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Sunday, August 21, 2011

be prepared.

 for ONE WHOLE month. your body has been used to fasting.

No food intake masa siang...nampak mcm dah kurus sket.....

Then tetibe raya...

and lotsssss of....

ALL DAY LONG for days and days and days...

and what happens to your stomach??????


terkejut perut takleh nak process tetibe makan dengan kadar yg melampau......kesiannnn kat perut tu...

MAKA ???

get ready with this

siang makan, malam flush

siang makanmalam flush

tiada lagi rasa bersalah nak makan masa raya

No more worries takut naik berat badan masa raya

MAKANN jer semua...

Let lactolite help control the others... ;)



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* selingan sebelum mula  >>>  blog tgh dikemaskini, please bare with me if you see the background bertukar2....tgh cari yg fresh lagi menyejukkan mata gituwww... ;p *


OK. kembali kepada tajuk asal. Coverage. hehehe.... raya dah nak dekat, baju on the way, kasut tak perlu, tudung belasah pakai ape yang ade, eyeshadow dah ade yg ku sayang...satgi tengok foundation dah nak habis daa....huh....better buy before raya right? satgi nak pakai masa raya tak cukuppp...

so now, in the hunt of looking for a new foundation..

Lets see.... should I buy something I've had these,

not enuf coverage - cepat giler dry up

Benefit PlaySticks - coverage cun giler ;)

Benefit Some Kind-a Gorgeous - Very natural - for day

Bobby Brown - cun and coverage quite ok..

clarins - Lisse Minute Instant Smooth - Pretty good coverage - love the texture and the after effect...

Chanel - The best I've had - coverage mmg doesnt feel heavy wearing it...mmg paling cun antara semua :)

MAC - currently using now - coverage cantek but mine cam a bit on the yellow side so cam tak berapa nak puas hati..SA die tak betul ke ape pun tak tauuuu....hmmm....


should I try something new ??....been wanting to try MUFE HD Foundation for quite some time now,  sbb baca the review mcm hebat giler this foundation.... i think it retails around rm140 ke rm160 camtu?

Should I?


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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

MeiTai >> siapa nak?

while cleaning Aqils drawers...I found this.....

Nak give away..... siapa mahu????

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today, I would like to write something to educate my readers..not saying that I am miss-know-it-all .. but I have been educated about this since I was young and I see so many people and even my friends are not aware of this issue..

what issue?

the BRA issue!  :)

do you guys know, according to experts, around 80 per cent of women are wearing the wrong size bra and many have never even been for a fitting. And because of this, these women might be damaging their breast and up to 95% of women are thought to be at risk — because "they are ignorant or embarrassed about their true bra size."

bukan main2 yer kawan2... wearing the wrong bra and wrong bra size could damage your breast!

nak baca about the risks and studies, boleh check out links kat bawah ni :

Then you guys must be wondering mcm mana nak tahu if your wearing the right size or not? Below ni are 14 signs that shows you are wearing the wrong bra size

Signs that Your Bra Band is the Wrong Size
1. The Band Cuts into Your Skin
If the band digs into you and creates back-fat bulges or red marks on your torso, it’s too tight and you need to move up a band size.
2. You can pull the band more than a couple of inches away from your back
If you can pull the band back that far, it’s too loose and you need to move down a band size.
3. The bra straps are cutting into your shoulders
This is perhaps the most misunderstood sign of an improperly-fitting bra.  The bra band’s responsible for providing 80% of the support for your bust.  The straps should only be doing 20% of the work.  If the straps are digging into you, they’re shouldering too much of the burden.  Your band is likely too large and you need to move down a band size.  Making this change will allow the band to do its fair share of the “heavy lifting.”
4. The band doesn't lie parallel to the ground
If it’s curved or riding up on your back, it’s too loose.  You need to move down a band size.
5. You dont have two fingers of space between your bra band and your back
If you can fit more than two fingers between your band and your back, your band’s too loose and you need to move down a band size; if you can’t fit two fingers back there, your band’s too tight and you need to move up a band size.
6. The band doesn't rest flatly against your back
If there’s space between the band and your back when it’s fastened, the band’s too loose and you need to move down a band size.
The bra band’s perhaps the most important, functional component of your bra.  Making sure it’s the right size is critical.  But, keep in mind, if you move up or down in band size you may need to make an opposite move in cup size in order to maintain an overall correct fit.
Signs that Your Bra Cups are the Wrong Size
7. The underwires rest on your breast tissue
The cups, including the wires, should completely contain your breasts.  The wires should rest on your rib cage.  If the wires rest on your breast tissue, your cups are too small and you should move up a cup size.
8. The underwires poke you under your arms
If you’re being poked in the sides, where the cups meet the wings, your cups are too small and you should move up a cup size.
9. The underwires lift off of your rib cage
If the underwires don’t lie flatly against you, the cups are again too small and you need to move up a cup size.
10. Your cups are wrinkling
If you’re wearing non-molded cups, and there seems to be extra fabric at their tops, the cups are too large and you should move down a cup size.
11. Breast tissue is bulging from the edges of the cups
If part of your bust appears to be jumping from the top of the cups, or spilling out from the sides of them under your arms, the cups are too small and you need to move up a cup size.  Again, the cups should completely contain all of the breast tissue; wearing cups that are a size too small to enhance cleavage only produces an uncomfortable fit.
12. The center gore, or the fabric connecting to bra's two cups, doesnt rest flatly against your sternum
If you can put your finger between the fabric and your skin, your cups are too small causing your breasts to exert too much tension on the center gore.  Again, try moving up a cup size.
When evaluating the fit of your bra cups, keep a couple of things in mind.  First, few women have two breasts that are exactly the same size.  When determining the right cup size for you, always judge the fit according to your larger side.  Second, a great way to judge “spillage” out of the cups is to put on a tight T-shirt over your bra.  You’ll be able to see any excess tissue more clearly than by just wearing a bra alone.  If bulges are apparent, you’ll need to move up a cup size.
Signs that Your Bra Straps Don’t Fit Properly
13. The straps slide off your shoulder
Bra straps shouldn’t slide off of your shoulders.  If this occurs, they’re too loose.  Increase their tension if they’re adjustable.
14. You dont have two fingers of space between your bra straps and your shoulders
If you have adjustable straps, increase their tension if more than two fingers fit underneath them; decrease their tension if two fingers can’t fit underneath them.
Bras that fit correctly are comfortable, improve posture, create a thinner appearance, and bolster confidence and self-esteem by creating an overall better silhouette.  They can be the most important items in any woman’s wardrobe.

