Thursday, April 30, 2009

oh happy day!!!!!

today is my HaPpY dAy !!!!

for 2 reasons..

First. Obviously since I've been talking about it non-stop.

Suami ku pulang ke tanah air, tempat tumpah darahku ~ lalalala~~~

and the second reason. I'm going back to Kedah tonight!!!!!!

yeayyy!!!!! We are having a kenduri tahlil for tok.

but the best part is...... THE FOOD!!!!!!!

Oh my god. The last time balik Kedah was last raya. Itupun tak dapat g jalan2 cari makan!

I've been waiting for FOREVER...I've been bugging hubs.."bile nak g kedah..bile nak g kedah"

and now.....penantian ku sudah berakhir!!!

Whats the biggy about the food there!??!?!!

Its totally delish and...........................CHEAP !!!!!!!

Now, here is my plan :

- breakfast - Kopitiam dekat bulatan Star Parade. (kuey teaw mamak die superb! and also the nasi lemak kukus! and the cheese omelette! and the teh tarikk!! eeiii...bestnyerr..!!)

- lunch - gerai nasi ayam no 15 stadium!

- high tea - Laksa Tarbus at Star Walk (haha - bintang walk jer!)

- Dinner - Ketam masak pedas ala Thai at Kuala Kedah and the TomYam too!! (you'll NEVER find ANY TomYam kat KL thats as PEDAS, MASAM and SEDAP as kat Utara! NEVER !!!)

- Supper - Iman Kuey Teaw at the road side on the way to Shahab Perdana! (I loveee the kueyteaw there! cheap and banyak and sedap! dulu almost everynight makan)

I am also hoping that I get the chance to eat:

- Char Kuey Teaw @ Jitra
- Cendol Pulut @ Joe Cendol - on the way to Changlun from Jitra
- Seafood @ Kuala Perlis !!! the best in Malaysia i tell you!!
- Bihun TomYam @ Foodcourt, CityPoint
- Cendol pulut & Laksa @ Tepi laut, Kuala Perlis!
- Nasi lemak bungkus 50sen @ Jalan Langgar
- Pulut Bakar @ Tepi Balai Bomba
- Murtabak @ Simpang Kuala
- Nasi minyak @ Kassim Mustaffa, Penang (the only kedai mamak that I love to go eat!)
- Mangga @ Rumah Pakcik Izhar, Perlis

huaaa!!!!!! giler bnyk nak makan!! but I am only going there for 2days 1 night.. :( I dont think I will be able to have all (but I do wish!!)

cant wait to reach AS tomorrow morning!!!! AS - here I come!!!

ps: got on the weighing scale this morning - lost another 1 kg! (wahhh!! possible?!!?)

pss: I think I'm going to leave my PB behind - I cannot makan all those food wearing it! time for a break from my diet! hahaha!!

psss: I am soooo going to gain back those kg's Ive lost!! but I dont care...!! It is sooooo worth it!!! - its not like I can find those foods in KL anyway! - balik nanti pki balik PB tersayang!!! ngeh ngeh ngeh....

us @ kuala perlis
mase ni g tgk sunset and g makan seafood kat Julia Restaurant @ Kuala Perlis


mc @ woRk !!!

