Thursday, June 7, 2012

Chanel 101 ~~ or not T__T

I must admit, my knowledge about Chanel bags is close to zero, well I mean I do know how the logo looks like but thats about it.. heee..

since one of my target handbags to get during our Paris trip nanti is a Chanel bag, I thought, better do my homework so takde laa blur sgt bila nak membeli nanti,,kan

so first step - google Chanel bags 101 .. and I found this blog entry all about her Chanel bags and a general idea of the types of begs or names or whatever u call it..

1 word - makkk aiihh!! just look at her collections rasa nak nangess .. best giler kot..anyways, back to the topic

so, theres the Classic Chanel Flap with Maxi, Jumbo, Classique, Baguette, Mini size with so many types of leathers you can chose from Lambskin, Caviar, Patent, Tweed, Python, Crocodile etc..

then theres the 2.55 Reissue - said that Reissue is a MUST for any collector/lovers - its the most classic of all Chanel bags coz it was the 1st Chanel bag designed by Mlle Coco herself! the Reissue pun ade a few sizes, Large (227) , Medium (226), Small (225), Baby (224), XL (228)

then ~~ blur --->> banyak sangat walaaweyhh...kenot learn everything in a day meh??

but I do know about the Chanel Grand Shopping Tote, also known as the GST bag (coz I've been eyeing it eversince I stepped in the Chanel boutique with Salha the other day, also the Petite Shopping Tote aka PST bag, a smaller version of the GST..

then the others I think are more to seasonal kot ~~ different season ade different bag? i think ~~ takpe ~~ will do more reading on that (giler skema T___T)

ok..ok... asek membebel jer ~~ tak de gambar pun tak best gak kan... so I googled plak the bags, firstly I typed Chanel bags, yg kluar gambar banyak imitation and it was so hard to differentiate the types and bayangkan how it looked like in real life, so I typed "Chanel Bag Celebrities" and oh laa laa ~~

Karolina Kurkova doting the 2.55 -- sempoi jer ~~

Lauren Conrad with her Jumbo classic Flap -- I love her!!

Rosie Huntington in a blue Chanel quilted tote - adore!!!!

SJP - love love love the red!

Miley Cyrus - for casual days (or more like me everyday!)

the gorgeous Blake Lively with such a pretty burgundy color!

this beige color yg Whitney bawak pun lawa jugak!


my all time favourites, that I'm pretty sure will keep me awake at night till the day kitorang jejak Paris, are these two, both pun Ashley Tisdale punya ~~

the same style but in different colors - one Grey the other one Beige - cant decide which one I like better - but its just GORGEOUS please!!!!!!!

I WANT!!!!

I know biasanya for your first Chanel bag, suppose amek the classic and safe colors like black BUT I cant help it, mmg dah jatuh cinta...

ade yg tak tunggu sampai Paris nihh....

Chanel lovers out there.....any idea whats the name of this style???

the photos are still new June 1, 2012..but tak taulaa kann...

I think I'm in love!!

Aisyah Samsudin
Licensed Premium Beautiful Agent


Muzel Zay said...

hi aisyah.. hehe. dh lame bace blog u nih.. :-) Channel tu mmg gojes hokeyy!! :-)

aiesya said...

hye you :)

kannnn!!!!! i mcm nak nanges tengok sbb cantik sgt!! target target!! :)