Wednesday, November 30, 2011

crazy for blazers

my favorite of all.. 

all i love, but susah nak cari..ade yg smart pun kat Zara sampai rm400..beli satu ok laa..but if nak 3-4.. *pengsan*

any suggestions where to buy? local brands pun ok...

aisyah samsudin

its been a long time

since my last post, mostly because Aqil ruined my card reader (again!) why he loves card readers so much i dont understand, this is the 5th one he broke in 5 month! nasib baiklaaaa card reader tu murah jer so takde laa ralat sgt...

I've been down with fever for 4 days, starting last friday...I swear I hate being sick..the headache, the vomiting, the coughing, the running nose, org kata bila kita sakit teruk some of our sins diampunkan...insyaAllah...i hope so, agak bnyk betul dosa since I often get sick especially food poisoning... i dont know whats wrong with my body ni, dulu makan luar ok jer, now sensitif betul perut..eversince jadi housewife ni kot...asek masak sendiri jer..boleh ker mcm tu...

you're wondering why I am like writing nonsense.. well i dunno...woke up my heart was beating so fast, then a lot of things went thru my head, somethings about what will happen, somethings about what was happening the past few weeks...overwhelming..seperti mahu membebel kat somebody, but hubs went to work pretty early this morning, tak dan nak bersembang....

I got a few fabrics last week I want to make into tops for myself - ingat nak jahit masa weekend but since demam, terbantut, now no mood...but tgh otak bercelaru ni, I guess a little sewing could really help..or not? hmmm..taktau laa...going off to seremban to meet a client today at 11am..taknak buat kerja separuh jalan..

lil sis just finished her SPM papers yesterday.yeay her! she says shes going to hibernate for i dont know how long, not enuf sleep she said...well..sleep sis...when u decide to wake up let me know, i'll bring you to the movies or somewhere, but please dont ask me again to bring you to Korea...ajak mak..I am not into any K-anuthing...drama, pop..whatever...I do like their make-up tho..hmmm

when someone you care about ask you to do something ...related to another person u care about - against your own really puts you in a difficult position and everything becomes awkward and you start to have conflict dalam diri...and you start to hate think back about everything...hmm...lets drop this, i really dont want to start anything...haishh...

5 month back I got a scare when my period was 12 days late..I was sooo not ready for a second one, then 3 2 month back, watching Aqil playing alone, me and hubs said, ok laa maybe time for a playmate for Aqil, when I got my period then, somehow, deep down inside me, I was relieved...I thought I was ready, but I guess I'm not? I dunno....dat day when I had my fever, 2-3 people told me..."ntah..ntah..." but i was just a normal fever berjangkit dari Aqil..I mean, normally you should have like instinct for these kind of things right? how do u know ur ready or not? let it be....malas nak pk...

I've been downloading and watching pretty little love love the outfits those girls wear...especially the blazers..semua pun the storyline jugak....hmm

lapar gilerrr.....i hdad dinner at 630 yesterday...pastu out awal coz mkn ubat batuk...hmm...what to eat?mlsnya nk p dapur..cereals dh habis plak tu..hmm...

u must think im crazy rambling camni...i guess i am? no..theres so much in my head...hmmm


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sephora I LOVE

*update - details of the stuff in the video (ada org tanya ;) ) *

Sephora Haul :
Soap & Glory - Girligo Spray On Body Moisturizing Mist - RM29
MakeUp Forever - HD foundation - RM135 (klu tak silap)
Clinique - Chubby Stick in 06 Woppin' Watermelon - RM50
Soap & Glory - Clean On Me Shower Gel - RM29
Soap & Glory - Flake Away Body Scrub (mini) - RM17
Soap & Glory - Face Soap and Clarity Facial Wash - RM39
Soap & Glory - Clear Here Daily Facial Moisture Lotion - RM49

Etude House :
Etude House - Tangerine Cream Choux Blusher in #2 Miss Peach - RM31.90 (30% off)
Etude House - Face Color Corset in #6 Shading Sexy Fit - RM36.90 (30% off)
Etude House - 55 Kissful Tint Chou Lip Tint - RM29.90 (50% off)

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

wordless wednesday : i love shopping!

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

testimonial : Stretchmark hilang???

just by wearing Premium Beautiful!!

call me to know more about it!!


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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

bakal Qualifiers Vietnam saya!

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Sue : 019-2983134 ( PJ - gombak - wangsa maju area)

Shiela : 012-3448416 ( KLCC - Ampang - Gombak - Sentul - Wangsa Maju area)

Azura : 019-6632807 (Putrajaya area)

Immi : 012-2323474 ( PD - Seremban area)

Kama : 019-7452759 (Johor Bahru area)



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pick up ur phone and dail!!!

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7 cheese, a car and new eyes :)

aritu sesajer bawak my SIL p jalan2 kat OU sbb eversince die start lepak umah kitorg...tak kluar jejak tanah langsung kerana rumah kami ala-ala penthouse gitu - top floor laa katakannn..HAHAHA..perasan..

anyways..hubs wanted to eat Pizza for lunch and I didnt..tapi since die nak blanjer...ape2jerlaa kan...bukan sebab tak suka pizza but coz the last few times makan pizza hut cam kecewa giler....

BUT...nasib baik p makan sbb....SEDAP GILERRR KOT pizza yg 7 cheese tuuuuuuu *terliur*

Aqil makan mushroom soup

dengan my SIL

I super love the cream cheese tuuuu..