huh ~~~ I got an MC today - I've had sore throat for 3 days already! - even nak telan air pun sakit bangat!! - my tonsils are swolen ! and last night - the fever came in!! - adoiiii!!! - I think its the weather - hmmm... - anyways, went to the clinic - got my meds and MC - but decided - I'm still going to work!! (baiknyeeeee aku nih!! cehhh!!!) - why? - kerja bertimbun dikkk!! - plus tak sampai hati nak tgk Malar buat KR task alone - and its closing somemore - esok dah taklah buat billing for KR ! - but PH can - so, I am coming in for work jugak tomorrow! - hapentah - Labour Day pun nak keje! - Why? - The money? - Nope - New policy - No more OT - only replacement day or time off - HUH?!?!?!! - what the...!?!? - huaaa!!! - Money is gOod!!!! - Why Stop giving us OT..?? - cut cost - recession! - go figure! - adoiii..... - summore me PH task owner! - cannot simply give other people buat - Nanti salah billing (macam haritu! ntah ape ntah!!!) - Its my QIP that goes down the drain....!! - seriously - manager - "eventho its ***** fault, but I take the Task Owner responsible! So, tolak markah.." - WTF !?!?! - fair!!??!!? - I dont think so!!!! - So, anyways - at work - very2 the quiet - cannot talk much maa!! swolen tonsils remember?!?! - concentrating on finishing my work! - came in work late so lagi gelabah - Cut Off at 1!!! - nasib baik dah terrer buat! - So managed to finish..fuhhh... - cannot jalan2 much because pening! and ade rase2 nak muntah bile bnyk gerak! (NO I AM NOT PREGNANT!!) - its the fever! - dunno what to do - Cannot talk - Cannot walk around and poya2 (and today managers takde pulak! of all the days I choose to get sick!Its the day when we actually could go poya2 kat meja org lain!! -note: I sit beside 6 managers!! duh!!) - So what did I do to release work stress?!?! - buat kuiz kat FB banyak2 !!!! - lawak btul !! - I hate quizess! - ape2laa - it was kinda fun actually - hehehe~~ - I got one more hour to go to go back! - should I continue work or keep some for tomorrow? (sebenarnye malas nak buat dah! pening beb!) - but tomorrow planning to go back early! - HUBS COMING BACK TOMORROW !!!! big YEAYYY!!!! fetching him after work!!! - I miss him!! - nak pakai cantik2 ke? - but its a Public Holiday! - I want to go work in my PJs - Ok! maybe not PJ's - but in the most comfortable clothes I could think of - maybe in my ciplak Juicy Couture sweat suit - or my baggy pants and extra large Tshirt - nyummm - very tempting - (eyh chup ~ is it only my team thats reporting for work tomorrow? hmm ...) - back to what to wear - juicy or baggy? - hummm- but then again - I havent met Hubs for a week - takkan nak selekeh2 plak - tak best laa~~ - OMG! panjangnye saya melalut - it shows huh? - how bored I am? - well - better stop - it could go on forever !!!!

owh - i'm still wearing PB despite my condition! - it just doesnt feel right without it! - I've tried tho - but nope! cannot! - hehe~ - obsession of losing weight or just the comfort of wearing it? - i think both!! haha! - seriously!!!!


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

selayang - SS2 - Kelana Jaya - Sunway

my office is in PJ.

and now since I'm staying at mom's.

my route to work is from Selayang (using the LDP highway) and I will exit SS2 .

but this morning..I dont know what was in my head .

I drove..and drove..and reached Kelana Jaya!

I know its not THAT far away from SS2 exit, but when I wanted to make a U-turn - I went straight!!!

And I nearly reached Sunway!!

adoiiii!!!! - habis minyak aku daaa...

what laa aisyah!! seriesly - seminggu jer pun!! haihhh ~~

well..ape2 pun... ABANG..!! BALIK LAA CEPAT !!!

hehehehe..jiwang2 dipagi hari.. ;p


Monday, April 27, 2009


everybody close to me knows - my obsession to lose weight - unhealthy!!

seriously...its the only thing I can think of !! (agak penat sape yang jumpa myself dgr i ckp about losing weight jer!)

yupz - i know.. i am not fat - but like what people is in the eyes of the beholder (or something like that) - well beauty to me is S.K.I.N.N.Y !!!

I know i would not be anywhere near skinny - my family - we have curves! and i am proud of my curves!

But if possible - tanak laa ketul2 lemak tu visible kan..nak pki La Senza pun jadi tak teruja!! hehe

So, after my post on the options I have..I did my research and calculation (obviously, I am from an accounting background!!)

I've made my choice..and its option THREE!!!

I chose PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL !!!! ngeh ngeh ngeh...

why I didnt choose the other 3 ..?? Here's why :

Option 1 - HL - first of course, is the price..Ive calculated..hmm..rm500/month for HL..true you have it day and night and its only like rm6/drink...but seriesly..even if I take rice for lunch every day pun..It doesnt amount up to rm500 - honestly..that is how kedekut I am!! hahahahah!! plus I have to maintain every month..hmm...bnyk tuh...and I get bored easily..nak tambah nuts or use yogurt drink...bertambah lagi cost..hmm... ;p

