Thursday, January 29, 2009

need to learn time management

its going to be a hectic weekend i tell you.

i've got 4, no 5 wedding invitations :
1) fae's @ perak - Saturday (lunch)
2) liyana's @ cheras - Saturday (lunch)
3) faranad's @ ttdi - Saturday (dinner)
4) hubs friend's @ ttdi (same place as nadz!) - Sunday (lunch)
5) guna's @ Pj - Sunday (dinner)

which ones im going to, ive yet to decide..wish i could go to all but i dont think i can make it..especially the ones at the same time tu..

plus..i'm working this sunday! heard me right..working on sunday! duhhh!!! and have to report duty 7.30am sumore..giler hape!

nasib baik they're giving replacement leave on monday and hubs also cuti this monday (Hari Wilayah) so, terubat sket nak g keje pagi2 ahad tu..boleh layan Goong the whole day hari isnin tuhh..(after kemasing the rumah of course!)

Goong? bestest friend in the whole universe (she's more like a sister now!) gave me an original Goong dvd set for my birthday!! wanting the dvd for so long, but because of the price (heh!) plus i had other commitments then, so tak kesampaian nak beli..but now..thanks to my lovely jyue..boley layan Goong yang super best tuh!! very2 happy!! thanks lap u! *hugss*

back at the the hectic weekend topic, i'm still thinking when will be the best time to go back to Mom's..rase rindu pulak..hehe..with all the weddings and the work..Saturday morning pulak ingat nak g wat brazilian since already paid for it the first time i went there, might as well pergi kan..pulak my bday month ade 20% off..hmm..jimat tuh...and this saturday is the last day of go or not to go..?? giler kan..dah packed pun ade gak nak nyelit2..huh!

tgk laa..hmm..i'm really sleepy right now..think i'll go to the surau and get a quick nap! haha!

ps: malam ni g main bowling kat berjaya bukit jalil, madine ade free voucher! yeay!


waiting for hubs..

i am bored.

i am still at my office.

i am waiting for my husband to arrive.

my husband is now at ampang park meeting with our photographer to get our sticky album.. (finally!!)

i am bored. (i've said that already kann?)

so what now?

owh i know...lets drooolll over things i wish i could have/buy/whatever...
a new bag

aint she a beauty..? i think i'm in love....ahhh....

lotsss of new tops

theres a whole lot more in my folder but i dont wanna bore anyone.. ;)

opss..i would love so much to write more but hubs is already here..hehehehe...cant wait to see the albums!!!!! yippeee!!!!
***and owh...i know i cannot afford ANY of the above..but a girl can always dream right? hehehe...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

clean kitchen..always! ;)

last night..

during cooking I was:

1) Cleaning up the sink and the kithchen area ( Sambil masak sambil kemas)

after cooking :

1) On my knees in the kitchen, with a kain buruk in one hand and fabuloso in the kitchen floor!
2) Putting everything else in the kitchen in order before eating (hubs was already hungry and waiting at the table!)

owhhh...wait a minute...i think i'm turning into mom! hahahaaha!! not compaining lagi sangat2 berterima kasih pada ibunda tercinta for being the bestest mom ever and a great role model for least now, i know my kitchen will be clean all the time!

i luv u to the max mommy!!
and thank much!!


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

family vacation

last weekend was a blast!! It started out a bit sad though when we got the news that Wa couldnt join the trip since kak syuhaida had to go for an emergency operation the friday before the trip..Wa was the one who was most excited about the trip, but well, everything happens for a reason right, plus..there will always be a next time, kan..

we started the journey to Kuantan (Atam's house) a bit off schedule since first, mom and dad went to give kak syu a visit that morning, and then suddenly, dad's car had some problems just before we started the journey (lucky it was before..not during the journey)..and the journey there was terrible..!! the road was congested! luckily it wasnt me driving...klu tak..kompom nangis ok! hehehe...

arrived Atam's house around 5.30pm..everyone was already there..siap dah golek2..kitorang pulak masuk2..headed straight for the food..!! lapar beb!..wanted to stop for lunch but mza was like.. "kan Atam dah masak..." adoiii...

waited for mom and dad to arrive, then we all headed to cherating...nasib baik half an hour drive aje..coz I was so sick of sitting in the car already!

