Sunday, December 27, 2009

mengarut jer

one of my auntie slept over last night. she was telling how the SBP intake was this year. how the student had to apply online, then they (the school) would have to send all the application to the big guys, where the big guys would send back a list of names where the school will call the students for an interview and some tests. [fuhh..takde fullstop eyh..].. very2 different from my time... I didnt even remember if I even applied to go to SBP..hmm..nampak sgt dah tua aku nihhh..haha..

after the interview and tests and whatnot..the pengetua of the school would have the authority to chose ONLY 20% of the total student lets say, the intake for that year is 100 students, the pengetua could only chose 20 students..out of 300 students that came for the interview..tough huh..

anyways, thats not exactly the part I wanted to tell.

the interesting part was when my cousin interrupted [she's from a SBP too], and told us at her school, the candidates were required to go for a physical test and one of it was running 100 meters, which they had to reach the finish line under how many seconds she could not remember.. whoever didnt pass the test was immediately out... i was like..seriousssllyyy...??

I mean...i know physical is important..but come on..its like a bit unfair no? tak lepas lari 100 meters trus out?? i dunno laa...not everyone could run fast kan..klu ye..mcm tu sume org pun bleh jadi atlet...kan kan kannnn....i mean...buat laa points system ke ape...takde laa trus kene klua...tapi maybe laa nak senang kan keje diorang ke ape...but..hmmm....still...

but..thats not all...then my aunt add on...told me my cousin's pengetua does not like her girls to be overweight...or FAT...!!!!! ni psycho ape niii?? the girls must jaga their weight..and what they eat [or something like that] yg penting mesejnya....jgn wth!?!?!??!!?

first of all..they're still kids...still tu nak kena blaja...its stressful enough for them to focus on getting good grades [anything below straight A's is not good ok!] ..pastu ni nak kene stress about how they look and what they eat lagi...??? come on laa...ape jenis pemikiran yg nak ditanamkan kat kepala budak2 ni..??? if ur not skinny ur not good??? tolonnggglllaaaa!!!!!!

cukuplaa the magazines showing skinny models...sending message to girls that you have to be skinny to look good...but for a teacher to imply something like that..?? kan ke mengarut tuh.....

ingat lagi zaman sekolah dulu, all the exams students [f3 n f5] siap ade special supper lagi...konon2 for us to have energy to study [didnt really work for me tho..after supper jer kompom tido!! haha] ..but then...we didnt have to worry about anything else except for our studies..we didnt care if we were fat or skinny or ape2 laa...we were happy...and it made it a lot easier for us to study.....ini my kazen..."my friends all the lost their exam lagi gain.." ...adoiiiii....rilek dear kazen..i didnt care about my weight until masuk uni...and trust me..masuk Uni..kompom kurus laa....ur jadual is hectic..kene berkejar g kelas...seriesly...dun worry.. ;)

hmm...i know now i'm conscious about my weight and all..but its more about staying healthy.. not so much about being skinny...hehe.. [ye laa tu...]

but i mean come on laa....these are kids we're talking about.... we should send out positive msg to them kan..???

so dear girls,

just love yourself the way you are..... ;)

*tetibe rase nak layan lagu beautiful christina aguilera...enjoy!! ;)

Every day is so wonderful
And suddenly, i saw debris
Now and then, I get insecure
From all the pain, I'm so ashamed

I am beautiful no matter what they say
Words can't bring me down
I am beautiful in every single way
Yes, words can't bring me down
So don't you bring me down today

To all your friends, you're delirious
So consumed in all your doom
Trying hard to fill the emptiness
The piece is gone left the puzzle undone
That's the way it is

You are beautiful no matter what they say
Words can't bring you down
You are beautiful in every single way
Yes, words can't bring you down
Don't you bring me down today...

