Tuesday, May 31, 2011

simple things

as "modern" as I am, I believe that a woman/wife,

- must know how to cook..maybe not the fancy stuff, enough knowing the basics..because basics tu yg akan buatkan kita explore masak macam2

- must know how to sew...not jahit baju sendiri ke ape..but atleast know how to put a thread thru a needle and sew a button or a hook or the bottom of ur husbands pants ;)

- respect the husband and listen to what he says and try to please him the very best way you can...even it looks like simple or ridiculous...the small2 things..

for example..one random day, hubs tetibe ckp.. "sayang dah lama tak pakai tudung biasa.."

and so........

korek balik tudung mak yg lama2 (and baju mak) ..and hubs smiled bila tgk i pki mcm ni.. :) but it only lasted a day..simply because malas nak gosok tudung.. ;p 

sometimes, the way for us to be happy is to make the one we love happy... :)

aisyah samsudin

blue white stripes for my lil Aqil :)

yes. i made this for him :)

aisyah samsudin

my friend and neighbor of 21 years is married!!

we went to Tadika Abim together..

we went to SKSJ together...

we spent our childhood doing homework together...playing masak2 together...watching hindustan together...going to school naik bicycle together...performing on stage together... bnyk laa together2..

and we ended up working at DHL together :)

and now ur married...congrats dear...may Allah bless you and mr K always... :)

pasni buat anak cepat2 so anak2 kita plak boleh main together... ;)

aisyah samsudin


wow! didnt realize yg dah tak update blog for 2 weeks already...rasa mcm smam jer baru update..hahaha..no no...but series..time flies so fast kan..

and now..pejam celik pejam celik ... its already June!!...cepat betul...

Hubby siap cakap rasa mcm baru semalam masuk tahun baru...tup tup dah nak setengah tahun dah sayang...


and masa kerja dulu..what i normally do is look back to what i've done the past half year, make a list of what i've done right and wrong..then trying to set a goal for the next 6 month to come and plan how to achieve that goal.. yg ni semua yg short-term goals laa of course...like how many project would i want to be involved in..or how many task improvements i want to do....gile skema kan...but i guess thats just me... i need to be one step forward...bukan static jer tahap yg sama...i dont like going with the flowwww jer...i like to challenge myself..like to try new things..not only at work but also in life...

alhamdulillah...this past 5 month..I have learned a lot...not only in doing business but in life...since I started focusing on business, learning the curves and going thru the ups and downs in business...I realized that everything is possible as long as ur willing to make the effort and sacrifices...theres no such thing as things coming easily..to anyone...you must work for yourself and your family..sure a fixed income is safe...but is it enough?

ntah laa...ramai yg akan baca ni...akan terfikir sendiri...alahhh..start laa tu nak jadi pakar motivasi plak...dah buat business satgi rasa mcm dah bagus sangat...

bukan bagus...bnyk lagi yg i have to learn....but when you're doing business...you just start to think differently...your mind works more and thinks more than ur used to...itu jer....

aqil dah mengamuk dah ni...dah 3 days die demam..so got to go first...will try to update lagi lepas ni..

aisyah samsudin

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

for baby Hamani

aisyah samsudin

Sunday, May 15, 2011

something for lil Nufael :)

remember my BIL had a new baby?

didnt know what to get him so I made this...

and he look adorable in it!!

cant wait to meet him! he's so freaking cute!!!!!

aisyah samsudin

just plain sick

lama giler bersawang blog ni....sampai si suami pun ckp..sayang please update blog...hehehe...

i know i know...

but honestly sebenarnya cam writer's block taktau nak tulis pasal ape...asked for hubs suggestion, tau die reply ape...

sayang baca laa news, then bagi laa opinion on one of the issues happening in the world...

GELAK BESAR jap! hehe...yes..not so much on the reading the news type...never have been....one of the many reasons why i never applied for any gov post..isu semasa? heee....yes yes very very bad..

but well...i gave it a try anyway...and read about the bullying case in SMK Raja Abdullah (read here)...and even watched the video on youtube...

I seriously cried at the end...kenapa kejam sangat budak2 ni?

what made they think its ok to do that to other people..?? they seriously must be mentally sick to be able to do something so cruel like that...

i think the case is still ongoing...but the latest news is that they were suspended for 14 days and apologized to the girl...itu jer...terkedu jap..

If want to know more can go this blog...its more detailed..

dah laa...i cant write anymore about this...blood pressure shoot naik trus!

aisyah samsudin

Sunday, May 8, 2011

my old schoolmates

 tetibe malam tadi mimpi zaman2 sekolah dulu....

nak organize reunion la..hmm....rindu sgt sama mereka....

aisyah samsudin

my BIL's bundle of joy

I give you the latest addition to the family..... 

Nufael Ata bin Mohd Adi Fahmi

He is just too cute!!! tak sabar mahu g tgk...if not because my car needs to go to the workshop today..I'd be on my way there already..haihhh...

aisyah samsudin

Thursday, May 5, 2011

why on earth would i do that?

people always ask me, betul ke PB ni boleh kuruskan badan?

mcm mana PB ni boleh kuruskan badan...

well, masa mula2 i wanted to buy PB ni dulu, i didnt question much, because, my mom wore it and i can see the wonders of it and i could see the simple logic behind it..ikat badan, we get smaller and we eat less so kuruslaaa...yes..i am actually that simple..malas nak pk bende2 remeh ni..

ok..maybe i did do some research before i bought it..but not to the extend i questioned every single facts about pb..

like for example...the most debated about... FIR ( far infrared ray ) ... too many of you out there question about kesahihan FIR ni...ramai sgt yg kata tak logic FiR tu..yang kami2 ni menipu psal FIR...