So so lazy to story panjang2 (plus me not a good storyteller punn..dari dulu suke sangat tulis in point forms..huhu) let the pics do the telling k..

the parents, granma, aunts and uncles

ayah, cu, cippa, atam, tizah and mom

pak ngah, teh, uncle zubir, tok and mak ngah
MIA : paktam..couldnt find his picture in any of the shots..duh?

the siblings and cousins

hana, danial, adrian, mamat, syiqin and kelly

sofia, athirah, aiman and najwa

fariz, farhan, atif, firdaus, abang ame, aliff, luqman
Families missing : Wa (kak syu operation), Paman (jauh di kedah..;p)
Family members missing: Kak Nana, Zuriah, Zailin, Zahir (Work i think), Zarah (Homework..hehe), Zahidi (Australia), Adam (Work), Siti Sara (Band practise)
The activities :
1. Around the clock makan2..
This activity is a must for the "Omarians", every is a must..and Im not talking about normal meals here..its literally around the clock punya makan..we talk about brunch during breakfast and lunch during brunch and tea during lunch and get the idea...hahaha..during this trip we had nasi dagang, nasi minyak, nasi lemak and kueh2 for breakfast, satar,kopok leko and nasi ayam for lunch, bihun,mee, nasi goreng,tomyam,ikan bakar,butter prawn and sotong celup tepung for dinner..ape lagi ek..?? ;p
2. mandi laut
It wouldnt be a holiday at the beach without dipping in the sea right? Hehe..the kids had so much fun! klu boleh takmo keluar dari air gamaknye...the big kids a.k.a me and hubby had fun watching and taking care of the kids..feels like having kids of our own ( laa..the feeling was just for that short period of time only!)
3. getting the kids ready to go in the water
hehehe..this one was this one time only! after that the kids never bothered to change their attire..they had different sets of clothes everytime they went in...kecian kat the mothers nak kene kutip all the wet baju after that! (this is when i feel like not having kids..hahahah!!!! kidding!)
4. galah panjang
this activity started at 7.30 am!!! tu yang gambar gelap jer..hehehe...hubs drew the first box for the game, but then the number of kids playing started to the atif's hands were long enough to cover the whole line for the first box..sampai the kids tak boleh nak lepas langsung.. so had to make a bigger box.. but the game didnt last soon as the kids dapat green light untuk masuk air..goodbye galah panjang hello water!! hehe
5. sand art
this is what u get when u have an art teacher in the family and terlepas...look how excited atam is...siap menari2 lagi...hehehehe.. ;)
6. fyling the kite
teh is superbly great with the kite!! seriously..!! ku terkejut!! me tak reti langsung nak terbangkan layang2..hubby tried to teach me..tak naik2..almaklumlaa..orang bandar..hehehe...but honestly..I was like really jakun looking at the kites..tinggi beb!! ;p
7. santai di pantai
atam and tizah interviwed the exchange students there, atif was jumping and "usha"ing the aweks..the teens were gossiping..the mothers were eyeing the kids..the kids were playing with the sands ... bla bla bla... i was...errr....i dunno..just enjoying the moment with my family.. ;)
8. karaoke

mom was super excited to have a karaoke session during the trip, she downloaded almost a hundred karoake songs until 3 am which made her woke up late for work the next day!!! hehehe...the songs are mostly the 70's and 80's ..luckily I used love the oldies so I knew a couple of them..though there are songs that Ive never heard of also...but what the heck..that is what the wordings are for right! tibai ajelaa... ;p

9. picture and video taking

ayah was so loyal taking videos of the small kids..and even the big ones doing their activities..hehehe...he even had an unbrella standby when it was raining..daniel was taking pictures of i dont know what since ive yet seen the pictures from his cam (but i bet lots of pictures of girls in his shots..) hehehe..and hubs...ahh..hubs....besides the family pictures..he said there aint nothing interesting there to haa..your wife yang suke amek gambar ni takmo plak die amek bnyk2..sabau jer laa..i had to.."abang..ameklaa gambar sayang.." baru die nak amek my pic..danggg!!.. dey..i thought the camera was given to you for you to take lotss and lotss of my picture honey!! hahahahaha..kidding!!!
10. posing for the camera

I LOVE TO POSE FOR THE CAMERA...everyone knows that..but come to think of it...Im not the only actually runs in the family..maybe its in the genes?? hmm...
*theres a lot more pictures of the family members (other than me) posing for the camera but penat nak kecikkan the pictures one by one..hehehe*

huh!! i guess that sums up all...opps...wait a minute...i think i missed something...oh ye..the newly weds...hehehhee...mane boleh tak post about us kan...!! well, we had a great time there..i love spending time with family and since hubs now is part of the family..maka jadi lebih seronok laa!! hehe...the aunts were teasing us like non stop..pantang nampak kami berdua2..mesti kene sakat..hehehe..but it was fun..cant wait for the next couple to get married..then all the teasing goes to them....hehehehe....

me wearing tudung at the beach..awww!!! thats a first!! hehehehehe....trying to be a good wife here.. ;p

so, thats it...our superbly great family vacation at cherating...cant wait for the next one..kat mane agaknye yer...hope the next time around we can have our own BBQ (if its at the beach)..rindu nak bakar2.. ;)


