Monday, October 27, 2008

.enuff said.

Friday, October 24, 2008

*ku berdoa*

i ordered these from

and now I'm thinking.. what the FH did i do? you see, this is my first time purchasing online..well, not first la, before this only local.. ni 1st time thru us website..takutnyerrr...hope everything goes well and i get my shoes..klu tak..haruuuu..... :(

.......ku berdoa setiap hari agar kasutku sampai dengan selamat..aminn......

ps: but the shoes are superb kan? thanks to thepinkstillettos for introducing gojane at her blog!

Monday, October 20, 2008

risk vs challenge

Risk is a concept that denotes the precise probability of specific eventualities. Technically, the notion of risk is independent from the notion of value and, as such, eventualities may have both beneficial and adverse consequences. However in general usage the convention is to focus only on potential negative impact to some characteristic of value that may arise from a future event.

risk is defined in pseudo-formal forms where the components of the definition are vague and ill-defined, for example, risk is considered as an indicator of threat, or depends on threats, vulnerability, impact and uncertainty.[citation needed]

challenge Definition: a demanding or stimulating situation

recently, a friend of mine asked about stuff related to marriage, and i gave my point of view to him and so did another friend of mine, she mention something like "life after marriage/marriage itself is a risk that we have to take"..then i argued, that "challenge" would be more correct.
and at that time, she didnt say anything, but the other day, she wrote (let me put in BM since if i write in english the effect is not the same) "wlupun kwn aku kata yang kahwin itu bukan risiko tapi aku percaya perkahwinan itu adalah risiko..coz aku percaya high risk..high return..."
as much as i would like to respect her opinion..i couldnt help myself to think "seriesly???" even our friends had the same expression (tho in her case, "risk" might be the perfect word with all the forcing and scamming..but thats a whole diff story la kan..)... and doesnt it sound a bit harsh? "perkahwinan itu adalah risiko"..true..we dont 100% know what it would be like after kahwin kan..but "perkahwinan itu adalah risiko" ?? it just sounds really kasar and tak percaya pada hubungan yang kita ada dengan pasangan kita...hmmm....

but anyway for me (i dunno if im right or wrong but according to the definition above i might be right), "risk" is more like, "i'm not sure if this is the right thing to do, but wut the heck..i'll do it anyway..what happens after this..happens..theres nothing i can do about it"
and challange is more to "ok..i know what im dealing with, things might not be as smooth as i expect it to be but i will try myself to handle the situation in best way that i possibly could"
or "how/what am i suppose to do to avoid this/that?"
but then again..this is only my opinion...

and itu belum masuk lagi bab anak...tanak citer meleret2..just for me, KALAU BOLEH i would like to have stability in my life first before i bring a little one in this world..tapi if Allah nak bagi..its not like im going to get an abortion or anything..terima and bersyukur... Alhamdulillah...
and of course, tak salah dapat anak awal..memang anak tu halal...but if a person couldnt even take care of her/himself..every other week asek admitted to ward because sendiri tak pandai jaga diri...sendiri buat diri sakit(not because of desease or anything k..that cannot be avoided..right?).. then how are you suppose to take care of a little being that needs all the attention in the world? huh?

" Ya Allah, kurniakan lah hamba mu ini kekuatan untuk menempuh segala dugaan dan cabaran dalam hidup ini...aminn..."

a really tiring weekend

it all started friday night, me and my friends went to lepak at LookOut Point Ampang..i wanted to go there since i got an email from a friend about the place..anyways,madine came and fetch me, mza n butet at ampang park (madine didnt want to go alone plus dat day i parked car at putra gombak), so from work met up mza n butet at ampang park then waited for madine there..We were the first to arrive, the others were stucked in the heavy traffic (it was raining cats and dogs earlier)...sementara menunggu tu, took some pictures of the scenery(unfortunately i forgot to bring my camera, so only took picys using phone camera which obviously the pictures are not clear at all...duhh)..luckily aki brought his cool NIKON D60..klu tak haru jugak laa..(but to wait for him to send the pics..maybe next year kot baru dapat! so busy laa dat guy)..anyways..lepak til 10 pm then everybody had to go (futsal laa..keje laa..nak balik kg laa)...i dunno when we could hang out like this again..everybody seems to be really busy lately... :(

me, me and my lovely madine (she's single! hehe)

me and spastik mza (huh..)

I woke up 430am the next morning..asked ayah wut time we're suppose to bertolak to Johor.. (my cousin was getting married that day..) he said after subuh..(fuhh..can get one more hour sleep..hehehe) woke up AGAIN at 53o..kejutkan ckin, jyu n mza..ironed eveyone's baju (4 pasang ok = 4x2=8helai+ 3 tudung=11 helai..hihi..berkire pulak eyh..) then waited for my turn to mandi, but then decided to mandi at mom's coz her's got hotwater..heehehe...ayah went off first since he had a meeting at Pagoh at 830am..the four of us (me,ckin,jyue n mza) bertolak around 6.45am..(mom didnt follow since she had something at school..)..and arrived at 10am..had a quick stop at R&R Seremban coz everyone (except mza) were hungry...

