Thursday, June 28, 2012

an honest conversation

me and hubs we always try to be honest with each other ~ even though sometimes its hurtful to listen to the truth , but we believe to be a better person, a better family, a better servant to Allah, we have to be honest..

there is one topic though, that he tries really hard to avoid.. coz he knows its so sensitive to me..

weight / body issues.

after delivering Aqil, there was a period when I was struggling to lose weight, I was a little cranky and moody ~ and was very hard on myself, till one day hubs tak tahan kot tgk I was super stressed.. he said..

"sayang jgn laa stress sgt...abg tak kesah laa sayang berisi .."

"serious abg tak kesah?"


"so, if I tak maintain my body...gain more weight, lemak terkeluar sana sini, peha besar mcm dinasour .. abg tak kesah? honestly?"

he paused.

"tapi jgnlaa naik bnyk sgt.."


I remember a conversation we had when we were friends dulu....

"aku pernah tanya member aku yg dah kahwin, ko mmg bila dah kahwin ni takde usha (tengok) perempuan lain eh masa jalan2 kat mall ke ape, sbb aku tengok die langsung tak usha perempuan..member aku jawab...betullaa orang kata klu wife pandai jaga badan, tak terasa langsung nak tengok perempuan lain...aku harap laaa nnti wife aku nnti pandai jaga badan.."

and now I'm his wife :)

but even if that conversation didnt took place pun, I think I still would be the type yang akan try at least maintain a good body for my husband ~ I mean, I sendiri tak suka tgk my hubby buncit (i dont care what people say ~ buncit tu tanda bahagia ke ape - my own personal opinion buncit is not sexy! tapi itu pendapat saya jer laa) so if I dont like him to be buncit, I cant be too kan? :)

and actually when your fit your healthy :) and healthy is a good thing, for you and for your family :)

Aisyah Samsudin
Authorized Premium Beautiful Agent

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