Tuesday, June 12, 2012

my daily makeup

like I said before I dont really have a lot of make up , but enough... when I meet my clients or friends, they will always ask what makeup I use, so I thought why not share it here terus :)

to be honest, there are some things I'm willing to spend more $$ on and there are some yg I rasa beli yg biasa ok..so lets start with primer, 

Chanel Whitening Modeling Effect Base - this one normally I use for functions coz it really gives a really good and smooth base 

Elite Fantastic Primer - this is my everyday primer, got it from Watson - give a smooth effect

MUFE HD Foundation - for functions or days that I will go out from morning to night - it can really last the whole day and the coverage is really good :)

MAC StudioFix foundation - I dont really use this much anymore coz it makes my skin looks darker than normal - but great for functions!

Elite Illuminating foundation - this is now my everyday foundation - medium coverage but I like it - the formula is a bit cair - but makes it more easier to blend :)

Chanel Natural finish loose powder - I normally pair this with my MUFE faoundation sbb the coverage dah ok

MAC Minueralize Skin Finish Natural - baru beli :) but loving it to bits!! pair it up with my elite foundation and I get a flawless looking skin :)

Chanel compact powder - dah nak habis - but this is the best I've tried so far :)

Benefit Lemon Aid - Eyeprimer! a must before pakai eyeshadow :)

I have other eyeshadows - collection dulu mainly from elianto, but now these MAC eyeshadows are my go to's everyday :) I like keeping it natural :)

my favorites would be the MAC Paint Pots - doesnt smudge and can last the whole day :)

some of my pallets collection - normally I bring for travelling

from left:

Elizabeth Arden - got this masa pergi the launching event
Estee Lauder - this I carry everywhere! love the colors and the slim packaging
Stila smokey eyeshadow pallet - this one cool giler siap ade intructions :)
MAC Wonder Girl limited edition pallet - only for occasions - love the blue but definitely not an everyday wear color! 

and of course my trusted 120 pallet! pigmented and super gorgeous colors!

Maybelline Hypersharp Liner - liquid eyeliner - superfine liner I love! for looks yg nampak kemas
Bobbi Brown eyeliner in dark grey - for a more subtle look
Silkygirl Hi-def eyeliner - THE BEST!!! its only rm17 but I go nowhere without it!! 
Chanel eyeliner in brown - yg ni pun untuk more softer look :) normally pakai masa malam

Silkygirl Hi-def Brow Liner - even SIL pun suka!
Maybelline The Falsies Mascara - I toss away my mascara every 3 month, so I just buy drugstore punya and I found that Maybelline punya yg paling ok - results wise and price wise :)

Chanel rouge in ?? (mlas nak p tengok) - this one klu buat smokey eyes, sbb the color quite pink brownish

MAC in dainty - bestseller!

Etude House bronzer - untuk shading :)

not a lip person so I dont really splurge on lipstick

Etude House lipstain - my absolute favorite!!
Chanel - pinkish color
Sugar Honey - love the texture, use it when I have heavy eye makeup
Revlon and Silkygirl - beli masa clearence rm8 satu - jarang giler pakai ~~

haaa...itu jer laa ~~ kongsi2 laa korang punya pulak k :)

Aisyah Samsudin
Authorized Premium Beautiful Agent

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