Thursday, January 22, 2009

family trip and shopping

me on halfday leave today..going back after lunch..


going shopping after lunch... yeayyy!!!!!! me love that ;)

hehehe..with mom...(shopping with mom is always great!!..hahaha)

mom wants to find some stuff for our cherating trip this weekend..

ops..forgot...going on a family trip at cherating this weekend..

families going : wa n family, pakngah n family, mom n family, tizah n family, teh n family, atam n family, cippa n n family... kesimpulan..hampir sume paman jer takde..because they are in far away..


lame takde family trip ke pantai2....the last one was at PD..erm..3 years back?

cant wait...suke..suke... ;)

hmm...what should i get..??


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

b.u.n.c.i.t ;)

time : this morning

location : infront of mirror in bedroom

hubby: sayang! abang dah buncit! perut abang tak turun2!
hari cuti nanti kite g jogging eh,sayang?

hahahaha....that was a first! never..ever..have he ever complained about being BUNCIT/gemuk before! lagi complain kurus ade laaa... ;p

hehehe..mane tak buncit sayang oii...celik2 mata pagi tadi...

"sayang...nak nugget...."

adoiiii...nasib baik laa bini ni rajin nak melayan... ;)


Monday, January 19, 2009

my 25th birthday

I'm 25..


Wow...i feel old... haha! I am old! Still, Happy Birthday to me!

So, anyways, after subuh..hubby recited the Al-Quran, for me, for my birthday.. ( I was waiting for him to sing a birthday song for me actually but this is wayy better I guess..hehe..not used to his ways yet ;p)

but eventually after that he did sing.. ;) ( I guess he knows his wife..hehehe)

Hubs made me breakfast in was very sweet of him.. ;)

Then, cuddled up in front of the TV and watched "Material Girls" stared by Hillary Duff and her sister (lame..I know..but that was the only DVD left that we havent watched yet..) The story is our Astro has not been installed yet (and I dunno when..called up so many times already and still got the same answer..lagi 2 hari..lagi 2 hari...bengang betul aku! haihh~~) we've been having endless nights of watching my old collection of DVDs..kecian kat hubs..of course most of my collections are chick movies! haha~~~ nasiblaa kan...

me n hubs all dressed up for my BDay!

After zuhur, went to OU.. my mind was all about the Baskin Robins fondue from that morning..but at my dissapointment..they dont have that fondue at OU baskins..huh!!! only 2 places..pavilion and the gardens..

Hubs was happy..since I was still coughing and had a slight fever that morning..he thought it was a sign for me not to have ice cream just yet...bagi betul2 sembuh dulu... ;p

So we went to Simply Penang between the new wing and old wing..I chose the place since it was my birthday..hehe...and since Im a sucker for assam laksa (my fav food besides mom's cooking!) and was in the mood of having laksa, I searched for a place that served assam laksa..thought of laksa shack at first but changed my mind coz I remembered their assam laksa is not at my liking...found Simply Penang and the place looked we went in and we both had asam laksa..(sebok jer hubs nak sama ngan kita) had some side dishes but cannot remember the names..lorbak something and apentah macam yong tau foo...the food was nice...but Pavilion assam laksa is still the best !! hahaha

the birthday girl.. ;)

Our lovely food...

Then, jalan2 kejap...looking for a new bag for everyday bag..well u see, the bag I'm using then was my bro's GF's bag..she didnt want it and gave it to my sister, and I ended up using it because I at that time I needed a bag which I can dump everything in..hehe...and now the beg dahtak rupa beg decided to find a new one..pusing punya pusing..masuk sume kedai ( Nine West, Aldo, Guess, Liz Claiborne, Parkson ) takdak satu pun berkenan..huh! Then went in Padini concept store to look at shoes, but ended up buying a bag! hahaha... and its Vincci!! hahaha..yeah I know..Vincci bag?? so high school... (even high school students dont wear them anymore..) hahaha...but I dont care..the bag is perfect..the right size, the right colour, the roght texture..everything I wanted in a bag.. me likey...

owh..I paid for the bag eventhough hubs offered to pay for birthday presents right? a deal is a deal..!! but at last he did buy me a cute+smart wallet from vincci also (duh? vincci lagi?)..hehe...I was playing with it while waiting for my bag..and kinda sort of like hubs kate.."ni abang blanje..bukan birthday present..." hehehehe...nak argue..but it was cheap katanye..couldnt be considered as a gift...owh..whateverr....

so now I have a new bag and a new wallet... I am so happy ~~~ ;)

i just love everything about this bag! ;)

thank you abang for kerana likey... ;)

later that night we went to AJL, we were hesitated to go at first..thinking that the next day is a working day ..takut letih..but then thinking that our tuan rumah dah susah2 naik tingkat 5, just to pass us our ..what the heck..pegi jelaa...