No matter what we do
(no matter what we do)
No matter what they say
(no matter what they say)
When the sun is shining through
Then the clouds won't stay

And everywhere we go
(everywhere we go)
The sun won't always shine
(sun won't always shine)
But tomorrow will find a way
All the other times

'cause we are beautiful no matter what they say
Yes, words won't bring us down, oh no
We are beautiful in every single way
Yes, words can't bring us down
Don't you bring me down today

*lately ni asek emo jer...tak tau laa kenapa...hormon..?? ;p

Sunday, December 20, 2009

not a very productive weekend.

i slept most of the time. pagi, tghr, ptg n mlm. [sampai headache!!]

but I managed tosqueeze in a few activities.

1st one: little sis really2 wanted to watch Avatar. I had no idea what the movie was about but I really thot it was an anime or something like that. wasnt really in the mood to watch kids stuff but being the nice sister that I am [huhu..masuk bakul angkat sendiri beb!] , I took her to watch Avatar at tgv Kepong. got the earlybird ticket, rm7 ok laa..tak laa rase membazir kan for anime....but..oooohhh...I was so wrong..not only it wasnt an anime was the best movie that I've watch this year!! ten thumbs up!!! every single thing about the movie was super cool!!! planning to go watch again this thursday...3D version!!! cant wait!!! yeay!!

go go watch!!!! best gilerrr!!!

second: Me, hubs, lil sis, mom n dad attended my neighbour's wedding reception @ dewan tun rahah, menara yayasan tun abdul razak on Sunday night. the food was superb..!! me, mom n lil sis were camwhoring the whole night! haha.. n owh..the bride mesti laa lawa kan malam tu...nways...

To Kak Nani n Ramdan..
Selamat Pengantin Baru!!
Semoga bahagia ke anak cucu...insyaAllah... ;)

The newlyweds.. ;)

sweet ol' couple! hehe.. ;)

the ladies of dr sam! ;p

us ;)

[i look more like a fat lady rather than a pregnant one no?]

third: went for a family picture session at a photo-store near my parents house.. will post up the pictures later..its suppose to be ready by next week....not so excited bout the picture tho..sbb me lebarrrrr giler!!! huh!

last one: finally, after more than a month those fabrics have been put aside [again..didnt want to jinx anything!!] , I've started on my next baby project.. I'm so excited!! ;) hehe..I guess its safe to start now since I'm already in my 32 weeks.. klu kira2 normal pregnancy 38-39 weeks kan..I've only got another 6-7 weeks to finish 2 blankets, 3 bedsheets, 6 pillow cases, 4 bolster cases, 2 sets of baby cot side protector and 1 set of baby bag...hmm..sempat ker eyh..?? hehe. ;)

baby blanket-in the making!

pregnancy picture update : 31 weeks!!


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

a new job [at the same place]

uhhhh la la ~~

remember the interview ?


I got the job!!!!

and I start NEXT WEEK!!!!

giler jerr...takut pun ade..

its sad to leave my current team behind... [alaa..same level pun.. ;p]

but I've been attached to this team for 2 years already and I really need to learn something new.

I hope I've made the right decision tho.



sick during pregnancy very2 challenging...

I have been having the flu n coughing n on off fever since last friday. Wish I could telan ubat as I normally do..but the first time I tried to take panadol on saturday, - realized little A was a bit pasif I dare not to take the panadol again eventho the doctor said its ok to take.

Bbmed with my dear farah, n she told me to take honey with warm water.n alhamdulillah my fever went down.leaving me with only my flu n cough. Tried to take lemon with honey. But no effect what so ever- even so still taking until now sbb tahu batuk mmg tak hilang camtu jer kan..

Went for a quick n very2 near to home getaway with mr hubs on sunday for our anniversiary but ended up sleeping in the room because I was so sick. Poor hubs. But he did manage to make me cry. Happy tears eyhh..bukan sad2 one..didn't expect anything from him, so it was a really sweet surprise for me! Thanks abang!! Ur simply the best!!!

Yesterday, went for my sihat..alhamdulillah..seronok dengar lil a's heart beating..nurse cerita, she started having the flu,coughing n on off fever just like me when she was in her 30week (just like me!) And it lasted until she deliverd!!!!! OMG!!!! Rase cam nak nangis dengar...pembawakan budak katanya. Hmmmm...

