Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Diamond Executive Meetings

there are a lot of wonderful things about this business.. no doubt.. the vacations, the money, the people you meet, but not everything is about fun and play

when it comes to the business itself, we take this business very seriously coz this business is not the type that you want to earn RM2k-3k a month, we always aim for the very max we could get and that is 5-6 figure earnings (besttkkaannnn!!!)

BUT!! in order to get that, having knowledge is important, getting the RIGHT dos and donts is CRUCIAL..  and where best to get tips if not from those who had made it in this business? who are already earning RM100k-200k every month from this business???

of course we have business classes every Wednesday and Saturday, but that is more general and not focused on the team's goal, what I'm talking about are the Diamond Executive Meetings (DEM) held by the top leaders of our group to give more detailed and focused strategies to the Diamonds of the team..

I'm talking about CDM Hanis and CDM Salha

the founder and co-founder of the Green Leaders Group!

and honestly, every time there's a DEM, I'm amazed of how much new things I learned each and every time I attend a meeting - and I try to make it a point to never skip any meetings what ever the circumstances are (like last night I had to bring Aqil along, siap hantar naik rumah CDM Salha for her bibik to look after him while waiting for hubs to come fetch him) - and I truly believe in punctuality coz eventho they are top leader with super busy schedules, they are punctual to the core! and every word that comes out of their mouth are like gold! seriously!! I kid not! we even record the meetings for our reference tau! takut ter-miss a point..

of course I couldn't share what we learned last night or any other night, but if you're interested, give me a call,  and we'll talk business, I assure you, you will not regret doing this business and definitely you will not regret joining our team! its not too much if I say that by far we, the Green Leaders Group is the best group yet in this business! 

giving extra points after the meeting ended

the meeting actually ended at 10.30, but we had some late supper (KFC! thanks Alfath!) and its normal for us to stay awhile to discuss more about the problems we're facing and what not with our mentors...and normally, that is when you get extra and additional tips from the CDMs that you can never ever get anywhere else! sometimes its thru their stories and experience, sometimes its something that they just remembered or recently happened...but these are gold! coz eventually in the future you will be facing the same problems and guess what, you'll already have some ideas on how to handle that problem, rather than terpinga2 and feeling to give up when you dont know what to do...

I feel that I am truly blessed coz Allah placed me in the right group when I joined this business - and truthfully, this is the 1st business I've ever joined! - I've heard so many horror stories about this kind of business but Alhamdulillah, I didnt have to go thru all that to find the right one! you can too you know, I assure you this is the RIGHT business and we are THE BEST team you could find in this business :)

harus cam-whore before meeting!

come join our team!




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