Wednesday, November 26, 2008


i am having dreams...
scary dreams...
every single night...
since last week
about my wedding dress that turned out to be so wronggggg..
wrong colour...
wrong material (it was very2 the jarang ok!)
wrong design (corsets?? seriesly..??)
and about mza wearing his baju melayu in a diff colour than mine
i asked: where's your baju melayu
he answered: *blur* taktau *blur*
and also realizing I wasnt wearing any inai during my nikah ceremony
and the most recent one
dont laugh....
we brought cu's kids along to our honeymoon...along with my bffs..jyue and madine
i think i'm freaking out....!!
16 days people....
only 16 days towards my big day...!!!!
and there are so much more things undone yet!!!!
im wishing fo a miracle...

Monday, November 24, 2008


yesterday I was on medical first I was pretty reluctant to go for the leave since I've already been on MC for 2 days this month (I dun want my manager think Im taking mc on laa nak kahwin kan..)..the first one on the 1st week of nov and the second was last week..due to dengan hati yang tekad..I went to work as normal..but only 2 hours in the office my condition went worst than ever (Mza said due to the aircond in the office) head was spinning like crazy and my flu was..cannot describe at 10am I went out from the office..

Did I headed straight home..????


I went to MV..hehe..on two reasons..

1st..I wanted to test either I was really sick or I was only mengada2 nak skip work.. how? well normally when my head goes spinning or when I feel sick..and I go to ANY shopping mall..with or without any intention to buy body will straight feel OK...funny aite?? but its true..Mza always said.. "masuk kedai jer sihat trus sayang ni..senang nak jage..takyah bagi makan ubat..." hehehe... so if I still felt sick, then that means that I am truly sick..which happened yesterday.. I thought after walking up and down the mall.. I would I was totally wrong.. I went from bad to worst...sampai masuk Body Shop..I didnt say a word to the SA.. I just pointed out what I wanted..and the SA was quite confused a bit mase mule2..but then agaknye she saw my sick face..just followed me and took whatever i pointed out to the counter..hehehe...and I could barely stand up straight when I was paying for my stuff at La that point the world (or in this case the inside of the LA Senza butique) went spinning like crazieeee....... I was like.." need to go back and rest Aisyah.." made my last purchase and went back home..drove very2 slow coz pening!

2nd..I wanted to buy the CROCS shoes that I blogged earlier.. and I got them! well actually only one pair.. and its the PRIMA in Pulse..remember I wanted it in Gold..?? hmm..out of least I got one, right?? I also wanted to buy some stuff for my a set of Passion Fruit body product (Body Scrub, Body Butter, Lip Butter and Shower Gel) from Body Shop plus Devine Calm Relaxing Massage Oil also from Body Shop.. I also got a sexy lingerie from La Senza.. hehehe.. ;p

These are the catch of the day!


so back home, feeling so unwell..tried to sleep but cant seem like an hour and a half sleep kot then mom woke me up to have lunch (at 3.30pm!..heheh..)..she made nasi ayam..did not have the appetite to eat at first but the rice was so yummy..even on its own..jadi tambah pulak..hehehe...

after lunch..worked on my veil..having a hard time shaping and cutting it into a perfect round shape..the material I'm using is the very2 soft chiffon..go figure! (took the idea from Jid's veil..hehe..thanks Jiddo!) ..but at last, got the shape that I wanted..not as perfect as I want time to be super perfect at these time..then drove to the tailor to get the edges..err...sulam... hehehe... I really thought that it could be done at that time, but owh I was wrong..

adek itu kate.. "hari rabu ye kak..." huhu... so long for finishing it up that night...

dissapointed, still dizzy and spinning, coughing..drove to the nearest chinese drug store to buy Vicks..(couldnt find the one at home) end up buying a box of orange peel fresh, panadol soluble and Vicks... went home..finished off the WHOLE box of peel fresh..(my idea of having direct supply of Vit C for my flu) hehehe... and also made myself a hot steamed bowl of vicks to help my breathing..(could sleep because of my clogged nose !!!)...

but did it help????....nope..nothing...nadaaa..!! I still couldnt breate properly..and my flu was still like h*ll !!blame the sinus and the non existence of "bulu" to filter habuk in my nose..*chehh*

huhu...took my pills...slept at 6pm..and woke up at 6 am this morning!! 12 hours of sleep...!!! giler ahh... klu badan tak recover jugak taktau laa aku...!!!!

my so called supply for my flu....

the bowl of steamed vicks that didnt help at all!!!!!!

*my head is still not ok now..camne..???


Friday, November 21, 2008

[what have i become?]

