Wednesday, March 31, 2010

back to my dear ol lover.. PB !

* for those who dont know, PB is Premium Beautiful, a 3 piece corset that does wonders to your body! ;) *

after it feels like a lifetime of waiting...I'm finally back wearing my PB !!! yeay!! ;)

at first I was afraid that it wont fit me anymore, but.. alhamdulillah..i could still fit the pants and the corset (super yeay!! ) but not the bra -the cup doesnt fit since my sisters are still heavy with my son's food i guess i wont be wearing the bra anytime soon..but its ok...the sacrifice of a mother! hahahaha!!!

after only 3 days of wearing it..I could already see the changes...even hubs thinks I look smaller than before..haha! i wish!!! but actually not (yet) ! ;p ... I pointed out to hubs maybe he thinks that way is most likely because he hasnt seen me "small" in quite some time nampak the obvious changes... but not as small as before...wait ye abang... i know you say u dont care if im big or small..but..I care!! give me 3 month or maybe 4 to get back my old shape! hehe..semangat nihh!!!

but I must say..I am happy to be back in my just makes me feel...wonderful!! it just holds everything at the right places and its so easy to wear berbanding the traditional bengkung which i had to tie back every few hours...urghh..

*cant wait to try on my ol jeans back!! mintak2 laa muat..;p*


Thursday, March 25, 2010

this is what family is all about...

just read mom's blog... apparently Aqil is now 1 month old ( I am so occupied looking after him, I forgot the dates already..) wrote a post all about the day Aqil was born... its so sweet and i want to share it with all of you..especially my little Aqil ( I mean when he knows how to read that is..hehe..)

I am torn between linking my mom's blog here or copy n paste what she wrote..hmm...

what the heck..i'll do both.. ;)

To my little hero,

This was written by your Tok Wan specially dedicated for you..;)


You are one month old today

Dearest little Aqil.

Today is 25th Mac 2010. That means that you are one month today. You may not be able to read what your tok hajjah wan is about to write now but tok hope that in many many years to come , when you are big and strong, and able to read and understand alot of things, your mom will show this piece of snippet to you.

Tok wants to tell you that even before you were born, you were much awaited by all the Omarians.Especially by your grand aunts. They were all coining names , glamourous names so as to avoid the clise title of Tok Teh, Tok Su and so on. There was a lot of wireless communications from Subang to Kuantan to Cheras, Sentul, Bukit Jelutong and Alor Star included.

So here are the details of sms that took place between ur grandma and all her sisters. How everyone were there for your mum and me through all the difficult moments .it was exhausting but it was worth the wait.

Feb 23 2010 5.20 am : Dear all. The countdown has begun. pls say a a prayer for her. hope she'll go through this with ease and in quick time. Thanks

Atam: We r with u

Teh : Ok, noted. We will pray 4 mum n baby.

Tiza: Insyallah. Our prayers are with her.

Rufa: Insyallah

Amal: She has gone into labour

Me : Ya. Now at HKL

Atam ( 6.36am): Any sight of lil suparman yet?..tizah n i r anxious 2 make it a
double celeb.

Me ( 6:51:21 am) : She is now at HKL. When she knocked at my door, the contractions were 1 in 20 mins but not strong. that is typical us.but she is already bleeding heavily. maybe the cervix had opened quite big. am waiting for news from ali.

Aisyah ( 6:53:42 am) takde bukaan lagi..diorang tgh bincang nak masuk wad or nak suruh balik sbb wad penuh..

Me (7:38:04am) : Kalau boleh minta masuk wad . tak lama dah tu.

Aisyah (7:40:31 Am): Dah masuk. 2nd class. but nak mintak 1st class nnti.. td ist class penuh..sbb dah due kot kene masuk...doc nak check baby,..

Rufa 7;47;36 am : they should let her stay at d hosp. she is definitely due.