mcm mana its injected or disulamkan dalam benang...or how do u take the sun masukkan dalam corset...or mana sourse tenaga FIR tu...ade yg siap suggest suruh bedah corset tu and tengok sendiri betulke ade tourmaline tu dalam corset..

chop....are you for real???

seriously people...

if men could invent rockets and satellites and send them out to space...if men can find cure to all the many kind of diseases in this world...you are seriously questioning if men could find a way for them to put toumaline dust between the threads? to create a way to increase the FIR that is already produced by our own body (read this) .. seriously??

and..why? why on earth would i want to cut a rm2k piece of corset just to prove the thing exist?? you want to know, u buy one and see for yourself..i think im smart enuf not to waste mymoney like that?

andddd...summore...i dont think it proves anything pun if buat mcm tu..better pakai and let the corset prove that it could really shape your body...kannn??

lagi contoh la.... for instance...masa S punya iklan ckp their formula can go lagi jauh...

i didnt go and buy the fuel and put it under a microscope or in any lab tubes to figure out what the formula is or is it true they use other components from other fuel brands to prove what they are saying is true..


what i did was, I tested it..well..me and hubs tested the theory...masa balik kampung isi minyak from S , masa  balik ke KL isi minyak P... bawak the same kelajuan at almost the same time ( 9pm from KL, 9pm from JB)

and yes. with fuel S, it took us 20km more than P... (plus minus)

I dont care what they put in their formula..betul ke tak..but I tested it and voilaa... 20km tu jauh kot...maybe laa tak accurate sgt...but there is a difference...

mcm PB...i wore it and now I could wear my old jeans which I almost gave away sbb dah putus harapan ingat mmg takkan muat dah.... I am back at 57 which was how much I weigh masa Uni (after kahwin pun naik sampai 64kg!) ... so I am happy.... PB works for me...

no diet..no exercise.... only PB and lactolite...

so why on earth do I want to cut open and prove that there are tourmaline between the threads when it already have proven to work?????

please people..jgn nak ckp org lain menipu when u sendiri dont know if its true or not... nak question..takpelaaa.. but jgn nak accuse org lain menipu... tak logic... can u tell me exactly how everything in this world works?????? every single creation made by man???? no right?? then u call them a lier too???just because u think its not logic when other people already proven that it works??? come on...grow up already...

opsss..ter-emo lebih plak....tak tahan dengan org2 yg sesuka hati jer guna perkataan perkataan yg sangat menghina dan memalukan org lain just because they think its not logic... nak tegur..nak bagi opinion...do it properly...bukan mengutuk, menghina, guna words yg nmpk sgt tak educated nya..iskk..

aisyah samsudin

another circle skirt

aisyah samsudin

Monday, May 2, 2011

Prolapsed Disc & Waist Nipper PB

mr hubs wears a waist nipper! ^___^

why? because he has Prolapse Disc condition and wearing the PB waist nipper helps a lot (or so he says)..

mula2 suggest kat die, he was so offended..pehal plak nak pki baju dalam perempuan kan..but when he keeps on complaining about his back, i asked him to try (and yes, we wears the same size as i do!!! crazy kan?? ramping betul laki aku nih..ishhh)..and now he's complaining less about the pain..alhamdulillah....

he used to go  for some back therapy, but it cost a fortune!! i think baru halfway jer dah beribu...the waist nipper only cost him (or me) rm600 jer...compared nak g therapy tu kan...

and certain org tak tau, but slip disc is very dangerous...jgn main2 k..boleh buat lumpuh tau....mintak jauh...but its true....if we can try to prevent..ape salahnya kan...

To those yang berminat nak tau lebih lanjut, drop me an email or text me, I am happy to help..

Dont ignore the pain or treatment....before anything worst happens, baik berwaspada dulu kan...think about your loved ones :)

Aisyah - 019-2710102


aisyah samsudin

Aqil at the beach

I just had to do a post solely for this..because I just love my son so much! i think he's the most adorable little kid around (of course! he's my son right?)

aisyah samsudin

Sunday, May 1, 2011

facing the ocean

*updated with pictures*

growing up, we siblings would always have a bag ready packed because our mom is the spontaneous type, on fridays she will go

"ok pack ur bags, we're going to pd" or cherating, or pangkor, or kuantan or wherever...

we went on short weekend vacations so often i really could not keep track to the places i've been sampaikan now, if i ever go to where i think i've never been to before, and the place looks like somehow quite fimiliar, i would ask mom/ dad if we've ever been there before..and of course, the answer would always been yes.. ;)

fast forward one grandchild later..mom is still mom..

sleptover at moms on saturday night coz knew that dad was going to kuantan on sunday...then sunday morning, mom was like "jom g visit abg...then g cherating...teman ayah g kursus..."

its so hard to say no to cherating coz i love the beach and sea so much plus its been a while since the last family vacay...

so here i am, writing a blog post on my ipad, sitting facing the ocean with a cup of nescafe by myside...bliss~~~~

went swimming this morning and the water was just perfect...it was clear and warm and it was so hard for me to get out and get ready to go back... now i just feel sad walking away...

i wish i could do this every month..heck..every week...i wish i had a beach house...hmmm....maybe one day insyaAllah....

*** updated ***

as early as 6.45am at the beach!

sister with daddy's new toy!

the family..

Tok Sam with the cucu

my funky mom and serious dad! (yes thats a sweat suit shes wearing!) 

my life..

my vain lil bro!

after checkout we went to Teluk Cempedak for lunch ( and to wait for my auntie)

Aqil didnt want me to hold him..mommy no fun!

happy with the dad! huh!

aisyah samsudin