe...

i am one happy lady! lagi2 coming home to this little angel..

life is just perfect..alhamdulillah... ;)


Monday, June 14, 2010

too early?

picture stolen from Mak Long Syu's blog.

nope. never too early to be watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S

haha. blame the auntie! not me!


boots to bed.

on my second cup of nescafe today.

sleepy. headache.

woke up as early as 4am this morning coz needed to send hubs to KL Central before 6.45am.

yes. his going for audit again. this time. Papua New Guinea. 2 weeks. hmm..

talking about hubs, bought him a new pair of boots for his trip since he's going to audit a *something* factory where he is required to wear boots for safety..

its that front-hard type of boots. i dunno its name. whatever.

he was so excited when we got back. he wore those boots all night long!

he even said he was going to wear them to bed! of course he didnt tho..mmg kene tido luar laa klu bwk naik katil kasut but tuuu...[kidding banggggg!!! ;p]

haha! like a kid getting candy. but I guess that happens when you seldom buy stuff for yourself..typical hubs. he only buy stuff when he thinks he really2 needs on the other hand...well..lets not get into that topic..i just got another "tak habis2.." from hubs darling last Saturday..nak buat camne bang...bini abg ni bnyk betul keinginan..hahaha..


will I miss him? I dunno... before this there was no Aqil to keep me company.. but I guess I will...I depend on him too much.. ;p

last Saturday was SIL's birthday...treated her the Baskin Robins Ice Cream Fondue for her bday... delish!! ;)

why am I the only one looking at the camera? hmphh..


Saturday, June 12, 2010

what a morning!!

* the sound of Aqil crying *

opened my eyes...while giving Aqil his "drink".. looked outside the window..

wah!! so bright? what time what time..???

wait patiently for Aqil to finish his meal.. ran to my hp that I was charging outside my bedroom [my ho which was out for 2 days straight!]

took a quick glance at the time..already 9!?!?!?!?!?!!

practically ran to the shower..took the quickest shower ever..thinking..nvm..i've got my perfume to cover up...

put on the pants i wore 2 days ago to bros tshirt..because thinking i didnt have time to find any other top...and the tudung wore by my SIL yesterday..because it was hanging, so no need ironing...

woke up hubs, ran down..took the keys..went straight to the car...and off....

drove at 70km/hour coz my head was still dizzy..luckily the road was clear...

reached ikea.. and found this..

not one single car in the carpark!!!


texted my colleague "have you reached Ikea yet?"

he replied " ?????????? i tot our arrangement at 9.30??"

what the???? whats the time now..??

looked at the time on my hp.. 9.45 PM !!! urghh.. i guess 2 days of flat battery does that to ur time settings....

looked at the watch on my dashboard... 17.55... whatt???

called hubs, no answer..

called cousin.... "its 8.30 am kak ct..."


sat in the car...staring what I am suppose to do for another hour!?!?!

having the greatest headache ever...

mentally slapping and cursing myself for being so nice volunteering to buy stuff for the office...

then remembered there was McD just accross the road..

thank god!

anyone told you guys..McD has the best coffee ever!? seriously..better than coffee bean n starbucks.. [well at least for me]

then at 9 am, ikea was open for breakfast..

so many people having breakfast at ikea..on a Sunday morning..

while waiting for my shopping buddy...I did this..

the budget for todays shopping..left the original at the office...huhu..

shopped for an hour

went straight back and slept

* i swear i mentally drafted this post more interesting than this one...but still having a bad headache from this whatever!! hahahahahaha [why am i laughing again?? urghh!!] need-panadol - or better - nescafe! junkie! *


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Relay for Life

" Relay is all about 'Celebrate, Remember, Fight Back' and we had input from a survivor (Celebrating survivorship), the story of our luminaria ceremony (Remember) and a lively input from one of our teams (Fight Back!). "

source :

i first heard about this event last year thru my cousin Syu [its an all night long event till morning - celebrating the cancer survivors! - with tents, foods, good spirit and great company] , and eversince then I was looking forward to go to this year's event..but one can only In Laws were in town that weekend for a kenduri so I had to be the hostess since they were staying over at our it was raining heavily and as what I heard from family members who were there, the place was soggy and very it wasnt really suitable to bring lil Aqil there...[mom had already bought tickets - but nvm at least i got the tshirt!! ;)] hmm...I guess there's always next year right.. ;)

the good side of not going is that I got to take my MIL n SIL shopping at Ikea! any sentence with the word shopping in it is ok for me!'s some pictures of the event that I stole from my cousins, aye n atie ' s blogs...enjoy!

atie n wa - one of the survivors [pinjam kata2 atie ;) ]

the Omarians spirit!

thats my dad infront in the apek's boots and pom pom!

sisters - cu, wa, cippa, mom and tzah

part of the clan

we've got spirit..yes we do...we've got about you?!?!

exciting no!? cant wait for next year's event!!! ;) ;) siapa mahu ikut!?!?!