Option 2 - FF - hehe..yang ni I was very2 tempted to join - being the sports girl I am - but I did my survey - 10 lady colleagues which are members - only 2 maintain going at least 3 times a week, 3 go once a week, the rest..they pay for nothing! the semangat tahan awal2 jer - and me - big possibility - I would fall in the 2nd or 3rd category - mostly yang tak maintain are because they have to go back from work early - cook - kemas rumah -bla bla bla - and there are jugak yang simply MALAS or penat after kerja - yelaa 9 hours dok dalam office mengadap PC..maybe physically tak penat but mentally..mmg penat!!!! - so to spend rm155/month with the possibility not going (and its 12 month contract basis - if nak terminate awal kene penalty rm500!!) - nvm !! no thanks!! but im not saying NO to exercise - just the ones I have to pay for - maybe jogging during weekends (which is not enuf to lose weight!) and some skipping every other day - so that I will still stay healthy!!

Option 4 - Wii - to be honest - this one was on my list because its cool..hehe..yes it can burn calories - if I actually play it!!! hehehe ~~ I have this kickboxing DVD at home which I bought like 4 month ago..and boy..I did sweat like crazy! If I do it like 3 times a week..I definitely will lose those kgs in no time!!! butttt......hehehe..these 4 month ~ i've ONLY done it once!!! hahahahaha!!!! seriously! balik umah kol 630 - masak until 730 - mandi - maghrib - dah mandi nak exercise lagi ke..??adoiii.... pastu nampak katil memanggil2 - tapi makan dulu...mcam mana nak kurus?!?!?! senang cerita .. dah tua (alamak-yeke>!?!?!) so MALAS !! huaaa!!! tapi nak kurus..camne..?!?!?

so this PB thing - its suppose to burn calories just by wearing it because of its Far Infrared Ray (FIR) thingy - I was sceptical at betulke..??!?! but to think logic...people in the old days..( I am talking english here) they wear corsets since they were young - and that time I dont think techno like FIR exist yet..but see their bodies!?!?!?! SUPERB !!! hehehe

and I do believe corsets are made and designed for LAZY people like ME - honestly - you cant get any lazier than this right?? I JUST have to PUT it on every morning and wear it the whole diffucult could that be?!?! not at all right?? - no mixing any shakes, or running on the threadmill for an hour (though that might be more satisfying!), or saying no to wonderful foods...ngeh ngeh ngeh...

the price? well it might seem a bit pricey, but plus minus the other options, this actually is the cheapest (except for opt 4) - its way cheaper than HL and its at par with one year membership at FF (but I wont be going to join one year jer kan) and this PB, it can be used atleast 5 years!! yeay!! - u see - i told you - me KEDEKUT - or to put it politely - I will always go for the the cheapest option! heheheh ~~

my experience? i wont lie - the first day wearing it - I was in pain! somemore I wore it for 14 hours!!!! (had to stay late plus went back to moms b4 heading back home!) - and honestly - try wearing the most comfortable shoes for the first time for 14 hours straight!?! you're bound to feel some pain jugak - ni lagi pki to shape up ur body and there is a saying "beauty is pain!!"
hehe ~~

the results? be serious! I've only wore it for 5 days! and somemore I was eating like a piranna last weekend..I couldnt have seen any changes yet least be a bit realistic aisyah! BUT WAIT !! I just weigh myself (the weighing scale is beside my bed!) hehehe~~ I've lost 2 kgs!! hmm...boleh kah??? pelik jap! pause (macam tak percaya!!!!!!) - ok, maybe Ive just lost some water or something - but atleast its better than nothing right - besides - even when u exercise - the 1st week when u lose all those kgs - its mostly water - then u gain back a bit - and after that is when the fat starts burning (hehe~ i know the facts - did my research people!)- yeayyy!!!!!! I've lost 2 kgs!!!! I dont have the number 6 infront of my weight anymoree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm loving it!!

*pausing a while to catch my breath...!! I am like super excited right now..jap jap...*



the rest? - lets just focus on losing weight and shaping the body first OK !!! (though there are other benefits by wearing this PB )

I'll update after a bit - so that I can tell the whole results!!

I am happy!!!!! (alhamdulillahhh...)

and opsss... anyone who wants to know more - ask me - I am willing to help - where to get - how much RM - bla bla bla .... ( escallonia08 [at] yahoo [dot] com ) - I just love to help people who are obsessed about losing weight as I am ~~~~ it feels like family !! ngeh ngeh !!


Sunday, April 26, 2009

girly girls weEkend !!

since hubs is away, and I promised myself not to sit at home and cry like a baby..