a bra that does not fit...

So mcam mana nak dapatkan size and bra yang betul????

you guys can baca kat sini >>>> How To Find The Right Bra

or ....

you gurls can call me!!! heeheheheheheeee :)

I told you before about Premium Beautiful's Short Bra kan ? 

I've got mine already and it does wonderssss to your figure!! and it totally gives u the support you need!

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Monday, August 15, 2011

makeup tutorials

holla gurlz.....lama giler tak update... i was so busy last week tak sempat nak update ape2... there was the buka puasa, then the running here and there jumpa clients and business partners and all....tiring but fun and soooooo worth it!!

anyways...lately ni myself rajin post/upload pictures of myself kat FB sbb nak tunjuk my makeup of the day - after dapat that 120 pallete - addicted!! tiap2 hari pun makeup..walaupun setakat g stockist and post office jer..hahaha....

people ramai yg PM me tanya how do i do my eyemakeup or could i do a tutorial...makkkkkk....i bukan profesional... myself pun tgk tutorials kat youtube bila nak pakai colors yg jarang pakai tu..- which is basically everything except choc..hehe...i always use earth colors...tapi bila dah ade pallete ni...maka berkale2 laa mata ku tiap2 hari...

senang jer nak cari tutorial.... type jer 120 pallete kat youtube search tu...haaaa,,,berlambak keluar....pilih jer laa mana2 yg nak try....klu buhsan2 hujung minggu tu....try laa sebelah mata lain..sebelah mata lain....hehe...practise makes perfect k! ;)

yang bawah ni contoh...i dont think i've ever tried it before tho...

i love this one, but its not using the 120 pallete...but the beauty of it..dalam the 120 pallete u can get all the colors used!

Anyone yg interested nak the 120 pallete just let me know k...

aisyah - 0192710102

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cash Installment Premium Beautiful

As low as RM200 per month!!!!

Contact me to know how :

aisyah 0192710102

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Monday, August 8, 2011

shawl tutorial : side twist

a tutorial for this style


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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Never Give Up On Anything

It's Madness...

To hate all roses, because you got scratched by one thorn.

To give up all your dreams, because one did not come true.

To lose faith in prayers, because one was not answered.

To give up on your efforts, because one of them failed.

To condemn all your friends, because one of them betrayed.

Not to believe in love, because someone was unfaithful.

Remember that, another chance may come up.

A new friend, A new love, A new life.

