Tuesday, June 30, 2009

same name, different couple

last weekend, me, hubs and 2 friends went to Melaka to attend 2 weddings.

1st, our Uni friend - Kecik + Izzah

2nd, Hubs matric's friend - G-mek + Aiman

nak dijadikan cerita, we didnt have the directions (blame me for forgetting to print out the invitation - via email) to BOTH weddings!!! and all of us were not fimiliar jalan2 kat Melaka ni, so we gambled - it couldnt be that hard right?

So, off we were to the first house, Kecik's wedding, we got the direction from Kecik from the highway exit up until the first turn, then he said, follow the signage to his house. sounds easy enuff. dont u think?

signage to look out for >> Firdaus & Izzah

exit highway - first traffic light - there was the sign "Firdaus & Izzah" in a heart shaped border - yeay!! senangnya macam ni... - so we followed the sign - and followed - and followed - until we reached a house, with 4 canopies infront of it, yess!!! we found the house! but wait - apsal takde orang????? hmmmm...

hubs called Kecik : weyh Kecik, ko kahwin biler?

Kecik: ape ko ni..harini laa..aku nak berarak dah ni..


turns out, we followed the wrong "Firdaus & Izzah", we didnt realize the other "Firdaus & Izzah" was getting married the next day [there was a date stated above their name - but veryyyyy tiny!!] , lagipun siapa laa yang akan tgk tarikh kan, of course we would only see the names...huh...siapa sangka, a couple with the same name [exactly same spelling!] , getting married in the same weekend, both in Melaka?

so, we made a U-turn, followed the right "firdaus & Izzah" sign, and reached a taman where there was 2 weddings going on not far from each other, since there was no sign indicating who was getting married, and we couldnt see the bride n groom from afar, we gambled and stoped at the first house, Hubs went down to make sure it was the right house. Him being him, dia pergi tanya tuan rumah..

Hubs: Pakcik, siapa nama pengantin?

Pakcik: [blurrr] errr.... mentioned a name we didnt know

Hubs: owh..takpelaa pakcik..terima kasih...
and went running to the car, laughing like crazy!!]

OMG !!!!!!! malunyyyyerrrr!!!!!

haiiiyyaaaaa...Hubs pun bijak pandai g tanye tuan rumah...adooiii.....

anyways, the other house was Kecik's..huh! finally!


the other house wasnt so hard to find, coz we got the direction from Kecik plus the landmark was pretty easy to find, MMU Melaka!!

and not having another couple with the same name, getting married in the same weekend, at the same district also helps. ;p


Sunday, June 28, 2009

the day I told mom n dad

I remember the day when i told them I was pregnant.

It was after we came back from Atam's.

They were both infront of the TV, watching Fariz playing PS2.

Mom's word "Owhh..congratulations.." then back at the TV screen

Ayah...eye's on TV the whole time....

In my heart, I was like.."diorang ni tak excited ke?"

rase nak nangis pun ade...[i have always been the extra sensitive one]

but then mom wrote this

I feel like crying.

Can I cry?

Owh I'm crying [again]

I love u mom.

So much!

and thank you.

it means a lot.


Friday, June 26, 2009

lost and found

i [kinda] misplaced my engagement ring a couple of months back...the first week after realizing that i have misplaced it, i searched for it high n low...mase tu rase nak nangis jerrr..

tapi..org2 tua kata..klu barang kemas ni...let it come back to you...

and today....


i found it in a bag that I've been carrying around for almost 2 weeks now..!!!


*kecut perut jugak sebenarnya!...luckily mata hubs tak tajam n tak pasan tak pki cincin tu*

saat MIL menyarungkan cincin tunang...tgk muka saya...gilerr gedix!!!!! menyampah!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

3 times a charm...

a few month ago....

[at a clinic in Kota Damansara]

me: i'm feeling very2 dizzy doc..

doc: pain?

me: no pain, just spinning..I can't concentrate...peningnya semacam

doc: how old are you?

me: 25

doc: married?

me: yes

doc: for how long?

me: owh..just recently...in december..

doc: when was ur last period..

me: oh..i'm not pregnant [dgn penuh confidence!]

doc: how do you know? [looking surprised n confused by my answer]

me: because i'm planning

doc: ur taking the pills?

me: nope..doing it naturally, counting days and errr..protection

doc: what type of protection?

me: errr...c****m...[shy]

doc: how do you count?

me: ermm...[explained]

doc: you do realize that ur counting method is wrong..

me: errkk...?? thenn..??

doc: [explained for almost 15 minutes] understand?

me : yes doctor! thank you

doc: but u know, even with c****m, there's a 10% of getting pregnant?

me: erkkk.......???


