Friday, February 25, 2011

aqil sidqi is one.

its 1 am...on bed beside my baby...yesterday was his birthday...had this idea on a post i wanted to write a day before his birthday and publish it ON his birthday...but mommy die bz plak these past few days..poor child...mama die nyanyi lagu jer pagi2.. no
presents (yet) ... or whatever...plan asal mmg tanak buat ape2pun..just because his still too young to understand or even remember...but pk2 balik...amek gambar and can show him bila die dah besar nnti...hmmm....

adoii...mcm post sedih plak...anyways...i am just so proud of my lil darling...dah pandai makan nasi tak blend..hehehe...mudah keje mama die, dah boleh berjalan, dah ade 2 batang gigi...dah pandai respond ( yes, bnyk mulut just like the mommy...) , dah pandai menari..heeee...pantang dengar lagu ok!!! and dah pandai tunjuk ape die nak...

yesterday, hubby cerita, masa mama aqil tgh jumpa client, ba aqil bwk aqil masuk supermarket, sampai tempat vitagen jer..terus tunjuk..."tuuuu...." ..heeee...die nak rupanya..mmg kat nursery teacher slalu bagi die minum vitagen, then sampai tempat mainan, sebok die tunjuk kat ba die fisher price yg mcm die ade kat rumah...( yg granmama die bagi tuuuuu...) hhehehehe....last month bawak die g toys r us...cehhh..masuk rilek jer...tgk mainan cam tak excited...satgi lalu tempat kereta...OVER excited please...tunjuk kereta " tu...tu....tu...." sampai mcm nak panjat kluar stroller...letak satu kereta depan die....senyaappp....skrg dah pandai main kereta bunyi " vrooomm...vrooomm...vroom..."

but one thing laa mama die risau....aritu nanges..melalak you...pasang kartun...TAK LAYAN!! pasang americans next top model....diam trus..layan yer....hadoiiiiii....ade ipar boleh kata.." takpelaa..atleast tau die straight..." ...astaga...boleh je!

andddd....dah pandai nak menyuap normally klu kat umah atok die, bagi die makan sendiri...then anyone near him...die akan amek makanan and suap...paling die suka suap is biskut and roti...hehehe...and he lovessss keropok ikan...balik umah tok die..kompommm...kopok ikan aje...huuhuhu..nasi tak layan yer...

hmm...aqil aqil...i never thought i could live someone like this...everytime tgk die, or teringat..mesti perasaan sayang tu rase...membuak2... :)

mama doa yg terbaik aje untuk aqil...dari segala segi..insyaAllah....

i dont know how to insert pictures using this ipad..will upload pictures later...


Wednesday, February 23, 2011


i saw this.

i immediately fell in love with it.

i just had to have it.

it's made using real leaves and every single one is unique...when it comes to accessories, i like to keep it simple..and its very hard to find something like in love...


Tuesday, February 22, 2011


why PB?

- because I tried finding time going to the gym, but nope...being a working mother... no time for gym...paying rm150 per month but not going...i dont think so...

- those replacement meals programs...hmm....I am not diciplined enough I guess...and its not cheap ok...maintaining RM600 per month....dah start takkan nak stop plak kan...and until when??

- diet??? HAHAHAHA...gelak besar laa...i try to eat small portions, but hmmm.....ntah..tak jalan I am still breastfeeding aqil so...kenot diet lorh....healthty eating is a different story..itu bukan nak kurus pun harusssss buat....

- jogging? I wanted to do that, jogging at the park pagi2...tapi ade jer activity jadi terbantut hasrat....i miss being all tired and sweating after a morning run.....hmmm

- pki PB ni senang jer...sarung jer...takyah dah buat bende immediately helps you cut ur meal portion into half...coz u cant eat that much wearing the corset..and makes u eat more frequently in small portion...haaa...pernah dengar tak ayat tu??? anybody who tried dieting before mesti tau...makan sikit but kerap...because, everytime u makan, it will boost up ur metabolisme level and tadaaaa....same laa seperti dieting... ;)

- pki PB boleh shape balik badan....klu diet, kene excersice baru dapat shape...yg ni...pki jer PB...shape terus.. ;)

- pki PB untuk kesihatan jugak...ok laa...exercise pun untuk kesihatan jugak...butttttt..pki PB can hilangkan migrain, angin2 dalam badan, period pain...and macam2 lagi...

so apelagi....jom laa pakai PB....its a very good investment untuk kita perempuan ni....dah makin tua, makin turun metabolisme kita, so makin susah nak jaga badan...pki PB boleh bantu kekalkan bentuk badan kita yg masih cantik ni... ;) without pening nak jaga makan or exercise... :) kan best tu.... kita jgn pk skrg jer....think about the future and how you want ur body to be????

