Wednesday, June 27, 2012

such difference

this is me 7 month pregnant with Aqil 

this is me 7++ month pregnant 2nd child

spot the difference?


the smile is still the same tho! :)

masa first pregnancy dulu, I was eating like nobody's business...the concept "eating for 2" applied eventho my mom always reminded me that I was not eating for 2... "berapa sgt laaa baby kamu tu makan.." 

and the results >> I gained 20kgs thruout my first pregnancy! THAT IS VERY BAD!!

the aftermath >> those kilos are like almost impossible to shed! I did lose a lot masa dalam pantang but I admit I wasnt very disciplined wearing my PB after returning to work ~ so mmg badan naik mcm kene pam coz breastfeeding makes you eat - A LOT! memula gigih nak kecikkan badan ~ pastu bila usaha tak menjadi rasalaa down ~ pastu start laa kata kat diri sendiri ~ takpe laki aku sayang aku walaupun aku dah gemok.. yes - i pernah sampai that stage - I avoided looking at the mirror too long - and started to have low self esteem - tak confident jer rasa 

I cant really remember what made me snapped out of it - but I remember starting to wear my PB more disciplined after that - everyday - the eating part I cant really control coz seriously no joke when I say breastfeeding makes you hungry 24/7!!  but the good thing about PB is it controls your food intake where u eat in small portions but more frequently ~ which is good kan... and I started to loose weight ~ after 3 month I was able to get back to my normal weight which was 56 ~ masatu Aqil was already 1 yo!

this time around, I'm more cautious of what I eat, and how much I eat ~ so alhamdulillah ~ even now 34w pregnant ~ I've only gained around 6-7kgs :) my aim is to not exceed 10kgs! insyaAllah ~ and also this time, knowing that wearing PB with discipline can actually make me loose weight and get back into shape faster (my SIL, ex-colleague and ex-schoolmate has proven this!) ..I'm determine to wear my PB as soon as my body says ok - which I'm aiming on the end of the 1st week of pantang ~ insyaAllah ~ I hope everything goes smoothly and little A inside me comes out healthy..insyaAllah...

and owh, before I finish my post, I would like to say to all the 1st timers preggies out there - when people say "takpe..ko makan untuk 2" - IGNORE them!!! honestly, the pain of shedding the kgs after that is physically and mentally torture! unless you are genetically skinny and small ~ tu lain laa :) I'm talking about average people here :)

Aisyah Samsudin
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