Tuesday, June 19, 2012

ah..here we go!!

was going thru CT's blog and I saw this post about J.Crew..

terus click on the website and saw all the pretty and cute baby clothing ~ 

simple and cute!!

since J.Crew's price is so darn expensive (USD62 for this onesie!!) trus bukak BabyGap and browse through ... aahhhh.... I think my heart just skipped a beat!

arent they just the cutest?!!

we're still not sure the gender of the baby yet - or more like - we dont know coz when the doctor asked we refused to know the gender (this is the reason ok!!)

but if its a girl ~ pretty sure these will all be in my cart in a heartbeat!! plus they're all on sales! sayyy whatt?? yes!! on sale!! can I cry now!! rasa mcm nak p buat detailed scan laaa ni jugak nak tau gender baby! arghh!! why did I say no to the doctor the other dayyy?!?!?!!!!!


but in the other hand ~ my strategy works! no unnecessary spending on things like this laa ~~ 

I mean, kejap jer kan baby membesar ~ BUT THEY ARE ON SALESSSS!!


Aisyah Samsudin
Authorized Premium Beautiful Agent

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linziana said...

Gunakan kecanggihan teknologi sekrang...huhu kalu nak surprise alamat semua putih baju.hehehe.NAk save..kan...me punya baby pun tak nampak lagi..hari tu kepit la plak kan..pun terasa nak wat detail scan..hehehe