Monday, June 18, 2012

monkey see monkey do :)

the other day while I was playing blocks with aqil, teaching him the ABCs, my mind suddenly started thinking on how I developed my interest in certain areas, like

DIY-ing - this came from my dad - I think I've blogged about this before, how he does tries to do everything himself .. he ALWAYS say, why should I pay money to someone when I can do it myself? I dont think he ever sent his car to a carwash..ever! even now he's already 67 - both his and moms car, he will wash..masa tak kahwin dulu lagi - he even washed mine bila die tak tahan tengok kereta kotor sgt! lol~ he was also the one who prepared the base for my pelamin, and also my brothers!! you just tell him what you want and he'll figure out the rest... I try to be like him ~ well, I am like him ~ apepun I will try to DIY dulu ~ klu tak jadi, baru pergi kat my dad ~ normally it stops there, no outside man needed :) 

Sewing - when I was in pre-school, I remember spending a lot of time at my grandparents, I guess masa tu takde maid lagi, plus my grandparents lived like 15-20 minutes away, so weekends mmg slalu pergi, and I remember watching my grandma sewing quilts from remnants, how detailed she was, cutting the shapes first on paper, then choosing the fabrics that will match each other, also I remember her making a lot of baju kurung kedah (the one makcik2 pakai p pasar tu) - that is where my love for sewing started - but I didnt start sewing till I was 9 ~ I guess my father tak percayakan me with needless kot? :)

Crafting - My auntie, Atam, is an art teacher, one day, we were getting ready to go to a wedding reception (I cant remember where) , we had the present already, but there was no card on the present, then Atam took a magazine, a scissor, a bottle of glue and started to flip the magazine and cut a small piece , then flip again, and cut, I asked her, "Atam cari ape?" she answered, "colors.." I watched closely what she did after that, fold, cut, glue, and voila ~ she made a card with a very cute flower out of papers from a magazine!! I was simply amazed!! Art instantly became my favorite subject after that! :)

then it hit me of how important it is for me to be a good example to my kids, the things we do, the people surrounding them really influence how our kids think, and would influence their interest in things..

at our own home, yes, we can control..

but at school? mcm mana?

I guess thats why its important to send our kids to a good school. 


I do hope Aqil seeing me working hard now, will influence him to work hard too in everything he does :)

coz we as parents are the biggest influence on our kids kan?


* I guess thats why you see kids with parents who are businessmen have a different kind of thinking than those yg makan gaji ~ *

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