Thursday, May 31, 2012

Aqil Sidqi's room :)

when I started my 2nd pregnancy, one of many first things that came to mind was SIAPKAN BILIK AQIL!! currently he's sleeping on ur bed, mostly coz his bedroom is more like a storage for his uncles n aunties stuff..haha..mama pun malas nak kemas, and second because he stills wakes up in the middle of the night, so klu tido bilik asing harus laa bangun bergerak ke bilik die kan..

anyways, I had a LOT of ideas nak buat bilik die, tapi biasalaaa..kita hanya merancang...hehe..tenaga nya mmg ade takat tu jer..

anyways, this is how his room used to look like...

penuh dengan barang Ateh die..

also tempat gantung baju mama n ba die..

white boring walls

sajer nak menyebok..haishh...

after deciding on a theme color for the walls, green and white - I wanted green all over tapi hubs kata amek masa lama nak cat the whole room, sebab itu laa jadi ade white skali tuh...2 walls white, 2 walls green :)

getting ready to paint the room, when we bought the paint, the nippon paint store yg biasa kitorg pergi tu tutup (it was a suday), so we went to another hardware store near my moms house, and mmg ade satu brand jer die jual (very small and usang hardware store) and the only choice of green was this one..masa tu mama nyer mmg tak sabar nak cat bilik belasah jer laaa...and surprisingly I love the green!! a bleesing in disguise jugak laa kiranya, klu tak mau berjam dok dalam kedai just picking the right green!

because I was soooo eager to siapkan bilik aqil before the next package starts, and malas nak tunggu hubs masa weekend jer boleh nak cat bilik - I started myself!! I cant climb the ladder (obviously! I'm not stupid!) so takat ni jer laa boleh nak cat, the rest I waited for hubs to come back from work to finish it off...

penghibur ku masa cat bilik!

bless my husband, sayangkan bini, balik dari kerja penat2 tros sambung cat!! I just love him! cant post the picture him painting tho...for my eyes only!! seksiii you!!

the finished product :) or more like almost finish....wall deco semua tak larat nak pk lagi..slow2 laa yg bab tu... mula2 ingat nak tuka katil, wanted to buy a white one, tapi hubs kata takyah .. tunggu dulu.. fikir2 balik betullaa...nnti dah ade baby, aqil can sleep with his ba here kan..takde laa tido atas lantai plak ba die.,.

the comforter set aqil yg pilih kat jusco - sbb ade gambar car - i wanted something form ikea - yg bulat2 itu...nampak smart sket..tapi long as he's happy..

part of his toys, mostly cars jer, takde mainan besar2..mcm sedih plak tgk koleksi mainan die..but everytime p kedai nak cars jer.. so..hmm..biarlaa.. bought new blinds for the window but hubs tak pasang lagi masa ni..

now I can cross "Aqils Wardrobe" off My 2nd Pregnancy Wishlist 

didnt get the one I wanted sbb hubs cakap excessive sangat..rm4k just for a! but I must say I'm satisfied and happy with this one! just perfect for Aqil n his sibling nanti :) trust hubs to kick some senses out of me! aqil loves it yeay!!!

I also made a reading/study corner for me and aqil to sit down in his room...mcm ni boleh monitor what he's doing sambil baca buku ke sambil susukan adik die nanti.. :) must stock up on books!

he loves coloring now! :) after one dah siap...preparing for the baby next - apparently i've just hit 30 weeks this week..and I didnt even realize it!! org dah bising suruh siapkan beg baby, honestly, that didnt even crossed my mind! langsung!!!

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cotton On Kids Sales!!

yesterday while waiting for my business partners to arrive, TERlalu Cotton On Kids (Sunway pyramid) , and I saw such a wonderful sight!

Cotton On Kids SALESS!!!

boys tshirt 2 for RM50!! original price RM49 per piece!

ni lg melampau murah - RM19 per piece!

I really love the colorful skinny jeans but thought twice before nak rembat untuk Aqil - dont think hubs would agree with these! haha... almost got aqil the mint green one tho! 2-3 kali amek letak amek letak! lol~

Not sure when the sale ends..but if you're looking for new outfits for your kids, I definitely recommend cotton on kids nyer baju! my true favorite! the prices also not bad :)

*mcm nak drag hubby p sana esok malam!