I arranged so that my weekend would be full of activities..and well..I definitely got way ahead of myself because by the time Sunday night came..I was OUT!! FLAT!! letih gilerr ~~~

well, I took this opportunity to hang out with the girls..and this is what I did :~

Fr!day n!gHt - ShOpp!ng sPreE w!th FaRahNadz @ OU

Nadz not in the pic coz she didnt arrive until after maghrib ~ when she was around i totally forgot to take pictures..we were talking..and talking..and shopping..hehehe ~~

Did some major damage to my wallet by buying a new pair of levis (i totally needed a new pair since I only got ONE jeans left that can fit my size now~~) , a clutch and a pair of dinner shoes for the event we were going the next night !!(gaji baru masuk kan malam tu~~and i kinda spent all that one night..adoii!!!)

sAtuRdaY mOrN!ng - bReakfAst aNd sHoPp!ng (again!!) @ paSar beSaR TTDI

us @ pasar besar TTDI - me, farahnadz, madine n erin

who could have guessed that you can spend so much at a market!!!!!! well, me and madine did not expect that at least madine didnt buy anything - except for the delicious brownies!! There was a HUGE hole in my wallet by the time we were done..

Initially, the plan was breakfast - NADZ getting her baju kurung that she tempah - NADZ buying the scrumptious-pink-chiffon-batik-baju-kurung that she wanted to wear at the event that night and that was about it.

I had NO plans at all to buy anything except for breakfast..but...then..I saw IT...I've been wanting IT for so long but I never could have afford - or would actually buy a baju worth more than rm400 !!lagi2 yang nipis melayang macam tuh..hehe...but IT was cheap there (well not laa below 100 or anything..but cheaper than anywhere else Ive ever seen) and I saw (and tried on!) one I liked - so ape lagi - rembat ajelaaa... besides..I've got tons of Kenduris to go to this year - money well spent I must say! hehe~~

and how exactly did madine fit in the picture ?! I mean, setapak is SO FAR AWAY from TTDI..hehe~~ she had been a darling, and drove all away from setapak to kota damansara to teman me tido at my house the night 12 midnight!! (saya seorang yang penakut dan lemah semangat ok!) and she was not even feeling well! she had a fever for a couple of days..but still, she came...she's a true friend i tell you!! I LOVE YOU dear! ThaNks a Lotttt!!!!!!!

saTurDay aFteRnOoN - MaRina's rEcePtiOn @ gOmbAk

asfahani, mala, madine and moi!!

me and mala - yang sangat2 dah mengurus!! jeles bangat dong!! (im talking about Mala - not me!)

shahida (with her adorable son!), asfahani, shikin rahman, bride and groom, me and madine

Marina was my bedmate mase form 4..dah lama lost contact..i think maybe from after SPM..anyways..she was totally stunning that day!! seriously..I love her dress, makeup, pelamin and evrything!! cantik bangat dong~~

met a few sspian, kak shera, asfahani, shikin rahman, Mala (yang dah kurus! - again - jealous! ) and lastly shahida with her husband and cute son!

saTurdaY n!ghT - PB event @ Menara PGRM, Cheras

The Pink Ladies
hanis - farahnadz - salha - me - izan

i definitely LOVE Hanis for asking us to wear MY FAVOURITE colour!!!

I met and made friends with some great ladies that night ! It was the first time I met Hanis and Izan and they we're so friendly and we clicked instantly ! Maybe it was our love for PB that made us connected to each other - or maybe it was the love for the camera (we were like posing for the camera all night !!) - but ape2pun... its nice to have meet them ;) they're simply great people to be friends with! ;)

-more pictures at Hanis's blog! -

and lastly - SunDay mOrniNg - kaRaOke @ reDbOx, pav!l!On

this was the ONE activity I've been waiting to go to since I knew hubs was going to fly - kareok"ing" with the guRls!!!!!! its normally oUr mOnthly activity! but my last karoke session was new years eve! 4 bulan tak melalak...giannn!!!!!!! both Faza and madine had a slight fever that day..both were coughing and had the flu but they are such good friends sampai sanggup teman me lepaskan my gian (but faza masih could reach those high notes!! - tabik springgg!!!) - madine pun sama - me pulak..suara dah took me a while to get my momentum back..but mmg BEST!!!!! tak puas because only 4 hours..we are used to the 9 hours session but since both were not well so had to cut it short...but least dapat lepaskan gian terpendam!! hahahahah!! you guys rawkk!!!! me lap u guys so much!

so thats I went to work..sleepy and not enough rest..but it was so worth it!!!

