Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I just found our raya pictures

org dah nak raya haji..baru nak post gambar raya..haihh...

mom n dad doing the hard work .. the kids? semua sibuk mencantikkan diri *cehh*

take 1 - alya crying

take 2 - alya crying lagi

take 3 - alya saying..dont you get it? I'm not prettyyy (atam if you're reading this .. ehem2)

take 4 : tok sam plak try

take 5 : almost perfect

take 6 : ok laa tu :)

notice mr hubs in all frames? he might be the quiet one in the family..but...nvm... i just dont wanna say it :)

Aisyah Samsudin

Thursday, October 11, 2012

my love for sewing

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did you know drinking collagen is the IN THING right now?


Till the company came out with a new product BB Plus Collagen drink

Since I never really had problems with my skin + the fact that I HATE taking supplements -- I set this one aside..

at first...

until mom hit me with her " I started taking care of skin since I was young..." really made me realize...OMG...i have been neglecting my skin all this while coz silly me for thinking I would be having mom's perfectly great skin when I am her age ~ no kidding! I really thought it was genetics man!!

BUT NO!!!!! mom has been taking supplements and doing all the facial since she started working..


HELP! never had a facial my whole life! and I am lazy when it comes to cleanse-toner-moisturizer routine ~ dont even talk about eye-cream or night cream at all!

so now I'm saying hello to my new best friend (ok maybe not the best yet - need to break the laziness of taking supplements)

and the best thing is ~ it helps my whole skin and not only my face (logic laa kan sbb dah consume masuk trus ke badan! haishh!!)

need more info about the product? you can read it here ... i'll make a post about all the benefits and all after this ~

AND IT DOESNT TASTE LIKE FISH AT ALL!! (???) haha... coz it says the main ingrediant taken from fish kan..

this is how it looks like inside the box - 20 sachets per box :)

and this is how it works

and will result in

7 Hasil Kulit Cantik
1. Kulit wajah berseri dan cerah
2. Kulit lebih anjal dan tegang
3. Kulit lebih halus dan gebu
4. Kulit lebih lembab  
5. Kulit lebih licin serta kurang garis halus dan kedutan
6. Kulit lebih cepat sembuh dan pulih
7. Kulit kurang kesan kerosakan akibat sinaran matahari

PRICE : RM180 per box of 20 sachets

*or get it free when you purchase 1 set of Premium Beautiful**

contact me if you are interested okehh :)



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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

fashionvalet - Make The Pitch

as much as I'm itching to start watching my TV series now, I felt like writing this post first, coz I just cant get over how amazed I am after watching FashionValet's Make The Pitch on youtube just now..

I have been a Proudduck reader for the past 3 years or so (who isnt right? Vivy's writings are just hilarious! and insightful and always fun to read) .. naturally that is where I knew about FashionValet.. anyways, klu ade lagi org yg tak tau, FashionValet is a online fashion store that caters our local designers..cool kan...ok honestly, not being a fashionista, i didnt really get whats the big deal..but after tgk how Vivy has been promoting local brands..and also being surrounded by those who loves fashion...I now understand why its important to support our local designers..

tho FashionValet.net is a must see everyday, sadly to say I havent made any purchase yet, sad kan..bukan tak support local designers or what...just that im seriously not that into fashion. i love simple. and mostly. I like to DIY... there's nothing more satisfying than wearing your own designs :) or maybe I just havent found something I really like yet (ok tipu ~ ade yg suka ~ but I'm too cheap to spend on clothes T__T) maybe one day ~ soon ~

eh ~ melalut plak eh...so back to the topic ~ Make The Pitch... I've heard about this program before, tapi tak penah tengok, then I saw vivy nyer post about they got the investment, trus rasa nak tengok ~ i must say, I'm super impressed ~ not because they got the investment, but just because they entered the show ~ eventho both of them are from family with money, but, they chose to find their own capital, to make it on theer own ~ tabik spring boleh ~

anyways, you could see their pitch here

the numbers are super impressive! and vivy was super serious!

then the semi finals

and the finals ~ where they got the RM1 million investment ~~ crazy kan

love Vivy nyer expression masa dapat the rm5k cheque tu ~~~

sweet and powerful couple right.