Me 7;51;57 am : breaking news 2. forwarded message from aisyah

Rufa 7:54:18 am : ok. thats an improvement..tq 4 update

Amir Iswadi 8.00:36 am : aisyah mcm mana?

Me 8:19:38 am : blm bersalin tapi dah masuk wad.insyallah. doakanlah di permudahkan semua urusan dia

kak 8:46:36am: ok. semoga semuanya selamat. keep me updated

Teh 6:01:29 pm : r d aunties great aunt yet?

Me : 6:33:47 pm : aisyah is being discharged. despite the blood flow and the contractions, there was no dilation at all. so will inform u of the latest when i see her in a little while

Teh 6:35 pm : ok, tq

Rufa 6:35:53 pm : tq 4 update. We will doakan dipermudahkan aisyah bsalin

Amal :6:36:02 pm : tq 4 updates. I bru bgtau Ali maybe jnr nak tgu the nenek abis kursus bru dia nak kluar

Me 7:24:42 pm : mungkin kena pecah ruyung baru keluar kot.

Feb 24 9:33:39 pm

Me : Hi dears.episose 2 chapter with aisyahat selayang hosp. thecontractions stronger and dilation is 3cm. called up 2 private hosp. reluctant to admit her cos no medical record with them. took her at 4 am, she didn't sleep at all. am very anxious for her.

Rufa 9;36;21 am insyallah u will be tok by 2day. she must be very tired. poor girl. r u there 2 give morale support?

Tiza 9:36:46am - our prayers are with u and her.

Me 9;37 :14am - ya. hope to be able to enter labour room.

Teh 9:38:01am :-ok take care 2 grdma n niece

Me 9:38:06am - thanks. she is sitting on d chair. no bed yet.

Amal 9:39:19am - ouw ok. insyalllah. u also need to practise breathing with her then.

Me 9:40:37 am- no bed yet. she is sitting on d chair. told her to rest and try to get some sleep

Amal 10:03:13am - CNY babies, haha

Kak 10:05:17am - chapter 2. will b with u shortly

Kak 11:28:36 am - plan to go. is aishah in labour ward?

Me 11:33 17am - aisyah has gone into the waiting ward but no sign of her. dont know what is happening

Me 11: 41: 14am - . kak i think u tak payah mai lagi sbb u x boleh naik atas ke sini. only husband and mother shj. i will inform u when its over. thanks.

kak 11: 44 :13am - thanx. infact i took overdose of anti histamine last nite. now trying to keep my eyes open

Me 11:44: 49am - take a good rest

kak 11: 50: 09 am - let me know when u have a new chapter

Me 11: 50 :42am - will do

Amal 12: 04: 05pm - how's aisya how r u?

Teh 12: 05 :23 pm - aiya,dnt want tok la, na teh 4 me. evrybdy na wa, na tam, na tizah, nacippa, na cu, d guys can carry d tokngah n tok man, hw abt it

me 12 :07 :54 pm- no sign of her. i am all nerves

Amal 12 :09: 38pm - ouw. dah dpt katil or dah masuk labour room?

Me 12 :10: 48pm - not yet. still 3 cm dilation. she wants me to go home

Amal 12: 16 :25pm - ouw. masih 3. hmm lama jugak ek.

Me 12:18: 43 pm - just like me. but it can suddenly dilate in within a couple of hours

Me 2: 16: 30 pm - missed ur call. was praying. now baru dpt masuk ke wad bersalin. they broke her bag at 4 cm dilatiion around 1 pm tadi

Aziz 3: 31 :19pm - better still paati wa, paati ngah,paati lang, paati tam, paati teh,paati zah (oyoyo all this while tizah is the short for paati zah...hahaha paati pa and paati cu. as for the male omarian we will go with the tok pnya title..hihihi

kak 3: 47 :37pm - which chapter now. ya allah tiada sesuatu yg mudah melainkan kau permudah kannya. amin

Me 3 :49 :15pm - chapter 1 episode 3 ; finally got a bed at 130 pm. burst the water bag at that time too. she asked for epidural.approx time of delivery 6 hrs after that. am home to take a nap.

