Monday, January 31, 2011

nothing important, just me jotting down about my life...

*this post will be me ranting about everything i'm thinking & if its long and boring..just close the window if you get tired reading k..*

it rained the whole day yesterday..and almost half day today..they sky was grey and looked so sad, as if nature is crying, knowing something bad is going to happen..hmm...or at least that was on my mind when i was driving to Shah Alam that morning..

mom woke us up at 7am... "rise and shine..rise and shine....lets all have breakfast in Shah Alam..." ... yupzz..thats my mom...went there in two cars coz i was meeting a client - or more like my ex-schoolmate that I havent met in 10 years! i guess, one thing i love about this business is that i get to reconnect with my old friends..

anyways, it was raining the whole journey there, arrived there and called my bro..asking if we were still going to have breakfast since it was raining....change of plans...breakfast at grandma's...turned my car around...lucky shah alam and subang is only 10 minutes drive, but with the rain, it took me 20 minutes to reach gran's house..yes, i am a safe driver! safety first people...

was crazy hungry when I reached grans, saw cu made these super delicious cucur jagung..finished all///haha...forgot to salam gran because I saw food first...bad bad granddaugther..haihh...waited for the other car to arrive for more food...and as expected, mom bought food for 20 people, eventho there were only 7 of us.."biar lebih jgn tak cukup..." moms moto when it comes to food...but i guess thru enough...

had one round of lemang and ayam golek..super to Alamanda to meet my ex-schoolmate..

had a headache trying to find alamanda....thinking i should get myself a gps...hmm...maybe soon since i will be meeting clients more often after this...found alamanda after.. dont know how was still raining and i could really see the signboards...

met my exschoolmate...hugging hugging like crazy at the middle of alamanda...but who cares has been so long...and people change kan...not so much the personality, but the appearance.. i could still remember her in her jersey and sweat pants.. ;) but now in a very lady like top and heels...getting married soon! cant wait to attend her wedding! ;)

talked about everything...and about PB of course.. heheheheee....5 hours of talking then we decided to stop..haha///sampai kering tekak...

later that night, went to Puchong for doa selamat nad sembahyang hajat sempena Salha being CDM and Adliza being DDM this month ( congrats babes!) , felt at ease and thankful that I met this group..their determination and the way they do things..i so inspiring...Salha, Hanis and Adliza had their say after the solat me a lot to think about..then had pizze and cake afterwards.. the rockest kenduri ever i tell u! hahaha...but it waS nice..listening to their stories..and what kept them motivated..i was quite at times..thinking..and processing....

did i mention i got lost on the way there and back from puchong?? deyyyyy!! really need to get myself a gps! haaiihhhh.... reached home pretty late, lil bro already bising like mak nenek...but rupanya, there was a break-in just a few houses next to us! ggrrrrr....these kids needs to get locked up! yes kids! nothing is secure anymore...crimes are happening everywhre! reminds me why i prefer apartment or condo then landed houses - unless theres security with fences around the housing area..i dont think i'll ever buy a landed many times have there been snatch cases involving motorcyclist around this area...hmmm....not me shivers when i think about it....hmmm...

work was not good today..the thing is, I wasnt aware aqil nursery was closed for the whole and dad are out of town till wednesday, hubs is in indonesia..luckily lil sis is around- so at least she can look after aqil for a while, asked to go back early for mon-wed since its not that I dont trust my lil sis..but she's 16..and she has extra she can only look after aqil halfday...told my situation to my senior and manager but they kept on insisted-or more like my manager insisted me to find other arrangement-because my senior says that since it is month-end that cannot let me leave early...altho i already said i found backup and will be supporting from home...

as i was walking back to my place, i kinda heard my senior said something irresponsible, but i didnt know to what he was referring to since he was speaking his might have had been about something else, but i dont know why, i snapped....i gave him a piece of my mind, when back to my place holding back tears..but lost it as soon as i sat down...- told you i was a drama queen! lol! am not proud of that moment, but i guess everyone have their low point no? and when it comes to my baby, i get really i was irresponsible, i wouldnt be coming in on both days this CNY, when my whole family is going back to johor...I wont be doing others peoples job on a weekend just because they are too damn slow to finish it themselves...I wont be going back at 12 midnight when I have a baby at home...and for what? a piece of paper? a rm50 jusco voucher? sorry... some people may feel that work is no 1...for me...FAMILY is always my priority...if anything happens to my family, it will be me who feels it..not screw you... ok sorry yer...emo jap...

ntah laa..some people will say....jangan mengeluh...but for me, you want to cut ur self short and let people walk all over you...thats ur problem...that ur want to be the slave for those higher people...then....go ahead.....i'm done...let me whine, let me say what i need to say....and let me move on to a better choice..insyaAllah, with petunjuk dariNya..everything will go well.....

i wish hubs was here...hmmm....

okey okey.....time to sleep...