Not many of my cousins were there yet when we arrived, after salam'ing' all the elders, went in the bilik cousin was already ready in her orange baju odd choice for a baju nikah (for me laa) but hey..everyone has their own taste right? hehe.. the mak andam was there and also the photographers.. (she had rozekruzaini as her photographer..sgt smart cara the photographer amek gambar! admire bangat ok!) signs of any other cousins...

anyways..the majlis went smoothly (Alhamdulillah)..tho i do regret not taking any pics with the bride altho i was her pengapit "bidang terjun" (long story,malas nak citer), i was running all over the place..finding this..doing that..bla bla bla..but i guess takpelaa..maybe during majlis bertandang (which is next week)..but i did get to chance to take her pic..hehe..the beutiful bride..

the bride in her bju sanding (left) ..ita,ct,molly(right)

~ bff and yummy cupcakes! ~

after the majlis, we headed to mza'a house at Kulai..(his mom asked to singgah)..arrived there around 515pm..mza went straight to bed (hampeh jerr!) leaving me, jue n ckin very2 blur coz dont know what to not so good talking with elder people (except for my aunties coz somehow eventho they are 40++, they still have the heart and soul of a 20 year old..seriesly..mmg syiok biler bersembang ngan dorang)..but i guess as a future DIL i have to learn..nways, ibu served us with kulat masak lemak (a type of mushroom that lives on rubber trees), ikan goreng masin and sambal belacan....all i can say is..SUPERB!!!! seriesly..i tambah 3 kali ehh...(maken gemok laa haku..!!cheh) but seriesly, i find that lauk kampung lagi menaikkan selera then anything else in this world..huhu...(wanted to take pictures of the lauk but then afraid ibu pelik pulak..hahaha)..bertolak balik around 9pm and arrived around 1am at home..huh..lega..a long day..all i needed was a good night sleep on my comfy bed..;)

but it didnt end there, the next day i had 4 houses to go.. .open house umah faza and pak ngah, beraya at madine's n jid's... had 2 delicious bowls of SOTO, kueh2, choc cake and a bunch of gossips at faza's..(her mom made nasi dagang..but me not a big fan of nasi dagang so just had a little from madine's plate..)..pisang,cucur udang pakngah and a slice of mak ngah's birthday newyork cheese cake (was too full to eat anything else coz straight from faza's mase tuh)...spicy chicken spaghetti at madine's and lastly murtabak kelantan and kueh2 at jid's (jid makin lame makin cantik aku tgk..admire her eyelash extention..sgt cantik!! thinking of doing it myself but tgk laa..priority ok aisyah!)..balik2 umah trus timbang..naik lagi! haih.......macam mane nak krus gini?

madine,faza n moi @ faza's

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

raya weekend

I dunno why but this year i find raya very..enjoying..maybe because for the first time we didnt ruch back to KL on 1st day of raya like we used to..or the fact my dearest aunts went on and on about my wedding..(altho at one point i got a bit tired talking about it..haha..but was like..umah aisyah..umah aisyah..umah there was no other topic than my wedding..dont get me wrong..i lovee talking about my wedding..but i guess.. enough already!haha) but for whatever reason..i liked this raya..i enjoyed every moment of it (except the kg's that i've put on since 1st raya..naik 4 kilo beb! haihh) nways, last weekend went to umah tok tam, tok ngah and tok cha'..i ate..and ate..and ate somemore...every house we went the food and the kueh (mind 70 year old tok sedaras still bake their own kueh- very2 aunthentic "melt in the mouth semprit and makmurs"..heavenly OK..)..and now tak berani nak timbang berat badan..hahahaha...hope sempatlaa kurus balik before my wedding.. (aminnnn...)
sisters ;)
my owh so addorable farhan ("my" ehh..?)
this boy is so damn cute ok..biler jumpe die asek nak kiss jer pipi die...cumill!!!!!!
me trying on my aunts shades..
cute eh my cousins..they can be soo..sweet one minute..and can be such rascals on the other..but i still love them so dearly..who wouldnt..they're damn cute! so anyway..masa during our beraya to umah tok sedara's..these two kids naik kete with their maklang (and me)..Hana (the sister) wanted to go the ladies, when my mom stopped at petronas, i took Hana to the ladies, si Farhan (the baby bro) wanted to follow..i said cannot laa coz nak pergi toilet perempuan..when we came back to the car..this little boy was on the floor..CRYING..lawak sungguh (and cute) nak pujuk die..took him to kedai mesra and baught them (and mother,sister,fiance and myself too) ice cream..itupun..mase masuk..i was like.."nak coklat?"."tanak"."nak twisties?"."tanak"."nak mentos?". "tanak".haiihhh..ini budak laa..after severel nak-taknak barulaa.."nak ice cream?".. then he nodded..ayoohh...why laa didnt say spent rm20 for 6 ice cream and he went out of the shop smiling and will always be kids huh? ;)

Friday, October 10, 2008

happy birthday sis!

hehe..this entry should be posted last month (which i really2 wanted to do..and have been thinking about it..just as usual..malas bangat! hehe) since her bday was last month..anyways..on my sister's bday..the cute n chubby Ckin..;) i treated her a buffet dinner at seoul garden..why there? 1st because my friends who've been there said the foods are superb! and 2nd because my cute lil sis is so obsessed with korean dramas, korean boy bands, korean bla bla it was nice to take her somewhere she is into..aite? I also took my dearest fiance and my darling bestfriend (which also btw is obsessed with anything related to korea!!! eehehe) so nwys, i was so glad that the food wasnt "indah khabar dari rupa"... i looovvveeddddd the place..the food...the service...(i would have loved the price if it was a little bit cheaper..but pay for what u get right? hehehehe) but seriesly...cant wait to go there again! (tapi kene kumpul duit dulu laa..hehe) H