i want my body to be exactly like it is now.. ;) and i know i could as long as i have my PB.. ;)

call/text me for free consultation on Premium Beautiful



my current obsession T__T

I've got the silk ones for formal wear.

the pashmina types for the messy look.

the cotton ones for the laid back simple style.

my hands are itching to get the patchwork shawls from Arzu, but that might require me robbing some banks first....mahal giler ok T____T

bought some materials to create my own patchwork shawl...tapi tak menyempat lagi....hmmmm...

and I want that Satin Wrap Band Snood from Maysaa , but its still out of stock! grrr....

anyone knows where else I could get it?


Hush Pupies Sales at Curve

went to the Curve yesterday to meet Salha for my next strategy in business...insyaAllah...aiming for my 1st 5 figure.. ;)

anyways, there was (and i think is still on going) a Hush Puppies sales at the centre court of the Curve, I was in real need of a new black heels - I've been wearing slippers meeting my clients T____T

pusing2...jumpaa laa these...terus ambek......RM60 jer weyhh!!! murah giler please...heeee......

oklaa kan ;)

* Salha's father is not well....lets pray for his speedy recovery ya! *


teringat zaman sekolah...

it was the year 2000, my name and 9 other was called after the morning assembly, one week after school started...not knowing why we were called, went to meet ustazah with the 9 others...told we were to join a seminar/bengkel that weekend..what bengkel? Kem insaniah ke hape ntah..cant remember...


apparently, I was in the top 10 list of the troubled student in my duhhhh????? I was an angel!!! (perasan!!)....seriously...because this happened wayyyyy before I started coloring my hair, piercing at, let me just say, not-supposed to places, sneaking out meeting my now ex- but then BF ( I think I must stop here before my mom gets a heart attack reading what I did during those years - lol!)

but whatever laa kan, we were ordered to go, so we go...all 10 of us, to Pusat Islam in KL, on a saturday morning (no weeding! yeay!)..the hall was I think like 2 classes joined together, so not so big, but I remember there were more boys than girls, we took our places, pen and notebook out (yes, very skema back then) waited for the talk to begin...

as soon as it began, we went *blank*....then they started to show the video where prisoners were WTH!! my mind was like.....diorang ingat kitorang ni jahat sgt ker...then came out the topic about juvi school and what not...astaga...biaq betuiii....

then, we had a group session kat perkarangan masjid negara, we were sitting in a circle, and the facilitator asked us what was the worst offence we ever made...and when the other kids from the other schools started telling their stories, my jaws was from, breaking a window car to steal, stealing from a masjid, to stealing a bike...i was like OMG!!!!!!! we were there for not wearing anak tudung, or not wearing our badge and nametags, or coming up (to school compound) 5 minutes late after the bell rang....seriously.....I didnt know if I should feel proud or embarassed at the time..and when it came to my turn to speak, I think the other kids gave a wierd look, like "haaak ekkleeehhhhhhhh....." lol!

later we were given a piece of paper to write to our parents..I cant remember the whole content that I wrote, but I remember writing, "I will buy mom and dad a Mercedes when I grow up..." hahaha.....and they actually posted the letter to our house, which I asked mom later, she said, she could not understand what I wrote..haha... was one of the many sweet memories I have of high school..


tetibe rindu giler kat sekolah...


Sunday, February 20, 2011


today 2 family "incident" happened.

one kinda funny.

one kinda serious.

i only pray for the best.

i am here no matter what.



Thursday, February 17, 2011

A is for Aisyah, Ali, Aqil ;)

i know in my FB post I said I was going to do a tutorial on how to spice up ur shawl but forgot to took a few pictures, jadi cam tak syiok plak nak blog..i'll do another one and make sure i snap all the pictures k!

so anyways, I guess who's on my FB list may know that I got myself an Ipad (I know right? tak penyabar punya budak...ckp nk tunggu 2nd gen nyer kluar..cisss...temptations.. T__T )

anyhow, Ipad..?yeah..whatever...everybody got one biggie..but what they dont have is a personalised cover..heeee...i said what..??

ok laa ok i bought this really gorgeous red cover for my Ipad (just because i couldnt find a pink one at the time..which I found a few days later,,dont worry gave myself a kick in the butt already for being tak penyabar..nak beli lagi satu cam membazir plak kan...) opppss...back to the story... tapiii.....was gorgeous as the color was blahhh...boring..kosong i decided to spice it up and give it my own trademark or whatever u want to call it...and here's how i did it..

first thing, prepare the tools, for the super ambitious-but-always-tak-jadi me, i prepared a few extra things, just in case nak buat something extravoganza...

 my RED ipad cover, lace, crystals in black and red, twizers, a picture of which i want to copy on my cover, scissors..

first thing u want to do is to have an idea what u want to put on ur cover, I wanted this A (stands for Aisyah of course, and Ali and Aqil.. ;) )

....but when I started on the A, maakkkk aiihhh...tedious habiss...cancelllll........

then i tried to make a heart shape using the lace and crystal..and turned out something like this...

