Saturday, October 31, 2009

PERI-fy your life !

I'm working today.

Yes. On a Sunday.

I know. Boring huh.

But the one thing I love when working on an Off-day is I could order anything for lunch.

And the company pays for it.

and today......

Super nyum!!!



my first purchase

everytime I go into any shopping mall or departmental store, I try very hard to keep myself away from the baby/kids section. Just because I knew I would not be able to stop myself from purchasing those cute things ...

For me, I think, its still too early to start buying baby stuff..

Yes. I've been googling the prices, designs and whatnot. but that was it. My plan was to start buying on my 8th month. I dont want to seem overexcited or anything kononnyerr...

But when a friend asked me to go to My Dear Warehouse sales with her yesterday, I knew that I was going to enter a danger zone if I go. Yelaa.Sales kan. hmm..but I still went. heheh.

I told hubs in the car that I just wanted to survey, and not buy anything and he only smiled. and said "ok. lets wait and see."


When we reached there, I only saw toys and not-very- nice stuff displayed under the canopy area. Nothing interesting there. I thought to myself , wahh..selamat duit....

but as soon as I entered inside the store/warehouse. There were baby car seats, strollers, playpen etc. all at very reasonable prices. Then, I got excited. ;)

As I was looking thru this car seat that I really admired ( RM300 after less, I thought it was quite ok) , I saw this baby cot - in white! I've been planning to buy a white baby, straight away I looked at the price - RM270 for the bed , Rm470 for the whole package (bed, mattress, 7 piece bedding set, mosquito net) .. wahhh...

dragged hubs to see the baby cot, and after this discussion

me: cantik kan, ok plak price die
hubs: haah...belilah
me: isk..tapi awal sgt laa..tapi..hg die ok..
hubs: abang tak tau market price, ikut sayang laa
me: yg syg survey, klu baby cot cam ni mostly rm400 ke atas..
hubs: haa..then..beli laa..
me: tapi awal lagi..
hubs: mane awal dah..lagi 3 bulan kan..takkan mase sayang tgh sarat 8-9 bulan baru nak cari, nak g warehousales yg sesak2 camni...
me: hmm..tapi mcm awal jer lagi..

after half an hour debating about awal ke tak awal..we finally decided, it wasnt too early, tapi...the conversation took into another turn

me: nak amek katil jer ke, the whole set?
hubs: ikut laa..murah ke amek set? abg serious tak tau market price die
me: murah laa..dah laa die calculate sume ikut harga discount, then bagi discount lagi...
hubs: haa..belilaa..
me: tapi cam bedding set die tak cantik laa..lagipun ingat nak jahit sendiri, boleh pilih corak lawa sket..pastu mosquito net ni mcm semak jer..tilam die pun cam tak best..sponge..ingat nak cari yg latex nyer..
hubs: ha..takyah laa beli [getting fed up already! haha]
me: tu laa..kann...tapi....murah laa set die..Jaja [a friend of mine] beli the whole set RM800 baru RM470....
hubs: pastu kenapa tak beli
me: [repeated the same reason above]

after another half an hour... I finally made up my mind..

I only bought the baby cot... hehehe... this is why hubs dont like shopping with me.. ;p

so here it is, my very first purchase for my little precious. ;)

still in the box. cant wait to move in our new home. eiii....

my happy face after buying the baby cot.. sukkaaaa!!!!!!!

tho I broke my promise to myself that I'm not going to buy anything, I am still proud of myself that I only bought the baby cot altho there was this baby car seat that I really liked.. and this stroller... and that baby monitor..and there was a cheap bottle sterilizer too...urgh...

but kesimpulannye..i could still think rationally, and tak gopoh gapah.. ;)

sikit-sikit lama-lama jadi bukit kannn... ;)


Friday, October 30, 2009

my little project

i have always . always . loved arts and crafts .

with some coloured papers . glue . ribbens . scissors . and whatnot .

I could go crazy and I could completely ignore everything else around me.

tanye anyone in my class. I was constantly making love notes for my "kakak angkat"s.

even when the teacher was teaching at the front! [oppppssss....]

now that I'm in the mood again, I've decided to make a scrapbook about my pregnancy. [better late than never kan?]