I am going to a place with a private beach for my honeymoon..I've already bought myself a pair of super cute bikini @ the curve street first wanted to buy Roxy's but the prices are so ridiculous.. RM3++ for a pair of skimpy bikini? no thanks! and besides, the one i bought from the street market is way much cuter than the ones at Roxy! (seriesly..Roxy's designs are ..ntah ape2..hehehe)

well anyways, mza is so totally NOT going to allow me wear ONLY the bikini (i dont think i would even if he allows me bangat deh!!) so I'm trying to find something to cover up the "sexiness" but in the same time still be sexy..(and still showing my hot bikini..hehe) saying that, tshirts are totally a no-no...after googleing some beach styles, I came across "beach kaftans".. wahh..just what i needed..cover up but still sexyyyy...miaaww... ;p

but the problem is..I've searched..and searched..and searched for a beach kaftan (in Malaysia) but I cant simply find one.. I found one at The Island Shop @ OU but damn!! the price ... i am so nottt going to pay RM2++ for a piece of the very the very the very KAIN NIPIS..ceyh...seriesly haa..??

Wanted to buy online but the online stores doesnt ship to Malaysia pulak...adehh...nak pesan kat member pun dorang balik lambat sgt ke malaysia..huhhh...

these are a couple that I adore..(the butterfly one is my fav!!)

i love the colourful material used in this one..menarik...

cantik bukann..?? and its in my fav colour pulak tu...hmmm.....i can totally see myself in it!!

so anyway i guess I'm making the beach kaftan myself..It cant be that hard eyh..??gunting sini, jahit sana.. (luckily I have the passion of sewing and making stuff myself..and im also pretty good at it..hehehe..puji diri lelebih plak ehh)..

Just need to find the material...and also the TIME to make it... (curtain for bilik pengantin belum jahit lagi..ade hati nak buat bende lain...adehh... yes peeps..i make my own curtains!! ;p)

******* ******* ******* *******
I think I'm becoming a shopaholic laa.. seriesly... last weekend I went to Jalan TAR..a couple of times.. 1st time to search for kain for auntie.. which I ended up buying for myself also..the second time I went to search for kain and baju melayu for my future PIL.. and again..I bought one for myself...*sigh*..berapa ratus dah habis ke kain aje...

at first I thought it was only kain and its just me in the process of growing up and becoming a lady.. (i gunno why..but grown ups tend to buy kain and make baju kurung a lot..[read: my mom])..and I never really like buying kain n making baju kurung..biase tibai jer mak punye baju kurung..hehe...well..we USED to wear the same smaller now.. *blush*..

Or maybe because the number of kenduri's next year are uncountable!! all of my friends seem to have found their match and getting married..and I WILL be meeting the SAME people for each nak pakai the same outfit twice right? hehehe..

but then, when I saw aye (my kazen) wearing CROCS..i kinda...hmm.. "macam nak beli jer.."
(and i just bought shoes..remember..??)

adehh...and today.. from the mo' I switched on my PC up until NOW..I've been googling about CROCS..the paterns..the names..the prices...(i even searched for mza punye coz I want to get him one too..) and planned to go to MV after work to buy a pair for myself n mza.. gilerr kann??

but just a while mom called and told auntie that I've been waiting for so lonnggg to finally my house...!!!! yeayyy!!!!! (she lives in Kuantan btw..) ..nasib baikkk...!!!

so.. goodbye CROCS (for today..hehe..) and welcome auntie... ;) ;) [ur such a life saver u know..klu tak taktau laa bp bnyk akan ku spend kat kasut getah tu arini..*sigh* ]

i just hope my urge to buy the CROCS will fade away by tomorrow... aminnn....

anyway.. these are the CROCS that i might be buying in the near future...hahahaha... (padahal baru jer doa agar tak beli...teruk sungguh diri ini...huuhhhh...!!!)

for me:

CROCS Prima in Gold

CROCS Malindi in Pulse
(but i think this one dah takde kat kedai..i guess i'll buy it online.. ;p)

for him:

CROCS Yukon in Chocolate
(but I think mza tanak..tgklahh..die tanak me dapat lebih..hehe)

cantikkan...kan..kan..kan....hmmm....I think I'm going to get em..if not today..tomorrow...
*tgk..tgk...tu baru kasut..tak masuk lagi bab lain......huwaaaa!!!!!!*


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

* i want this *

after searching high and low..
after countless of mattress testing..and budget counting..

(ceyh! macam laa susah sgt..baring aje kann..heheh)

i've finally decided...
i want this....

it has pocket springs and a memory foam push top.. and it's damn comfy..!!!

actually i want a latex push top or pillow top..but its too priceyy...

and this one the price is still OK compared to other brands.. but still a bit over my actual budget...opss....its a LOTTT over my actual budget..!!

but wtf...i'm getting it anyway..pandai2 laa budget balik the other things...huhu..