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Paris here I come!

yesterday sesi personal touch and setting target with my business partners, one target for their SHOPPING MONEY untuk ke Guangzhou nanti - yes!! both of them going to Guangzhou this July!! *jelesssnyaaa* I want to shop also!!! korang tak beli brg yg aku pesan siap!! haha ~~ masing2 dah target nak bawak atleast rm3k sorang - ok laa kan? Guangzhou suppose to be cheap cheap stuff kan..

but the best part malam tadi was setting their strategy untuk ke Paris + London!!

bila sebut psal Paris sebelum ni, I was excited jer..yelaa Paris..kota Cinta... but bila dok sembang ngn my business partners about it, baru rasa macam...WOW...PARIS!!!

I mean, of course every girl would dream going there - or at least I do - mmg teringin - but it always have been a dream only - berangan2 jer - NEVER before imagined that I could actually go! I always thought it was somewhere impossible for me to go... yelaaa..ticket pergi balik jer dah rm10k...habis accomodation lagi, makan lagi, nak jalan2 lagi, pastu takkan nak p sorang kan...atleast kene spend like RM50k for a whattt?? boleh beli kereta kot dengan RM50k tu.... or like..baik p umrah dah boleh bawak 10 org..Paris was like wayyyyy of my list of things possible..

until yesterday, bila bersembang - it just hit me...OH MY GOD... I actually do have a chance going to Paris and to top it off, Free Of Charge! I just need to work hard for it!! and we're not talking about 10-20 tahun punya kerja okeh - only 4-5 month punya hardwork - can take me to Paris - with my friends and more importantly - with MY HUSBAND!!!!

one word - WOW!!!

terus rasa bersyukur dengan Allah sbb opened my heart to accept this business in the first place... I'm not saying this because of Paris jer, come to think about it - even Hong Kong and Vietnam pun - if I didnt joined this bisnes, rasanya tak pergi kot tempat2 tuh, altho klu kumpul duit mmg boleh pergi sendiri, but me being me, I believe, I would do something else dengan duit tu rather than spend it on holiday - mmg jalan2 tu best - but I mean spending on tickets, and accommodation semua - bila balik - yg ade just memories and my bank account almost empty! for me, mcm tak berbaloi - eventho my family mmg selesa, but after kahwin, my hubs, aqil and me are my family..and kitorang mmg tak langsung dikategori senang or selesa lagi...we are still building up our family...

so spending thousands on holidays - not a priority - walaupun mmg teringin - heh - jgnkan ribu, nak p redang yg ratus2 tu pun pk bnyk2 kali ~~

BUT NOW ~~ thinking of the possibility nak pergi Paris makes me so excited and thrilled sampai termasuk2 mimpi... 

La Tour Eiffel - one of the first words I learned masa amek french language kat sekolah dulu :)

Louvre Museum - I am not into paintings, but the thought of being so close to the REAL Mona Lisa painting gives me the chills..

Galeries LaFayette - I read this is one of the must go to shopping destinations in the world - ckp jer brand ape, semua ada....adoi - my heart is beating really fast already!

and of course - Paris Disneyland!! I think I'm most excited nak pergi sini kot - cant wait to go on the rides!!

have you ever dream about going to Paris like me but never ever thought you could live that dream? well dear, why leave it as a dream when you could actually go? seriously, I'm not kidding you, not only you could have your dream vacation - but good money comes with it too-and great company (hehe..saya laa orgnya tu! haha..perasan!)  all you have to do is text me (0192710102) or email me ( and I will definitely show you how :)

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Once hooked..forever addicted!

Remember my Almond Shower Oil that I accidentally purchased and which I fell completely in love with? well, I've been using it quite religiously AND every time I step out of the shower smelling all rich and nice...I would think, "damn, if only I had the body cream and I'll be in heaven!"    

so when I walked passed by L'Occitane at Pyramid last night, I just cant resist the temptation to go inside and take a look at the other products under the Almond range..

I was first hooked on the Almond Milk Concentrate, the big tub looked so luxurious I could immediately imagine myself taking my time applying it on my skin..

but when I asked the SA how long does the smell last, she immediately recommended the Almond Supple Skin Oil , she explained that not only the smell last longer but it has more benefits to it compared to the milk concentrate...I was torned, I love the Milk Concentrate because it was so huge compared to the Oil that looked like I could finish it within a month! but I've heard read great reviews about the Body Oil esp for stretchmarks... but since I was in a rush (meeting my business partners after that) , I instantly relied on the practical side of me - take the one with the most benefits! 