Cannot stand the headache everytime I went to see doctor (panel clinic) coz tot it'll be better for me to stay home until I get better.. He gave me antibiotics, but so scared to take-i was told earlier that try to avoid any kind of pils.. Googled up info about the medcine. Turns out safe for pregant ladies but still not convinced..wanted to call mom ask for advice (she's in pahang for kursus) but coulnd reach her.

So, texted dear trusted n beloved friend, dennis, who's a pharmasist (betul ke eja eyh? Huhuh) in HKL, she told it was safe..hehe..

Took the antibiotics today. Btw. Now at home. On medical leave. Very2 terrible headache coz been lying down the whole dayyyyyyy(I am even lying down right now.blogging using my bb..tu yg ayat cam ape2 jerrr)...but if gerak bnyk sket jer semputt...tgk tv pun sakit kepala...hmmmm...

Tomorrow back to work..but still feeling ok..hope the super sejuk AC kat ofis wouldn't make my batuk worst..Its hard for me to sleep already..(Done all the sapu vicks depan belakang, tinggikan bantal- nothing works..even kipas pun at satu je..letak dua trus sakit dada..)..if it get worst..hmm...taktau laa deennnn...

Doakan saya cepat2 sembuh ye semua... ;) insyaAllah...


Saturday, December 12, 2009

one year.

dear abang,

Happy 1st Anniversairy!

Thank you for such a wonderful year.

Thank you for being the best husband ever.

and sorry for all the misunderstandings.

I love you more each and every day.

May there be more great years ahead of us. ;)

I love you!

Your wife <3

* thank you mom for the wonderful post about my wedding. I know its not dedicated to me. but its still as sweet. To my dear parents, siblings, aunts, uncles and awesome guys are simply the BEST!!!! every single sweet memory I have about my wedding was because of you guys...THANK YOU. I love you all. hugs hugs. ;)


Friday, December 11, 2009


Stuck in bed.


Missing all the kenduri kendara.

My cousins at Melaka.

My SKSJ schoolmate at Selayang Utama.

My neighbour's..errr..sebelah rumah.

Owh fever n flu. Please go away by today.

I don't want to be stuck in bed on my anniversairy too.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009


the interview is today.


wish me luck!


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

stripes and double hearts

I am currently addicted to my sewing machine [ok not mine, mom's..but thats beside the point]

remember the DIY bag project I did last month?

since I still havent found the perfect fabric for my beg, I made one for my friend.

just because I am so addicted and also for me to trial and error a new few things on the bag. :)

and because I love her. of course! haha.

nways. heres the bag I made her, she was so thrilled when I gave it to her because she wasnt expecting it. hehe.

I hope you guys like it too! ;)

The bag

The interior.
Fabric from Ikea.

Add On : Pacifier holder.

Add On: IC/syiling/CC holder.

Accessories : Diaper Clutch + Changing Mat

Folds up into a clutch!

Or fold it smaller for easy storage.

Accessories : Toiletries pouch.

The Whole Set

I wanted to make a bottle carrier, but couldnt find the material I needed for it. hmm.nvm. next time lorr..

Cant wait to start on mine! ;)


On a different note, went to another BFF's reception last Sunday.

They have been together since 2003. The longest among us all.

And now they're married! I am so happy for them!

So dear Apit n Sue,

Cepat2 buat baby. so that anak kita sume same batch next year!!! hehehe~~~

The sweeettttt couple. ;)

She's mine! eheh!
one of my favourite picture taken by mr hubs! ;)


Monday, December 7, 2009


I plan to breastfeed my baby. as long as possible. insyaAllah.

at first I was contemplating whether or not to get a breastpump before I deliver since a friend of mine told me to get my breastpump only when I want to start working.

but after reading countless of forums and views from experienced working moms and also this article about why a breastfeeding mother need a breast pump, I've decided to buy a breastpump beforehand.

and so the research on breastpump began. I literally got a headache after reading all the reviews, comparing all the prices only after one day of research!! I strongly smell of Minyak Cap Kapak at the end of the day. There were so many brands, so many types, so many prices, so many opinions.

my initial plan on buying the cheapest just went down the drain. ye laa. I could be stingy about certain things, but I guess this one I have to consider investing a bit coz I surely dont want any torn tissue or having to buy the breast pump 2-3 times or whatever.

after 2 days of research and hours of readings, I've come down to this:

best/famous brands : Avent, Medela, Ameda, Spectra

BP types : Manual, Single Electric Pump, Double Electric Pump

price range : RM219 - RM2k (crazy eyh!!!)

and here are the ones I might consider buying.