Aziz 3: 51: 56 pm - congrats tu paati and new mum. boy or girl?

Amal 3: 52: 10 pm - ouw ok. yeah have a rest. so she got the epidural?

kak 3: 55: 40 pm - take care

Tiza 3: 56: 01 pm- u think u r so smart lah; if we r paati, u guys r anir ngah n anir ma. ayo ayo ada lu jugak

Me 3 :56: 11pm - not yet

Aziz 3 :59 :16 pm - sorry false alarm. i misread your statement regarding the 6 hours. my thousand apology

Rufa 4: 07: 44pm - i guess d excitement to terima our first cucu n cicik for mak got us figuring out d best glamorous gelaran 4 uncles n aunties.d lucky kid is sure lucky to have us eh.belum bjumpa lagi dah surrounded by all d love.

Ali 5: 43:33 pm - doc blm cek lg.. lepas epidural trs boleh sengih.. br bole brcakap. setakat ni sumer ok. nnt after doc cek sy habaq mai..

Me 5 :44: 16pm - ok

Me 5:50: 10 pm - chapter 1 episode 4 . message drm ali 5 mins ago ;doc blm cek lg.. lepas epidural trs boleh sengih.. br bole brcakap. setakat ni sumer ok. nnt after doc cek sy habaq mai..

Teh 5 :52: 23 pm - ok

Rufa 5: 53 :24 pm - amboi, he is trying to speak utara. sounds cute. got side track, good to hear that she is better although must be tired n anxious

Me 5 :54: 33 pm - maintain cool the father to be. its the grandma to be who is palpitating like crazy

Amal 5 :55: 29pm - ok, i can juz picture her tsengih on the bed

Rufa 5: 59: 52pm - hope u not having contractions too. u may need d epidural too. he he

Aziz 6 :00 :15pm - ok. thanks

me 6 00 53 more of extra dose of my pressure pills

amal 6: 01: 07pm :- dont forget the jeling2

Aisyah in the labour room

tiza 6: 38 Pm :- buat album rakamsemua detik2. as 4 aisyah; siap bt sign peace lagi, nw it looks like she is ALL 2 comdfortable, no urgency 4 lit A

teH 8: 08 :45Pm : - little ali out?

me 8 :10 :09 pm :- not yet mah. baru 6 cm dilated

Teh 8: 24 :36 pm :- oh my gdness, lamanya. take care.

0122175200 9: 37: 52 pm: - salam, mak lang, how's aisyah doing?

me 9: 39: 06:- still in labour room. belum dengar apa2 dari ali lagi.

me 10 :14 :46 pm : -mcm mana perkembangan terkini? mesti dah letih aisyah lama sangat

ali 10: 19 :06 pm : - 9 .30 td br 7 cm..hmm..ntah la doc tgh reload epidural...

me 10: 20 :57pm :- insyallah tak lama lagi tu. tell her to hang in there. rehatkan diri.

kak 11: 24: 41:- are u still at selayang hosp. hoping that we ar in the final chapter.

Feb 25 2010

Ali 2.45 am dah selamat.. jam 130 am

Me 2 45 54 alhamdullilah

me 2: 59: 53 am: - Dear all. aisyah selamat bersalin at 130 am tadi.

rufa 3 :02 :08 am:- alhamdullilah tok. tahniah ali, aisyah n tok sam

teh 3: 02: 49 am:- alhamdullilah syukur, a very long labor, all is fine with baby, mother n grandma. cnngrat kakchick, officially tok nw.

me 3 :04 :48 am:- alhamdullilah. tq tok teh

me 3 :05: 32am :- tk tok cikfa

teh 3 :06 :37a m :-ok, take a gd rest, c u soon.

rufa 3: 06 :52:- :-):-)

kak 5: 58 :38: am:- syukur

kak 5: 59: 35am :- syukurALHAMDULLILAH

aziz 6 :42: 02 am :- alhamdullilah. boy or girl?

me 6 :42 :36 am :-boy

So little Aqil, I could never thank enough to all my sisters and brothers and sons and daughter,nieces and nephews (your grand aunts and grand uncles, your aunts and uncles), few more of my close friends . They are family , always there through thick and thin.