a couple of weeks ago
on the 30th day of my period cycle,
I was feeling:
1. dizzy
2. nausea
3. fatigue
I was thinking:
1. hmm..nak period laa ni..
2. wait a minute, dah 30 hari, pelik... [my normal cycle is 27/28]
3. pregnant ke? eyh..takkot..tak mungkin.. [i'm sure i didnt count my days wrong!]
4. dekat dah ni ngan kedai...beli jer la yang murah...[rm6.90]
tested : one line! [ok..im not pregnant..esok laa tu period...]
read the instructions again : "even if the line is faint, can considered as pregnant and should consult a doctor"
looked again : 2 lines, one very2 faint! [errkk..?? bila mase line ni muncul plak ni??]
the next day, went to see the doctor [sebenarnya sbb nak amek MC, my head was spinning like crazy] , told her i tested, but she said it was still early to check, klu check pun, nothing should show, confused, errm...ok...wrong results.... mixed feelings [lega ke sedih?]


the next day

feeling confused and tak puas hati [if nothing shouldnt show, apsal ade 2 line plak kan]

plus, Hubby was coming home from fieldwork...

wth, beli laa yang mahal sket [rm9.90]

tested : again, positive .. hmmm.........maybe I just should wait until a week....then test again...

but when Hubs came back, being the person who doesnt know how to keep secrets from her hubby..i told him i think i was pregnant..

he was shocked of course but so happy...

i was still confused...


the next day

before going to Pahang, I decided to buy the expensive one [rm19.90!!!!], klu positive..ye laa tu
tested : again..positive!!!
but I was still not satisfied...but then, klu dah sampai 3 times positive..mestilaa pregnant kan...!?!
[bukan tak suka or taknak, but I was confusedd...macam betul kira hari, but doctor tu ckp mcam tu...patut tak nampak lagi results sbb belum seminggu...hmmm....


sunday night

fell really hard in the toilet

felt a little pain in the stomach

Hubs ajak g clinic... i said nvm...ok jerr...tak sakit sgt...


monday morning
on the way to work...
me: perut sakit laa..kenape ek..angin kot..
hubs: abg tak kesah..nak tanak g gak klinik!
[at the clinic]
me: my period is late, I've checked 3 times, all positive
doc: why did u check 3 times for? once is enuf..
me: but that day the doc said, it was too early to check...so i wasnt sure
doc: ? no...its ok...u are pregnant the 1st time u checked...
me: owhhh [membazir jerrr...cehhhh!!!] , so i fell down yesterday,
i feel some pain [the panic came-mintak laa takde ape2]
doc: any bleeding?
me: no..i think...
doc: ok..i give u rest today, go back n rest, within 24hours if got bleeding,
come see me..if not then should be ok....
me: thank you doctor.... [dupdapdupdap]

kesimpulan ?
I am 6 weeks pregnant... ;)
hehehe....sekian terima kasih......
[owhh..there was no bleeding..alhamdulillah.... ]
dear aunties, cousins and siblings,
since this will be the first grandchild in the family, now is the time for you to find your glamour name before the baby comes...once dah panggil takleh tukar dah..
will it be, tok wa, tok ngah, tok teh, tok zah [?], tok tam, tok man, tok pa [?] and tok su
or something more glamorous ? heheheheeheee....
and owh cousins, I will be TiSya to your future kids ok...no makcik2 tqvm!!!

gambar hiasan : the night he told me he liked me, who would have thought, ali n aisyah, married, and now going to have a baby together!! ;)

bersyukur di atas segala yang dikurniakan oleh-Nya


Sunday, June 21, 2009


Last Sunday, we had a father's day makan2 at Cippa's ...and I just realized..I didnt wish ayah!! alahai~~ ape jenis anak laa aku nih!!!


I've noticed I dont talk much about Ayah..eventho now I'm much closer to mom..but I have always been "Daddy's little girl"... eventho Syikin is the youngest, but Ayah has always manja kan me more (ni mak yang ckp!) heheh~

But manjakan me more doesnt mean he scolded me less or what, or I could get away with things easily..NO WAY..!!!!! (syiqin n atif get less spanks than me n abng ame do..) Ayah has always been the very2 garang one..

Spanks are very2 the common mase kecik2 dulu...pantang buat silap sikit..mesti kene kat bontot..!!

Kene jerit pun sama...dulu2 temper ayah agak laa menggerunkan!!