Philips Avent ISIS Manual Breast Pump


Medela Harmony Manual Breastpump


Electric - Single Pump

Avent ISIS IQ UNO Breast Pump


Spectra 3 Electric Breast Pump


Medela: Swing Breastpump with 2-Phase Expression


Electric : Twin / Double Pump

Ameda: Lactaline Dual Breast Pump


Medela: Pump In Style Advanced Breastpump With 2-Phase Expression


OK. Maybe not the last one.

I've read many of the working mamas suggesting to buy the dual breastpump, coz its faster and more convinient. which is true I guess, I wouldnt afford to spent an hour (every 2-3 hours) pumping milk in the office. I'll go back at 9pm everyday if I do that!!

BUT, expensive eyh? that I havent include the Medela Freestyle (RM2k!!!!!) which suppose to be the best dual breastpump. urgh.

even RM700 is expensive for me. ni lagi 2k kannnnnnn...

but when I start working, I think do need the electric type, dengan all the new projects and tasks coming in next year, I dont have much rest time. just maybe not the dual breastpump.

since we still got so many many things to buy (first baby kan hehe) plus we're moving into our new home in the near future. mmg tight sket laa budget....

so pk2 n bincang2 ngan mr Hubs, I've decided to get the manual type first. Try tgk camne. I mean, klu org dulu2 bleh jer survive (even my ex-manager is using the manual one at work now), why cant I, right? Its all in the mind...ewaahhh...hehehe..

but if mmg katekan at that time, its impossible to use the manual one, and I really2 need the electric type. baru pk lain nanti. ;p , the manual one could still be used during short outings kan.. ;)

now, which one? I think I'll get this

Philips Avent ISIS Manual Breast Pump Out and About Set

the set includes:

-ISIS Breast Pump with Sterile Travel Covers
-Microfibre Insulated Shoulder Bag
-2 Milk Storage Bottles with sealing discs 125ml/4oz
-2 Milk Storage Bottles with sealing discs 260ml/9oz
-2 Newborn Teats

The set retails at RM388, but now with the sales, most places offers 20% less for the set (RM310.40 after less).

but yesterday, I went to Babyland year end sales at SS2, and the set is selling for RM270 only!! what a bargain right? but me being the stubborn me, I insisted to find the set online first coz normally we could get it cheaper online, but so far the lowest I could find is RM300..(menyesal menyesal!!!)

I am heading to SS2 after work. praying the set will still be available coz there's only 2 sets left on the shelf yesterday

mintak2 laa ade lagi....aminnn....


Sunday, December 6, 2009


was given a great opportunity by my manager this morning.

she gave me until end of today to decide.

it's not a sure thing but i guess it doesnt hurt to try ya?


but with the new baby coming n all.

could I really give my 100% commitment?

so much to think. so little time.

*hub says go for it. should i?



Thursday, December 3, 2009

new moon.

watched new moon yesterday with mr Hubs [finally!]

eventho many reviews said that new moon is not as good as twilight. I have to disagree.

somehow, i like this movie better.

but wait.

I am not here to tell you about how awesome the movie was.

or how super HOT!!! were the La Push's warewolves.

BUT, about how I totally heart Bella's turquoise Bangle !!!!!!

it was EXACTLY like the one I admired at Penang's night market last weekend!!!!!