Almond Supple Skin Oil and Almond Soap

I bought the soap to get the free membership, I was like RM18 short, so, rembat jer laa...  and honestly no regrets there! it smells exactly the same like the shower oil!!now I can smell of almond everyday babehh!!

used it immediately yesterday - and fuhhh... words cannot describe how I am loving this product to bits right now.. the SA told me her stretchmarks disappeared in 2 weeks after using this oil! I dont have that much of stretchmarks compared to my 1st pregnancy, but lets see!

3 out of 5 - I will still get the Milk Concentrate one day and also maybe the Almond Tonic Body Oil which the SA told me was highly recommended for post pregnancy ladies.. :) 

there's also tips on massage techniques on the box! cool eh?

I glanced at it once only tho, then, belasah jerrr!!

who already bought the Showel Oil - go get the Skin Oil plak! I promise you its worth every penny!!

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polkadots :)

what im wearing today :)


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Monday, May 28, 2012

Purse Fossil Brand New




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RM5 makeup organizer I LOVE!

I cant reallly say I'm a makeup junkie coz I dont really have that much of makeup collection - but I do love makeups and I do have issues in storing them before..mmg klu letak atas dressing table tu serabut jer tengok.. BUT, after buying aqil his new wardrobe, I got to store all my makeup in his former chest drawer yg mmg ade in my our room pun! the issue was how to store it, takkan nak campak2 jer kan....then masa beli wardrobe aqil kat Ikea tu, I found this compartment thingy to put in the drawer and its just purrfect for all my makeupsss..

and it ONLY COST RM5 per piece!!! wooohoooo!!! punya tamak beli 6 tros okehh!!

balik2 trus organize my new makeup drawer..and voilaa....

can fit 3 pieces inside the drawer! 

compact n loose powders - both from Chanel (tak sabar nak tunggu habis and beli MUFE plak!)

single eyeshadows - dulu2 beli elianto jer (yg sederet kat atas tu) , now dah berjinak2 dengan MAC :) all the black ones kat bawah itu :)

eyeshadow palletes - ade MAC, Stila, Estee Lauder, Chanel, Bobbi Brown and Elizabeth Arden

Loose ES - In2it (sajer try masa tu tgh sales rm5 jer kot satu)

Misc - tweezers, sharpener, gunting, vicks

faoundation n makeup base - MUFE (my fav!!), MAC , Chanel primer, Soap&Glory moisturizer, Elite primer

Lip Products - not a lip junkie, so biasa beli yg normal jer, got 1 chanel, Sugar, lip balm, Etude house lip stain, and a few silky girl lipstick 

Blushers - MAC, Etude House, Elianto

Liners and Mascara - campur2 lip liner, brow liner, eyeliner, kajal - my fav eyeliner Silkygirl!

Fake lashes - strictly for events only!

yg ni just brooches and bende2 lain... 

see, takde laa banyak sangat but i think its enough (tho everytime masuk MAC skrg gatallll jer tangan nak membeli T___T) brushes letak on the drawer chest - tapi lupa nak amek gambar - most of my brushes are from Coastal Scents, ade MAC 1 jer, tgh slowly kumpul sbb brushes MAC mahal nak mampus...tapi sgt best! haha..alasan! 

the downside? tempat letak makeup tu cam lighting tak berapa nak OK plus sbb chest drawer kan so takleh nak duduk - tak larat nak berdiri - so everytime nak makeup - terpaksa angkut naik katil mengadap tingkap so lighting nyer cantik boleh bersila and take my own sweet time masa makeup :)

how do you organize your makeup? share laa!! mana tau boleh curik idea?!! heee... leave ur link kat comment k!

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pstt pstt .. did you know...

yes, us girls sure love to gossip! especially when its about other people and especially when we think that if we're included in the gossip circle, we will not be the the subject of gossip...

well sorry to break this to you honey. everybody talks about everybody. You and Me included. No exception. 

alaa...come on..dont get offended, I know you gossip too...and so do I... c'est it about something good or bad.. we gossip...we just couldnt help it... its fun! haha..ok laa...not always fun...but its a thing we girls do..