....mcm too childish laa pulak kan..nak ade love love ni.....

so pk nyer pk nyer pk.... i stuck to my original idea, which is the A initial, but I simplified it....susun jer ikut dan...and taaaaddaaaaaa..............................................

my case with a touch of moi... ;) simple and age!

A is for Aisyah, Ali, Aqil.... ;)

anyoneelse personalized their Ipad cover? story laa skettttt...


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Congratulations CDM Salha Zain

I have blogged about this lady before. She's my mentor in this business and also like a big sister since she not only advice me about business stuff but also about life... ;)

she's my Donald Trump..ok laa..Ivanka laa..since she's a woman kan..hehehe...

so anyways..her goal for last month was to achieve the highest rank, Crown Diamond Manager and of course she achieved it...she one iron lady i tell you...but that is the fact, when u want it, and work hard to get it..insyaAllah..mmg boleh last saturday was her crowning at our stockist... :)

we girls love theme and that night's theme was black n blue...enjoy the pics ya!

CDM Salha giving her speech

with the iron lady

with the family..

CDM Hanis, the sifu

dah balik baru realized that tak amek gambar berdua ngan Salha, nvm...Diamond Night ya!!! ;)

Congrats are such an inspiration...hope to be like you one day...insyaAllah....

Anyone interested nak join kami? give me a call/text me and i'll tell you how...

aisyah - 019-2710102




today hubs is starting his new job in a new company

his dream job.

the one that he's been talking about for agesssss....

not only did he get his dream job, but in a stabil company with good benefits..

Alhamdulillah. murah rezeki keluarga kami.

I am so happy for him.

so hubs, I hope today goes well.... good luck! ;)


Sunday, February 13, 2011

kami manusia2 yg jakun

everyone is blogging about this tutti frutti thingy...and I am one who is crazy for yogurt, haruslaa pergi cuba...

masuk2 the shop cam *blur* ...then the boy tanya.."first time datang yer kak" it that obvious?? hadoiiiii..... T__T sib baik kami berdua jer mase tu...

so he showed us how...dan dengan seronoknya kami meng-snap gambar...

original + peach yogurt with gummy bears and cornflakes....delishh.... ;)

thinking of going there again today....nyummmmmm!!!!!!!



since it was my last day, my beloved senior(cehh..skrg baru beloved...masa aritu tak psal kene sembur..maaf ye bos!) blanjer makan was Roza's idea to go to Kokopelli...and it was my first time there...

the food : delishhhhh

the ambiance : me likey...very cozy

the service :  after SPM kids as the waiter and waitresses...cute...the owner himself yg masak, and come infront tanya about the two thumbs up! ;)

thanks bos!

thanks roza for suggesting this place..pokai bos ko sat..hahaha..

lately ni asek nak makan carbonara jerr...iskkk...

and ice lemon tea..of course....

i'd say, highly recommended....harus pergi lagi

(opposite Jaya 32 Square)
4, Section 14/46
Petaling Jaya, Selangor


my last day as an exec

saje nak letak gambar last day kat sana...

i found someone yg sama tapi tak serupa..dok plak sebelah2...mmg mcm pasar laa kami disitu..will miss this girl...

my terlupa jer nak amek balik cermin tu...

kami yg poyo2 nak lompat tapi tak jadi..boleh terguling gelak pastu...

budak yg membuat saya addicted to scarves...

my mentors...giler hebat diorang ni..tanya satu..seribu diorang boleh jawab..mmg blaja bnyk giler dr diorng..kata financial analyst kan..

budak yg palinggggggggg rajin...tak pernah jumpa manusia yg dedicated cam dia..

kecik comel molek..tu dok pegang kerja bnyk giler.. ;)



i have always been a drama queen - haha - seriously - intentionally or not.. - so a week without drama, is so not me..

last week was my fight with my ex-senior, which now I know he was going thru a rough time then - which made me feel so bad! urgh..

and yesterday, after a meet-up at OU - going out from the parking - my car went dead!!! in the middle of the slope..sumpah kecut giler perut mase tu..menggeletar habis satu badan! all the cars behind me mmg tersangkut laa kan..and it took 5 men to push my car up to a leveled area...kesian...i felt so embarrassed and guilty to those people...but also thankful sbb ade jugak manusia yg sudi membantu (padahal diorang nyer kete sangkut takleh kluar nak!)