Both of us, tok hj sam and tok hjh wan hope you will have a wonderful future ahead . Love your mama and Ba as much as they love you.Be humble and kind to all.Love them all like they all love you. God Bless you my precious grandson.

ps: Mom, if you're reading this... thank you...for everything...words just cannot describe how grateful I am to have you as my mother and how much I love you...

pss: dear aunties n uncles... I love you all too.... you guys are just simply the best..and I thank Allah for giving me such a wonderful family...


Wednesday, March 24, 2010


bila cerita bab berpantang ni..i must say i do not know much..

even skrg dalam pantang pun..i'll go.. "mom...can i do this..or can i eat that..??"

but what i do know is, lain orang lain cara pantang...

certain people pantang takleh makan sayur..

ade yg pantang takleh minum air bnyk..

ade pantang makan jamu, pki pilis n param or whatever

ade yg amek ubat herba cina or akar kayu..

well for me..

bab makan, i serah 100% to my mom...what she cooks i eat..sometimes i'll ask.. "eh...boleh ke saya makan ni.." because penah dengar orang ckp tak boleh certain things..but my mom ckp.."ok..kenapa tak boleh pulak.." i take sayur because my mom said itu sumber vitamin and it helps me move my bowels...pendek kata, my mom is not-so strict about my food..she said, makanan pantang ni ikut orang..u try..if u cannot then dont take..senang aje..which is logic actually..tapi ofcourse bende sejuk n berangin die tak bagi kan..but other than that...boleh...

and i drink a lot of plain water..and i take nescafe ginger n honey because it helps me "go" ... and it also keeps me warm too...people say nescafe angin..but alhamdulillah...setakat ni ok .. :)

i did have my urut session (4 times), but not bertungku because mom said tok ajah didnt let her bertungku dulu sbb takut salah buat or left me to decide either nak bertungku or not..since she didnt do i decided i didnt want to bertungku..i tried only the first time..but after that taknak dah.. lagipun i do have this fobia when it involves hot objects eversince half of kaki melecur kene air panas masa standard 6 dulu...

for some unknown reason, i dont wear all the param pilis thingy (sbb mak tak kasik kot?) ntah.. but i do wear minyak panas n my bengkung...but i only wear my bengkung during the day..malam i tried once or twice ntah..tak bleh tido..i felt like i was suffocating.. so i opted not to wear malam..certain people pki 24/7..mmg salute laa!..but not me..i need my sleep...since now i try not to sleep during the day..nak biasakan diri sbb tak lama lagi keje kan...

and i'm not taking any jamu...mainly because the first few weeks Aqil had jaundice so the doctor advised not to take any jamu..then when Aqil is ok, mom said jamu takut panas effect baby (naik ruam2) , so tak makan laa...but i do take honey and bidadari to keep my body warm sbb mom said, tujuan jamu tu untuk blood circulation and something..the bio teacher in her was talking...i was like..ok..yes..yes..ok.... anything you say is good for me i take mommy! ;)

i sleep with the aircond on...because the weather now is soooooooo freaking hot!! i tried to not use the aircond the first week..but kesian aqil...he had rashes all mom said..pasang jer...habis org putih tu negeri sejuk..macam mana...which well..make long as i keep my body should be i'm wearing super tebal socks and a really2 thick comforter.. so even the ac is on..i am sweating like crazy...asalkan aqil takde rashes..ok laa.. ;)

someone told me mase pantang kene basuh rambut everyday, then ikat rambut tinggi2 n ketat2...well..i've tried..but it doesnt work for me...dari dulu lagi i couldnt tie my hair when its wet..sakit kepala..n now mase pantang buat camtu lagiiii sakit kepala..

