Monday, June 11, 2012

I was once a working mom :)

I've been blogging since 2008, it was like 1 post a week, or even a month dulu, I admit my writing is kinda bercelaru - and sometimes merapu2 coz I have never been good in writing pun sejak dulu, give me pen and paper I would draw a flower instead of writing an essey, but give me paper, scissors and glue on the other hand, I'll make a house! I've always been on the artsy side in the family ~ 2009 my entries shoot up (i guess because I had a lot to write about my lil boy inside me) but dropped back down again in 2010... why? laa saya...this is my actual point sebenarnya - I was busy with work!

WORK? hehe ~~ ok for those yg baru recently followed my blog ~ yes, I worked before, bukan asal nya surirumah :) I get a lot of questions now, "aisyah mmg buat bisnes ni fulltime ke?aisyah tak kerja?mmg dari dulu surirumah?"

ni bukan nak berlagak ke ape yerr.. ni just nak kasik tau ~~ I have a degree in accountancy and I was working as an accounts executive in a multinational company before for 3 years :)

then why berhenti ~ 

I guess it was because of a lot of reasons ~

the working hours is one of the reason ~ yes ramai mommies out there yg kerja smpai malam ~ boleh jer kan ~ but entah laa ~ i guess if sekali sekala balik lewat its ok ~ but when its closing and reporting period, 2 minggu straight balik kol 10-11 , its not fun ~ then the other 2 weeks, masa itu laa nak buat meeting sampai kol 7, masa tu laa nak betulkan this report and that report ~ bila nak balik umah awal pun taktau~~

the workload ~ u think a multinational company would hire people bila headcount tak cukup.nope...I've got 2 of my teammates yg berhenti sbb cannot stand the stress ~ what did they do? instead of hiring a new headcount, they split the task and gave it to the ones yg still kidding!

the $$$ - it is well known that an executive is not entitled for overtime unless the company says they provide overtime ~ but I do almost 30 hours of overtime per month and all I can claim is RM140! ade org would say, bersyukur laa ~ at least ade, but honestly, its just not worth all! that 30 hours I could have spent with my kid, seeing him growing up ~ 

the stress ~ i know semua tempat pun stress~ but when I think back, I actually didnt really mind the workload coz I really loved all my tasks ~ just that when you do your work with all your heart and at your very best ~ tetibe at the end of the month ~ 18 issue logs - i mean are you kidding me?? one of it coz the amount lari by 1 sen which I actually rectified before I send in the report!! to cut the story short - all those late nights, all those good work ~ at the end of the day ~ unappreciated!

ade laa bnyk lagi reasons, the benefits yg makin kurang , the bonus yg makin tak nampak mcm bonus ~ and actually to tell you the truth, I'm not the type of person yg complain about benefits or workloads sbb i know my responsibilities, I am the kind of employee yg jenis, yes maam, i can do it maam, i understand sir, bla bla bla ~ sebab itu kot at one time tak tahan sgt cam nak meletop ~~ maybe some will say, tulaaa..yg dok ikut sgt kata bos kenapa, but I am trained like that, to be punctual, always try to do it first no matter how hard it may seem...its a good thing but can be a curse if you get managers yg suka nak amek kesempatan...

thats why I resigned...

well to tell the truth it was not an easy decision, it took me month of thinking and going back and forth and asking like a million questions to my husband and planning for backup if anything goes wrong~

I did update my resume and was planning to look for a new job, just incase this business didnt work out ~

but alhamdulillah ~ with the help of my mentor, Salha, and the support I got from my family and sidelines in this business also my lovely business partners ~ I am one step closer to the top ~

memang, it takes time ~ it takes a bit of sacrifice, a bit of hard work (hey,kat ofis pun hardwork jugak tau!) but the outcome is rewarding ~ what I get from this business are things that I've never imagined I would get ~ like the income for one ~ honestly, my initial target was like rm4-5k per month, but now I'm getting more, I get to travel for free and also I meet people that inspires me in so many ways ~~

I remember kat ofis ~ masa lunch most they do is gossip ~ or bad talk about other people ~ but when in this business when we sit down in a group ~ we talk about development, we talk about improvement, we talk about our kids and our plans for our kids, we give each other motivations, we give each other ideas how to develop our business ~ theres no hasad dengki ~ theres no tarik2 muka ~ you feel nothing but at peace when you are with this crowd of people~

and alhamdulillah ~ I truly feel blessed that Allah opened my heart to join this business in the first place ~ sure I had my ups and downs ~ but the most important part is I am still here now!

haaaa~~ kan dah emo...

seriously, if you're still thinking....and still have doubts, just give me a call 0192710102, we can have brunch or lunch or tea or dinner (please not supper - I sleep at 1030 :) hee~~) and just talk, no strings attached! I promise you I'm cool like that~~ haha!!

Aisyah Samsudin
Authorized Premium Beautiful Agent


Atiqah Abd Shukor said...

Hi Aisyah. What a very interesting experience you have. Btw, I'm a student, I don't have any loan or scholarship. So how can I join this? I mean, berapa modal permulaannya? :)

aiesya said...

hye Atiqah :) boleh sms or email aisyah tak? thanks!