Tuesday, February 24, 2009

school and exam

me? school? exam? hehe..nope..not me but hubs..hubs had PTD exam at my old school (the great SSP..hehe) last Saturday.. the moment he got the letter where he is going to sit the exam..i was the one jumping up and down.. ;p ..its been so long since ive been there...tak sabar nak tgk n mengenangkan kembali semua memori di ssp...here's are some pictures i took when i was there..

the wonderful view from outside the library..its more grand at night with the lights from the buildings and all...being in the middle of the city can be very calming to.. ;)

the library...ahh...this was my heaven during my last year at school..where I had my icecream cake party..my endless hours of chatting on the net (at that time, only the lib had access to the internet besides the computer room which was open only during school hours..no cc back then..)..my secret place to "bergayut" on the phone.. hp's were still new when i was in school and only several of us were daring enough to bring our cells to school..including me! hehe~

dewan SSP where we had our talent nights, teachers day, weekly assembly..and where I sat for my PMR and SPM exams..and the dataran where will bace doa beramai2 before going in the exam..

my class during form 4Jaya and 5 Jaya..yes..both years in the same class! hehe..

Once our netball field and our cheerleading practise place.. ;)

and lastly the BB Court..this was the best place in school!! it was my sanctuary!! nothing can go wrong on this court..except for coach shouting "bodoh" at me once in a while..hehe...i cannot describe how much i miss this court..all the practising, the games, the post-moterms, the crying, the laughing...just everything..my basketballers were my sisters back then..kami makan,mandi,tido,nangis,gelak,main dan semuanya bersama2..ahhh....

i just wish to be back in school now..not having to worry about life... ;)


Thursday, February 12, 2009


my manager was walking behind me, then she said..

"aisyah, you must watch you body shape ehh, you dah gemok!! "


yes, i know, I've gained a LOT of wait (6kgs to be exact) after ONLY 2 month of marriage.mana tak nyer..i cook everynight without fail.and bukan nak puji diri sendiri but i'm good! (hubs makan selalu bersungguh2..tapi taktau laa klu nak amek hati isteri kan..heheh) and i definitely cant be like mom, she can cook for the family and not eat after that! uhh..??nope..not me..tak tahan beb!

plus, everytime we go to Giant, we will spend a LOT on JUNK FOOD, bekalan makanan ringan mmg tak putus ok! I will at least buy 8 cans of Ice Lemon Tea to store, even ade lagi pun i will buy, and everytime tgk movie or watching tv, there will always be a can of Ice Lemon Tea and snacks..hehe..until 12 midnight!

and i'm hungry..ALL THE TIME !!!!

huaaa!!! I need to control myself..nak diet..but everytime the hunger comes..takleh tahan...klu tahan i'll get a very2 bad headache coz angin! camne? i think i need to have a plan..

I'm thinking of Herbalife, but still short on money now, mind you..Herbalife is expensive ok! sgt2! but it seems to work on people, tgk bnyk jer positive feedbacks..will try to locate some money there for next month.InsyaAllah.

what else? jogging? hmm.. will try to do that every weekend with hubs. (hubs pun sebenarnye dah complain die dah berisi..seluar dah ketat! hehehe)

aerobik and kickboxing? i think the dvd is at selayang (note to self: balik selayang cari and bawak balik rumah kota) at least 10 minutes a day pun ok right? better than nothing..

cut back on junk food? will try very2 hard! only plain water after this and ermm...oats during movies/tv shows? can eh..??

so many plans..tapi yang mane akan berjalan..?? lets wait and see... *sigh*

*ingatkan lepas kahwin takyah dah control makan...tak rupe2nyeee... *haihhhh*
nak nangissss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009


its the weekends already? cepatnya masa berlalu..feels like yesterday just attended nadzs wedding..hmm...

well anyways, this weekend, me and hubs are going back to my inlaws..going tonight, back by sunday night or monday morning..havent packed anything yet..hmm...dunno what to pack..asked hubs if we can go to JB since its so near already, to celebrate his birthday (its tomorrow!), but takut dah balik umah malas nak keluar2 dah..heh..lets just see how it goes...

till the next post..


Thursday, February 5, 2009

i am one happy girl!

i got these today...

rm50 Jusco Gift Vouchers + a birthday card for my Birthday

rm250 Jusco Gift Vouchers for getting married!!
both from my company!! i know both are a little late..but better late than never kan? hehehe..me happy bangat nih!! well, actually i was expecting the card + vouchers for my bday because i got the same thing last year (the same amount rm50 but parkson's voucher) but i did not expect to get another rm250 for my wedding! total up..erm... 250+50= .... rm300!!!! yeayyyy!!!!!!! *mentallyjumpingupanddown!*
i dunno what to get for me yet, but deffinately will get hubs a new pair of working pants! he only has 2 and myself yang penat + buhsan tgk die pki seluar yang same jerk..lol! bestnye..bestnye...
*cant wait to go shopping!*
and owh...my team bought a cake for the january birthday girls! so sweet of them.. ;)

me and amie cutting the cake.. (selekeh kan saya pergi keje..;p)

i definitely love suprisess.... ;)