so what i'm trying to say here is....cara orang pantang tak doesnt work the same for dont go say "kalau tak sayang badan buat laaa...makan laa....badan kita ni nak pakai lama....." likeeee little-miss-know-it-all.... its annoying and somehow rude i think...nak cakap..cakap elok2... like.. "klu boleh elakkan..kita tak tau effect macam mana kat badan kita nanti." sejuk laa sikit org yg mendengar.... we were taught budi bahasa dari kecik kannnnnn...

hmmmm...emo kejap pagi2 hari ni...huhu..taktau kata ape2 after pantang baru rase...bisa badan..lengoh2...but i am trying..and i am following ape mak saya ckp saya boleh n tak i think i'm doing ok...just because cara u beza dari cara i...tak payah nak kondem2...tho i know it comes from the right place with the right niat..but bila cara ckp tu kasar..saya pun jadi macam tak boleh nak menerima....lumrah manusia..saya hanyalah insan biasa...chewahhh..

picture of the day :

aqil : rileks laa mama...aqil kan ade.. ;)

mommy loves you sweetheart!!! ;)


Sunday, March 21, 2010

happy mode

hubs is coming home today!


*have an idea for a new project! cant wait to start on it!! wait yah!! *

Thursday, March 18, 2010

i had this wonderful dream last night...

that i had my anak dara shape back

and my weight was back at 50kg!!!


what a wonderful dream it was!!

i just cant wait to start wearing my PB back!! ;)


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

ramblings on a Thursday morning

hubs been away for a week and a half now...

it was hard the first few days, with Aqil being sick and all... I did have a couple of meltdowns..where i just couldnt stop crying...mostly because i was exhausted, physically and mentally.... i mean, it was hard, feeling down and not having him to talk to... i couldnt reach him because there was no cellphone line there... i had to wait for him to call me, which sometimes i miss because i was in the toilet, or taking my bath... it was frustrating... i know i should not be complaining..i know its i said it was ok for him to go since we needed the extra money anyway...what with the new baby and the was just logic for him to go....but was still hard..

BUT..i am thankful that I have my family..they have been a huge support is working, so she gets up as early as 4am just to cook my meals for me, and dad has been going to work late everyday even though I know he has tons of reports to finish ...just to make sure Aqil gets his bath and some time for me to get mine..and then making sure I have everything I need..and lil sis..ahh..lil sis...she's on her school holiday now and she's been attending to my every needs...she prepare my meals and bring it up to me, breakfast, lunch and dinner...and she makes my hot drinks..she turns on the tv and gets me the remote (ok, i sound spoiled! is when Aqil is breastfeeding and i forgot to take the remote before i start breastfeeding..)...well basically lil sis does everything that i ask her...and i am so thankful she's around!;)

I am so grateful that I have such a wonderful family.... thank you mom, dad and lil sis for all ur sacrifices.... i love u guys so much.. ;)

Aqil with his Tok Sam ;)


Monday, March 15, 2010

woke up with a smile ;)

woke up this morning with 2 good news

farahnadz, my basketball buddy during high school gave birth to a healthy 3.63kg baby boy at 8pm 15/3 ;) (berat almost the same as aqils! i guess baka basketballers kot??lol!)


uyun, my uni-mate, wife to one of my really2 good friend, also gave birth to a healthy 3.2kg baby boy at 1.05am 16/3 ;)

I am so so so so happy for both of them and sangat2 tak sabar nak habis pantang to go visit them...

congrats you two!!