I really wanted the bangle, but it was rm200++ [ a bit much for a piece of jewelery for me]

I bought a ring instead, similiar to the bangle. with a turquoise stone. - rm28 only maaa! ;)

but now looking at her wearing it in the movie, makes me want one too!!!

and the ring too!!!! coolness~~

tapi... where can get the bangle below rm100 eyh?? [or below rm50 ke..hehe..melampau tak permintaan...hmmmm.... ]


my conversation with hubs after the movie:

me: abangggggg!!!! pasan tak Bella punya gelang??sebijik yg sayang nak kat Penang tuuu....cincin yg die pki pun smart gak!!

hubs: hah? gelang n cincin die pakai pun sayang pasan ke? sayang ni tgk cerita ke tgk ape?mane perasan.

huh! GUYS.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

i want! :(

i really..really...really want these........

image source :

oh why oh why arent they available in Malaysia?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


uuuhh..btw..those are fabrics...hehehe...

ps: ships to Malaysia but RM100 (tambah tolak) just for shipping.. worth tak? :( :(


Sunday, November 29, 2009


while i was hangin' at my SIL's.

little nephew:

"cik esah, cik esah, Nano (MdNoor) nak bau cik esah"

I was confused. Bau? then his nose was at my cheek, literally smelling me.

"emmmmm.....sedappppp....macam mami (thats what he calls his mother)"



he has curly hair. a great smile. a seriously cute laugh. and he's simply the funniest kid I know.

there's always something he does or says that makes us laugh like crazy.

there was this one time he was talking with the neighbour kids, and they were bragging about the things they have.. [normal kids behaviour I guess]

after all the kids have done with their "aku ade ni..aku ade tu..

this kid went... "Nano ade nenek gemuk.."

hahahahahaha. he's definitely one original kid!

Cik Esah sayang Nano!

Opss.. Mommy loves u too little A! <3


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

DIY project : Hip Mama Diaper Bag

hye hye!

it took me 4 days to get back in the mood for blogging. hehe.

spent all day on the bed on Monday [turns out my body couldnt take long journeys anymore!] , catching up on my blogroll list on Tuesday [sambil bekerja- heh!] , MC on Wednesday [fever - but managed to have lunch @ thecurve n shop a bit @ ikea - I blame mom! hehehe!]

I dont feel like writting about my trip to penang since it was more like a romantic [eceehhh] weekend getaway for me n hubs - hehehe... no pictures no nothing.. only boring stuff couples do.heh.

but I do feel like sharing this little project I managed to squeeze in [besides lunch n shopping] and also finish yesterday [slept at 2am!]

remember I was fussing about all the baby bags are so ridiculously expensive? I found a solution to it! DIY !!

I was browsing thru some DIY crafts blog the other day, and found this Hip Mama Diaper Bag tutorial written by A Mingled Yarn [its FREE!!]. At first, it looked complicated, but I printed out the tutorial anyway, hoping that I would manage to follow the steps given.

So, yesterday, with full determination, I turned this

Fabric from Ikea [rm19.90/meter]

into this.......

front view

front pockets

back zip pocket

interior with 4 pockets

I added a place to put my keys

Turns out, the instructions were not that hard to follow, I did have some bumps here and there..but I thought I did good for a first timer ;) [i skipped some parts like the interfacing and the metal snaps coz i was just lazy heh - but it turned out better than I thought it would be] , I also used cotton fabric for the lining instead of vinyl coz I read somewhere in the comment that it'll be easier to wash when the bag gets dirty! just dump it in the machine! ;)

I must say, I love love love the bag!! It has 9 pockets all together, its the perfect size and its spacious which Im pretty sure I can fit everything I need inside the bag! PLUS it costs me LESS THAN Rm50!!! [see..who says you need to spend thousands from your account just to have the best - besides, you yourself define whats the best for you. not others! *wink*]

I cant wait to find a fabric with paterns that I really like to make my baby bag [owh, I forgot to tell yer, this one's a trial bag! hehe] - loving the Amy Butler designs but its so hard to find in Malaysia.. :(

Planning to make matching diaper clutch, changing pad, bottle holder and whatever I could think of later with the bag! <3

and today, I received these:

fabrics I ordered from Kids Island , very cheap, only rm10/meter and its heavy cotton! I dunno what to do with them yet, but I've got plenty of choices to choose from this blog I found DIY Bag Lover .. it provides links to tutorials for all crazy cool DIY bags! I super love this blog.

opss..I think I'm going a bit crazy here...hehe..anyways...for those who loves art and crafts as much as I are some links that I think are super wicked!

