Wednesday, September 22, 2010

my little hero ;)

pictures taken by mr hubs. ;)


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Its Raya!!!!

*warning - since its raya mode - this post will be loaded with tonss of picss..

This raya, we celebrated the 1st day of raya at hubs hometown.. My first time not celebrating 1st raya with mom and dad.. I was expecting tears but surprised that I was not crying that Raya morning fact, I had a great time in Johor, but I do miss moms cooking and the glorious food of the Omarians! I am a pulut freak so not having ketupat daun palas with rendang on 1st day of Eid was quite I miss Mom's famous daging hitam (tho many complained mom didnt make it as pedas as usual), Tizah's kuah Kacang, Teh's deserts .. hmm...salivating now...

Anyways, hubs and lil Aqil wore baju Melayu made by moi! hehe... didnt manage to finish my Baju kurung, so made a last minute trip to Jalan TAR on Wed after work..and bought a RM59.90 baju kurung cotton from Nagoya, which I love to bits! hehe [seriously- I am easy to please!] , didnt manage to find matching colour with hubs n aqil but I guess nvm..tahun depan ade lagi..kan.. insyaAllah.. ;)

1st day of Raya :

Aqil with his 1st ever peket Raya ;)

hubs n BIL (he's single btw)

SIL with MIL

BIL with Aqil

Last year forgot to take family picture masa berdua, this year dah bertiga ;)

day two: Had a family reunion at my Fathers side. berkumpul kat arwah tok's house in Lenga. Havent been there for ages! naik rumah jer, falshback of all my memories there..the house looked smaller than it used too..agak because now dah filled in with all the anak buahs..most of us are married with kids now so agak crowded jugak laa..but it was nice being there..I miss all my cousins..we used to be very2 close..

Aqil with lil bro [single?]

camwhoring with sis dearest! [a must ok!]


sesi bagi duit raya. wanted to join but realized didnt bring enuf duit raya.. didnt expect such a huge crowd.. [terlupa it was a gathering, not normal hari raya session!]

hubs was collecting duit raya for Aqils behalf.. hehe..cute jerrrr... ;)

Si kecik yg kepenatan!

with the grandpa..nampak jer Tok Sam die, terus melompat. excited gile ok!

Our family infront of the Rumah Kampung.

Mom and Dad

with the parents. hmm dah besar dah anak mama!

The elders

Big Bro

Mom with one of my cousins. [pengaruh Korea much!]

Day three: Went beraya at hubs side. 3 houses in Batu Pahat. dah lama tak beraya area Johor like this. It was nice since mmg jarang jumpa his side of the family.Everytime sampai rumah sedara, melantak all the kuehs like ape jer...hehe

at rumah Wak R.

Aqil with the grandparents

After that we went straight back to KL, but sempat sangkut kat Ayer Hitam for 1 1/2 hour..traffic like crazy! naseb baik highway ke KL was ok...

Raya Day Four: At work! duh T___T

Anyways, I dont think its too late to wish everyone a Selamat Hari Raya. I am truly sorry if I've ever offended anyone with my writings. Take care and have a extravoganza Raya! ;) Please do not hold back in stuffing ur stomach! I plan to put aside my PB and enjoy all the food during raya!! ;) ;) ;)

Again, Selamat Hari Raya dari kami sekeluarga. ;)

Jaga diri yer.. ;)



Tuesday, September 7, 2010

nothing important

i am stuck in the office. lots and lots of error!! urgh!!

nasib baik esok dah start cuti..but report back on Monday. No long cuti raya for me. Sobs!

Vendor and BP asked. "so fast aa come back to work?"

deyy..who's gonna make payment if i cuti? u dont want ur money ke? *duh*

Luckily I love the work I'm doing. *yes, positive thinking people!*

i am rambling because I'm really stressed out right now. I kinda understand how my BP feels. hmm [?]

didnt manage to finish my baju raya. guess will be wearing whatever there is.

Orrrrrrrrr.... go for last minute shopping after this???

hmm..lets see if hubs is in a good mood to layan my kerenah.. hehe..

missssssss my boy. he's at his grandparents right now. Wonder whats he doing?

I miss u baby!


Monday, September 6, 2010

2.20 am

just finished sewing 2 baju melayu n 1 baju kurung.

my first time making baju melayu/baju kurung.




no laa... the baju melayu turned out ok...

just the baju kurung mcm jahit untuk giant mana ntah. giler besar!

adoiiiyaaa..takde baju raye laa aku tahun ni...

semangat nak jahit baju, tp buat sume nak last minit...padan muka! kakakaka...

MOMMY..pinjam baju nehh... trimassss... ;)

ape2pun.... inilah hasilnya....


Thursday, September 2, 2010

not like father. not like son.

hubs sent me this picture thru email with the above title. cute.

the picture was taken during Hub's Office Berbuka/Terawikh event last week.

everyone was like.. "takde rupa ali langsung.."

sian hubs, but takpelaa... people say.. anak laki ikut muka mak..sejukk....hehe..

I do hope perangai ikut the father tho, baik n sopan...

klu perangai pun ikut mak..adoiiii...i'll need to prepare myself for a lot of drama... ;p

but then, actually, now pun dah full of drama this little boy of mine... hmmmm......

love the way he's looking at his daddy! ;)


Wednesday, September 1, 2010


yesterday was my parents 31st anniversary..meant to do a post yesterday, but work was like crazy..even left work late..

but anyways.. read mom's blog this morning, she wrote a post about how she met dad and her 31 years with dad..i was like....awwwww.... so sweeeettt.... ;)

goshhh....I've been typing and deleting..typing and deleting..I just dont know how to put in words how much I adore them...

so dear mom n dad, Happy 31st Anniversary! I love you both! ;)