Friday, June 8, 2012

20 by Rizalman

an exclusive raya line for Tesco, releasing in July ~

one word ~~ coolness!! now everyone can afford a rizalman design! ranging from Rm180++ - RM250++ (klu tak silap)!

too bad masa tu tgh pantang T__T

a few of the pieces

love the rosettes!

mint green is so in right now kan ?! love!

really love the flow on the right one - tapi mesti susah nak pakai tudung coz of the ribbon in the middle - klu pakai turban ok kot?

love the polka dots!
 love-hate relationship with the stripes - have to be really skinny to pull this one of! but super love it!

both nice and super gorgeous!!

image source :

cant wait for them to be released in July! might get one for myself after all...cantikkk kot!! bukan perlu pakai masa raya pun kan kan kannnnn....!!

eyeing the mint-green and the polka dots .. hmm ..

which one do you like?

Aisyah Samsudin
Authorized Premium Beautiful Agent


tuty said...

TESCO?? Seriously? aihh cantik!!

aiesya said...

kannn!!!! aisyah nak beli untuk lepas bersalin - boleh??

Muzel Zay said...

hi aisyah!bleh beli kat mana nih yeh?? cantik nye!!

aiesya said...

ni rizalman nyer collection for Tesco, ikut yg aisyah baca July baru launch!! kita sama2 tunggu July okehhh!! :)

Muzel Zay said...

babe!! i dah beli dah..ahah..mmg gojess! BUT. size mmg hampas psl stock2 model kompem xde masalah..ahahah.. but i got one for me..nasib ade size..hihihi

aiesya said...

owh!! so jealous!!!! i wanted to buy but gave it another thought.. lepas ni dah start breastfeeding mmg tak dapat laa pakai baju2 mcm tu :(