Large pizza for the 3 of us - Aqil takmo langsung..

then masa jalan2 kat OU tu, aqil nampak car yang boleh tolak tu...ape lagi die...biasa bawak die naik stroller, so tak boleh nak try..takkan nak menolak sampai 2 skali kan.. *over* .. but kebetulan tertinggal stroller kat umah and tak larat nak dukung die..amek jer laa.... seronok please anak teruna saya.. :)

'mama, aqil nak bawak balik bolehh..??"



pastu jejalan lagi...and ternampak ini.....

oh sangat murah!!! terus pusing kat en suami.. " abangggg.....nakkkkk....." :)


what do you think?

i totally LOVE it!!

aisyah samsudin

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

like mother like son :)

aisyah samsudin


had a chat with a mother of 3, also a teacher in one a well known Montessori in Malaysia, she told me the first 6 years of a child's life is the most crucial time where this is when they absorb everything, the good, the bad, ..everything...sbb itu we have to watch our action and our language in front of our child...this is also the best time to teach them language, so I've been asking my SIL to speak Arabic with him, my bro's fiance to speak chinese with him (tho he mets her like once a month jer kot?), kat nursery the kids are mostly Japanese so obviously they speak Japan language - hopefully Aqil can catch up sket2, maybe besar sket boleh hantar p kelas or something, and I try my best to speak all english with him...coz I know BM will definitely come naturally kan..hahaha..tamak tak? anyways..i think its ok to expose to him from early age, altho at this age die takde laa paham sgt kan...but atleast when he grows older he's fimiliar with some of the words..(i think?)

anyways, thats not actually the topic i wanted to write about, I was reading some articles and found the article below on how to raise your children to be optimists..mcm menarik jer, so I just had to share...


The benefits of optimism have been proven many times over by research. Optimists enjoy better health and increased longevity over pessimists, experience less stress, and achieve more in life. While much of our personality traits are inborn, you can influence your child’s tendency toward optimistic or pessimistic thinking: optimism can be taught! Here are some ways you can help instill this valuable trait and raise the optimistic child:

Here's How: 

1. Help Them Experience Success: 

Children develop self-esteem and optimism by experiencing success, even in the face of some challenges. So, starting young, let your child do things for themselves (with you in a supporting role rather than doing for them), and acknowledge their success. For example, even if it takes more work on your part, allow small children to take on household responsibilities like sorting socks, putting their toys away, etc., and acknowledge their efforts. 

 2. Give Credit For Success: 

When your child faces a success, help them see how they contributed to it, and label those actions as strengths. For example, “You did well on your test. You’re really smart!” or “You’re a hard worker to have been so prepared!” You don’t need to tell them something’s great when it isn’t (children can sense false praise), but giving them credit for their own accomplishments builds self-efficacy and contributes to optimism.  

3. Look For Future Success: 

When dealing with successes, focus on what traits in the child made the success 
possible, and examine other successes that can come from these traits. Going back to the example of the high test score, you may mention that the strong work ethic and intelligence that went into the successful test can help them reach other goals. You might explore what some of their goals for the future could be, whether it’s to be an astronaut or to do well in college. 

 4. Don’t Praise Indiscriminately: 

Optimism researcher Martin Seligman believes that telling a child that everything they do is great—rather than helping them experience real successes and persist in the face of reasonable obstacles—puts the child at a disadvantage, creating an overly strong self-focus and actually making them more vulnerable to depression! So validate that success, but do acknowledge when their efforts aren’t successful as well. Children learn to see through empty praise. 

 5. Validate, But Question:

 When your child faces failure or negative situations, validate your child’s feelings, but ask questions that can cause them to see things more optimistically. For example, if another child doesn’t want to play with them, talk about their hurt feelings and let them express themselves. Then ask what other friends they may want to play with. This helps them process (rather than deny) their emotions, but puts the situation in perspective.

6. Remember Success in the Face of Failure: 

When things go wrong, acknowledge your child’s feelings, but also help them focus on other successes they’ve had, look at how things can go better in the future or under different circumstances, and move on. For example, “I see you feel disappointed in your score. Maybe you’re having an ‘off’ day. You usually do better, and I’m sure you’ll do great next time.” And then get involved in another activity, or practice for future success. 

 7. Look For “Opportunities To Improve”: 

One tenet of optimistic thinking that parents may take issue with is where optimists downplay their responsibility where failure is concerned. While it does instill optimism to look at external circumstances that may have contributed to things going awry, it’s okay to also assess what your child can personally do in the future to do better next time. Just approach it as ‘looking for opportunities to improve’ rather than a self-blame session for your child. 

 8. Look For The Bright Side: 

Help your child see that there is good and bad in every situation, and make a game of looking for the silver linings in seemingly negative situations. For example, if your child can’t play outside because it’s raining, look at the positives of indoor play, or project what success may come from having extra time to study. Even a broken leg can bring the fun of having friends sign the cast! The game can get silly, and that’s okay, but it’s a good practice to get into.

9. Don’t Use Negative Labels: 

Correct unacceptable behavior, but don’t label your child with negative labels—ever! Children tend to live up—or down—to our expectations, so if you say, “Jack’s our whiner,” or “Lucy’s our shy child,” what may have been a passing phase becomes a more permanent identity. This is much more damaging to a child’s self-concept than some parents realize, and it perpetuates the very behavior you find so objectionable!

10. Make an Example of Yourself:

 Children watch us and see us as constant examples, whether we like it or not. The good news about this is that we can teach by doing. Practice optimistic thinking yourself. When you achieve success, don’t downplay it with false modesty, but give yourself credit for a job well done. When things go wrong, don’t catastrophize; put things in perspective.

Hope its a good read for you guys..

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