Friday, January 28, 2011

this one would definitely get hubs approval!!

EVERYTIME I buy a new pair of shoes..hubs will definitely disapprove..

"ni bukan kasut, ni alas kaki" >>>>>>> Rubi Shoes T__T

"ni bukan kasut, ni penyeksaan" >>>>>> any high heals T____T

and everytime he suggest any shoes it will be a shoe for an 80 year old! T__________________T

i am not joking people!

the other day, went shoe hunting with Roza, tujuan nak beli heels or wedges...but  ended up buying these...

they are super duper duper comfy!! and cheap!! ;) Roza got one in dusty pink...gorgeous! sedih takde my size.. :(

and I know that hubs definitely approves this one..!! ;)

waving frantically to mr hubs whos far away in news from him yet...hope everything is ok..

betul kan abangg... ??


Thursday, January 27, 2011


cukup marah bila dapat SMS mcm ni....boleh trace kan siapa owner number nih? siapa tau how? geram betul..kesian pada org yg percaya...


:: mode happy ::

Manager R : eyh aisyah, you look slimmer lost a lot of weight eyh?

Me : *giggle* *giggle* >> yups tergedik gila kejap..

Manager L : who want to kurus ask tips from aisyah how she does it...

Me : *Looks up with blur face..apehal tetibe sebut nama aku nih*...smileee...... ^___^


Both managers are women ok...jgn pk lain plak.. ;) hehehe...I am going to start take measurements after this.. ;)

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Premium Beautiful : My Testimonial

I feel silly, uploading my picture posing in the toilet, but people want to see..betulke perut flat? betulke boleh shapekan, this is the current me, in my PB ofcourse! weight? jgn tanya, i dont know myself, but if you ask me, as long as I could fit in those old jeans and that tshirt..I am happy.. ;)

this is me 8 month pregnant, see those hugeeee thighs?

I dont diet or cut food, because I am still breastfeeding purely PB I tell you.. ;)

Want another secret? besides wearing PB 8 hours a day?

2 weeks back, I started taking Lacto-Lite, not everyday, just twice/thrice a week (setakat ni baru amek 5 sachets-sbb selalu terlupa) , my jeans dah longgar!!! seriesly...I pun very very terkejut, because nak ikutkan mmg I'm very skeptical about slimming products, mmg tak berapa nak percaya, dulu pernah laa try teh2 tu.. tapi mcm tu jugak..yang boleh nak try Lacto-Lite ni pun because asyik habis stok jer...pelik..bagus sgt ke product ni? pastu tgk pulak Kak Ana, dah reduce to half her normal size...terbeliak biji mata ok! So beli jer laa satu kotak...alih2 ok rupanya..takde laa memulas ke ape..and tetibe pki jeans aritu dok tarik tarik...sat sat tarik..sat sat tarik...baru perasan dah longgar jeans tu... sukaaaa ok!!! ;)

sedikit info about Lacto-Lite

Harga : RM150 per box = 25sachets. (boleh tahan almost sebulan yer..murah jer kan..)

*NURICH LACTO-LITE adalah yogurt kultur hidup & inulin menggabungkan kultur hidup dan inulin untuk menjamin kesihatan sistem penghadaman

*NURICH LACTO-LITE sinbiotik yang mengabungkan kedua-dua probiotik dan prebiotik justeri meningkatkan lagi keberkesanan probiotik.

*NURICH LACTO-LITE tidak menyebabkan kekejangan perut mahu pun cirit birit.

Bagaimana NURICH LACTO-LITE dapat membantu anda?** Menyingkirkan toksin badan
** Menggalakkan metabolism
** Mengurangkan beban badan
** Menggalakkan pertumbuhan bakteria baik
** Membantu dalam penghadaman
** Membantu melegakan sembelit
** Membantu sintesis vitamin

GABUNGKAN PB + LACTO-LITE ... voilaaaaa!!! hubby pun makin sayang..... ;) ;) ;) ;)

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Breakfast at Delifrance Solaris

I have a new place for me to hang-out on weekends and Public Holidays... ;)

Delifrance Solaris!!!

a cousin of mine just opened this Deli in Dec 2010...when she first told me that she was taking some time off from teaching and was going to open a Deli, like 5 month back..I was nothing but happy for herr!!!