I even pernah kene tampar once mase kecil dulu! (and it wasnt even my fault!)

but the best part, after the spanking, or the yelling, and when i started to cry..he would ask me to go wash my face and come back to him with a smile..!! he will go "senyum!...senyum!!! go wash ur face!!!" klu balik tak senyum..lagi die marah!! but logic laa kan..I was young...buat salah..kene marah then kene pukul kat bontot, boleh ke tak nangis..?? boleh ke nak kene senyum balik...hehe~~ lawak betul..but I did actually smile depan ayah sbb tanak ayah marah lagi...!! naik bilik sambung laa nangis.. ;p

sampai sekarang I dont understand the purpose of ayah doing that, asking us to smile, but well maybe its just his way to handle us.. ;p

so anyways, ayah did teach me to be independant, he taught me to cook my first dish "Ayam masak kicap"..he taught me how to menjahit and use the sewing machine...he gave me ideas and taught me how to be creative by using things that are available around us..he taught me how to bertukang (i loveddd making things with him mase kecik2 dulu)...I am who I am today because of him...

and owh... he never failed to give me anything I asked for ( as long as the thing munasabah laa kan ~ but growing up with his garangness.. mmg tak mintak laa bende bukan2 kan~~)

hmm~~ dah membebel panjang ni....so Ayah, if you're reading this..


Thank you for everything you have done for me...I know everything is for my best interest..

I love you so much.. (i know i dont say this much).. butI really truly do...

Thank you...again....for everything....

i love you so dearly ~~
your daugther

Friday, June 19, 2009

human nature : proof is important!

this picture is taken from my senior business partner, the adorable and respectable Hanis's blog.. ;)


She has only been doing this business for 5 monthhh!!!

but just look at her income... RM10 k!!!!!!!! (she got rm7k last month and going to get around RM20k next month!!!)

kidding? nope!!! She's a housewife (a well educated one) but she manage to get this kind of income by doing this business..at her own time and space.....and believe me..her income is going to increase each month!!

now tell me, even when ur working ur ass off..like crazy in the office..are you EVER going to get this kind of income??

my answer : h*** NO !!!

so what ur waiting for..??come join us!!!

it all starts from YOU!!

email me at : escallonia08[at]yahoo[dot]com


Thursday, June 18, 2009

blast form the past

a friend of mine got really bored at work today...he decided that digging up our old pictures from our uni's database and emailing them to us would not only be amusing to him but also to all of us..

and boy...i'm glad he did!!! terguling2 aku gelak depan pc ni ha!!

klu korang tgk pun kompom terguling jugak laa!!!!

njoyy!!! (disusun according to couples)

shidi married to uyun

pen married to elyn

fikh (OMG! kurus giler!!) married to Gee

amzar,aki n ada (still single but not available!!!)

ayu married to yuslan (her highschool senior)

ayiem - aiming for "27 dresses"

and lastly.....................................

owh..this is embarassing!!!!

ali married to yours truly, aisyah !!!
(believe it or not..i was 19 when this picture was taken!!! i look like a 10 year old!!!!)


terguling tak..???


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Newlyweds: Fikh n Gee!

Last weekend, me n hubs (n ayim) went to Pahang to attend our friend's wedding..Fikh n Gee .. ;) this couple we knew during our uni times, we have quite some memories together including the famous Bukit Hijau trip (one of the best trips ever!!)..this fikh guy, he's hilarious!! you just couldnt stop laughing when he's around!! but once it was time for the akad..you should've seen his face!!!!! he looks like he saw a ghost or something before! hehehe...!! and Gee..owh..this girl is sOoOooOoOOo seriously sweet!!..she's very2 soft spoken and very2 generous with smiles..:)

anyways..it was a 4 hour trip to Gee's place, Fikh rented a room for us (Thank you!), and alhamdulillah, both events went smoothly (Fikh lafaz sekali jer! tahniah!) ..it was a very2 memorable weekend for them as couple, and for us as their friends..i am very happy that i was able to share the joy with them! enjoy the pics k~~

fikh waiting for the akad..see how nervous he looks? hehe~~

somehow hubs was his pengapit for that night..even when hubs tried to make jokes..fikh was so blur he couldnt tembak balik like he's used to!!

fikh's mom! i was seating beside her...a very2 petite and sweet lady! she looked as nervous as the groom! ;)

serahan mas kahwin..i love how they turned the money into a flower!

Gee asking blessing from her dad ~ i was in tears!!

now he can smile!! hehe ~~

heading to Gee's house for the reception

Fikh's-oh-so-proud-face when Gee kissed his hands for blessing! ;)

the gorgeous bride!!

with Fikh's family!

and lastly...i would like to wish them..


May your relationship last for eternity ~ filled with cute children and grandchildren and also with the blessings from Allah SWT...insyaAllah...

We (aisyah n ali) wish you a very2 happy life! ;)


Thursday, June 11, 2009

great..great people..

one thing i LOVE most about doing this business is the people or to be specific..my seniors and business partners! these people i tell you...are the best.!!!

