Sunday, September 30, 2012

its all about the kids

I noticed that I have been posting a lot of my kids pictures recently on instagram. Non of mine. I wonder why.

after feeding

both tired ikut mama bisnes

aqil giving alya her pacifier masa die menanges~

merajuk dengan mama sampai tertido T__T

otw balik rumah Tok Wan Zek n Tok Sam

the day both meragam ~ maka mama angkat tilam letak depan TV

first thing I see when I wake up every morning now :)

abg aqil trying to pujuk adik alya :)

bertiga di KLCC :)

I didnt realize he had the songkok on sampai kat lift :)

live is great. I am blessed. Alhamdulillah.

Aisyah Samsudin

i have been lazy

it feels like forever since my last "real" post! I swear I really wanted to write, I've got like a million topics in my mind I want to write, but taking care of 2 kids?! not easy man! I dont know how people do has been 2 month now (yesss!! my baby 2 month already!) but I still cant get the hang of it...still adjusting to the 2 kids situation.. mann...  its super tiring but in the same time the greatest gift a woman could ever receive..

so how come I'm blogging now? just arrived from kampung ~~ cannot sleep ..ok lying .. i had something to google just now ~ punya laa tak sabar nak tunggu esok pagi .. then lil bro was on skype so here we are..

multitasking peeppss :)

and see who just joined the group..

mommy dearest :) but since we dont have the premium skype, maka hanya boleh voice call jer ~ takleh nak video call :(

started blogging at 3.30 ~ now its 4.45 ~ and ini jer baru type ~ caisss ~ excited chatting and planning for our trip ~ lalalala~~

oklaa...sambung google ~ maybe I blog less now not because of the time ~ but because im just lazy to type...


mengantuk dehh...

Aisyah Samsudin

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

look what Hanis Haizi did!

have you seen the post by HanisHaizi yet?

the one she did this

and tried to do this

like serioussslllyyyy!?!?!?!?!!!


can you believe that thing is in us?

worst, can you imagine  ALL THAT TOXIN inside OUR CHILDREN?!?!?!!!!??!?!?!!!

take action now!!! 


special price for the first 10 buyers

contact me 0192710102

aisyah samsudin
Authorized Premium Beautiful Dealer

Saturday, September 15, 2012

nursing top by me

so I made this nursing top (coz BF mommies sure know how hard it is to find a nice nursing top) BUT this pattern doesnt really suit me.. this can only be worn by those who are wearing cup B/C only..

dont know what to do with letting it go...siapa nak? selling it of for rm45 ~ can fit M size , long sleeve, labuh tutup punggung... 

just email/sms me if interested k :) 0192710102

Aisyah Samsudin

Chicken + Fatty Acid anyone??

have you ever wondered why you or your kids easily gets sick?

I mean, I remember last time when I was a kid, I got sick like twice a year! (I swear it felt like ages to get sick so that can ponteng sekolah) but now our kids get sick like every other month..

I blame the food!

seriously! just watch this!

eeeeewwwww righhhttt?!?!!!!! I will never look at a chicken the same again.. !! that Fatty Acid stays in our body people!! yucckk!!

So before we eat lets get rid of those unwanted stuff using Biozone Food Purifier!!

BIOZONE Food Purifier uses a proprietary process integrating ozone-resistant materials to convert oxygen (O2) into ozone (O3). The ozone that eliminates contaminants will be converted back into oxygen. The medical grade silicone tube will then channel the ozone into the water where the food is immersed. Bubbling process will take place to purify the food within the pre-determined time frame.
The benefits:
  • Safe

  • Effectively removes contaminants in the food and retain food nutrients.

  • Effectively preserve food freshness and remove foul odour.

  • Multi-functional purification on food : Meat / Fruits / Vegetables / Seafood / Herbs

  • Consistent ozone output and environmentally-friendly.

Interested? contact me for further info :)

Be healthy. Inside and out.


Aisyah Samsudin
Authorized Premium Beautiful Agent

4 things I swear by during my confinement

*this is a sticky post.please scroll down for new updates*


this beauty helps you get your shape back in no time! 