We were very close when we were kids, I would always go over to her house for sleep-overs and we would have these long conversations on the phone planning what we would wear whenever we were going back for Raya or holidays, we would make these very disgusting mixture of cream and powder and perfumes - konon2 it was a special masque to make us beautiful, but of course we were smart enough not to actually put anything on out faces! thank god! we were still close during our Uni years, sharing everything about our friends and boyfriends of course! but once she got married, the I got married, things changed..since both were busy with our life..we keep in touch once in a while but not as often as I wish we would..

anyways, back to the topic...her Deli was suppose to open in Nov but biasalaa kan, construction and all, it finally opened in Dec...I was so busy, I only had the chance to go visit her last week...and the place..?? AWESOME!!!

While waiting for her to settle everything, I managed to squeeze some work in... ;) we chatted for hours..almaklum, dah lama tak jumpa...and I am so impressed and SUPER PROUD of her..she is one of the ONLY two malay owners kat Solaris tu....her journey to open that Deli was not easy but she kept her mind positive and strong and alhamdulillah.... ;)

my two most important gadgets that I cant live without!

breakfast menu - super love the soup and traditional breakfast set! the coffee is superb too!

Her baby (not so baby anymore) , Umar..adorable... "mommy, Umar want sweet please..." .. cute..ckp omputih jer budak ni...but its good, she's sending him to 2 different schools, one for religion, one for brain development.. Selain business, this was the main topic we talked about the most... our kids! its different then and now, then, kids played at parks or bicycles in the evening, but now, its all about this class and that class and FB..mind cousins whos 5 ke 6 ntah dah ade FB! back then, school was for learning and, school is all about exams and getting no 1..ade my cousin menangis sbb UPSR trial tak dapat all A's..UPSR jer kot...but u know...that is the culture now..takleh nak deny..nak masuk Uni pun dah berderet org dapat good grades....

With my beautiful cousin!! ;) sorry muka sememeh jer, kata g untuk breakfast kann... ;)

..and we talked a lot about business...what she's doing...what i'm doing... time has changed..people may not be aware, or in denial.... but the cost of living now is so high, dulu2 anak tadika was only like rm50 per month, nursery pun rm100 paling2...not now, tadika dah mencecah beribu, the smart kids laa, Q-dees laa... nursery, since dah macam2 berlaku, kita nak laa hantar anak nursery yg terjamin sket...and its not cheap! range kat KL is rm400-rm800! crazy...but its true! nursery anak lagi mahal dari installment kereta! haha.. but then, people say, dengan anak takleh berkira, but if we really dont have the money...mcm mana tak berkira? bukan nak berkira, but betul2 tak mampu...but kita nak jugak anak kita setanding anak2 org lain kan...itu tak termasuk bende2 lain lagi...

having a second income is important now days, takleh nak harapkan gaji yang ade...I am blessed to have found this business, and I am thankful that she found hers... ;) tak kesah laa what business we're doing...janji ade USAHA untuk kehidupan yang lebih baik...;)

So dear Kak Yan, I wish you all the best and murah rezeki. May Allah bless you with good health and wealth for you and your family.... love u always!! ;)



Pernah tak bila kita kat shopping complex, tgk org pegang paper bag LV ke, Gucci ke, Salvatore Ferragamo ke, kita terfikir....untungnya dia banyak duit..

Pernah tak kita terfikir, bila kita tahu ade org kerja kat syarikat family, takyah susah2 cari kerja, kita kata, untungnya dia family ade syarikat sendiri..

Pernah tak kita terfikir, bila kita tgk kawan2 pergi melancong ke Europe, ke US, kita terfikir, untungnya dia, ade duit nak g melancong...

Pernah tak kita terfikir, bila kita tgk orang yg dapat belajar overseas without scholarship, untungnya dia, takyah berebut scholarship/loan dengan org lain nak blajar overseas sbb ayah dia mampu nak hantar dia blajar kat US/UK/EU 

Meh nak cakap, theres no so such thing as UNTUNG, unless you win a lottery or something, but this is all hasil USAHA..klu bukan usaha dia,usaha ayah dia, klu bukan ayah dia, usaha atuk dia, yang pada mulanya susah, tapi ada USAHA untuk tingkatkan diri sendiri, ambil risiko dan akhirnya BERJAYA..

tapi yang penting..USAHA tu ada...ingat senang ke dari takde ape2 nak jadikan ada? ingat boleh keluarkan modal, pastu goyang kaki, pastu dapat jadi kaya? no such thing..klu mcm tu..semua pun dah kaya dalam dunia ni...yang penting... USAHA USAHA USAHA....

Don’t we want to be the one who wants to bring wealth to our family? To be the one who started the legacy and be the one yang dapat beri kesenangan pada family kita di masa hadapan?

