Sunday, June 24, 2012

Our husband is also A Son

biasa kan dengar ... "haa..itu kan tugas suami.. itukan tanggungjawab suami.."

yes, of course, suami ni banyak tanggungjawab especially to provide enough for his wife and kids..

BUT REMEMBER ... he also has his responsibilities as a son..

and in Islam, even though his someones husband, his responsibilities as a son comes first!

first to his parents, then to the inlaws, then only to his wife and kids...

jgn kita pentingkan only the part of tanggungjawab suami tapi bab die nak jalankan tanggungjawab as a son ~ kita tarik muka

especially when it comes to money

learn to be understanding ~ learn to compromise

remember that the parents are the one who raised our husbands for berpuluh tahun ~ who spent a lot of money for their education, for their up growing ~ made who they are today ~ now is the time for them to give back ~ 

you should be proud if your husband is the kind yg dahulukan parents ~

coz InsyaAllah our son pun one day akan jadi mcm tu ...

insyaAllah ~ always pray for the best kan ~~

*tapi jgn sampaikan tak kahwin lagi dok lebihkan girlfriend ~ dah kahwin nnti tak tau laa ~ mintak jauh ,, ameennn...*

~ terasa berat plak post ni ~ tapi ntah laa ~ something I overheard a long time ago ~ tetibe teringat ~

Aisyah Samsudin
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