2nd week confinement - no more flabby tummy! 

increases breastmilk supply as well :) I can pump up until 12oz per session! :)

tried wearing my jeans on the 26th day of confinement ~ MUAT!!! 


I dont wear my full PB set at night but I wear the Short Bra instead , 

gives excellent support especially during breastfeeding period, normally when we BF, our breast will go up a size, the bigger ur breast, the easier for them to start sagging, so I make sure I wear my short bra when I am not wearing my PB coz saggy breast = NOT SEXY! esp when ur still in you 20s!

I remember masa aqil dulu I had constipation masa pantang, I tried it all, prunes, makan buah, bnyk minum air, sayur, still had problems..sampai makan ubat baru ok but then it effected aqil sampai aqil cirit birit..sian kat die, but this time no more thanks to Lactolite! I dont take it everyday tho, 3-4 hari sekali but surely pergi toilet everyday and flush every excess food out! esp makanan raya yg bnyk minyak n lemak itu :)

and the good thing is ~ does not effect baby alya at all!!


yg ni ala jamu, but more to herbs and akar kayu compared to malay version bnyk rempah ratus like lada hitam n all... suka maharani coz first die tak bagi effect "panas" .. alya takde naik ruam2 panas or anything... and it gives energy...nak jaga 2 org sepanjang hari mmg mencabar, walaupun yg sorang tu tido jer kan siang..hehe...but alhamdulillah...mmg bnyk tenaga amek maharani ni....compared aritu tak amek mmg nampak difference :)

out n about at 20 days of pantang :) masani pki full set pb and yess..itu baby alya saya kendong :)

if anybody interested nak tau more about the products and cara guna, just holla holla k...would be happy to share with you guys for sure :)

boleh email or pm kt fb or sms


aisyah samsudin

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


* Please share them with those you care for *
Capt. Balasubramaniam who is an expert on rescue and survival shared this with some attendees in one of his programmes. What he emphasized was that we should never put ourselves in a dangerous and vulnerable position and this usually just entails some common sense and alertness most of the time. Of course things do happen no matter how careful you are.
At the Car park:

Do not walk towards your car. Walk towards the next car or the car opposite.
Do lock your car immediately you get in and drive off ASAP. Please don’t check your cellphone, your makeup, etc.
At the ATM:

Use your ring finger to key in your pin, as the rest of the fingers will cover the keypad.
Do not count your money at the atm. After all it’s not going to give you what it owes to you.
In a taxi:

Pretend to make a phone call to your friend/husband informing them where you are, what time you are expected, the colour of taxi, taxi no etc. you must of course talk within earshot of the driver.
If you live alone:

Do get some men’s clothing’s and shoes. Hang them out with your own laundry! Leave the men’s shoes outside your house.
Do leave radio/TV on.
Do be suspicious if you receive calls that seem to have got the wrong number.
If you have husbands who travel regularly:

Do drive his car when he is not around as opportunists will notice that his car is dusty and in the same spot for many days.
If you have children tell them:

Never to post photos of your new car on Facebook.
Never to reveal that they are ‘home alone’ or parents are away.
Also, get the telephone number of the police station in your area and list it as the first number in your phone contact list rather than list it under P.
Calling 999 in an emergency will be a futile attempt.
Safety Gadgets:

1.Keeping a loudhailer at home would be more effective than screaming and shouting for help in an emergency.

2.Install sensor lights.

3.Pepper spray - they have a shelf life. So you must check the expiry date otherwise it will fail you when you need to use it!

Capt. Bala recommends that pepper sprays must be
a. Water based
b. Must be US made with finger ring on the bottom
c. Must have double casing.

4. Alarm padlocks.

5. Throw some thumbtacks up the opening in the ceiling (what do you call that??) for those who live in link houses.
If you are ever, so unfortunate to have your bag snatched, do not struggle with the assailant. Let go and do not chase after them. Neither should your husband/boyfriend/son.
When you drop your friend/loved ones home, especially those who live in apartments, get them to text you once they are inside the safety of their homes. I think we should drill this in to our sons who drop off their girlfriends.