Business ni, amat mudah, sebab semua tersedia, product yang diiktiraf, marketing plan yang mantap, leader2 yang hebat....itu baru namanya UNTUNG, 

UNTUNG bila kita nak bukak business, kita tak perlu perah otak fikir apa product yang kita perlu keluarkan..bila dalam business ni, product2nya mmg dah dikenali dan di iktiraf..

UNTUNG bila nak marketkan product, kita tak perlu nak perah otak mcam mana nak bagi awareness kat  orang about our product, bila company sendiri sudah buatkan untuk kita, billboards dah ade, iklan TV dah ade...tak perlu kita belanja untuk iklankan product kita..

UNTUNG bila kita nak fikirkan strategy untuk kembangkan business kita, dah tersedia dah marketing plan yang amat mantap, dimana, for 19 years this company is plan tak berubah pun sbb mmg bagus and siap dapat lagi pengiktirafan dari KPDN “Ethic Excellence Award”..takde hanky panky, takde menindas, semua sama rata..siapa usaha dia yg dapat..

UNTUNG bila kita tak reti nak berbisnes, ada leader2 yang guide kita, yang pimpin kita, beritahu ape yang perlu dilakukakn untuk berjaya dalam bisnes, if kita bukak sendiri bisnes kita, katalaa kedai runcit ke, gerai makan ke..ade org nak kasik tau camne nak jalankan business?takde kan..?pandai2 laa sendiri..tapi ini tak...leader ade untuk rujuk and tolong... klu org tu bukan dari back ground biznes, mmg tak reti nak bisnes, saya pun, so that is why we need people to guide us...

Untung kan? 

And untung, sebab setelah penat berhempas pulas buat bisnes, kita boleh WARISKAN business ni kat anak2 kita, just sambung from where we left.....untung kan..?? sgttt untung...niat biar bukan sahaja kita buat business ni untuk diri kita, but for our family now and the ones to come..tanak ke kita tgk anak2, cucu2, cicit2 kita senang? Mesti nak kan....

Tak susah buat business ni, semua pun bergantung pada diri kita sendiri..kita yang perlu ada kemahuan untuk perbaiki diri kita, kita yang perlu ada USAHA untuk ke arah yang lebih baik...

Text / Email me to know how.... 

Aisyah 0192710102


Monday, January 17, 2011

terima seadanya.. ;)

its my birthday today. yeah yeah. i told you before.. attention seeker much T__T

so what I'm doing on my birthday?

Working! (yes...I told you that also...duhh..)

what I didnt tell you..

last night, I was up late, chatting on FB, then at 12.15 am... hubs woke up.. walked towards me (or so I thought..) and smiled at me, and then walked pass, went to the kitchen for some water..and came sit by me then asked..

hubs: sayang buat ape ni tak tido2 lagi....

me: ni haa...reply org yg wish birthday sayang ni....

hubs: owhhh...eyh..happy birthday....

me: *slaps forehead* i love u too... T__T

for some people, maybe merajuk kot...but I guess I know my husband too well nak merajuk... nak kata tak terasa...tak mungkin laa kot...but entah... biasa jer.. I accept him the way he is, as he accepts me the way I am.. :)


should i wait?

todays my birthday!!!! yeay? T__T not doing anything special..hubs is not that into whatever....but was thinking of getting myself a birthday've been itching to get myself an Ipad for my birthday...but then, there are rumors that Ipad 2nd gen (with camera ok!) is coming out soon...not that soon.... but in April 2011...

I dont know if I should wait...or just get myself one? hmmmmm.......

what say you?

i think i'll wait..its only 3 month away anyways.... T___T


saya suka nak jaga badan untuk diri sendiri ;)

back in my Uni-years, I had more boy-friends than girl-friends. (yup till daddy was very concern when my makan2 session will always have more boys than girls). my study/eat/gossip (ok not so much gossip)/hanging out/BBQing geng would basically have 14 boys and 4 girls, me, Elyn, Ayu and Ada..

dont ask me why. I am no picky person. I'll be friends with anyone.. it was just like that. since 2nd sem i think, since I started to realize that I needed to study to get good grades. lol. these guys were the most hardworking boys i have ever met in my life! if they're not at class, they're at the library, if they're not at the library, they're meeting the lecturers...i know..nerd right...but I owe a lot to them, they know why.. ;)

so anyways, one thing I love most when studying with them is,there's not much gossiping.. but what annoys me the most is when someone goes "weyh...awek cun..."

then every single one of them would immediately look at that particular girl until she's out of sight.... sigh.... boys are boys no?

so one day, I had this conversation with one of them

me : kenapakan, ade lelaki, even gf/wife dok sebelah diorang, diorang still usha awek2 yg lalu?

friend : alaa..usha jer..bukan buat ape pun..lelaki kot...