*tapi saya masih tak sabar menanti kepulangan suami tercinta*

nothing beats the time you spend with your husband!! the bestt!!

cepat laa balik ye sayanggg....!!!


Saturday, April 25, 2009

maju ke depan


tempat yang suami pergi dah maju sedikit berbanding mereka2 yang dah pergi dulu...

dulu2 tiada liputan untuk telefon bimbit..


sekarang sudah ada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

walaupun suami terpaksa panjat pokok untuk mendapatkan liputan yang jelas..

dia sanggup..

kerana dia pun merindui suara isterinya yang comel dan manja.... (ewahhhhh!!!!!)

ngeh ngeh ngeh ngeh ngeh !!!

saya amat gembira!!



Thursday, April 23, 2009

His first time flying..

hubs has gone to a place with no network coverage!

his flight was at 7am had to be at LCCT by 5am!

I went to send him eventho he insisted to call a cab because kononnye he didnt want me to drive back alone/cry on the way back/feel lonely/bla bla bla... (duh!?!?!..mane boleh..baik takyah amek half day mcm tuh!- plus its his first time away..mestilaa hantar..nanti dah 10 - 20 kali..haa...naik laa cab -ngeh ngeh~~)

knowing it will be an early wakeup - we slept at 8.30pm last night (or at least I did! dont know what time he finished packing - it took him awhile to pack -not that he brought that much stuff )

he's going for one week and below is his luggage..

thats like ONE day travel punya luggage for me!!!! hehe ~~ i guess guys will always be guys..

total kg = 7 kg!!!!

his collegues each brought luggage sampai 19kg/person.. ngeh ngeh..~~

Anyways..sampai jer LCCT hubs was hungry..he wanted to have Mc D for breakfast..

but I had something else in mind..and since hubs love me so much..(hehe!) ..we ate what I wanted...

taaadaaaaa ~~~~

Nasi Lemak + Telur !!! - actually someone at the office menyebut about nasi lemak..then tetibe teringin best... !!!

we both had coffee to keep us awake..we arrived early (typical me!) obviously both of us was really2 sleepy! we waited for an hour for his collegues to arrive!

and finally..on his way to board his first flight !!! see him smiling !?!? - he was so excited to fly!! its his first time ever!! its cute seeing him getting excited b4 the giving a kid some candy! ngeh ngeh ngeh ~~~

his journey today will be like this :
- flight from KL to Tawau
- Ferry from Tawau to Nunukan
- Boat from Nunukan to Simang Garis (wherever that place is?!?!)
- Fourwheeldrive to the ladang ~~
kecian kat hubs..mesti penat ~~ -_-
well, see you next Friday k hun! (i'm missing u already!!)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

but now I know...

a cousin of mine is going thru a phase. smoking. skipping school. talking back. bla. bla. bla.

he's 13.

I think that maybe all kids have a "phase" they go thru. And it might differ from one another.

And I think boys have diff phase than us girls.

I remember...there was a time that I felt that I was not loved by my parents. (which is ridiculus! mana parents yang tak sayang anak kan..!?!?! but i did felt that way at THAT time)

Mom was always "abg ame that, abg ame this.."

True, I was always daddy's little girl. But even so, I still got spanked, grounded, scolded and once a slap on the face (which was totally not my fault!! atif yang koyakkan my art project which i had to submit the NEXT day!!but because I punched him so hard for tearing my project, ayah came to my room and slapped me!!-but he did pujuk me after that..ngeh ngeh..)

So, daddy's girl or not..saya tidak dimanjakan lebih2!! salah tetap salah!

I always felt like everything I did was wrong or not good enough for them.

