Wednesday, June 6, 2012

business di sana di sini

Monday 12pm - fitting my client at KLCC area :) no picture lorh..takkan nak amek gambar tgh fitting! lol!

Monday 2-3pm - lunch with SM Kak Nisa at Paradigm Mall for Paris + London setting

Monday night - met my good friend kat JJ Wangsa Maju - dinner and catching up :)

Tuesday brunch - met my future diamond , bakal DSM Shiela at her workplace for London + Paris setting

Tuesday lunch - with my 31 weeks pregnant partner , SSM Dina also for London + Paris setting + a little bit of shopping! hey, we're pregnant mommies deserve to spoil ourselves once in a while - or more likely everyday! lol!

Tuesday night - Diamond Executive Meeting

Wednesday brunch - with my mentor, CDM Salha Zain for my DDM + Paris and London + Car Fund + Paris & London Shopping target (RM30k!! T___T ) + year end target savings (RM100k) settings at Starbucks

Wednesday evening - with bakal SSM Sue before class, setting her Paris + London , also she got the golden touch by CDM Salha - trus masuk gear 5!

Wednesday night - class!! you can never learn enough!

Wednesday after class - with SSM Chuk , solving her problems and giving her tips and strategies for her next move for Paris n London - already welcoming a new business partner this week! working from 8-6 but still got time for business and class! hebat!

alhamdulillah...even at 31 weeks pregnant Allah has given me the strength to do my business and help all my business partners in this business - I have always stressed that this business is about teamwork - you will never work alone!! always with a mentor, always with a friend..never will you find a friend outside there what will help you get that 5 income savings except in this business - Allah gives you rezeki dalam bentuk peluang, once you see that peluang, grab it!! and use it to the max!

some people may say, habis, bila masa nak enjoy? bila masa nak tengok movies?  bila masa nak release stress?

I ask you , if you see this banked in your account every 11th of the month

* image for illustration purpose only - tiada kene mengena dengan yg mati or yg hidup*

is it a stress reliever enough for you? buat ape pun lepas tu hati tenang jer kannn...


ask yourself, how much you want to earn, tell me, and I'll show you how, in this business, nothing is impossible!!

Aisyah Samsudin
Authorized Premium Beautiful Agent

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