me: ye laa, tapikan dah ade bini, buat pe nak usha? habis ko nnti ade bini...ko usha ke nnti? lelaki pun... klu bini ko usha laki lain? tak ke marah ko?

friend : tulaa..aku penah tanya member aku yg dah kahwin, macam mana kan...aku bukan tau dah pas kahwin nnti mcm mana..

me: habis, member ko ckp ape..

friend : member aku ckp la..taktau laa kan...aku dengar jer...die ckp..klu bini kat rumah pandai jaga badan, and still pki cantik2 untuk suami...bila keluar, mmg takde rase nak usha2 ni...klu tengok pun perempuan, mesti terbayang bini sendiri..

me : hmmmm

and that guy now is my husband... T__T

takdelaa kata klu tak jaga badan ke, tak pki cantik2 untuk hubby, husband cari lain or usha2 awek... tapi ape salahnya jaga badan untuk cik suami...kannnn... ;) but my obsessiveness nak jaga badan is for myself..mmg dari dulu gtu.. so takyah laa judge2 yer.. :) nak sihat, nak cantik, biar niat untuk diri sendiri dan suami terchentaaa.. ;)


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Seminar by CDM Hanis

I attended a seminar last Sunday, organize by the respectfully and super gorgeous CDM Hanis , specially organized for her group.

I never joined any business seminar before so I didnt know what to expect...after the seminar ended, there was only one word that could describe it.. HEBAT !!

The topics and TIPS they shared were everything we needed to be exactly like them...the location and seating was great..they food were yummy, the activities and songs were very motivational.. it was perfect...

I made new friends but talked like I've known them for ages! maybe of the same desire to provide the very best for our children....most of them are moms so they truly get what I want from this business... sukaa sangat!! Bak kata Salha, dalam business ni everyone is like family...cant wait to go to Hong Kong with these gurls and have a blast!!!

And the one thing I'm most proud of is, the speakers are all successful women who are earning 5-6 even 7 figure income PER MONTH!!!

speakers : DDM Mai, CDM Kak Ana (RM1.5m!!) , CDM Hanis (RM150k) , DDM Salha (RM40k)

both CDMs with their Alma

the best leader ever!

all 3 are below the age of 30 and already on the track of becoming millionaires! Inspired much?

we'll be rocking Hong Kong together!!

Praying to be like her..insyaAllah...

berdebar2 hati amek gambar ngan millionaire.. ;)

peace out! see you guys in Hong Kong!

If YOU want to be a part of US....come..!!!! give me a call or text me at

aisyah - 0192710102


Thursday, January 13, 2011

the key to your husband heart is thru his stomach

simply true!

my hubs...LOVESSSSS mutton!! he can eat mutton for dayyysss..and not get tired of it.... me on the other hand cannot stand the smell of it...but since hubs loves it so much...and being the great wife that I am ( ehem ehem...birthday dah dekat ni...notice the butt kissing people??) I cooked mutton for hubs 2 days in a row already...

hahaha...nampak buruk jer kan...but hubs cakap sedappppp.... ;)

i love the look on his face when he comes back from work and bau kambing tgh bakar dalam oven... ;)

anyways, recipe? senanggggg gilerrr!! dry rub jer..

tumbuk (klu malas seperti saya, blend jer)
-lada hitam
-jintan manis
-jintan putih

lumur kat daging kambing tu, tabur rosemary sket, olive oil sket, hiring bawang besar, tabur atas daging...bakarrrr.....



sneeze sneeze go away!!!!!

who has hidung second hand aka very bad sinus, when every time masuk kereta, mesti bersin cam tak ingat dunia?? >>>> ME !

who has kids yang kadang kala termuntah/termuak dalam kereta sampai kereta bau masam berhari2? >>>> ME !

who has kids who purposely tumpahkan milk/makanan dalam kereta just for fun? >>> ME !

who sometimes eat in the car and lupa nak buang the wraps until the next morning, and masa tu dah berbau satu kereta takleh nak buat ape? >>>>

who has husband who gets freakishly mad when you innocently, secara betul2 tak sengaja did the above? >>> ME !! T__T

who has boyfriend/fiancée/husband where eventhough he smokes outside but still brings that awful smell into the car and lingers around and makes u dizzy <<< ME ! *sambil menjeling sang suami*

ok..enough get the picture, kesimpulannya, the other day, during class, i was introduced to Bio Zone Car Air Strerilizer.. I immediately bought one for my car..the smell is one thing, the Third Hand Smoke risk is another...

What is Third Hand Smoke?

Its the invisible remains of cigarette smoke that deposit on carpeting, clothing, furniture, and other surfaces are called third-hand smoking.

its dangerous to the people around smokers...even much more to pregnant ladies and BABIES!!