Bukan sengaja nak puji lebih2 but its seriously true! they call you..ask if you have any problem..they help you..give u ideas and guidance..give u spirit when u feel down ( seriously..when u feel down..and call them like 3am in the morning..they will still be there for you!)..and when they feel like they havent seen you in a while..

they throw a party!!!

ok..maybe not the hoo haa party..more like a makan-makan get together party (these people are married with kids!) ..but who cares!! It just shows how much they care about their business partners and wants to see us as successful as they are!!!

last night, Salha, my senior and business partner, who has two small kids (a 2 year old and a 5 month old baby!) was very2 kind to offer her place for us to gather and cook a zillion food for us!! (i loved the fried chicken the most!!!)

and Hanis, who has a 2 year old son and is in her early stage of her second pregnancy..came to motivate us, and ask us about problems..our next strategy..and even given us some usefull points for our business!!

and also kak mie, far away from rawang..came just to give us support!!!

just tell me how could you not LOVE them..!??!!

to be honest, these people are already stabil and well established with their business, and they could have left us and still make money...but this is not how they roll...they care and they want us to be like them too!!

so, Salha, Hanis and Kak Mie, ThanKs a Lot for aLL your SuPPort!!!

to farah, thank u..thank u..thank u...for intorducing me to them...

to anyone whos interested to join us...and become our business partners....please please please....give me a call (019-2710102) or if ur shy email me ( escallonia08[at]yahoo[dot]com )
I wont bite u know!! hehehe...we are very2 peramah people...!! ;)

*grab this opportunity to be successful!! ;) *



Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kulai - 20/12/2008

hehe..tau this entry was suppose to be like 5 month ago! tapi i just got the pictures from ayah's hardrive smalm..sambil belek2 tuh..cam terasa nak buat post abt kenduri kat Kulai ni.. ;)

It was interesting, people who thinks they know me..mesti ingat I would have hired a makeup artist, sewa baju kat butique..hehe..but that wasnt the case...I did my own makeup, baju tempah sendiri..yang biase2 aje (tudung pun ofcourse buat sendiri!!)..bersiap pun semua sendiri...even photographer pun mintak tolong adek n kawan2 die jer.. ;)... tapi untuk org yang betul2 mengenali saya...they would expect that from me..sebab...saya kedekut! hahaha..no laa..but wanted to save money..malas nak membazir.. ;p

bersiap ~~

Hubs pun pki sampin sendiri jer..belasah jer janji ade rupa!! hehehe (kene panjat katil sbb cermin tinggi!)

diluar motel ;)

it was so hot..i actually stayed in the car! konon2 jer tuh keluar sbb nak snap gambar!! hehe

..hubs was calling home asking if everything was OK.. ;)

waiting under the tree..

perasan comel laa tuuuu....

on the way to his house! ;)

with my family after makan..

wa and wa...eyh..?? wa perempuan n wa lelaki..hehe.... :)

family cippa...

kak nana n fiancee! ;)

before I was left all alone there!! ahaha
my darling sisters..miss them so muchh!!! hehehe
what made the majlis so happening was these boys...mereka ini kawan2 baik Atif..I dunno what made them came along to Kulai..but I'm glad they did..they are so funny!! and they made the place like their own... lihat bawah!

they asked me to throw the bouquet for them to catch..!!!! adeke..!?!??!! adoii...sesuka hati jerr..and look...the big one jumped the highest!! beriya giler nak tangkap bunga tu!! aiii...nak kahwin cepat ke dikkk!!!?!??!!! ;)

so anyways, after the event, my SIL, excited with hubs d60, asked us to be her model..which of course I agreed in a heartbeat! hehe...nasib baik laa ade ladang tebu kat kawasan tu..so takde laa shy2 sgt nak posing kan..!! hahaha (me shy!??!!? duhhh!!!!) .. and i love the pictures yang SIL amek...mmg berbakat betul dia..!! (atau..adakah saya yang mmg pandai pose?!?! vain pleaseee!!!!)

kurussssnyaaaa saya masa ni!!!!!! owhh...I wish !!!
gambar dibawah tiada kaitan...just that I LOVE this pic so much!!!sgt sweet ~~~~

sofea and uncle zubir ~~

well, thats it...bnyk lagi pic..tapi tak larat nak upload satu2..hehehe... :)

Thanks to my family for everything! To both wa, cippa n family, pak ngah n family, kawan2 atif..for coming so far away from KL to send me...;)

and also to family ayah, pakdeh n family, mak bik n family, cik mi n family, cik mat n family...for coming! (i dont think they read my blog tho! hehehehe~~~)

eeiii....rase nak kahwin lagi sekali...syiok makeup2 n pki baju cantik2!!! hahaha!!!


On a diff note, I am so damn bored with work now...bgun pagi..bersiap...tempuh jem...dok depan pc for 9 hours!!..tempuh jem lagi..sampai rumah lewat...

InsyaAllah..IF everything goes well, I feel like quiting and focusing on my business!! - and maybe then I could start amek tempahan for Tudungs... ;)

Anyone feels the same?? Interested in doing your own business? Come join me!!!

We can do business and have fun along the way!!!!

call/text me at 019-2710102

or email me at escallonia08[at]yahoo[dot]com