Saturday, June 16, 2012

I am now at Jusco Bukit Indah,JB

met a new business partner at 1230..alhamdulillah~ more people are joining the team :) looking forward to spread my wings here..

currently at Jco waiting for an ex officemate kat DHL dulu...she is currently still working under the DHL brand but based in Singapore..she PMed me last 2 weeks..interested in the business im doing ~ dah alang2 trun jb ni jumpa trus so that she's more clear with the business plan and strategy ~

seriously,some people are sometimes very reluctant to meet up - i guess scared that i'd be forcing them to join the business - dats not the case people...i hatr being forced so i NEVER force people into something they dont want..coz at the end of the day - the business is yours - the income is yours - you're the one who will receive all the benefits...

why i insist to meet up is because this business is not a busineas where we talk about income yg ratus2..but ribu2..means its serious money - means we must sit down and talk dead serious when it comes to this busines - if saje nak main2 n try out..sorry...please dont..

malam ni another app kat jusco tebrau..i dont know if my body can handle it..i pray to Allah that he gives me a little bit more strength for tonight..

yesterday was a long day - bangun awal giler bersiap - hantar aqil - hantar hubs (his motorcycle broke down) - went for breakfast - collected MAC sales invitation cards kat MAC MV (i'll blog about this later! so excited!) - went to solaris for prepping session with my business partner - went back home kemas rumah kemas barang kemas dapur buang sampah - picked up aqil - waited for 1 hour for mr hubs at KL central trua shoot balik jb- was suppose to stop at MElaka but the app got cancelled..tido at 1pm after makan n borak2 with my friend kat my body is aching all over and i feel like crying sbb sakit sgt..but tgh pujuk badan - takpe..esok rest...nak mandi lumpur bagi refresh balik :)

but despite all...i love what im doing..its fun sharing the greatness of the product Premium Beautiful..i swear i love it to bits..maybe dats why i enjoy talking about it very much..i love sharing the strong side of the business..coz truthfully without this business i might not be able to stay home with my boy but still earning my own money (even more than i was earning before!) so if you ask me is this business worth it? is this business good? i would

definitely say yes!! friend dah dtg..till then..


aisyah samsudin

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