Hubs doesnt smoke when we're around, but I read that the Third Hand Smoke can remain for at least 2 hours after its still a risk right... Hub is trying to quit but I guess its hard...I cant imagine me without my nescafe!  T__T bad.. i know...

mcm mana Bio Zone Car Air Strerilizer membantu?

BIOzone Car Sterilizer applies its proprietary technology including cold plasma that combines ozonization and plasma ion generation to convert oxygen (O2) into ozone (O3), which eliminates contaminants and converts back into oxygen. BIOzone Car Sterilizer:

Eliminates volatile organic compounds (VOCs), tobacco smell, pets and automobile odours

Disinfects biological contaminants (bacteria)

Purify and refresh the air in the car cabin

Benefits of BIOzone Car Sterilizer:
• Safe • Light-weight • Easy-to-use • Environmental friendly • No maintenance required

Direction of use: Insert BIOzone Car Sterilizer into the cigarette lighter socket. The unit is switched on (indicated with glowing LED). Switch on air conditioner to allow effective air purification.

its such a great product, I just had to share it with you guys....I cant really say it eliminates the third hand smoke thing, but at least it sterilize the air in the car right? ade gak usaha to make the air cleaner.. of course its better to stop smoking terus.. ;p

and the beauty of it, its only RM175 !! as long as you dont drop or break can be used for as long as possible... ;)

and another thing, when a business partner told me her husband stop sneezing in the car-readlly bad sinus!!, it got me thinking back...hmm...betull laaa!! i dont sneeze in the car anymore..well, not because of habuk atleast!! SUUUKAAA !!! boleh tak perasan because I was so immune to my sinus...

all the smells from having takeout McD (yes, for some people, bau tu amat makan sedap laa) , bau DURIAN (yuck!), bau ikan, bau masam sbb masukkan payung lepas hujan-->>lembab n masam, bau rokok......and any bau2 yg 5-10 minutes the smell will go awayyyyyy..... ;)

anyways...sesiapa yg interested nak beli...I can surely help buy for you guys.... drop me an email..or text me at


to place your order.. ;)

harga RM175 yer...including postage.. ;)

nak tau lebih lanjut..boleh baca pemplet kat bawah ni....


i know a little bit more about cars thanks to hubs.. ;)

before I was married to my husband. I was not into cars. so naturally, I dont know much about cars..I mean of course I know certain brands like Honda, Toyota..bla bla bla...but not in details...and I definitely didnt have a dream car back then... anything that could take me from point A to point happy enough!

there was this one time, there was a roadshow at OU i think..what brand cannot remember...we were looking at cars...and i went into this one car, and the sales person was talking and explaining this and that...and i went "kecik eyh dalam kereta ni..".. the salesman smiled and said .." compact car.." ...i turned up my head, looked around and guess what... hubby (fiancée back then) was not around!! cari punya cari...rupa2nya die dah lari..because he was so embarrassed cause according to him I asked a silly question..!! I was suppose to know that was a compact car or what car!!! he was so far away from the roadshow, it took me almost 10 minutes to find him! seriously!!

but after getting married, things changed.. since we spent A LOT of our time in the car..balik kampung laa, pergi balik kerja laa..sangkut dalam jem laa...hubby started to talk about cars around us..he started to ask questions like what type of car is this, is this car nice or not...and I will be.."uhh...".."ah ahh.." until he got annoyed coz I was so acuh tak acuh...i come on laa..its like talking to guys about handbags and shoes and blouses and skirts, no?

but after some time..layan kan aje laa.. so when he ask... 'cantik tak kereta ni?" i will go..." hmmm...cantik.." dengan muka bersungguh2..and he will go..."tak cantiklaa..cuba tgk lampu dia..." alahaiii..tadi tanya pendapat..pastu pangkah plak..there were always something not right, the bumper, the lamps, the spoiler the door..the whatnot...aiyoohhh...its a car for goodness sake! asalkan boleh bergerak and sampai destinasi..ok laa! but then i started to see what he sees... not as teliti as him of course...its always him to highlight the flaw..and i will go..."haa aahhh laaa...apsal bruk benar diorang buat?" .. or something like that..

and i started to notice cars...but somehow i realized i'm more into SUVs..and the one that really caught my eyes [ selain dari BMW X6 >>> mmg gorgeous gile laa kan..tapi harga pun gorgeous jugak laa..rm800k! ] is Lexus RX 450

cantikk kannnnnnn.... ;) so when anyone ask me whats my dreamcar...I would say this white.. ahhhh.....droooolllllll...... ;)

hubs will tease me and say .."elehhh..kereta mak besar sikit pun tak berani nak bawak SUV..."


