Friday, June 15, 2012

bored post

on our way back to JB.hubs hometown.

sitting at the back. bored.

4 hours journey when ur 32 weeks pregnant is no fun.

the backache. huh ~

esp when mr hubs tends to forget the the wife is pregnant.

his defence ~ syg mcm tak preggie jer ~ esok appointment dari pagi sampai malam ~

haha.yes. esok appointment in jb back to back sampai malam..

ramai gak laa tegur ~ ko makin nak bersalin ~ makin rancak ~ tak penat ke?

well ~ when i meet my business partners, its because of responsibility ~ even kerja kat ofis pun~ before amek maternity leave ~ harus siapkan ape yg perlukan ~ well my task here is to ensure all my business partners are well equipt before i take leave (tho i doubt i'll be away that long~lets just see how long i cant bertahan)~siapkan their target and strategy for their next step and of course Paris and London ~ semua excited nak p sana ~ yelaa ~ free trip to europe ~ you have to be very the hati kering if tak excited!! lol!!

when i meet my clients is for my income ~ i dont like asking money from mr hubs ~ i have ALWAYS been financially independant ~ among all other things ~ mmg its his responsibilities pun ~ but he is also a son to his parents and in Islam, for a son, parents come before wife (true!check it up!) as long as yg basic n penting semua lepas ~ i understand ~ dats why I work hard to make my own ~ and i seldom ask things from mr hubs (nak kata tak langsung mmg tipu laa kann) ~ i know and understand when he feels the need to be son first ~ and im proud to have a husband who knows his responsibilities as a son, a husband, a brother and also as a son in law ~ i swear my mom loves him more than me ~ lol! joking mom!!

plus I want to go to Paris n London meh ~~ insyaAllah...rezeki diberi pada mereka yg berusaha ~ Allah promised that to us ~

yesterday was my checkup kat Klinik Kesihatan and also PrinceCourt Medical Center ~ why go to both? just in case :)

i like to be prepared for the worst ~ at least bila pergi jugak gomen ~ if ade complications dah ade record plus i dont get lectures or pandangan sinis dr staff nurse...heee...heard stories yg staff nurse bising bila kes kene tolak from swasta ~ haaa..yg ibunya laa jadi mangsa nnti ~ better jgn laa kann buat staff nurse bising kann

a lot of diff pergi KK n swasta ni ~ kat KK smlm 20 minit jer tunggu amek no ~ then amek blood pressure ~ urine test ~ timbang berat (66.6kg!! not bad!!) ~ blood test ~ jumpa staff nurse ~ check perut ~ dgr heartbeat baby ~ dpt vitamins ~ nasihat2 ~ jumpa doctor (sbb tak sihat + dh 32w - klu tak takde jumpa doctor).. g kol 11am habis kol 12.45 ~ not bad ~ all that FREE!!

kat PCMC ~ app at 230..sampai isi form sbb first timer ~ trus urine test and timbang berat and blood pressure ~ then waited 45 minutes nak jumpa doctor ~ jumpa doctor bg buku merah ~ doctor tanya sket2 ~ scan perut ~ still refused to know the gender ~ baby sihat n normal growth 1.6kg at 32w

~ amek blood sbb doctor nk tau knp hb low ~ payment rm120 ~ but of course kitorg xbyr..guna gl jer..tu peek tgk bill... owh n parking rm7!! hebat!!

kesimpulan? pergi jer mana2 yg nak ~

seriously ~ dh type panjang2 still tak sampai lagi @___@

hubs pasang lagu die plak tu...all mendayu2... huaaaa!!!!

tp dh penat type sbb guna sblh tgn jer..lg sblh pgg aqil...

hopefully entry ni tak membosankn sgt ~~


aisyah samsudin

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