I've been into those scrapbook stores before. and oh my - it cost the earth!

so, I tried to think creative and opted for a cheaper version. [or so I thought]

and normally once I got something in my head, I need, no, MUST do it there and then, being the impatient me, I dragged poor hubs to Jusco yesterday to get my self some material for my little project.

after half an hour belek2 the stuff, finally, I bought these

multi coloured papers and coloured pens

and a very cheap but nice album ;)

total cost = RM30 !! (yeay!!)

but then....

we passed by a scrapbook store, and I was itching to go in.

told hubs that I'll just take a peek and be out in a minute or so. and I promised my self not to buy anything.

hubs said yes, but he stayed outside. on the bench.

hubs was pissed when I came out but I didnt understand why.

turns out I spent ONE whole HOUR in the store!!!!! sumpah tak perasan!!

thank god there was a bench!!! hubs said "cerita naruto dah 5 kali habis dah" [he was sitting on front of a video store I think]

then hubs jeling at not one but TWO paper bags that I carried out from the store...

wait. whhhaatttt...???????

yes. yes. I know I said I would not buy anything, but tell me, how could you resist these?

they are sooooooooo pretty arent they..? plus they were on 50% sales !! It would just be madness not to buy some.. ;p

and then I saw this.

alahai...just how could I say no? I could already imagine the pictures I would use with the wordings.. ;)

pastu, the sales boy plak went on and on about scrapbooking, he was no ordinary sales boy, he knew every single thing you need to know about scrapbooking..he even showed me his collection and I was amazed..sgt2 smart!!!

according to him, u need to use all the asid-free material, EVERYTHING!! including the glue, pens, papers and you even have to store your scrapbook papers in a non-pvc protector so that it can last up to 150 years!!! [mmg sampai ke anak cucu cicit cicit cicit cicit laa kan] and you cannot mix the materials, if you do, your papers with turn yellowish in 2-3 years time. haa???

and these things do not come cheap.. they are super expensive.. ridiculously expensive!!

since I was on a really tight budget, I just bought some papers, glue, a paper shaper, ONE black pen and one rub on.

when I was about to exit the store, suddenly I realized that the original album I bought to make my scrapbook wasnt suitable for the materials I bought from that store, since these papers were printed on both sides. plus it wasnt pvc-free material..hmm...rugi laa plak nanti kan..

I stopped at the door, and looked at the variety of very nice albums stacked on the rack. and I was contemplating either to get one or not. If I do, then I would have overspent my budget, but if I dont, then I wouldnt be able to start on my project asap. I was so in the mood and I know that mood could vanish anytime. and that would be such a waste since I've already spent a lot on the other materials... in the name of art and crafts [ewah!], I decided to buy one. I asked the boy for the cheapest album available in black. and he showed me this.

I simply loved it! i love that the cover is covered with cloth material [which can 'pimp' later on if I feel like it] and that its a ring type, so when I need to add more, I could simply add on the pvc-free protectors without buying a new album, and it can store up to a hundred pages!!

what I didnt like about it was the price. although it was the cheapest. It wasnt really actually cheap. but I guess I knew I had to have it, so, nice shiny plastic card had to used this one time. adeehhh...takpelaa..gaji nanti trus bayar.. ;)

total cost = i dont even want to total it up.... :(

now I cant wait for the weekend to start my little project! terujanyaaaa!!!!


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

by air or by land

so hubs is going to Penang for 3 weeks next month.and since Penang is one of my favourite place in Malaysia [the food!] and I havent been there for awhile and of course I miss it so much. obviously the first thing I did when he confirmed the date was comparing ticket prices between AirAsia, Firefly and MAS. and this is what I came out with.

Return Ticket

AirAsia - RM150

Firefly - RM229

MAS - RM159

since MAS had way better services and planes, and the difference was only RM9 with AirAsia, I immediately booked the MAS flight. but when I was making my payment, an error occured and I couldnt refresh the current page I was in.tried to make online payment again but cannot figure out how. so, texted good-cousin syuhaida, and she told me that I have to make payment at the counter and the nearest was KL Central.

an hour after that, there I was, fidgeting in the car, in the massive jam, eager to reach KL Cental asap so I could pay and get my ticket...

but then, suddenly I just remembered..I'm pregnant!!

and so I counted.. I was 6 month plus at the time...

hmm...selamat ke ekk..??