Inspiring kan?

Congratulations FashionValet for the investment :)

Semoga dipermurahkan lagi rezeki. InsyaAllah...

*maybe not all of us could do exactly like what they have done, but we could always take this as an inspiration and try what works for us kan... insyaAllah :)

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and so the season begins...

will definitely spend every weekends at moms untuk download :)



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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

babywearing :)

I am obsessed with baby wearing right now!!


baby wearing tu ape?

Babywearing is the practice of wearing or carrying a baby or child in a sling or other form of carrier. Babywearing is far from new and has been practiced for centuries around the world.
source : Wikipedia

there's a few types of carrier such as wraps, ssc (soft structured carrier), ringsling, pouch, meitai etc..

me? I'm into wraps (for now)

generally, there are 2 types of wraps, a stretchy wrap and a woven wrap..

i have both! (tamak bukan??)

let me show you why I'm so hooked up

my Pandora by JumpSac ~~ this is a woven wrap... aint the color pretty... 

baby Alya in action dalam Pandora ... just adorable!!

Mama in action ~~ this is a Moby wrap = stretchy material :) 

she can sleep the whole time she's in it! seriously!

The best part about the wrap is that its so comfortable to wear, your baby is secure with you and your hands are free to do something else (read: shopping at ease!) plus the choices of woven wrap in the market ~ can die!! among my favourites 

YES! those are wraps! woven wraps.. arent they just gorgeous!!! but my absolute fav would be this

love the color combo. super duper love the peacock feather! tgh pk nak beli ker tak ~~ haihh ~~

The only bad side about these woven wraps... THE PRICE!! most of them starts from RM400 above and can cecah ribu!! no kidding man!! crazy!! and takde jual kat malaysia... except for the one I bought tu (I have not yet reached the tahap all the otais) and another brand BebeSachi

talking about otais, I've joined a babywearing group in FB where all the babywearing mamas just keep on meracun one another to get new wraps...ade yg every month beli, ade yg stash dah berpuluh helai... tak tipu!! everytime bukak fb tgk gambar2 wraps diorang..my heart just go T_____T ... i want i want i want!! 

another form of baby carrier that I'm into is SSC (soft structured carrier) , of course I made it myself coz like  a wrap ~ it cost a bomb too.. I made a Mei Tai once upon a time ago.. so I had the idea what to expect making this....

the link to the tutorial HERE

Mama in action :) SSC are actually not very suitable for a 2mo ~ tgk baby Alya tenggelam pun tau kan ~~ but sajer jer practice for year end trip this Dec :)
*excuse the muka pucat ~ ke clinic masa ni kes cherry berry yg melampau T__T *

to mama's out there yang tengah 50-50 nak baby wearing ni ~ I say go for it!! Seriously it just makes your life easier, normally when I go out ber-3 with the kids, I will be wearing Alya and aqil in the stroller ~ just incase he gets tired and wants to sleep ~ 

KLCC outing just the 3 of us :) ade pak arab siap amek gambar Alya tido dalam wrap ~~

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what are we working for?

ok. maybe ade yang income rm3k, but yg atas ni blom tambah astro, handphone, Unifi, Insurance ..bla bla bla... and ini if anak sorang... so obviously, expenses are more than RM1950 kan.. :)

and ini bila anak kecik lagi ..

bila dah start sekolah...we can expect this pulak..

begs, baju, jam tangan, socks, kasut maybe one-off punya expenses, or maybe per term (kids nowdays ganas please! )

but what about tuisyen, duit belanja, sekolah agama, duit bas sekolah semua kan...

itu atleast dah extra rm200 every month per kid..

and things are not getting cheaper ~ kita dulu bolehlaa duit belanja rm1, lepas makan nasi lemak and air and keropok lekor

sekarang rm1 lepas beli air jer..

sekarang ni yelaaa buat savings,

but selama mana savings kita boleh bertahan .. confirm cukup sampai anak masuk uni?


better berjimat and saving sekarang ke


better berjimat AND buat extra duit dari sekarang ???

bukan susah nak buat duit lebih, but its not easy either...

you want or dont want jer...

the NEED is obviously there...!!


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