why embarrassed? sbb bukan rosak pun....minyak habis weyhhh!!!! Ya Rabbi...tak tau nak kata ape cheqq... tulaa...lampu minyak dah merah from friday lagi, but insisted that cukup lagi nak buat berjalan sbb ou n my moms house dekat jer... T___T

memang padan dek muka sendiri laa kan...

then, during that time plak..battery pun flat! (note to self: get a cheap hp for backup) aiyoohhh...i dont know laa...drama drama drama....then this morning....checked my FB and i found this :

owh Mr Hubs..u just made my day...cant wait to see you this tuesday!!!!



way back in primary school. I wanted to become a teacher.

in secondary school. my dream was to learn arts and be an interior designer. 

in matriculation. I was lost. anyone close to me would know that accounting was not my thing.

in my early years in Uni, I found it in my heart to give a little love to accounts. and apparently. accounts is not that bad. I guess I could be an accountant. [?]

but in my final year I finally decided what I wanted. To be a fulltime housewife. like what? mak ayah antaq blajaq tinggi2 nak bagi dapat kerja elok2..hang nak jadi housewife (no ofcourse my parents didnt say that!) but after watching a friend of mine pregnant in her final year, I thought, if I had kids of my own, I want to be the one raising them, so, maybe kerja a few years, and then behenti jadi housewife or stay at home mom.

but of course living in KL, you have to work. unless ur were born in a rich family, ade trustfund yg berjuta, maybe laa boleh choose to not work kan.but I doubt any rich kid wouldnt want to work and make money of their own. I think, diorang ni lagi berusaha keras untuk buktikan that they could definitely be as good as their parents - or at least the ones I know are like that..

so bekerja laa saya. my first job was an acc exec. in an MNC company. and guess what. I loved my work..lebih lagi when I did the almost full accounts. Account is cool ok! seronok.the rush during month end - the tediousness of the reporting..yups..loved it..siap dah plan what I wanted to be after 5 years in the company..siap dah susun strategy...and how I am going to achieve my goals....pernah kejap dah jadi cam workaholic plak...PH, weekends pun datang kerja, weekdays pun balik lambat...hmm..

then Aqil was born. having ur own kid. indescribable. the most wonderful gift any woman could ever receive from god.

and the long hours in the office made me think back of my stay-at-home-mom dreams... but being young parents..and only 3-years working-so obviously saving tak bnyk, living in KL summore there is no way I could afford to do that...

but - luckily - with the power of the internet - and how the world is changing now - i had a different option - a Work At Home Mom - or better known as WAHM ;) 

yes - I wanted exactly that - staying at home taking care of my child - and working at the same time..

and alhamdulillah - after month of discussing with mr hubs, and planning , and saving.. I am now a WAHM....

yes - u heard me right... last friday was my last day at last day as an executive..

trust me - it was not an easy decision to make, it took me month to think, and to plan everything..started June last year kot dah terpk and bentangkan this issue kat hubby...but masa tu, tak tau nak buat ape mcm tertangguh the topic..

then last november baru teringat I already have joined a business - just that I wasnt really active anymore, and I know that this business could give me the security that I wanted, that was when I called Salha and asked for advice....and alhamdulillah, after only 2 month dah aktif balik, I am not worried..

One thing everyone should know - doing business is not easy (or any job pun actually) - u have to have semangat yg kuat and support system yg bagus - alhamdulillah, my mom and dad are very supportive of my decision, and especially ayah mmg support me doing business - hubby pun dah ckp he will support me as much as he could and yg paling best about this biz is that u have ur biz partners to support u as well - they who knows about the business -  they who have been thru all the ups and downs  so u know u are not alone - if nak dibandingkan if bukak business sendiri, buat sorang2..klu tetibe stuck tak tau nak rujuk kat siapa- so for me, finding and joining this business is rezeki Allah nak bagi kat my family...peluang which I will use sebaik mungkin...insyaAllah...

I am now very anxious to start a new chapter of my life....berdebar....not knowing what will happen...but insyaAllah....I know, if I berusaha, and berdoa kepada-Nya...insyaAllah...everything will go smoothly...or maybe with a few bumps here and there...please pray for me... :)


gipsy style

with a knot on the side.. ;)


Thursday, February 10, 2011

trying out a new layout..

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

a diff style : yay or nay?

trying out a different hijab style..

mcm too childish laa pulak..i'm a 27 year old mom...can i pull off this look..?  hmmmmm

yay or nay?