adeeehhh...maka, I called good-cousin syuhaida [again!] , and asked.. and kebetulan Wa was there with her and Wa said as long as below 7 month should be ok...but if 7 month cannot because takut terberanak. ;p

so yeayy!!! I was not 7 month yet then!! ok laa kan..

to reconfirm, I called mom...

me: mom, if saya nak naik flight g penang ok ke? slamat tak?
mom: ok jer..takde masalah..why?
me: I called k.syu then Wa said if 7 month cannot. scared deliver early.
mom: owh..u how month then?
me: erm..6 month lebih..
mom: lebih berapa?
me: errr... 6 month 3 weeks.. [6m 3w 4 days to be exact! hehe]
mom: laa...7 month laa tu...tak payah laa...
me: owhh..tak payah eyh..ok... ;)

since mom said no, so, I guess..mmg tak boleh laa kan..kata ibu harus didengar!

but just untuk sedapkan hati, tried to call Teh, another auntie of mine, but she couldnt be reached at the time.

so, I took that as a sign plus the error mase nak buat payment tu [because never happened like that before]

maka, cancel flight.

and now....I am still contemplating either to go by bus or not...5 hours in the bus....alone.... waaahhhh..... lamenyer tidak berada dalam situasi sebegitu!!!

some advice perhaps?


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

his Atelier

I blog-hop a lot. Reading other people's stories and life really fascinates me. [plus it helps me stay awake during those boring hours in the office]

One of many blogs that I've come to love is one of our local super-famous fashion designer blog, Rizalman Ibrahim.

I love reading his blog not because I'm into his clothes and design [dont get me wrong! his designs are awesome! just that, I cant ever afford any of it, so malas laa nak drool lebih2 kan] but because he seems like a very down to earth person [thru his blog dat is] for a person of his status as a local Top Designer plus his writing are simply hilarious! [one of my favourite post is when he wrote about his son got circumcised . lawak please!]

anyways, in his recent post, he wrote about his newest asset, best known as his 'Atelier' ....

and owh my..i was speechless..the place is simply stunning!!! [picture taken from his blog]

and the one place I adore the most...

[berangan diri sendiri berdiri di atas platform tu...ahhhhhh... ]

cantik kan..kan...kan.... !!!! teringinnyerrr nak jejak masuk bangunan tu..


I am not the kind of person who would spend thousands on a piece of clothing [not that I have thousands to spend punnn] but looking at these pictures, makes me wanna save money just to feel what its like to try a dress on a platform like that, infront of huge mirror with side viewings like that!!

I guess if I was not yet married, and I had 3 years to save money [or make it 5!!], I would have had my wedding dress made by him [tahap berangan yg melampau]...hehehe.. ;)

I have to say that I am proud as a Malay to have a Malay Designer who is as successful as he is.. he is such an inspiration.. ;)

*agak2 mase lil sis kahwin nanti boleyke tempah satu baju dari Rizalman...hmm....*



Sunday, October 25, 2009

I feel old.

Had a great time at Jalan TAR with good-friend Ada last saturday.

Went hunting for material for her wedding dress. Totally adored the one she bought!

Also bought some materials for some tudungs I'm making for friends. Alhamdulillah dah sihat ni, could continue making pretty things for special friends. ;)

Pitied hubs had to follow and be our driver. But he insisted, said he was fine with it. Deep down inside I know he's actually worried about me. Being pregnant and all.. ;)

But he got his reward for being so patient when Ada treated us dinner at Seoul Garden Korean BBQ Steamboat Buffet @ 1Utama that night, with her fiance.

Food was superb n delish. With hubs and Ada's fiance around, it was worth spending every penny. They ate. and ate. and ate. and ate. We were there until the restaurant closed. ;)

when we started.

an hour later.

Ms. Ada and Mr. Fiance

Me and good-friend, Ada
Thanks for the dinner darlinkkk.. ;)

[feel bumped that I couldnt attend her wedding . Its february next year. Hmm.. best wishes ya!]


Went to Mom's after a friends kenduri yesterday.

Both slept the whole evening. and me almost half the night. woke up at 11pm. ate buns because so hungry.

Couldnt sleep anymore.

Stayed up with hubs until 3 am, talked about politics, work and Uni life.

I feel old.