And there was this one time, mom brought atif to go watch disney on ice and left me behind (which was my fault anyways coz mom did come to my sekolah agama to pick me up but we had a class party that day and I didnt want to miss that, plus I didnt know mom was going to watch disney on ice! my bad for wanted to stay at the party and didnt bother to ask! hehe)

eventho I knew it was my fault at that time, I still felt that mom purposely didnt tell me that she was going to watch Disney on Ice with atif, so that she didnt have to bring me along, because she loved me less..(yes i know, stupid! but again, I did felt that way) - so being the drama queen in the house..I threw a tantrum (which was my trademark then).. I stomped up the stairs..making a lot of noise..went into my room and slammed the door so hard that i think my neighbour could even hear it go "dooommm!!!"...pushed my almari to the door..(just incase ayah tried to open it - which never happened actually! lagi kene marah ada!) and waited in the room for someone to come pujuk me...sambil konon2 menangis kuat2 (i dont think i really did cry - It was more an act to get sympathy i guess ) but nobody did! I mean nobody did really come pujuk..ayah came and ketuk the door..I was like.. "mak tak ajak saya pun!!"

pastu ayah.."kan mak dah pergi nak amek awak..awak yang tanak ikut..."

and i "mak tak ckp pun nak pergi Disney on Ice"

ayah "jangan mengada2 lah...sape suruh tanak ikut..salah awak"

and that was it..he left..not trying to open the door (penat jer tolak almari!! hahaha!)

and I waited..manelaa tau ade lagi org nak datang pujuk..but nope..hehehe..

so, at that time..lagi laa rase tak disayangi kan...I packed up my bag with a pair of PJs, a pair of baju jalan and decided to run away!! (funny kan?? just because of not going to disney on ice!but I was serious at that time!)

I planned to go to Tok Aji's house (walking!!), we lived in Selayang and rumah Tok was at Sri Gombak at that time, not too far but not too near also.. I thought it would only take me like an hour to walk to Tok Aji's place..

So, my bag was ready, I had a place to go, I waited for everybody else to sleep that night.. (I hid my bag in my toy box, just incase ayah would try to come in my room and was afraid he saw my bag and figured out my plan..-which again he didnt! tough love huh? ngeh ngeh )

But I fell asleep after that..tired I guess after all that tantrum and fake crying!(haha!).. and it was already the next morning when I woke up..I cant remember what happened next..but I did not run away for sure! but I always kept the "hidden" bag ready..just incase I felt like running away again, which did happen a few time after that, just that I didnt really had the guts to really run away..I loved the idea of it tho..running away..make them worry...tgk samada they love me and come looking for me..but it did crossed my mind sometimes..manetau diorang tak sayang and tak cari ke? let me leave, happy I was not in the family? I would cry then if I thought about that possibility..leaving me scared to run away..scared that they would really not care...(kecik2 dah psycho..apedaaa...!!)

I dont know why I really felt I was not loved really..I thought my parents hated me or something...but I know know it was only me..Only I felt that way...the truth is my parents love us equally.. It took me some time to figure that out..but I know now my parents love much as they love their other children..ayah and mak was always fair...even I felt not at that time..but I know now.. ;)

So I guess maybe, my cousin is going thru the same phase I did once..just in a different way...

I just hope it passes quickly..I hate seeing the ones I love get hurt and be sad..

And I truly hope my auntie understands that everything that is happening is not her fault..its just something that a kid (or phycho kids like me) will go thru...(taking into account what he's been thru lagi..and he's just a child)

but I did turn out to be ok kan..?? (well i think i did! ngeh ngeh~~) Dont worry too much..take care of your health.. (I know I am not a parent yet, and I might not understand the pain, but I did feel it when I heard your voice- huaa!!rase nak nangis nih!!)

have faith in God ~~ everything happens for a reason kan..

InsyaAllah...everything will be OK soon... ~~

Dear Mom and Dad,

I am truly sorry for all the tantrums I put you guys thru all these years...You guys had taught me well and I know every single thing you guys did for me, or had me go thru, is done out of love and for my well being.. Thank you for loving me and making me who I am today. I love you guys to bits!!! (alamak emo plak pepagi nih...sob sob...)

hugs and kisses,
Your truly beloved drama queen daughter. ;)

“Dan janganlah kamu merasa lemah,dan jangan pula kamu bersedih hati,sebab kamu paling tinggi derajatnya,jika kamu orang yang beriman.” - Surah Ali Imran:139


Monday, April 20, 2009

He's going away for a week..

Hubs is going to go out of town for a week (8 days to be exect).Out of town which I could not go and join him on the weekends.Out of town where there is no network coverage!Out of town for A WEEK! (ops wait..I've already said that eh?)