Never give up on anything!

taken from here

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premium beautiful


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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Aku Suka Dia - Ainan Tasneem

if I was in still college now...i'll totally dig this song... ;)

aisyah samsudin

rasanya lama tak membebel kosong

like really kosong with no important or any significant details in it.... since this is my personal blog, i am going to membebel like nobody's just skip this entry people...u dont have to read it...i promise you its going to full of crap and nothing usefull.. ;p this entry is for me..

what to talk about..hmm....ramadhan.. :) hows ramadhan this year? well its only been 4 days...but the 1st day was see, when i was pregnant 2 years back i tried to puasa, but 2 days, then i had gastric like h*ll! berguling2 atas lantai i didnt puasa that year, then last year i ws breastfeeding aqil exclusively....i puasa like normal the 1st day, then 2nd day my milk supply trus down which took me into panic mode lepas tu trus tak puasa...hahaha...which i know now that actually i had to be strong and confident and drank a lot of plain water masa subuh....yeah yeah....but Islam itu undah bukan....

then this year, no reason for me to not first day, set jam, semangat nak masak sahur, siap dalam kepala otak dah ade idea nak masak ape...tup tup bangun 630!! damnn!! adoiyaiiii...what laaa !! but ofcourse dah niat awal2 so just bngun subuh as normal and slept back..hahaha..hubs had to go to work obviously....1st SIL was staying over...and i was suppose to hantar her to KTM coz die nak balik kolej, but i had some errands to run before i could send her so die pun ikut laa...masa dalam kete die dah ckp..kak ecah larat ker ni...i was like..owhhh...klu masuk kedai hilang lapar..

i had to eat my own words! cehh.....masuk tak sampai 10 minit cam nak pitam! muka pucat lesi...but i had a few things to get so gagahkan diri jua...bukan mengada2..but i am still breastfeeding my lil munchkin and he feeds like every hour! yes no kidding!! jap jap mama mama....itu klu kat rumah laa..klu kat luar maybe 5 hours  boleh tahan..hahaha....ikut perangai mama die laa tuuu... adik ipar sampai ckp...kak ecah takyah puasa laa...tau tak...haram jadinya klu sampai menyeksa diri - or something like that..... but ohhh tidak tidak...i nak puasa gak...heeee..salah sendiri siapa suruh tak beli brg awal2 before puasa kan.....pangggg...

then that night went to meet my leader Salha...i tell you..i have all the respect in the world for this girl...i am saying thins not becoz shes my leader, but bcoz i've gotten to know her these past few month and she's one tough chic! now skrg dengan takde maidnyer..yes she got rid of her maid coz she caught red handed the bibik  hitting her children..yes HITTING! hard! giler arr..kalau aku mengamuk kot...sepak terajang balik bibik tu..but she boleh nasihat the bibik..and her father is sick, but yet she still meeting up her business partners after terawih to give us support and strategy and motivation for us in this business...mmg tabik springg laa kat die a lot of input and ideas from her that night...alhamdulillah..

day 2 - went to meet my business partner kak shila untuk turunkan ilmu kat die plak...- yes this business is all about teamwork! yeay! i was suppose to meet up a client but her PB size habis stok..need to go tukar again today - see- siapa kata PB tak laku?!?!?!! goshh...we sell a lot of PB..lagi2 bulan puasa org nak raya ni nak badan meletop kann!! malam tu i wanted to cook but alih2 tertido sampai kul hubs singgah pasar ramadhan beli lauk...i tell you - no more!!! omg...the ikan was like rm7 but not fresh and tasted weird...and the ayam was keras n tasted weird....last2 dari lapar giler tu makan sikit jer T__T malam tu ingat nak kluar jumpa another business partner but i was not able to, been vomiting since the past 2 weeksss...jeng jeng jeng....pregnant kah?? hahahhaa.....tapi badan mmg lemah punn..

day 3 - went out to the lawyers office, berkenaan rumah - i tell you eh...beli rumah = leceh!!!!! i tought dah habis dah all the deals with the lawyer ni...then the strata just came out and boy the lawyer FEE!!! one transaction 2 different set of forms and documents, 2 procudures... 2 diferrent fraking BILLS!!!! tgk the total amoutn we needed to pay....well lets just say i am getting a headache now and my blood preasure just rose just thinking abt it!!! hadoiii....i was planning to buy a second home somewhere in the middle of next year - or ujung tahun..but come to think about it again...maybe not...series malas nak deal with all these legal stuff...boleh gitu?? grr....went to stockist to settle a few things after that..balik rumah....jeng jeng jeng.... my period came!!!!! cissss!!! penat jer puasa sampai petang...hahaha...but tak kesah laa..terus bancuh nescafe dapatkan tenaga....and cooked....malam kol 9 dah out...suppose nak tidokan aqil while waiting for hubs balik terawih..alih2 mak die tido skali...terus tak pergi kelas T___T - rugi rugi...kelas business ni best tau..u get lotssss of input mcm mana nak buat business n all..and u get motivation and you get to meet super rich people who are down to earth super humble......triple respect gua ckp lu!!!

day 4 - which is still pagi...but let me say, i just watched The Sosial Network a few days ago and now i am googling and watching on youtube the stories and interviews of the facebook creator...geniiusss!!! pure genius... but ade lagi org dok ckp bende2 buruk and people who are saying he wont last long - mcm myspace tu... he's a billionaire already for goodness sake...ade lagi org ckp die tak bagus?? tak suka tgk org lain berjaya kan?? i think i'll blog about this later...

aqil is now pestering me to go i shall stop my ramblings here....will post something new after i mandi....found this video on u tube and kinda liking it...yes hantu youtube skrg nihhh.....;p ok...i am not even going to bother to check my spellling and whatnot coz post ni mmg main tulis jer amende yg ade kat otak now....tiada tujuan tiada arah.....

