Wednesday, June 13, 2012

California Pizza Kitchen @ Fahrenheit 88

had my PT session with my mentor CDM Salha last Tuesday, after the PT session went window shopping with her, masuk Prada, YSL and a few other boutiques, sajer nak tengok my next handbag target - kinda loving the Prada's new colors ~ tapi tulaa ~ the blue color that I like only in nylon ~ anyways ~ after dah penat shopping ~ went to have dinner at California Pizza Kitchen ~ 

for 3 ~ bnyk giler ~~

the best pizza crust I've ever had! toppings pun sedap :)

Thai Crunch Salad ~~ seriously sedap ~~

cant remember what pasta Salha ordered ~ but it was really good

planning to take hubs here today after my checkup ~ 

Aisyah Samsudin
Authorized Premium Beautiful Agent


nUR_rOsALiNdA said...

Sedap nya!!~

iietamalek said...

price ok x? kat sini?

aiesya said...

price boleh tahan, the pizza was rm36++ , the salad rm30++, the pasta also rm30++ tak silap , coz we split the bill equally :)