BUT. do you know, that by gossiping about other people. it could affects our lives too?

ok laa...dosa tu of course laaa..and also if the person you were bad-talking about got to know you were talking behind her back - mmg boleh jadi perang dunia ke-3

but I'm not talking about that part, I'm talking about how it affects you indirectly.

contoh eh,

a colleague of yours, who was super sexy before, started to wear hijab, and bukan setakat hijab biasa, but tros pakai tudung labuh.

thats a good thing right?

tapi, biasalaa..for reasons I dont understand why, ade jugak org yg nak kutuk.

so you're having lunch with your colleagues, ade org start bukak cerita, "eh, ko tgk si polan tu trus pakai tudung labuh..pastu nak bagi2 ceramah..elehh...bagi aku laa kan...baik start sket2..jgn drastik sgt..ntah2 sekejap jer die mcm tu...baik jadi biasa2...bla bla bla bla bla..."

yg jenis otak bebal mcm yg dok bad-talk ni would agree  ... "betul2..aku pun rasa mcm tu.."

for those yg jenis yg dont care what other people say about them , maybe would defend the girl..

but for most, sbb yelaa...kawan2 nak p lunch itu jer laa....yg jenis kesah ape org cakap psal diorang..would senyap...walaupun diorang tak agree dengan statement tu...

this will most likely affect the 3rd group - kata laa...die pun ade niat nak pakai tudung labuh jugak could actually batalkan niat die coz, itulaa..takut people bad-talk like that about her - walaupun pakai tudung labuh tu menutup aurat = sgt2 bagus...kannn...

you think things like this doesnt happen...but it actually does.....berapa ramai dari kita, yg batalkan niat kita buat something yg baik sbb kita dengar kawan kita cakap buruk psal org lain yg buat bende baik tu?

I believe, mesti ade, walaupun bende tu kecik jer....

we dont know, what is the bigger picture if we buat bende baik tu...amek contoh tudung labuh tu, if kita start pakai, yes, maybe ade yg kutuk, but ALSO, maybe ade yg inspired dengan kita and rasa nak start pakai tudung labuh jugak and trus start pakai.... isnt that a good thing? 

but if kita layankan sgt org2 yg suka dok bercakap ni - and TAKUT sangat dengan org2 ni --->> kawan kita yg kita boleh inspire tu, yg alih2 ikut kita ke arah kebaikan tu, takkan inspired... then...

what I want to say here is that, if people start to gossip..walk away... laa..klu gossip psal artis ape salahnya kann...

I'm just saying --->> If you have niat nak buat bende baik, and you yourself dah buat the pro and cons sendiri, just do it, dont let the fear of people talking behind your back affects your decision to do that good thing :)

aisyah samsudin

30 hours ago, I escaped from being kidnapped

this entry was taken from here , I felt the need to share the story in my blog so if terlepas baca kat FB (ye laa kan timeline moves very fast kan) boleh baca kat sini..

Ladies, please be very2 careful when you're alone k...esp at parking lots, you think places like The Curve is safe (well, at least I thought it was safe - selalu jer jalan lengah2) coz you know the area dalam tu kan mmg banyak Jaga, but .. hhmmm... anyways, please read and share ok :)

As I sit here writing this, I am just so grateful to be alive.

To think that 30 hours ago I had a knife to my throat, face to face with the threat of being kidnapped and raped.

It was a Sunday, at 5.22PM. I was alone, walking towards my boyfriend's car in level B2 of The Curve, Mutiara Damansara. He was not in town, and I was running errands with his car. Just as I was putting my shopping bags in the rear seat, the rear car door was slammed against my back, and a meat cleaver was pressed against my throat. A man covered my mouth with his hand, and whispered not to scream. He then shoved me onto the floor of the backseat of the car and waved the cleaver at me, reminding me not to scream. He was skinny, wearing a baggy turqoise blue t-shirt, had a thick moustache and short curly hair, approx 5'8", mid-30s, and of Indian descent.

At this moment, second man appeared. He was also in his mid-30s. He was wearing a red t-shirt, had a crewcut, and was of Malay descent. He grabbed my car keys and demanded for my parking ticket. I couldn't remember where it was. They shoved me deeper into the car, and the Indian man got into the back seat with me, while the Malay man got into the driver's seat, driving us out of the carpark.

