Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Border Town - Pekan Serikin, Sarawak

last day in Kuching, we went to the famous-and-must-go border town, Pekan Serikin... sebenarnya, even masa kenduri pun everyone was talking about going to this placxe..I was like..amendeee laa ade kat sana, some said, barang2 mcm kat bandung (hmm??!!) and actually, its just a border town where all the stuff are brought in from indonesia ~~ nak kata murah tak laa jugak, but mom insisted on going ~~ so layan jer laaa

it was a one hour journey drive from Kuching town to Pekan Serikin, none of us owned a GPS or if ade pun terlupa nak bawak, but thankfully, 4 of us ade android = google map, so..follow jer laa the map tu :)

kita layan gambar jer laa okehh...

gitu-gini-gitu-gini, we arrived there at 830am - advice , please go early! 1st because its crazy hot there, two because by the time we went back at 1015, jem woooo!!!!

the parking space - masa ni kereta tak bnyk sgt lagi

cara the villagers there buat duit, build a tandas awam! but worth the 50sens sebab bersih giler!

first purchase of the day - a new cap for aqil and of course it must be CARS!

this is basically how the place looks like... panjang jugak laa jalan die...

leggings for kids dapat rm7 sehelai - i think shud be boleh tawar lagi but sbb cuti sekolah and ramai org so susah sket nak menawar

aqil menanges2 nak mainan T____T

wanted to buy this for aqils room but ended buying the CARS version - price rm18!

honestly - biasa2 jer tempat ni - dah pergi sekali takmo pergi dah - not only the journey jauh - but the stuff are much more better kat pasar shah alam - plus the price not so much difference :)

ini jer yg i beli - can you believe it!! nampak sgt tak best brg2 kat sana

leggings for Aqil - rm7 sehelai
Kupiah untuk aqil and my nephews - RM5 kot
coin purse - RM5 (kat kuching was selling for rm10)
kasut (or bak kata hubs - alas kaki) - RM14 - just because I wanted something for myself jugak..heee

itu jer laaa...oh and aqils play mat rm18


if you want to go just for the sake of teringin nak tengok tempat tu, ok laa.... but dont expect too much ~~ seriously ~~ baik balik KL beli kat Kenanga Mall ~~ lagi murah ~ lagi selesa ~ lagi cantik! hehehehe :)

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