Sunday, June 10, 2012

how many hours do you spend on facebook?

survey shows that

* Facebook has around 750 million users!

Each Facebook user spends on average 15 hours and 33 minutes a month on the site..

More than 250 million people access Facebook through their mobile devices

35% of entrepreneurs advertise on Facebook to promote 

their business to new customers

WOW RIGHT ?!!?!!

now I ask you, how many hours do you spend on FB everyday?

when I meet my clients, 70% of them actually spend an average of 2 hours per day on FB, be it taking sneak peaks during office hours, or during their break , on their mobile on the way to work (traffic!!) or even on the way back from work, at night after putting their kids to bed...tapi mmg in 1 day they WILL spend some time checking their FB account..

and out of these 70%, at least 50% of them are avid online shoppers like moi!! (cannot say thats a good thing for my bank account tho!)


I admit, I spend a lot of my money on online shopping...



because of the above stats!!


by sitting in front of my computer, logging on to FB and sharing and promoting with people the benefits of my product! (this is not skim cepat kaya, or goyang kaki dapat duit punya business ok! )

and I make RM X,XXX - RM XX,XXX a month by doing this business ONLINE!!!

again, I ask you, how many hours do you spend on FB? and how much are you making??

honestly people, in this era, we not only have to be educated, BUT we also have to be smart....and fast!! 

other people are making thousand of ringgit online, but yet, some of us are still wasting our time, clicking here, clicking there, and not to mention wasting our money by buying things we dont need, just because that certain blogshop is having a sales! (ok! that might be only me! T__T)

when actually YOU also could make A LOT of money in the same time!!

excuse me, not only people with financial problems that are finding way to make duit lebih online tau ~ but people who already have an established career and even an established business ~


because they are using all the resources they have in a smart way!!

like us normal people,

we still pay for our internet every month right? why not use that internet connection in a good way


you must know the tricks, the do's and dont's to make your online business a success...

and hows that?

by joining the right grouppp!!! Green Leaders Group are known for being the best Premium Beautiful group online!! we have tutorials, and classes and seminars for all the group members - FREE!!

so come people, spend your time on facebook wisely, make extra money everytime you log on to your PC :)

just holla me to know how 0192710102 :)

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aisyah samsudin
Authorized Premium Beautiful Agent

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