Friday, October 23, 2009

side mirror

very2 useful.

especially when doing illegal surfing ^_*

and owh. to check out my beautiful-self.


[siapa lagi nak puji klu bukan diri sendirikannn... ;p]


Thursday, October 22, 2009


just realized I havent submitted my form + sijil nikah to HR to update my marital status...

whooppsss.. ??


Tuesday, October 20, 2009


everytime i look in the mirror and see my belly getting bigger, I still cant believe that I'm actually pregnant...with a baby! seriously, EVERYTIME!

to tell the truth, I'm still adjusting with the fact that I am now a married woman....a wife!! living and doing mostly everything with a man I call my husband...

and now I'm going to be a mother..??

wait. when did I grow up?

sometimes. especially when hubs leaves me behind to go work somewhere far, or when I have my karaoke sessions with my gfs, or even when I go shopping with mom [especially when I go shopping with mom!] . I still fell like I'm still single. I mean like the teenager I once was. I sometimes forget that I am 25 and married.

but sometimes. when I go to bed. rubbing my growing belly. staring at the ceiling. reality hits me. I am going to have a little one soon. then my mind would get busy. and I would get worried.

could I be a good mother? [could I even be a mother at all-I dont feel that grown up yet!!] . would I know how to handle a baby? what if my baby gets sick? what would I do? would I panic? would I know what to do? how to do it? would I know how to teach my child? what to teach? how to be a good example? [looking at me now, I dont think I'm a good role model at all!]

then comes the more difficult Q's...

could I provide my child a good home? the best education? would I have enough money to support my child and give him/her the best of everything in life?

hmm.if only I could give my child half of what mom n dad had given me, I'd be thankful. [now I know and appreciate more every single thing mom n dad sacrificed for me]

and the after a while...I would think such ridiculous things..

would my child be accepted by his/her classmates or would my child be an outcast? would he be the obedient type like hubs or the rebellious type like me? where would he play? would he have friends? should I send him to music class? should I send him to tahfiz class? should I be garang like mom and dad? or would I be more soft and gentle. but then, would I be too gentle and I spoil my child?

then....tup...tup...tup... I would feel little A kicking.... ahhhh.... then I will smile and talk to little A for a bit and all the worries just go away...

I am going to be a mother.

I am scared.

tapi Alhamdulillah. saya bersyukur.

I guess being a parent is not easy huh? even with the baby inside me I'm already super worried.

Imagine what it will be like when little A is out?

I think I'll be the overprotective type. hmm.lets wait and see.


oh la la la la la ~~~

my weekend was packed [again!]

it seems that this month there's always something to do, or somewhere to go..

and not to mention money to be spent....urgh..

it all started on Friday, when my company gave us halfday leave since it was eve of Deepavali..and since hubs was in Klang doing his audit, I decided to go to Pavilion with a colleague of mine to kill time, sambil2 window shopping..

yeah right..window shopping konon, I ended up buying 4 new tops from Cotton On [ I think I'm addicted to this brand! haihhh..]

the next day, Mom's best friend, Auntie Sal invited us to her open house in Kota Damansara.. the food was delish..especially her mee soup...I tambah 3 kali !!! [hushh aye..i know wut ur going to say..but then..I am eating for 2 you know! hahaha]

photo stolen from Alya's blog..she takes great photos! ;)

then that night, mom and dad organized a BBQ for my kazens, uncles and aunties from my dad's side.. [mom even bought a new BBQ stove for the event] ..ade mutton, beef, chicken, shrimp, squid, sosej, patatoes, nasi goreng and laksa...everything were super delicious!!! I didnt eat much tho, I was super excited meeting my cousins, I forgot to laa..but seriously, its been long since I last met most of them, so bersembang mmg tak ingat laa kan.. ;) I even forgot to take pictures.. sob sob.. :(

mr ayim - the chef of the night.. ;)

on Sunday, I organized a kareoke session for my mom, sister, aunties n kazens [mom's side plak]..only Mom, Sis, Teh, Callie, Cu n anak2 that could make it.. Cippa n Wa cancelled last minute, they had something else to do..Tzah plak was in Ipoh, for work..well..nvm..maybe next time..

the boys, mr Ayim n Hubs were in a different room [alasan segan nak nyanyi ade makcik2..hehehe]

the adorable cousins.. ;)
[they stayed in our room for a while, and went to the boys room after that coz we were singing songs that they dont know..hehehe...]

among the songs we sang [very the oldies ya people - no wonder the kids ran away! haha!]

the boys room - Mr Ayim melayan lagu dengan penuh perasaan!