Please make sure you are not adding to this statistic.

1. Do not rush from work or to work. Breathe! Start early.
2. Put your valuables away, and carry less in your handbag. Get a debit card. Consolidate your banking accounts.
3. Forget about all these labelled bags until Malaysia gets peaceful again
4. Never talk on your cellphone, and i mean never when driving
5. Pay attention to pillion driver that operate in pairs. At traffic lights, keep a distance from the car in front of you. If they attack you, just swerve you car at them. HONK, HONK, HONK Loud…..they could have tailed you..
6. Try not to wear too much jewelry, ie. big gold, flashy loopy earrings and long gold chain- you will be asking to be grabbed, and they will smash from the right
7. Avoid big gold bangles and expensive fancy watches
8. Keep a pair of sunglasses and wear them when driving, but not at night
9. Plan your diary well, smash and grab robbers attack people even when there are two of you in the car.
10. These robbers attack mostly from 7.00 to 10 am and also from 4 to 7.00pm. Peak, rush hours.

better be safe then sorry right?

Aisyah Samsudin

Monday, September 3, 2012

confinement version 2

I've been wanting to blog about my confinement for days, but ever since we're back at our own place, Aqil has been conquering the PC so everytime I want to start, aqil comes along and goes.."nak tengok lightning macqueen.." haihhh... . ipad plak tertinggal rumah mak, so malas nak dengar die menjerit, kasik jer laa

so confinement, here's my first version masa bersalinkan aqil .. well, if you think my pantang masa 1st was cincai ~ this time ~ its worst!

1 ~ this time - no kain sarung at all! it was yoga pants from day 1 ~ seriously no kidding! masa kat hospital after mandi tu trus sarung seluar coz I find the sarung is not for me, asek takut tersadung kain jer ~ better be safe kan? ank dukung baby :)

2 ~ like before ~ no jamu! coz i'm breastfeeding ~ but I take Maharani for energy ~its not "panas" like our traditional malay jamu..

3 ~ only started to berurut at day 6 for 3 days :)

4 ~ this time no bengkung lilit2 ~ day 3 trus sarung long girdle PB and short bra PB (couldnt fit my longbra and waist nipper yet this time) , day 6 long bra and long girdle , day 15 ~ whole set Premium Beautiful!! seriusly badan cepat giler kecut pakai PB! :)

5 ~ makan? I eat everything asalkan tak angin or sejuk ~ kueh raya pun bedal semua T__T masa kat rumah mak, mom or sister will cook for me, but now i'm at my own home, semua sendiri laa obviously :)

alya's first outing @ ikano @ 14 days

after shopping baju, p beli groceries jap ~ alya in moby wrap! love!!

6 ~ day 10 - went to stockist , day 14 - went shopping for kids raya clothes , raya - went beraya at subang and cheras

Alya and I totally out 1st day of raya!

7 ~ socks? on and off - cuaca cam nak menanges panasnya ~ if its cold i'll definitely have my socks on!

8 ~ aircond? only at moms coz mom tak tahan panas :) surprisingly, I could even sleep with the fan on 1 jer ~ hubs yg menggelupur kepanasan memalam ~

9 ~ basically on weekdays, I take care of myself and my 2 kids... masa kat rumah mak, i had my sister (who only appears after 1pm) to tengok2kan aqil ~ but other than that, I handle myself..

babywearing my lil Alya using the Pandora Wrap by jumpsac! helped me thru a lot during confinement ni :)

I cant really say that I'm proud of certain things, like going out with the baby at only 10 days, but sometimes there are just some things we cant avoid doing :)

sometimes I cant believe that I have 2 kids! but Alhamdulillah :) the most precious gift ever

honestly, 2nd time confinement, my body is more stronger than I was masa pantang ngan aqil dulu, I feel different, maybe its the mind setting, maybe its because pakai PB give u energy, or maybe coz I eat a lot?!! apepun...alhamdulillah for the strength Allah has given me to take care both of my kids masa pantang ni :) walaupun agak menguji kesabaran :)

Aisyah Samsudin