Saturday, March 13, 2010

aqil sidqi

day 1 : he looks exactly like his uncle amir!

day 3 : first day under the photo

day 3 : under the photo treatment

day 4 : in daddy's arm

day 5 : waiting for the blood test

day 5: finally discharged. blood reading 227. first day wearing his own clothes!

day 5 : first night in his own crib

day 5 : "i love my bed mama!"

day 7 : his favorite pose. seriously. he does this every time.

day 7: caught him smiling! he's just so cute!

day 7: like sinchan no?

day 8: smiling in his sleep.mimpi ape laa agaknya..

day 9: daddy was force to wake up and jaga u eyh aqil...huhu

day 10: 2nd time under the photo treatment.

day 11: discharged and happy on mama's bed. ;)

day 12: alhamdulillah...sihat dah anak mama...n happily sleeping in his own crib..



source: OfficialTwilightFilm

OMG!!! how hot n super cute is Jacob???

Definitely Team Jacob!!


Saturday, March 6, 2010

the birth of ali mirza jr

tuesday 23rd Feb 2010

12.15 midnight - felt my first contraction, didnt really realize it was a contraction until after the 2-3rd time of contraction..took out my little book and recorded the time.. 25 minutes to 1 contraction..hmm..still got time.. remember the nurse told me it must be 10 minutes to 1..baru g hospital

4.30 am - went to the toilet... and... blood... i was like..should i wait..or should i go to the hospital...woke up hubs... went to mom's room..asked what should i do... mom said go hospital..sbb my first pregnancy kan..taktau ape nak expect..

5.30 am - off to hkl

6.30 am - register, checked by the doctor - no opening

7.00 am - warded

4.30 pm - checked by the doctor again- still no opening

7.oo pm - discharged from hkl (sgt laa ramai org sampai wad penuh..even yg dah ade 2cm opening pun die hantar balik..prioritize yg betul2 nak bersalin...)

wednesday, 24th feb 2010

thruout the night - contraction. contraction.contraction. sakit. sakit. sakit.

4.00 am - contraction 1 to 10 to 25 seconds

4.30 am - mom was ready to take me to private hospital if gov still send me back home..mak punya tak puas hati sbb hkl hantar balik...huhu...kesian tgk me tahan sakit...sweet kan mak..naluri seorang ibu (which i understand now..) hehe...thanks mom...

5.00 am - decided to go to selayang hospital after mom did a series of calls to the private hospital

5.45 am - checked by the doc @hospital selayang. 1 cm opening (ok..thats a start!)

7.00 am - checked again , 3 cm opening (wow! that was fast...alhamdulillah) had to wait at the waiting area sbb wad sume penuh..mmg menahan sakit yg amat laa sbb kene duduk tunggu kan...dah laa tak cukup tido..ngntuk takyah ckp laa..

10.00 am - still 3 cm (hmm..lambat laa pulak) , masa ni mak n hubs was waiting with me kat waiting room...asked mom to go back first sbb kesian tgk mak mcm letih jer..but she insisted to wait....

12.00 pm - 4 cm !! finally to the labor room !!! but before that, doctor inject ubat bagi buang air besar...i went straight to the toilet right after die masukkan ubat..giler cepat ok! then die suruh baring n doctor wanted to pecakan air ketumban..but tangan doc tu pendek sgt..alih2 staff nurse yg buat.. sakit? sakit contraction lagi kot..

1.15 pm - masuk labor room...sakit amat2!! mase tu ingat ayat qursi jer.tak ingat dah bende lain..punya sakit..then hubs masuk... sat beside me..guided me baca surah2 n ayat2....

2.30 pm - ade nurse masuk nak tanya mau epidural ke tak..die kata normally diorang akan offer untuk yg 1st pregnancy... walaupun before ni mmg determine takmo epi..konon2 dah biase jatuh sini sana n dah biasa sakit..boleh tahan laa kan..rupa2 tak...i just couldnt stand the pain mase tanpa pk panjang..trus angguk jer...