I told them they could take everything, just let me go. But at that point they didn't even ask for money. Instead, the Indian man started to make sexual advances. Then it hit me. "Oh my God. Oh my God. This is really happening. I'm being kidnapped.. and I think I know what they want."


From this moment on, there were a few crucial things that happened that I think is the reason I'm alive today. 

1. I managed to get into a position to escape.
 When they got into the car, the Indian man had tried to force my body down onto the floor. I knew that the moment I'm on the floor, there would be no chance of escape. So I begged him to let me sit up. I promised him I wouldn't scream or alert anyone's attention. Thankfully, he trusted me, and let me sit up, gripping my arm tightly. Then I told him my arm really hurt and to please not grip it so hard. He loosened his grip.

2. I did not fight for the sake of fighting.
 I was in an enclosed space, with no clear escape route. I would never win in a fight with these 2 guys, especially when they have sharp weapons. Had I fought from the get go, I may not have been in a position to escape. I might've even been knocked out cold, and God only knows where I would be right now. 

3. I was lucky and sneaky.
I knew that the only way to escape, was to jump out of the car, even if it was moving. They had locked the car doors. So I leaned back, pretended to scratch my hair, and shakily unlocked the door I was leaning against. I'm so lucky they did not see or hear this!

4. I went 'crazy' at the right time.
And then I waited. I knew that the car would have to slow down outside the parking lot, as it exits to merge with the main roads. The moment it slowed down, I opened the car door and tried to make a run for it. I failed. I kicked my legs out of the car, but the Indian man had managed to pull my body back in. From this moment on, everything is a blur. I remember the Malay driver temporarily stopping the car, leaning over from the driver's seat and attempting to close the door and pull my legs in. At that point I remember thinking, "Even if I don't get out now, I need to keep the door open and my legs out the door. At the very least, it should cause a scene, and someone would see me. Or, the door might hit another car and they'll be forced to slow down." So I continued kicking. My right foot pushed against the wide-open car door to keep it open. I recall elbowing, struggling, kicking, and even biting. I lost my glasses, and was struggling blindly for my life. At some point the Malay driver yelled, "BAGI DIA LEPAS! BAGI DIA LEPAS!" (Let her go! Let her go!) and the Indian man loosened his grip. I made a jump out of the still-moving car, and ran for my life. 

5. I acted in spite of the fear.
My friends said I was brave. But I didn't feel like it. I was quivering and shaking in fear. I was so afraid. I thought I was going to die.  I was weak with fear and deathly afraid. I truly thought "this was it". But I knew I HAD to move. I had to run. Or there would be a worser fate in store for me. While I was quaking in fear, I forced myself to look around and see if there was any way I could escape, or even catch someone's eye.

6. I remembered the people I love.
The only thing that matters when you're faced with potentially horrendous fate, is the people in your life. When I felt the knife to my neck, the first thing I thought was , "This cannot be happening. I must be dreaming." The second? The people that truly matter to me flashed across my mind. It sounds cliche, but it's true. I thought of my parents. My brother. Khailee. Esther. More people. That's all I could think of for a few moments, before I started brainstorming my escape. 


I ran towards the Maybank outlet at the Curve. There were plenty of people milling around. I screamed for help over and over again. I was hysterical. I grabbed an older Malay man by his shoulders and begged for help before practically collapsing at his feet. 

I will always remember the relief and liberation I felt, running over Mutiara Damansara's manicured grass and into the crowd. 


Today, I found out that the entire ordeal from the moment I left the parking ticket payment machine, to my escape, happened in about 4 minutes. To me, it felt like one long nightmare.

We never think its going to happen to us... and then it does. I used to think that this is something that happens only in the papers and to people far, far removed from me. But then it did happen to me. I moved to PJ/KL 6 years ago, and I've spent countless mornings, afternoons and nights at The Curve. When my friends and I were organizing Rock Up! back in 2008, we were walking around the place at 4AM even. It's been 6 years, and never once did I feel that I was unsafe at The Curve. Until yesterday. 

I feel like moving out of the country ASAP. Getting the hell out of this state where you hear of a kidnapping or attempted one every month (remember Nayati?), or a snatch theft every week. And yet I'm fully aware of the fact that in another country with more lax firearm laws, they would've been holding a gun to my head, not a cleaver. And that would've been so, so much worse. 