DIY Bag Lover [my fav of course!]
oh franson!
little needle
my sweet den
my sewing corner
nisa abas
sweet lil craft shop
sew chic and unique

well..those are some of them....theres a lot of links in the websites itself...rajin2 click click click laa yer... i promise, you'll be mesmerized!!! enjoy! ;)


Wednesday, November 18, 2009 to penang tonight....

...back on monday...


makkkkk aaiihhh...panjanggnyaaa list !!!!!

if my calculation is right, I'd be in my 28th week next week. (yes 7 month!! giler cepat!)

I guess, it'll be safe for me to start buying baby stuff..a bit of this and a bit of that..kan.. ok laa dah 7 month... [i'm so worried i'll jinx it]

so, i thought today i'll make a list of what to buy...and i found out that i was in total lost! blank.

naturally, i started to google.. typed "newborn checklist" .. a million of hits pop out.. and i was smiling. easy.

when I opened the lists, I got the shock of my life!

my first words...

makkkkk aaiihhh...panjanggnyaaa list !!!!!

seriously! contoh eyh:

Bottle feeding
1. feeding bottles & teats - 3set
2.Bottle & teat brush - 1
3.Bottle drying racks - 1 (optional)

1. Breast pump set - 1
2. Breast Milk Storage Container(Bottles & Disposable bags - 20pc
3. Nursing bra - 2
4. Breast pad - 1 box
5. Nursing Pillow - 1
6. Nipple Cream - 1

1. Baby Cot - 1
2. Plastic Drawers - 1 (optional)
3. Mosquito Net & Stand - 1
4. Crib Set ( Pillow & Bolster, Cot Bumpers, Fitted Sheet, Comforter) - 2
5. Mattress ( Latex / Foam ) - 1
6. Waterproof bed pads - 1
7. Blanket - 2
8. Night Light - 1

1. Sleepsuit - 5pcs
2. Daywear - 5pcs
3. Cloth Diapers - 12pcs
4. Disposable Diapers - 50pcs
5. Mitten and Booties - 5 pairs
6. Receiving Blankets - 1pcs
7. Swaddle/Bedung - 5pcs
8. Barut - 5pcs
9. Socks - 5pcs
10. Handkerchief - 3 pcs

Bathing & Grooming
1. Bath Tub - 1
2. Wash Cloths - 1
3. Bath Towels - 2
4. Toiletries - 1 set

Health Care & Hygiene
1. Grooming Set ( Comb, Nail Clipper, Scissors) - 1
2. Medicine Set ( Medicine Dropper, Medical Syringe - 1 (optional)
3. Minyak telon / Vicks - 1
4. Diaper rash cream - 1
5. Cotton bud - 1
6. Baby wipes - 2

1. Stroller/ Travel System - 1
2. Infant Car Seat - 1
3. Diaper Bag - 1
4. Travel mattress set - 1
5. Travel waterproof bed pad - 1

1. Tempah Tukang Urut - 5 sessions
2. Set Jamu Bersalin - 1 set
3. Bengkung - 1

mind you. thats one of the shortest I could find!! like seriously..??

i knew i had to buy clothes for the baby. but i wasnt expecting like so many different kinds of things in one category.

contoh for breastfeeding...i thought i just needed my "sisters" for one told me in needed Breast pump set,Breast Milk Storage Container, Nursing bra, Breast pad, Nursing Pillow,Nipple Cream bla bla bla....errrr...

itu belum masuk list hospital lagi.


its not how much money i have to spent i'm worried about [ok maybe a bit], but the quantity of stuff i have to remember to buy. bnyknyerr!!!

my main concern is i'd forget to buy something important then last minute baru realize that the thing takde mase nak guna tu. yelaa..even if i make a checklist pun. beli sikit2...mesti ingat-lupa-ingat ape yg dah dibeli..pastu kompom akan terlupa nak tick the checklist or ingat dah beli...aiyoohh... [membebel!]

ini belum tgk brand lagi, i mean there's lots of baby brands out there kan...pureen laa, anakku laa..ape laa..hmmm....itu nak kene google and read the reviews lagi...i definitely dont like last minute preparation. nanti panik. kepala serabut. rase nak marah2. uiiiii....i must prepare and make a proper list..nk survey harga lagi..nak quality bagus but cheap! [i got that from my dad!]

my heart is beating pretty fast right now.

ok aisyah. take deep breath. in - out - in - out.

