Thursday, June 7, 2012

things I post on my fb wall

in this business, I meet all kind of people, yg positive, yg negative, yg semangat, yg in denial, yg rilex, yg tak kesah...semua laa...and sometimes I agree with them, sometimes I dont, of course laa kan, you cant ALWAYS agree with everyone!! thats just insane! and sometimes, masa tengah drive, I will think back on things yg I  disagree and feel like doing an entry to state my opinion on the matter, but of course laa tgh drive nak blog macam mana kan - tapi if I just let it be, I would forget about the topic and sampai ke sudah laa tak blog, so what I do is I use my fb wall to write a short version of it - klu tweeter pendek sgt laa plak kan..

one of the many2 random things I wrote was this,

when I meet my sidelines in the business who are engineers at Petronas earning RM4-5k, or accountants (with ACCA mind you!), Internal Auditors, Senior Managers at big corporation yg go for overseas meetings every other weekend (seriously, UK, US, Japan semua die g 2-3 days for meetings - nampak sgt die org2 besar okehh!!) and even ex-CFOs yang buat bisnes ni, I feel so inspired by them, they have an 8-6 working schedule, earning RM6-10k per month, still feel the need to find extra money, and actually are doing very well and earning another RM10-15k from this business itself! combine both income dah boleh cecah RM20-30k!

and here are some of the people I meet, earning normal salary (RM2-3k) , working normal hours saying, "oh, hidup I dah selesa sekarang ni, I tak perlu cari extra income" as if the only reason people buat extra income ni sebenarnya tak hidup selesa lagi... seriously, I have friends in this business who already have 2-3 bijik rumah, dah pergi melancong banyak kali, have hundreds of thousands savings STILL cari extra income! why? simply untuk preparation for the FUTURE! I dont want to gambarkan bad things here- you yourself boleh fikir, just kan bagus if we're prepared from now? bukan bila dah susah baru nak fikir?

ade jugak yg, "oh I takde masa..I busy" - but then in the same time dok naik status dok berlari balik rumah after kerja nak kejarkan cerita kat astro - honestly dear, semua org pun busy, its just a matter of how you manage your time! I pun curik2 jugak tengok Gossip Girl, Greys Anatomy, Revenge, Criminal Minds and a few more... its not like I'm saying you cant do all that! boleh jer, tapi pandai urus masa laa...its not like every single day kene kluar, we have the internet, use it! bukan untuk fb and online shopping jer ~~ 

what I want to say here is ~ making extra income is NOT always because you dont have enough ~ but FOR YOU TO MAKE MORE ~~ kan best klu dapat extra RM3k, RM8k, RM10k, RM20k, RM50k even RM100k every month?

kan kan kan..... ^_^

then another post was this one,

I've been wanting to make a post about this for a while now, tapi tak menyempat ..

I seriously have a problem with people yang cakap lain orang lain priority especially when it comes to family, for me, you want to bandingkan antara work and social life, maybe ayat tu kene , but when you say , lain org lain priority, ade org lebihkan kerja, mcm I lebihkan family, I seriously rasa like giving that person a slap!

its rude to say to someone (especially to a mother) that her priority is not her family! I truly believe that EVERYONE first priority is their family! working or not working...some people have to work extra shifts, or extra hours because they have to! not because they want to.. some people have to work two or three jobs because they are thinking about their family! not everyone are blessed with an easy life, not everyone has trust funds for goodness sake! so saying these working people tak bagi priority kat family mmg rude! (i consider this business ni as my work ~ walaupun I'm a SAHM, I still go out and find rezeki ~ bukan dok umah goyang kaki ~)

another sentence I got a few month back when I posted about cari extra income ni was "kan lebih baik cari keredhaan Allah..." omg! seriously org mcm ni.... yes its good for them to saling mengingati ~ but the way they portray it as if kami yg mencari duit lebih ni langsung tak ingat Allah! astargfirullahhh.. mmg urut dada masa tu...hubs senang jer, suruh tanya balik org tu "define mencari keredhaan Allah...adekah dengan duduk berzikir sepanjang hari? sembahyang sepanjang hari? baca Quran sepanjang hari? and tak buat bende lain?"
but I was like malas nak berbalah...

the thing is, Allah suruh kita berusaha lebih, suruh kita sentiasa mencari rezeki lebih - so mencari extra income tu kan one of a good thing? bukan tak boleh ingat Allah bila buat bisnes, masa drive nak jumpa client (or pergi mana2 pun) instead of pasang radio - berzikir laa ~~ ape susah ... skrg ni dah ade electronic ring counter tu ~ set harini nak zikir 1000 kali ke, haa..buatlaa...bukan perlu dok kat sejadah jer and berzikir ~ solat tu mmg dah wajib ~ surau berlambak2 skrg ni ~ even pergi rumah client pun boleh tumpang solat ~ bila kat rumah tu baca laa quran ~ seriously, I take only 10 minutes nak baca 4 muka sehari, bukan berjam2 pun ~ janji kita buat ~ semua ni atas kita ~ org yg tak buat bisnes tu pun tak tentu buat bende2 ni...ok sorry..ter-emo ~ sensitif betul aku bab2 agama ni.. ~~ 

kesimpulannya di sini ~ why do we have to be one OR another? when we can be all in the same time? I dont see anything wrong with being a good servant to Allah, a good mom, a good businesswoman, a good wife (hey-i cook for my husband almost every night except when hubs comes home at 12 midnight) - ALL IN ONE! dont limit yourself, just because you work late at the office, doesnt mean you cant be a good mom... just because you go out for business, doesnt mean you cant be a good servant to Allah....

maksud bersederhana (which everyone pun asek salah tafsir jer) is seimbang iaitu ‘balance’. Ianya juga membawa maksud bahawa kita hebat di dunia dan hebat juga di akhirat. Hebat di rumah dan hebat juga dengan masyarakat. Itu maksud sederhana yang perlu ditafsirkan. Sederhana iaitu dari segikata kita perlu hebat dalam apa jua yang kita lakukan dan perlu seimbang. Kita tidak boleh terlalu hebat di dalam masyarakat sehingga rumahtangga terabai, itu bukannya seimbang.

ITS ALL ABOUT BALANCE PEOPLE! you manage your own life..bukan others :)

InsyaAllah, everyday pun bangun and try to be better in every aspect of my life...aminn

*these are all my personal opinions, you could disagree if you want to, like I said, we can never always agree with everyone kan..*

Aisyah Samsudin
Authorized Premium Beautiful Agent

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