Gosh...we felt so embarassed being there..!!I dont know why...when we were walking towards the ears were hot..I felt like..adoii...poyonyerr....especially looking at the crowd there...

hubs was.."ape kite buat ni sayang..?poyonyer datang tempat2 macam ni.." while covering his face..hoping tak bertembung with anyone we knew...

hahahaha...eventhough I felt the same..I went "takpelaa abang..pengalaman...."

this was definitely our first and our LAST..!! ;p

we didnt stay long punn...after the 4th song..we went back..couldnt stand the poyoness of being in the stadium and watching sesak2 mase balik tu...

the view from our seats...tanak amek pic sendiri coz hubs said "tanak ade bukti we went to AJL.." hahaha..!!

*takde mood nak tulis about AJL diketika ini*

arrived home at 11pm and slept.. ;)


Thursday, January 15, 2009

air cond

i hate the air con in this office..

mase panas..panas betul sampai takleh nak bernafas..sesak...

mase sejuk..sejuk betul sampai nak demam...

bp kali ntah..asal dorang service air con jer..musti demam...

takkan asyek nak mc jer kot..letih laa..dah laa team sorang maternity leave, sorang admitted hospital dah 2 minggu cuti, sorang early stage pregnant (altho she tak ckp..we all know..), asyek mc or org yang tinggal nak backup tinggal siket..

kerja pulak makin banyak...


pergilaa demam..g main jauh2...tak larat nak layan...

nak balik tido weyhh!!! tolong...


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

birthday and house warming

my birthday is coming up soon..this Sunday to be and hubs both agreed no birthday presents for this year since we've already spent a lot for our wedding..and we need time to recover our "losses'..haha..but me being the person who thinks "birthdays are one of THE most important day in the year" cannot live without any birthday celebration..even a small one should be fine..just the both of us..just a simple treat of lunch/dinner would be enough..and hubby agreed.. yeay!! (of course he would..he loves me, no?!! hehehehehe...)

the initial plan was to go out for a movie and have ice-cream (nyum..nyum..!!) at baskin robbins..i've been wanting to try their fondue set for ages!!! the first time I "discovered" the fondue set was during fasting month last mmg melepas laa kan...takkan nak g makan aiskrim memalam..?? huhu...and after that I started "dieting" for my wedding creams are a no-no, right..?? so when hubs asked what I wanted to eat for my birthday...baskin robbins fondue set was the one which popped out in my mind!!

ahhhh...doesnt it look so heavenly...???

so anyway, I did say our initial plan is to go for a movie and BB..but the plan kinda changed a bit..yesterday, our tuan rumah smsed hubby, asking if we wanted to go to Anugerah Juara Lagu

at Bukit Jalil on the 18th? He got tickets to give..

hubby asked me.."nak ke?"

U kidding eh..?? musti laa nakkk.....

Why? I dunno...definitely not because of the artists ( I dont even know which songs are in the competition..hehehe)

just for the experience I guess... hmm.. [?]

so people... I am going to Anugerah Juara Lagu on my birthday.... yeay!!!! [duhh!?!?!?!]

hehehe...but wait.. the ice cream part...thats still on.... ;)

now I just need to find something to wear....hmmmmmm....


on a different note, I am going to have a house warming for my family this coming saturday...

We're going to recite Yassin and have high tea after that.. ;)

Thank god its potluck because I have no idea what so ever on what to cook/prepare for my family.... I hope my mom and aunties bring enough food for everyone..hehehe...

and harap2 makcik2 ku boleh panjat rumah ku yang 5 tingkat itu...huhu... ;p



Thursday, January 8, 2009

2008 & 2009


It has been a great year for me..a wonderfull and memorable one...

~ i got enganged
~ and MARRIED !! married to the one I truly love... ;)
~ had the perfect wedding...
~ went for my honeymoon...
~ realized how a GREAT family I have..seriously..they are the best!!
(I knew before but not as much I know now...)

not much eyh? but they're more than enough for me!


~ no resolutions but..
* I'll try to be a good wife, a good daughter and of course a better person..!!
* I'll try to be more carefull with my money..hehehehehehe
~ baby..?? InsyaAllah..
~ will be attending a lot..i mean A LOT of weddings.. (faranad, fae, elyn n pen, idayu, uyun n shidi, fikh and gee, jijie and the list goes on...)
~ need to save money...
~ join kelas menjahit and hopefully by raya can already jahit own baju.. ;)
~ errr...wait a minute..macam azam tahun baru jer...hmm...whatever..