I'm Blessed. By God's grace, I am alive and relatively well. And I will live another day to build another cat iPhone app. It just was not my time to go. And for that, I thank God. 
I want to share this story with everyone because cops tell me that they rarely get to hear it from someone who escapes. 

Girls, be so very careful. Be vigilant, and please try not to go anywhere alone. If you need to walk to the carpark, and you're alone, get a guard to go with you. I was recently told that it's part of their job description to assist anyone if needed.

Guys, watch out for your girlfriends, wives, mothers, sisters and friends. Walk with them, don't take their paranoia or fear lightly. Watch out for them. 

And everyone, just watch out for each other. Take care of each other. These things really DO happen. As I ran out of the car, so many people came to help me. Strangers who didn't know who I was, came forward and offered me tissue paper, water, cellphones, and general comfort.

Malaysians, please care for one another. You already do. Just keep on caring. Keep watching out for each other. Don't worry about being thought of as "busy body" or "overreacting". The world can be a cruel place, but all it takes is for people to care for one another to make all the difference.

mintak dijauhkan terjadi perkara2 mcm ni kat diri sendiri dan orang2 yg dikenali..aminnn..

aisyah samsudin

Tutorial : Shawl 3 color :)

hello loves!! (gedik!)

anyways, after post this entry about the shawls dat I diy-ed, ramai yg comment kat fb nak tutorial, both how to make the shawl, and also how to wear it :) so here it is :) hope you'll enjoy this entry as much I enjoyed making it!! :) heee :)

gambar intro dulu, me n my kid :)

so, as usual, we start of drafting the measurements for the shawl, can remember how long it'll turn out (and so lazy to go ukur now) - but its long enough I promise!

then we chose the color we want to use for the shawl, for this one I chose light turquoise , light purple and light green 

I bought the fabrics from Kamdar for RM6.90 (ke RM6.80 ntah?) per meter - now got 10% off!!
you only need 1 meter for each color (actually tak sampai pun, but u have to buy 1 meter nonetheless, takleh beli kurang dr 1 meter T__T) 

we then cantumkan all the 3 pieces together, according to the susunan you want laa..this one jahit lurus jer 1/8 inch seam

then you press and turn the one you sew tadi inside

and topstitch 1/8 inch seam jugak

nnti jadi something like this kat bahagian cantuman tu, I seriesly dont know what this kind of teknik is called..tapi sama mcm teknik jahit kain batik tu laa.. ;) 

you can also easily pakai mesin jahit tepi , but since I only have benang kale putih jer, so nnti nampak tak cantik..tu yg guna teknik ni tuh... 

this will be the inside part of your shawl

now jahit tepi - ramai giler org tanya I buat cara mcm mana..actually there are a few ways

1- you can use the tapak kaki gulung - which i have absolutely no idea how to use and too lazy to learn n practise

or u can do it the hard way, lipat super kecik (try tgk shawl chiffon yg dah sedia ada tu, mcm mana kecik kelim tepi tu...haaa...mcm tu laaa kene buat!!) and jahit lurus

part ni jer perlukan kesabaran yg tinggi (or at least for me!)

tadaaa...siap jahit tepi tudung - camni laa rupanya!!! :)

lepas tu silaa laa kemas kan and gunting lebih2an benang yg ade so that tak nampak sgt laa homemade nyer :)



ok, now for the tutorial on how to wear the shawl, dah buat penat2, harussslaaa balaj camne nak pakai kan.. but this is my way..klu korang ade idea lain - boleh jer - nak share sini camne korang pakai pun boleh, just drop a comment nehhh and give ur link - boleh aisyah usha2.. :)

ok...kelam kelibut coz I was such in a hurry...kenapa nak buat jugak video sebelum keluar? sbb streamyx lembab giler nak upload video kat youtube, so aisyah upload sebelum keluar tadi so that balik boleh terus buat blog post! heeee :) klu nak tunggu mmg hati membara jerr tgk betapa slownyaaaaaaaa uploading! I want Unifi!!!!!!

ade a few parts I dont know why I didnt finish the sentence.. but whatevalaa kann.... korang fahammm kannnn... :)

so here's the picture after the first video I made on saturday - the one yg tak jadi tuu... :) hehe...

Hope you guys enjoyed the tutorialssss!!

ps: future London and Paris shopping buddies??  text me 0192710102!!!! or email at serious people only please! coz I'm dead serious about going there!! :)

offer till September 2012!!

aisyah samsudin