I finally have a dream car....heeeee.... ^___^

so I'm putting this on my wishlist for 2011...insyaAllah...bak kata leader2 ku yg hebat....letak matlamat depan kita akan usaha untuk kejar matlamat kita... insyaAllah.... ;)

and for my leader, Salha, she's getting her dreamcar pretttyyy soon...

i am ssoooooo happy for her... ;) I hope she'll take me on a ride in her new car! ;) heeee.... ^__^

and the best part is....fully sponsored by the company!! dah laa dapat own your own dream car...FREE plak tu!! its one of the many perks joining this business...

whats ur dream car? think you'll ever own it?

want to know more about the business?

call/text me for an plan, training, everything is provided, all you have to do is listen and follow the leader...easy no?

aisyah - 0192710102


Monday, January 10, 2011

advertorial : Premium Beautiful .. get your set now!!





Payment via cash, cash installment and credit card.
Shipment within Malaysia and outside Malaysia is available.

For those in KLANG VALLEY AND KUALA LUMPUR , contact me for body measurements and free consultation.


a tribute to my leader, Salha ;)

just read my leader, SalhaZain's blog, anddd...i just cant help being inspired by her...she blogged about her New Year's resolutions and what caught my eyes the most is the part where she wants to send her parents to perform Haji this year...I dont know about you guys but I think its every child's dream to be able to send their parents to Tanah Haram...perform haji...and she being able to do that in her 20's...bigggg salute!!!

I first met Salha when she came to my house, promoting PB and presenting the marketing plan...she had that confidence in her that made me drawn to join this business, she was only a SM at that time, with an income of rm3k.... and now...after only 1 year plus, she is already owning RM40k/month...going to be CDM insyaAllah next right??

She used to be a manager at HSBC for a few years, with an income of rm5-6k per month, she quit her job because of the work pressure and the desire to raise up her two sons by herself, after 2 years being a housewife or stay at home mom, doing small business, a little bit of this and that, she finally was introduced to this business and she set her goal and work hard to achieve and get to where she is now...

both my leaders, CDM Hanis (RM150k/month) , DDM Salha (RM40k/month)

everytime I meet her - like 2-3 times a week, she never fails to impress me with her personality, her credibility as a leader and her friendship....she's the type of leader who takes really good care of you, ask if you have problems, try to find solutions for you, calls u up when ur feeling down... and for me, what i like most about her is the small talk she gives u when ur on ur way to meet a client, the little2 advices like baca surah ni, niat nak tolong and bantu financial kawan kita and everything...

and the one advice that I really2 follow and hold on to is when she said.. "Aisyah, kita buat business ni, kita takde bos, kita direct ngan Allah, so apepun, kita kene mintak ngan Allah, balik malam2 jgn lupa buat solat hajat, klu dapat close business or achieve goal, jangan lupa buat sujud syukur.." my heart went one kind after she said that, it feels like a big sister giving advice...

and when she told me that she bought a house for her parents...i just could not stop myself from adoring her so much more..I wish one day, I could do the same for my parents...insyaAllah...I know i can...

one thing about this business that all the top leaders always say is FOLLOW THE LEADER..just follow whatever they ask you to do...and insyaAllah, mesti boleh berjaya....

and for me, there's no better leader I could ask for...this is the type of leader I want to follow and I want to be one day...insyaAllah.... (even mr hubs agree when I told him about her..) I want to be exactly like her.. her spirit, her aura, her credibility..i want it all.. ;) insyaAllah....

for you guys outside who's interested in the business but always keep listening to all the negative stuff OTHER people are talking about...STOP listening to them....get advice and consultation from people who are exactly in the business...

and to those people say that doing business is hard/tough...yes..of course...nothings easy in life...we must work for everything we want to is a learning will never stop learning....even Salha who is already earning RM40k per month is still going to classes and taking notes...the key point is...set your goal..and work for it...semangat kene want to achieve something must put extra effort in it...if duduk goyang kaki....maaflaa...mmg tak dapat ape...

call/text me if you want to be like Salha, I know I want to be like her, and I know I'm already at the right path....insyaAllah..dengan usaha, dorongan daripada leader dan berkat dari Allah SWT..I know I can do it..

and I am asking you to join me



happy 2011!

i know i know...this post is way overdue...but i have to write about it because i have made this resolution to try blog about everything I've done for 2011..i hope boleh tahan laa update blog everyday.. ;)

I am no party person, thru-out mylife, I celebrated Merdeka, once. New Year, twice. Went to Akedemi Fantasia concert, once. Went to Sure Heboh, once. Went to a gig, once - itupun diheret oleh member. Just for the sake of trying. Wanted to know whats the hype all about..but I dont really like crowded places. So naturally, this years new years eve, I was happily sleeping on my very-very comfy bed, with my kid on my side... :)

Nope. No fireworks. No countdown. Nothing me boring call me old...I dont mind..because me and crowded places..NEVER... owh...except if its a warehouse sales with super cool bargains! then you'll definitely see me there! lol!

