Sunday, November 21, 2010

old love.

its been a while since i last made any wedding scarfs. maybe because most of my closest friends are already married. Or maybe because my new found love for designer cottons which is wayyyy more easier to sew compared to chiffon. yes. sewing chiffon requires all the patience in the world i tell you..its so tedious makes me feel very hesitant to make a business out of it walaupun mmg ramai yg tanya about the tudung..

then last week one of my junior from high school PMed me at FB..asking my help since she has been searching high and low for her wedding scarfs. and her wedding is only a week away..

normally i dont take orders but I guess i have a soft spot when it comes to weddings ..heck! i am obsessed with weddings..i am already mentally taking notes and looking for ideas for my sisters wedding..and she's only 16!! hahaha..seriously!

so anyway, met my junior at jalan TAR yesterday and after 1 whole day of sewing.. (she's going back to Johor tomorrow so very tight dateline..) i present you..

the tudung nikah.....

no, i did not sew the beads on the awning..thats just crazy! hehe..bought the thing ready made and just patched on the awning...the beads and pearls i sew. ;)

and...the reception scarf..

her dress was already heavy beaded so she wanted something no more beadings on the awning..only shiny shiny crystals..and simple beadings at the side.. ;)

so anyway, she still havent seen the scarfs, she's coming to pick them up tomorrow before she leaves for johor...I really hope she likes them..


Dear Nadia, Congratulations on your Wedding.. I wish you all the best, may your marriage be blessed and last forever and ever and welcome to the new chapter of your life..take care...

ps: to those whose wondering how much it cost and how I charge..still no idea...T___T .. seriously..not kidding! but googled and found out, the price for wedding scarfs starts at RM180...I guess lebih kurang laa kot..hmm..if interested, can always drop me an email.. ;)

pss: why the lack of updates?? work is like crazy!! T____T will update more on what I've made and an exciting new project!!!

psss: mom just bought an I-Touch 4 !! I am over the top jealous!!!!!