(i believe sofa, mesin basuh [?] can wait..tilam adalah sgt penting OK!!)

mza was like.. "awk ni klu dah set nak bende tu..nak jugak kan..."

hehe..sorry eyh dear..i really2..really want this one...last..tak mintak dah bende bukan2..

i promise.. ;p

lagipun..its an investment least i dont have to change my mattress in three years time..coz i read that most of the cheap spring mattress by 3-4 years dah kene tukar..but this type (as shown above) can last up until 15 years!..haaa..kan senang...15 tahun takyah beli baru..hehehe... alasannnnnn!!!!!!!


Sunday, November 9, 2008

and the search continues...

i am searching for a mattress for my kenduri (katil pengantin) and also for my future bed kat umah baru nanti (takkan nak angkut yang dari umah kan..??) mom already sponsored (i think?) the bed, which is a four poster bed that i've been dreaming of since ages! (well not the exact one coz i dreamt of a really huge one..tapi tak muat pulak bilik pengantinnyer nanti..i guess this one should be enuff for now [?] hehe..)

while searching for the perfect mattress with mza, i found out that it was not as easy as i thought it would be..hehe..(ingatkan test2 baring then can decide..but i was so wrongg!!)

first, there's a ton of brands to choose from ( i did not do my homework on brands before i went mattress hunting so mase kat kedai a bit blur~) *king koil la, slumberland la, dreamland la, dreamaster la..and some other yang me takleh nak ingat the names..* so, wasnt sure which brand is the best..klu ikut salesperson of course the ones at their shop are the best ait? but i've made my mistakes before and learnt that never 100% trust the salesperson [duh!! i think everyone knows that right?]

besides the brands, the type of material used for the mattress pun bnyk jugak..*theres latex, pocket spring, bonnel spring, coconut fiber, foam n ape2ntah lagi*....mak aihh...mampuih laa macam ni..i was in the total dark.. ikut mza, cari yang sedap baring n murah jer..uh uhh..not me...will not make a purchase until i do my homework.. (typical moi!)

but i did try lying on a couple of mattresses..just to get the idea of the type and how it feels.. hmm..i want something soft, but not so soft..cause i know its not good for my back..and i oftenly have backaches (yeah..i know im only 24 but what to do..i guess i get it after my father..asyik sakit blakag jer..huhu) but i dont want anything to hard either (coz i heard that hard mattress are for those who have back problems)..just that i cant sleep on hard mattress..mcam lagi sakit jerkk..huhu..something in the middle would be nice.. and definitely nothing too irratating jerk!

so today..after reading endless of blogs, forums, comments and articles on mattresses..i've narrowed down to two types of mattresses that i should be looking for..or what i want to be exact! hehe.. the 2 types are :

latex : The natural elasticity and flexibility of latex guarantee a high quality mattress. It gives optimum support to the body and has efficient self ventilating and moisture regulating properties.

~ pocket spring : Each coil is individually wrapped pre-compressed, ultrasonically sealed and held together independently while allowing individual movement in perfect harmony with the body contours and minimizing partner disturbances.

and true enough..i've tried these two and they are exactly what i need to be sleeping on after a long day at work! *hehe*

malangnya..these type of mattress are damn pricey! they range from rm1500 up till rm10,000.. (giler ape nak beli tilam rm10k? me myself dont cost that much! hahahah) shheesss....

the brands plak? i dont care as long as the mattress types are either latex or pocket spring! cheiihhhh..konon...still comparing the prices between brands actually (and i am soo brand concious! hahaha) i guess kene buat further search lagi laa...

should we buy a mattress that gives the best comfort? *yes*
can we afford a mattress that cost more than 1k right now? *no*

and the search continuess.....haihhhh....

*penatnye mencari barang that have good quality and affordable prices*


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

i'm loving it !

remember i wrote about ordering some shoes from and was damn worried the shoes might not arrive? huhu.. they arrived today..well actually it was yesterday but nobody was at home so i had to go to brickfields to get my shoes..1 hour stuck in the massive jam..but it was so worth it..!!!! they are as gorgeous and scrumptious as i imagine them to be!! hehehe..i was so excited that i couldnt sleep last night and woke damn early this obviously when i got the box i immediately opened it then and there in the car! hehehe..

my fiance was like.."dah tak ingat ape dah bile dapat kasut"

hehe..sorry yer darling...syioookkk laa dapat kasut baru... ;p

i so love my new shoes.. tho i do feel the brown one is a little bit high for my taste..(think if i wanna sell got people wanna buy eyh?) hmm... but ape2pun..... i'm loving it! yeay! *tak sabarnye nak pakai*