On new year, I spent my time with my family (of course) and some close friends...

Was so happy gossiping and eating the delicious asam laksa Tzah made, terlupa nak snap pics kat umah Tok...but I managed to take pictures kat rumah Jaja, one of my uni friends aka business partner who had  a house warming on new year...

with dearest Iman, forgot to take picture with the mother! lol!

aqil enjoying all the toys at Jaja's house..

the husbands..

cam-whoring is a must! rumah jaja cantik giler ok!

and finally with the hostess.. yg middle tu... JAJA, she's my business partner..and a good one too! We are aiming to have half a million saving by year end... and we'll be doing it together2..... niat nak provide the best for our kids..insyaAllah....

care to join us and be one of the many successful businesswomen in Malaysia? Just follow what our leaders are doing and insyaAllah...pasti boleh berjaya!!

Text me at 0192710102 or email

I'll be waitingg...... ;)


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Iiamo Go Bottle

when it comes to my kid..i always nak give yg terbaik untuk die... from stroller to toys and right down to the stokins... (or actually alasan mama die nak!)

I never understand before, when I see kids get pampered by the parents..or how much a parent spend for their rase membazir pun ade diorang2 ni...but once I got my own kid...everything changed...

the easiest contoh, masa beli stroller, konon2 niat nak beli yg biasa jer...tak kesah laa kan,,janji boleh duduk...but masa shopping for strollers, letak aqil in all the different strollers, rasa sayu jer hati bila tgk die tak selesa in certain strollers..when actually I could afford beli yg ok....alih2 beli gak yg mahal (but still affordable laa..) sbb suka tgk die selesa dalam stroller i a mother feels..and i understand why mommy always spend spend for her daughter ni.. thanks yer mom! ;)

so anyway, (panjang plak membebel!) , aritu it was time to change aqil punya botol susu, so google2...stumbled across this super cool Iiamo Go Bottle... cool sbb the design...super cool sebab ade cartridge untuk panaskan the milk instantly.. ;) and its organic! ;)

google google google...cari kat malaysia takde jual...blogshops pun tak bnyk yg jual...but luckily jumpa one blog yg amek preorder mase tuh...waiting time ade laa sebulan lebih sket..but nvm..dah minat giler2 punya psal..order kat blog Fiona et Thalia.. n 2 minggu lepas, sampai laa botol idaman mama aqil ni..hehe...met the blog owner kat uptown lama...super nice and cute lady.. ;)

Aqil loved the bottle instantly and so did the mama.. ;)

aqil enjoying his new bottle.. ;)

more on Iiamo Go Bottle, I copy paste from blog Fiona et Thalia ye..


iiamo Go allows you to heat up your baby’s milk in just 4 minutes, whether you are in your car, on the plane, at the café, beach, park…with an iiamo feeding bottle, there are no boundaries.
Key Features and Benefits:
· Bisphenol-A (BPA), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), lead and phthalate free.
· Heats up the milk to 37 degrees in 4 minutes without the use of batteries nor electricity – just an organic heating cartridge.
· Heating cartridge contains no chemical – a 100% organic heating cartridge that only contains salt and water.
· iiamo go is tested and approved by Forbrugerlaboratoriet, security group A (the best category).
· iiamo teats have a built-in anti-colic ventilation system.
· Compatible with some other brands' standard size teats.
In The News
· iiamo Go is designed by world renowned Karim Rashid, who is famous for his designs for Prada, Georg Jensen, Audi, Sony, Ralph Lauren, Lacoste and many moreRead more about Karim Rashid and his works

iiamo Warm: The Warmer Cartridge

Totally Organic, totally Cool, totally Disposable, totally Lightweight and totally Portable, this cone-shaped cartridge warms the iiamo bottle content in just 4 mins to 37 degrees celcius! Super cool (ahem..."warm") in both looks and function, at a simple twist after fitting into the cartridge chamber in the iiamo bottle, the salt and water content in the warmer simply mixes naturally to release natural heat to warm up the milk. One-time use only, this easily usable and replaceable warmer cartridge comes in a value-pack of 6. Weight of a 6-pack set is 765 grammes.

the colors are cool no?! u understand why mama Aqil suka sgt bottle ni.. ;)

mana nak carik in Malaysia? hmm...tak tau laa pulak.can try google..or ask  Fiona et Thalia if she takes order lagi.. ;)