40-26 = 14 weeks = 3 month...

howh. ok. lambat lagi. sempat.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

he's 56 today

i love u more than you'll ever know. MIL shares the same date as my dad's, but she's 57 today. A year older.. ;) so..


[hehe..i dun think she reads my blog - i hope she doesnt! hehe! well nvm, i've texted her this morning pun]

**ayat ayah pagi tadi: Rupanya org dah pencen ni badan sihat lagi laa ye.. [?????]


Sunday, November 15, 2009

one gloomy day

i'm in my office.

its raining outside.

feeling all gloomy inside.

trying to cheer up and find something exciting to write.

but just dont feel like it.

altho i had a pretty great weekend - shopping with mom at jln TAR, met with a client from Sabah, a wonderful makan2 at wa's (cu masak mee kari n carrot cake with cheese cake yg super yummy!!), meeting ol friends at a friends wedding and collected another 5 wedding invitations-all in december! huhu~

but still - cannot get myself to write about any of the above.

i wish....i wish...i wish....

i was home on my bed. sleeping.

and i feel like crying too. I dunno why. I just do.

maybe i miss him so much.

looking forward for friday.

a trip to penang. yeay!

hmm..nope..even that..still couldnt cheer me up.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lipstick Apa Aku Pakai :: Tagged by Sarah

Sarah, tagged her readers "Lipstik Apa Aku Pakai".

Since I am one of her readers and I thought it'll be fun, here's mine.

I'm not a lipstick fan actually, but I do love lipgloss.

The ONE and ONLY lipgloss I have right now is this. [i believe u just need one that suits u best]

Bobbi Brown Lipgloss in Petal.

Nadz introduced this colour to me, and I fell in love with it the very moment I tried it on!

I super love the colour, the texture and the effect it gives when wearing it. ;)

and because its so cute and small, its always in my purse so that I could wear it anywhere, anytime.. ;)



Monday, November 9, 2009

not a good one

I'm suppose to be the trainer for this new intern in my team.

and I tell you. I totally suck at it!!!

I have no idea where to start.

I talk too fast.

I'm teaching her how to "cheat". [?]

and just now, my team lead came to me and asked if I've given the intern work or not.

and when I said yes, she said to me " so why she's opening her Yahoo account?"


I have to monitor her the whole time ke..??



Sunday, November 8, 2009

sampai menitik-nitik

yesterday, before sending hubs off to Penang, we decided to jalan2 a bit at OU.

then. as soon as we entered OU's basement parking, I noticed a very odd sound coming from behind. so I told hubs to stop and take a look.

i dunno how or when it happened, but turned out we had this

a flat tire!!!

luckily. nothing happened on the road. alhamdulillah .

luckily. we were already inside the basement, so we were covered from the blazing sun outside. alhamdulillah.

luckily. there were no major damage to the rim or anything [since we didnt realize when the tyre was flat] . alhamdulillah .

luckily. the spare tyre was in good condition. alhamdulillah.

the unlucky part is for hubs, since he had to change the tyre alone. I was just standing there. helplessly doing nothing. [there was nothing I could help pun.]

berusaha bersungguh2

hubs took only 20 minutes to change the tyre [ my hero!! ;) ]

butt..... he was sweating like crazyyyy!!!

eeeewwwww !!!

punya laa berpeluh sampai menitik2 atas lantai...dasyatt.... ;p

I thought he didnt want to jalan2 after that because he looked so tired. but he wanted to.

alang-alang dah sampai katanya. biar berbaloi. ;)

...and now he's in penang for 3 weeks... sob sob.. :(