Sunday, October 17, 2010

a MeiTai, a Wallet and a Passport Case

who ever in my FB friendlist might have noticed uploaded pictures and comments about my upcoming trip to Singapore this coming weekend. I am super excited coz I really2 need some break from work [work has been the worst ever! ]

Normally when people plan trips, there'll be pre-shopping for stuff to bring on the trip. Me on the other hand, decided to make stuff for my trip. [just because i need to save so that i can do a little bit of shopping there. ;) ]

so, 1st, a baby carrier. I was [still am] undecided if I should bring the baby stroller or not since I will be traveling there by air. I am not sure how and what the procedures are to bring a stroller, so to be safe, I need a baby carrier since I'm traveling with lil aqil alone from KL to JB.

I already have the pouch thing, but Aqil is not comfortable in it. He'll like merengek whenever I put him in it. So I googled and found out about Mei Tai . nampak macam bestt try cari online...hmm...a bit over my budget... ;p googled somemore, found one awesome website that have this Scandi Mei Tai's tutorial...hape lagi, printed out and balik rumah, terus beriya jahit! ;)


Aqil comfy dalam the Mei Tai, which makes mommy super happy.. I find this MeiTai tutorial very2 the easy to follow, plus, very2 comfortable for baby wearing (compared to the pouch type)

two tumbs up! me likey! ;)

details for the Mei Tai
(fyi, I made it reversible)
fabric for straps - Corduroy - Nagoya textile
fabric for panels (choc) - Blush by Moda-
fabric for panels (choc) - Printed Donuts Fabric - MayMay Shop

Next, I have been wanting to make a fabric wallet since my cousin sent me a pic and asked me if I could make one for her (wait neh Ita, tak jumpa lagi fabby kale merah hitam yg lawa). plus my wallet dah koyak2..maka, terjadi lah ini

6 card slots, 1 zipped coin compartment. ;)

tutorial from confession of a fabricaholic
fabrics from lovemelotes and
snap button from myhandmadestation

and lastly, a casing for our passports

all 3 in one place. ;)

tutorial from aspoonfullofsugar (but i tuka sket jadi untuk 3 an added the snap button)
fabrics from

I am still hoping to finish making one blouse for me and one nursing cover before I leave for Sg! insyaAllah...