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

phase 1 : testing the patterns

remember my blog post about making pants for my little kiddo...? 

so downloaded the pattern from MADE and printed it out, just to test the pattern muat tak untuk aqil....since the pattern is for 2-3 years old..

dug up some fabby that i bought last year? or 2 years back? cant remember and made him a pants...and tadaaa......

i followed the patterns exactly, just cut short the length coz boy not so tall.. :) 

now... on to the next phase.. ;)

aisyah samsudin


watched this on Izyan's blog and I just have one word to describe it...


I just had to share this here....

Jessica Harlow's Rules for Life

Basically, there are 3 rules in the video .. and these are Tips To Be More Successful, Enjoy Our Lives More and Get More Things Done

Rule # 1 - Always Do What You're Afraid To Do

Fear is the biggest obstacle ever! mmg betul... we fear everything that's outside our comfort zone .. we fear if we will fail, we fear what might people say, we fear what our family would say.... yes sure... but sometimes we over-think things... sometimes we fear things we dont have to fear...

Jessica said, what makes her overcomes her fears is when she compared her fear to what was more scary to her...

the WHAT-IFs !!

ask yourself this....

are you more scared of what people would say or all those little things you could imagine what could happen


what are you more afraid of sitting down a few years from now and sitting back and say... Owh..what if I tried doing that? what if I've taken that risks? what if I faced those fears?

kannn???? lagi2 when you see orang lain dah berjaya..dah wayyyyy ahead of you?? you want to be the person left behind??

So people, put the fear aside and CHALLENGE YOURSELF ! sometimes you need these challenge to grow as a person... :)

sometimes a little bit of fear can take you a longgg long as you channel that fear into something good :)

Rule # 2 - Be Your Own Bestfriend

simple... YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF ... you need to be honest to yourself and helpful to yourself as possible..

dont wait for people to do it for you... YOU must take your own step...You must do everything you need to do for YOURSELF.... IT ALL STARTS WITH YOU!!

Jessica said, "some way or another we are all self centered to some degree..." .. which is true, you ask yourself, would you think about your needs first, or would you think about your friends need first?? of course laa you can...then, other people are just the same...maka... you have to be the first to push believe in yourself..

Rule # 3 - Cut Negative People Out of Your Life ... ( excuses!)

TRUE TRUE TRUE TRUE TRUE..... not only she says this...even Donald Trump says this ok...

she says, "if you got friends who says you cant do this, you cant do that, dont bother doing that, you're not going to go dont enough of this, you dont have enough of that..all those you cant, you dont you whatever..cut them out...remove them from your life...they are not your friends"..

acquaintance and friends are different things...not everyone is your friend....friends want you to be happy in life...bukan nak jatuhkan orang...bukan nak mengutuk org bila org tu nak try something different...

true, kita tak mungkin always sependapat dengan kawan kita, tapi kita kene support..bukan jatuhkan...bukan ckp all the negative things...ckp..aku rasa ko tak cukup kuat laa nak buat...ko bukan ade backup klu anything happens....think about the positive and work towards it..insyaAllah in time kita akan nampak hasilnya...

as for "kawan" yg kita terpaksa berdepan everyday.... as jessica said, "minimize your time with them" ....

if family members plak yang negative tak kesah laa abang ke, makcik ke, pakcik ke..... easy.... dont talk about the subject ngan diorang...or if they still dok cakap negative things about what you're doing or dok tease you or perli2...just walk away...g toilet ker...g cari air ke...makanan ke.... then lepak tempat lain... :) remember what you are doing is for you... :)

so snip snip snip snip snip ~~~

dont feel bad coz they are not really your friends...friends dont make you feel little or useless :)

and make sure you are positive too :)

I think thats the video if you have time, trust me, its really eye opening... judge for yourself, be honest :) insyaAllah..

aisyah samsudin

the 120 eyeshadow pallete

this is me rambling about my new buy :)

the 120 eyeshadow pallete,, LOVE!

* if you find it annoying ... thanks? LOL!

Anyone interested in the friend got some more..i think the cheapest yet..yg lain mostly jual rm75-100 camtu...?? just drop me an email or sms me, i'll help you get it from her :)

0192710102 or

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Monday, August 1, 2011

everytime I hear this I go to La~La~Land

my sister showed me this and now I'm addicted!

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