Callie, Syikin n Cu singing...hmm...i cant remember what song

the Girls room - big n spacious - we were singing, mom was dancing, I wish the others were there too...lagi meriah... especially Wa, mom would have a friend to dance with.. ;)

after the 4-hours kareoke session, me and mom, naturally, us being us, went shopping!! , well at least mom did..I just had fun picking and choosing stuff for her...hehehe.. ;)

lil sis, me n mom

me n mom if dah start tgk barang, we care not about other people..menonong jer jalan.. ;)

while the others tagged along...bored...nasib baik Hubs ade nak jadi photographer diorang..adelaa bende nak buat sementara kitorang shopping.. ;)

kaki manusia2 yg terpaksa ikut kami berjalan.. ;p

mom ended up with some Bobby Brown products [lagi!], a gorgeous Lewre shoe, I dont know how many tops from Cotton On [hahaha..I spread the addiction to her] , a couple of shirts for ayah and a free-Santa Barbara travelling bag for spending more than certain amount on her CIMB cc..

Me? I am proud to say... I bought nothing!!!!! yeay for me!!!! hehehe.. ;)


and Alhamdulillah, berkat kesabaran [and maybe rezeki anak dalam badan ni haa] , business is doing good..and dengan duit business lebih sket tu, I got my self something that I really2 wanted for a long time...

alhamdulillah... ;)

you could also have ur dream come true...interested in doing some business and double your income?

drop me an email at escalloniaatyahoodotcom

I am happy to show you how.. ;)


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

OLYMPUS SP-570 UZ digital camera

Hi all,

I'm selling off my Olympus SP-570 UZ digital camera.

It breaks my heart to do so, but I have not been using it (at all!!) for the past 4 month coz I prefer using hubs DSLR - all the time!!!

So, rather than leaving it unloved I might as well let it go and let it be with someone who would appreciate it more.. ;)

So here's the details.

Item: OLYMPUS SP-570 UZ digital camera

Package includes: All in box + 2g memory card

Price: RM1100, bought for rm1700 in Feb 2009

Warranty: Yes. ( 4 month remaining) + 1 week personal warranty

Dealing method: I prefer COD, but if you need me to Post Laju, can also.

Age of item: 8 month++

Item(s) conditions: no scratches. excellent condition! (used for only the 1st 4 month after purchase)

you could read more about the specs here.

I will throw in 4 sony rechargeble batteries, including the charger - FOR FREE !!!! (values at rm150++)

So, please YM/Email me if you're interested ya! ;) thanks!

escallonia08 [at] yahoo [dot] com


stuffing my bag anytime soon?

normally, whenever I need to got to a puclic toilet, I will ALWAYS try my best to find and do my business in this type of toilet..

but now that my belly is growing bigger, I find it hard to squat, so now, like it or not I have to use the normal sitting toilet bowl...

the thing is, if the public toilet bowls look like this..

I wouldnt mind a bit, but unfortunately, almost all public toilet sitting bowl looks like this

Now tell me, should I start stuffing toilet paper rolls in my beg like this?

hmm.... ;p


Tuesday, October 13, 2009


..still in progress..

Monday, October 12, 2009

baby pun nak kene ade beg ke?

is what hubs said when I told him about the baby bags I googled... ;p

typical him..hehehe....

here are some of the fab baby bags I found... I adore each and every one... ;p

Hoohobbers Cocoa Pink Massenger

Gladiola Baby Bag/ Green Patent

Spring Floral Bouquet Messenger

Multifunction Nappy Bag/Backpack - Choc/Blue

Zanzibar Reversible Hobo Bag

Audrey Tote

The bad news is that all of them are super expensive!! well atleast for me, I wont even spent more than RM200 on a bag for myself [ yes, I'm not kidding!], ni lagilaa for a diaper bag..

Lucky for me, not any of the above ships to Malaysia, so, even I'm really2 tempted to buy [yelaa..nafsu membeli org pregnant ni pelik sket] ....I just know that I cant... ;)

fuuuuhhhhhhhh....... ;)