I tried not to think about it.well, its only a week right? Its not a year or two years or ten years.only a week.but...the longest I've been away from hubs was during my shopping trip to Bandung..but that was only 4 days and my schedule was packed with shopping!! hehe..

I cant help myelf from feeling a bit sad. A lot actually. I depend on him for so many things. And I know this sounds a bit cheesy but I hate parting with him in the morning when we have to go to work and I definitely cant wait for 5.30 to see him again after work! (eii..mesti geli kan baca!diri sendiri pun geli! haha!) but that is the fact..maybe because we are still new.. ;p and now he's going to a place with no network coverage! Not only wont I be able to touch him and see his face..but I cant even hear his voice!?!?! for a week!?!?!? like seriously..!?!? zaman ape ntah skrg nih..isk..isk...

Of course in front of him I'm like..

"alaa..abang g keje bukan nye g joli2..sayang ok laa..."



I guess I just need to keep my self busy for a week...klu tak mesti sedih n nangis hoo~~

I hate this!

the only best part of this is that I'm going to stay at my parents..I cant deny that I do miss sleeping in my old bed..with sister dearest ~~ hehe..


Saturday, April 18, 2009

- options -

OK.. I dont think my diet plan is going to last long..

went jogging Saturday morning..needed the WHOLE day to recover...hahaha!! (plus oats gets a tad bit boring after the 1st month!)

anyways..I do think I need a backup plan..

after hours and hours of surfing and googling...I am down to 4 options (I can only afford 1..hehe..)

and they are :

Option 1 : HL - I've been reading about this a LOT..I've even went to their talk at Berjaya Times Square last that time very2 tempted to start using but was at that time was saving money for my shopping trip to Bandung so tertangguh...(nasib baik!)

Option 2 : FF - I've always love to work out!! Mase kat uni, I went to the gym almost everyday..ok..maybe not everyday but atleast three times a week..the other days its either swimming or sauna'ing'..hehe..I love to sweat..after work outs..and see my self sweating like hell..its always a satisfaction..puass...!!!!

Option 3 : PB - I've read about this before..but never took it seriously..I dunno why..a bit skeptical about the whole do you lose weight by wearing a corset?? shape up maybe..but losing weight? hmm...but then, a good friend of mine, farah , started using PB and it definitely helped her a lot..!! you can read about it here.. not only it helped her maintain her weight but also she's not having her usual monthly cramps like she use to..this was what attracted me the most because my period pain..its the worst!! i cry when I have them..hubs pun slalu jaga malam to boil water for me to "tuam" my perut...I've known farah for quite some I believe her story..and I've seen it too..!! (met her last week @ the curve) hehe..very2 tempting... :)

Option 4 : Wii - this one I consulted another good friend of mine, zurairi , he's the tech geek! kecian kat die had to answer my 1001 questions..thanks eyh Z! first i only knew about Wii Sports .. playing tennis, bowling, golf at ur own home..wearing anything u fun is that !?!?!!?! (maybe not golf ) hhehehe...then Z told me pulak about Wii Fit !! adoii...syioknyer..its like having your own personal trainer at home!! like..bestnyerr!!!!

so anyways..since I'm not (yet) a millionaire..hehe..(not even a thousand'aire' ok!!)..I could only chose one of the above...which one..?? Undecided yet...will update as soon as I make my decision..!!

stay tuned....


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I can DO IT !!

OK..thats it !!


I've gained 10kg's in 4 month..!! (urggghhh..!!)

I'm not telling how much I weigh right now but I am only 5 ..yes FIVE kg lighter than hubs!! No wonder he cannot carry me to..(eyh..opsss...I'd better stop there!! haha)

I am now back at my diet mode.

Oats for breakfast. (check)

Oats for lunch. (Started today - check)

No dinner. (half check..hehe..when hubs eats..its hard for me not to..;p)

Exercise :-

~ jogging - hopefully this weekend (just bought new running shoes..the old one dah rabak!!)

~ skipping (check)

~ sit ups - adoiii..this i really2 hate!! (so no check yet!!)

~ kickboxing - dvd (check) , actually doing it (only once ! haha!)

~ joining a gym - thought of going to register at FF, already made the appointment..but to pay RM155/month...i think not yet..lets see how the jogging at the park works out first..hehe.. (kedekut!)

so thats it... I NEED TO BE STRONG !!!! I NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT !!!!!
you can do it AISYAH!!! yes you can !!!!!! (adehhh...poyonyerrr!!! lol!)

