Sunday, March 25, 2012

she's engaged!!!

alhamdulillah...she's almost off the! aye is one of my favorite cousins.. (ehem ehem..) one of aqils favorite auntie too..mana taknya..aye was the one who babysat aqil before I started sending him to nursery :) dats why he's attached to his tok wa (aye's dad) more than his own tok sam :) laa..but he has his moods..

anyways..back to the bride to be - alhamdulillah..the majlis went smoothly...thanks to all the aunties,uncles and cousins dat helped... seriously,my aunties are super awesome..they have been the backbone for every majlis for the Omarians ..since the first ever majlis which was my engagement sampailaa the 7th niece to get engaged...i dont what i would do without going to make a post abt them nnti..wait ehh...but i am damn proud to be their niece i tell you.. :)


aye looked beautiful in her baju kurung (please notice the lace patching done by yours truly! lol!).. she refused to wear makeup at first and literally gave me bedak baby johnson n johnson to put on her face!!! grrr... i had to force on some base,powder,liner,blusher and lipcolor on her (refused to put one eyeshadow and mascara).. but her friends miracally got some eyeshadow on her (thank god) but thats about it.. but she looked pretty and glowing nontheless..i guess if you have beautiful skin u dont need much to make you look pretty hmmm??

atif skyped from london (i think it was like 4am there)..aye had tears in her eyes..yeah..they're like the best of cousins....

the food was super awesome...nasi putih,gulai,kerabu,daging hitam,sambal udang,sambal belacan,ayam goreng berempah and apetah lagi..didnt get to eat much coz of my allergies :(

all in all we had a great time..i mean come time is always the best time ever kannn.. :)

anyways,congratulations aye n nash for ur engagement...cant wait for the big day (please let me bling up ur baju this time..hehehe) happy for u guys... :)

*mcm kene edit jer post ni esok..ngntuk giler tulis blog..atas katil plak tu..harualaa merapu...*


aisyah samsudin

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tutorial : Purse Organizer

This tutorial is based on my previous post about the Purse Organizer I made for myself, where a lot of you asked if I would accept orders (which I dont..sorry T__T) .. I did promise a tutorial in the end of the here it is.. 

I will try to use 100% english (just in case I've got some readers who cant understand malay :) *perasan mode*) and because of that, there will be a ridiculous amount of pictures (74 to be exact) coz my writing, not so good T__T

I hope you guys can understand this tutorial...enjoy :)

of course you need all the essentials :) + one short zipper (6"), one long zipper (12")

1- draft out the pieces you need based on your bag  (mine is drafted based on my LV Delightful PM)

my measurements will be L x W x H = 12" x 5' x 5.5"

piece A = (L + H + H + 1") x ( (W+2") / 2 ) = 24" x 3.5"

piece B = (L + 1") x (H + 1") = 13" x 6.5"

piece C = (L + 5") x H = 17" x 5.5"

piece D = (L + 1") x H = 13" x 5.5"

piece E = (L + H + H + 2") x 4" = 25" x 4"

2- cut your material based on pieces (I'm using both heavy cotton (main fabric and lining) for the organizer):

piece A = 2 main fabric , 2 lining

piece B = 4 main fabric , 4 lining

piece C = 2 lining

piece D = 2 main fabric , 2 lining

piece E = 3 lining

3- preparing the exterior part of the organizer

 on piece D main fabric , mark the place where you want to put the zipper

image 3a(2)

Insert the zipper 

after inserting the zipper, sew on top of Piece D main fabric and lining right sides together with 1/4" seam

press open and top stitch 

do the same with the remaining Piece D (skipping the zipper part)

now you have 2 completed piece D

place the completed piece D on the Piece B main fabric - sew the part where you would like it to be separated ( mine are as above - click for larger image)

sew 1/4 seam allowance at every corner

now you have 2 completed exterior piece

4- preparing the interior part of the organizer 

Piece C - fold 1/2" and sew - press 

place piece C on top of piece B lining (align bottom part together)

mark where you want the separator to be ( here you must u can customize according to what you want to have in you organizer ) , make sure the top piece is 1/2" bigger than the bottom piece

pin and top stitch

this is how I made my separators or compartments, fits my phone, camera, glasses, pens and some other stuff 

after you are happy with the separator, sew 1/4" to close bottom, you will need to fold a bit to make it neat

5- putting the interior and exterior pieces together to make the SIDE PIECE of the organizer

now you have 2 complete sets (4 piece) of the interior and the exterior part of the organizer

sew top part of interior and exterior piece right sides together, open and press, top stitch (do both sets)

now you have 2 piece of the sides of the organizer

6- making the center piece


 sew Piece B lining and main fabric right sides together with the right side of the zipper facing main fabric

turn and press 

now repeat the same on the other side of the zipper (B lining, zipper, B main fabric)

fold open - press - top stitch

 place right sides together for both main fabric and lining and sew 1/4 seam on the bottom part of the fabric (please refer to the arrow in the above picture)

turn the piece so that the lining is inside, sew 1/4" seam at both sides (its ok if it looks messy coz we're going  to cover up it later) 

now you have all 3 piece of the organizer

7- combining all 3 pieces

sew Piece A lining and main fabric right sides together - turn - press - top stitch (JOINING PIECE)

pin SIDE piece with JOINING piece - lining side together, sew 1/4" seam

this is what you will get...

* its ok if the sides are curved *

pin the first piece above, CENTER piece and the 2nd JOINING piece together and sew 1/4" seam (make sure the lining is inside)

and this is what you will get..

attach the last piece of the SIDE piece to the above and tadaaa...

you're 90% done :)

8- completing the organizer

snip off the extra threads and fabric , tidy up the edges 

fold Piece E and press as above picture  (like a bias tape)

hand stitch the tape to the edges (if your machine is heavy duty- go ahead and use ur machine)


fuhhhhhhhh..... that was a challenge...heeee... hope you guys understand the tutorial...

good luck!!

ps : this tutorial is for personal use only... and if you want to share the tutorial , please credit/link it back to my page... thankss :)

loadsssss of love,
Aisyah Samsudin