2.45 pm - masuk epidural.. it wasnt really that painful sbb contraction lagi the doctor was very2 friendly..n funny... so didnt really felt the pain mase die masukkan epi tuh

4.30 pm - doctor dtg check opening... 5cm!! wahh...lambatnyer...!! 4 hours and only 1cm opening..?? i felt like crying...ops..i did cry i datang teman me for a while...sembang sket2...i couldnt remember what we talked about.. i only remember the pain.. (yes..even with was still painful..maybe not as painful as not taking the epi..but still rasa sakit nyaaa....)

8.30 pm -again, doctor masuk check.. 6cm!!! i was like...ur kidding right??? only 1cm???? 4 hourss!!! doctor said, they give another 2 hours...if still opening kecik, prepare for surgery...

10.30pm - 8cm...!!! ok... im sooooo ready for C-sec !! but no, doc said...i give u another 2 hours.....lawak ke hape..?? i was like begging the doc nak bedah jer...mase tu contration cam sgtlaa kerap..nak bace ape2 pun dah tak daya....tapi doctor tak bagi..die kata sayang sbb dah bukak 8...huh...

12.30 am -10 cm...finally!!! doctor kata bila rase cam nak terberak tu pushh sket2..since sbb me on i wont feel the urge nak push start teran sket2...

12.45 am - 3 doctors, 2 nurses.... the real pushing begins... turns out i was so out of energy to push (my last meal was at 7am, 2 keping roti jer) had to use the vacum to suck the baby out...i was like whatever...just get the baby out please...sakitnya..masyaAllah...never in my whole life had i ever ever experienced that kind of pain..

1.20 am - doc put the baby on me....mak aih...beratnya!! hehe.. 3.68 kg people!! semangat anak ku...i didnt really get to really look at my baby..because he wasnt crying the doctor quickly took my baby off me and out of the room.. i was so worried he didnt cry..but then a nurse came in and said.." anak awak kluar2 jer tido ..tapi dah tepuk2...dah nangis dah.."...fuhhh...alhamdulillah...lega...but i didnt get to see my baby until the next day sbb he was sent to NICU sbb kepala die injured 5 cm long...sian die..

after that sempat sembang ngan the doc when he was stitching me up (siapa kata tak rase sakit mase jahit tu?? sakit yerrr) huhu....told the doctor.. after that experience...nak sorang jer anak..tak sanggup dah...then he laughed..he said.. "i bet u puan, by 2 years time i'll see u on this table again..." ...hehehe...well...we'll see about that k...;p

lepas tu, everything was a blur...i was in and out of conscious... jap tido..then sedar2 hubs was beside me..i think i tried to smile and make a conversation, but i remember hubs asked me to sleep...i did ask bout our baby..but i cant remember hubs response....

anyways...the next thing i remember, mom was kissing my forehead at 6ish am and i was already in the ward...and all i felt was pain all over..and i did not have the energy to move at all...

slept until 7 something until the doctor came to examine me..then slept again until 8 am when the nurse came in and forced me to bangun n g toilet..giler garang tapi paham kene kuatkan semangat n takleh buat lembik...huhu...

hubs arrived at 10am and took me to see my baby in NICU..s.edih jer tgk baby penuh ngan tiub sini sana..n kepala die bengkak...tak boleh nak angkat sbb kepala die tgk jer laa die terbaring kat situ ..sedihh...tahan nangis but tak daya...

stayed in the NICU for 5 days... mula2 nak monitor his head, after that die start kuning which is normal for baby yg kluar dengan luka...but masuk balik NICU on the 10th day sbb kuning die naik...sedih tgk die terbogel bawah lampu tu....

but now alhamdulillah die dah makin ok..reading jaundice pun dah turun...mak die pun dah baru boleh nak sambung berblog.. huhu..

fuhh...panjang membebel...but i guess i needed to record this experience...sementara masih fresh di ingatan...but i doubt i'll ever forget it...;)

so lastly...may i present to you... the apple of my little hero...


his first night in his own crib.. 2/3/2010