Monday, April 13, 2009

gadgets and facial products

Last saturday I went here :

I bought sister dearest :

She gave up her PC to concentrate on her studies..but I believe she still needs her korean songs to help her study! hehe..besides dad got me one (but a cassete walkman during my days!) when I was at school..and it helped me study late..I think it might help her too!! ;)

Bought myself :

I wanted a wireless MP3..something that I can use for running..initially I was eyeing the iPod shuffle + iWalk..but then I saw this!! Its easier to handle (no additional software required!), its brand new (it just launched 2 days before piKom..and is not in store at any Sony Centre in Malaysia yet!!) and its PINK !!!!!!! (yeayyy!!!)

the only problem is that since its still new in the market, and have not reached Malaysia yet, I had to pre-Order it..i will only get my scrumptious new pink wireless MP3 on the 25th of April..well..nvm..I can wait.... ;)

The freebies that I got :

One for me, one for hubs.. ;)

I drooolllledd over :

iPhone 3G!! Its stylish, its smart!! and its also damn expensive!! sob sob!

On Sunday..I took my mom here :

Mom had been stuck indoors for so long after her minor surgery and she really needed to get out from the house to get some fresh air..and where else to get the perfect fresh..anything...if not in a shopping complex!! laa..actually mom really2 wanted to go to piKom because she needed a new printer..but there was no way mom can stand the crowd there..I suggested to go somewhere else..since she also needed a new set of facial product..we went to OU.. ;) but we didnt stay long..her excitement of getting out of the house worn off after an hour at OU..hehe..but she did manage to get what she wanted first.. ;)

and Mom got me these :

It has been awhile since I took care of my face..I normally only use facial wash and thats it (itupun klu teringat! hehe) I've never really had problem with my skin before...but since I am getting older and my skin decides to age too..pimples are starting to pop up and my face has dry patches all when mom said the magic words.. "you want anything?".. i was like..yeayyy!!! (when it comes to things that are not gadgets..I am abit stingy!hehe!)..I only wanted the facial wash, toner and moisturizer...because I didnt want to "pau" mommy too much..but when she said its OK to take the mask and scrub take laa...sukeee!!!!!! thanks mom!! you're the best!!!!! muaahhhh!!!!! ;)

Sister found these :

My long lost LOTR Special Extended DVD Collection !! I have been searching for it for so long already..for a moment I thought I've lost them..but luckily my sister found it during cleaning the room or something..!! yeay!! tenkiu sisterrrr.... ;) i lap u!!! haha!!
Now I know what I'll be doing next weekend! ;)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

lazy bumm ~~

i am feeling super lazy to update my blog..but i still want i guess i'll do it in point form k.


Monday : mom had a minor surgery (i am not telling what coz she's embarassed about it! haha!), me and hubs took half day off to teman mom after the surgery..the air cond was super cold!! (org yang tak sakit pun boleh jadi sakit!)

Tuesday : i had a slight nose was super red and had a really2 bad headache at work..hubs took me to the clinic after work..duhh..

Wednesday : MC !! i did some washing, folding, house cleaning, cooking...watched Twilight for the i dont know how many times ;p..and of course..sleeping...!!

Thursday (today) : back at work..but still dizzy..couldnt concentrate..eyes blurrrr~~ cant wait to go back and sleep...( but thinking to stop at OU to check out Stila's booth..heard Stila's having a clearence...hmm..really need a new almost 5 years Estee Lauder's eyeliner has reached the end of its life! hehe~~)

Friday : got a date with hubs at Cineleisure Damansara..Confessions of a I come..!! (hubs is forced to watch that movie with me!! hehehe~ kecian~~)

Saturday : Going to check out PiKom @ KLCC with hubs and ayim...manetauuu boleh dapat BOLD murah sket keerr~~ hehe..and planning to watch He's Just Not That Into You at KLCC..just see how the crowd is first.. ;)

Sunday : Hopefully at home.. ;)


Thursday, April 2, 2009

* alhamdulillah *

bersyukur ke hadrat Ilahi diatas segala rezeki yang di kurniakan..
rezeki kahwin kot? hehe

ps: no aunties...I'm NOT pregnant!! its work realted.. ;)