Tuesday, June 26, 2012

this is how i made my pattern

ade yg bertanya where did I get the pattern to make the blouses .. like I said, I drafted the pattern myself using a blouse I really2 like ~

this is what I did.. 

this blouse I love to bits! bought it at a vintage shop for only rm10 but I swear the cutting fits me perfectly! my only problem is its kinda short ~ klu tak pregnant ok laa..tapi bila pregnant ni mcm tak berapa manis mata memandang..but I can still fit the blouse hokeyy!! :)

so I took this blouse to make the pattern, but I skipped the button part coz honetly, I just hate buttons in front coz I have nice assets :)

this is actually a tracing paper (i think) - bought it at Popular for 50sens a piece - boleh jugak nak guna kertas minyak :)

i started with the front part, folded the blouse in half, and traced it on the paper

its kinda tricky at the sleeve hole part, be very patient and try to get it exactly the same pattern

here's the initial draft

then I added 4 inch ke bawah so that blouse labuh sket, yg ni ikut suka hati nak berapa labuh ~ but I prefer it to cover my butt, so 4 inch shud be ok..

u can try to follow the curved line by hand but I find it easier just to trace it using the original blouse, placing the bottom part at the line I marked

I even kembangkan sket coz my belly is still growing ~ i need the extra space! hehe ~ later klu nak kecik kan boleh jer :)

then I added 1/2 inch seam allowance around the original draft, except the neck area coz biasa kat ctu just guna bias tape..

do the same for the back piece, trace and panjangkan and add the seam allowance..

to make it easier I cut out the front piece and followed the new length and side flare (sbb itu pakai tracing paper - klu kertas minyak susah sket nak tekap)

back piece done.. 

now the sleeves - place it on the paper like above..and trace..

again, be very carefull when you trace the arm hole, try to be as precise as you could .. then add 1/2 seam allowance...

and voila.. cut out all pieces and ur done! 

opss..the 4th piece tu is the shoulder part of my blouse, there are certain blouses yg takde this piece, klu ade, do the same thing :)

now all you do is find a cheap material to try your pattern out - adjust mana yg perlu ~ bila dah puas hati ~ you can start making all the blouses you want :)

so far I just made 2 ~ itching to buy more bold colors :)

Aisyah Samsudin
Authorized Premium Beautiful Agent

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