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

weekends and weddings


gara2 mau sambung menonton Goong..woke up really early, altho i slept late the night before (psal Goong jugak!)..hubs was still sleeping..malas nak kejut..let him sleep puas2..its the weekends right? bile lagi nak bgn lambat! lol! ahhh...syioknyerr...i wish i could watch and watch and watch this drama tak berenti..and i dont want it to end! the pelakons are so cute!!

had a 12.30 appointment at the strips for my brazilian, so nak tanak had to pause watching and bersiap..at the strips, opt for the soft wax since last time already tried the hard one, and how i regreted my decision! it was damn painfull!!!!! sakit giler beb!! but now i know, always go for the hard wax..mahal 2o hengget pun mahal laa..macam nak mati sakitnyerr (erkk..not laa mati..but sakit laa!! lol!) I've still got another 400 points..got to schedule my next appointment! haha..crazy eh?

went to selayang after that, dengan niat nak melawat ibubapa terchentaa..but dad was at Mersing, brought his students for offsite activities...big bro went to send his gf to Melaka, only left Mom, sis and jyue..

Mom ajak pergi umah pakngah, to send back all the barang2 that we borrowed for my kenduri..already half way, baru teringat nak call pakngah..turns out he was not at home, so ape lagi melencong laa..went to jalan TAR (again!!!) hehe..mom wanted to buy tudung..me ape lagi..ok aje! like i said before..me love shopping with mom! hihi..nways, mom got herself..ermm..i dunno how many tudung..but i got 5! (mak blanje ye! hehe..tak mintak..mak offer..rembat ajelaa..haha!) sukeee....!!

balik tuh, siap2 to go back coz I had to attend faranads wedding..hehe..excited sangat nak pergi the wedding..faranad was my teammate mase sekolah2 dulu..and basketball was our life! nak citer panjang about that but i think i'll write a special post just about high school and basketball later!

Met a whole bunch of sspians that night, lela, fiza m, yatt, inarah, erin, kaem, jid, dennis, dewi, waniaw, anis, fatty, azar, shikin r, izza, qoyye, hikma, asfa..hmm..ade lagi tak yang tertinggal? ape2pun..it was nice to see them there..mase sembang tu rase macam still kat sekolah2 dulu...fiza m is exactly the same with all her lawak spontan! lela with her cute laugh, dennis with her kalutness... ahhh..how i miss the old days!

Back to the bride, Faranad was damn gorgeous!!!!! she wore a silvery blue kebaya made from french lace (i think!), with crystals that made the baju berkilau!! ahh...but what i adored most was her veil..!!cantik bangat!! (hmm..idea for kak nana's wedding!) and sofie was handsome too! (macam mane nak describe lelaki kan?) hehe... but well ..

Farah, Congratulations on your wedding! Semoga hubungan kamu berdua kekal ke akhir hayat...and..owh..make cute basketballers eyh! then our kids can play together2..hehehe..

the beautiful bride..

SCUD #6 and SCUD #4

my darling sspians...

and owh...the groom.. ;)


me at the office at 7.15 - out from the office at 11 ! cukup..takyah keje bsungguh2! lol!

went to Selayang (again!), but this time betul2 g rumah pakngah, already informed pak ngah awal2..huhu...when we arrived, looking at the table with plates, fork and spoons so properly laid out, we thought pakngah+makngah were expecting company, but it turned out to be the food was for us! she prepared a feast i tell you! terkejut kami! but the food was lovely! thanks mak ngah..susah2 ajeee....pasni nak datang lagi laa..boleh makan sedap lagi.. ;p

after makan2, mak ngah showed us (well actually i requested to see) the kain she bought for kak nana's wedding dress from bandung..cantteekkkk!!!!!! me likey...its silvery white! (i think silver is the new purple for this wedding season! bnyk tgk silver skrg ni for weddings..) there are like 1001 ideas going thru my head what to do for her tudung and veil...(im doing her tudung and veil btw..slumber jer ckp kat makngah..i want to do both..bukan die mintak pun!naseb laa..suke ok nak buat bende2 cantik nih!) i was going on and on about materials la, designs laa...mom n makngah were impressed! haha..said i know a lot about this stuff! hahaha...padahal bukan pro pun aku nih..minat jer..still in learning process..nways..trus call kak nana to tell her my ideas..(she was in Shah Alam, pergi wedding exhibition) tak sabarnyeee!!!!! (aii..siape yang nak kahwin ni?) lol!


Lepak kat rumah the whole day! watched Goong sampai habis ! heaven ~~~~

owh..me woke up at 930..belasah tido sbb dua hari tido lambat bgn awal..sian kat hubs kemas rumah sorang2..vacum laa..buang sampah laa..he even went to the kedai to buy bahan mentah (ikan, sayur etc) to cook for lunch!..tapi me kan wife yang bagus..saye laa yang masak! takkan nak bagi hubby masak after all the hard work..hehe! nyummm~~~