Thursday, January 31, 2008


30th December 2007...

6.00 am : woke up..couldnt sleep..very anxious...went down to look wut mum was doing..
nothing...(ait...mak ni takmo masak ke..?? hehe..)

8.00 am : mom went to the market with dad..(uish..lamenyer..sempat ke nak masak..??)

10.00 am : woke miza up..(well..that was the intention..rupe2nyer die dah gerak g umah
abg die..

12.00pm : still cooking...

1.00pm : siap masak..went up to siap2..(wasnt sure which baju kurung to wear..end up wearing baju kurung cotton..simple n sopan..hehe...forced syiqin n jyue to wear baju krung jugak..hehe)

2.00 pm : heart beat racing..palms sweating..(mane depa ni tak sampai2 lagi..??)

2.20 pm : they arrived!! ayah got a bit freaked out sbb nmpak 4 cars..(kate mak bapak jer..apsal kete bnyk?? haa..?? hehe..turns out to be the whole family dtg..)

2.30 pm : hidang lauk kat depan...(dad was talking in 'jawa' with his dad..mentang2 anak2 tak reti ckp..cheh..cheh..cheh...)

3.30 pm : siap mkn..minum kopi..n start bukak topic..(fuhh...takutnyerrrr..) i was at the kitchen..try curik2 dengar...miza was asked to join the discussion (not fair!!!)

4.00pm : ibu sarung cincin..(fuhh..lega...everything went well....Alhamdulillah...)

mase 'ibu' sarung cincin nie..i was like really tergedik-gedik..tergelak2..hehe..actually i didnt know how to react...lawak jer biler ingat balik...taktau laa ape 'ibu' pk psal bakal menantu die mase tuh... hahaha...

this is a picture of both n miza kat tengah2...moms and dads kat depan (duduk) miza complete..siap abg ipar die ade siblings...yang takde dlm pic..abg ame (in melaka) and atif (taking the picture) ...

and now i can plan my wedding....yeayyyy!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

when it started...

the other brother's gf came over to my house..she heard about my soon to come engagement day form my bro and got all excited..she asked me tons of questions but one question really made me think back and wondered..hmm..what was the Q? she asked me how did he propose? that time..i didnt know what to say...i went *blank*.. well you my do not propose with the ring and the flowers and the 'on one knee' and the "will you marry me"..kinda stuff..they send their parents to meet the gurl parents....and it all goes from there...bla..bla..bla...

anyways.. back to my bro's gf got me thinking...well..actually i couldnt remember when it really started..but what i do remember is miza (his name..hehe...) told me during his motivation session (he's still in training in a bank in KL)..he was asked to write down his new year's resolution for 2008..he told me that his last the very end of his not so long list (hehe..) that he will marry Siti Nur Aisyah binti Samsudin (that's me!) by 31st December 2008...when he told me that i went silent for a mo..n smiled like i've never before..i wanted to hug him right there and then but ehem..ehem...paham2 laa kan...mane boleh....hahaha.....i guess i could consider that as his proposal... ;) ...nways.. it all began after that day....but only between the both of us laa tapi...hehehe.... ;)

the parents part began later......

my first words... OWN blog...after years of reading other people's blog (family and friends)..I've finally created my own a little girl that just got candy from her mom...haha..funny right..?? but thats truly how I feel right now..why..?? I dunno...maybe because this is my first time blogging or maybe because of the things that I'm going to write in this blog...hmmm...whatever it is..I'm just...thrilled...hehe..

why I've never had a blog before?
1. I'm a superbly MALAS person...(lazy) hehe ..but seriously...I check my friendster acc once a week..(well now its more like once a month)..I got a facebook acc which I've never updated..(well actually I've never checked my acc since the first time I created it..haha..)

2. My auntie said that probably I'm not a good story teller..well...its kinda true actually...I always get low grades on my esseys and I love to write everything in point forms.. ;p (jimat space maa)

3. I didnt know what to write write about my everyday life..?? huh.. I dont have that ' fun.." life..I wake up at 6am..go to work at 7am..arrive at office at dont even go out for lunch..) go back at 6.30pm..arrive home at 7.45-8.00pm..sleep at time to blog meh...

4. I think 3 is enough.. ;p

and why start blogging now?

1. I'm getting married end of this year..and I cant seem stop talking about it..and I think my friends are getting tired of me talking about it've created this blog so I can talk..write and go crazy about every details...without anyone getting annoyed..hahaha......

2. more..its all about my soon to come wedding day... ;)

thats all for now..toodless~~~~

p/ took me an hour to finish this post..seriously...fuhhh...