Sunday, March 10, 2013

chiffon shawls :)

last weekend, put on some make-up (its been a while!) forced hubs to take pictures.. and TADAAAA.... 

hehehe.. obviously I am no model... but whateveerrrr!!! I'm so relieved siap jugak the shawls... its so hard to sew with 2 kids around.. @___@ there will be another batch coming then after that I'll be focusing on cloth diapers and baby stuff balik.. chiffons are no fun to sew!

Aisyah Samsudin

Monday, March 4, 2013

Cloth Diaper. they ask, I answer.

So, i've been getting a LOT of questions about cloth diapers. If you would like to know in detail about cloth diapering, like the materials, types, how much u need, accessories, you could read it at this blog, you can get everything in details.. i tried writing a post about it.. I failed miserably. There's too much to explain in one post and it was like panjang I couldnt even bother to finish it.. haha.. I'm lazy like that...

but, I am going to answer some questions that I've been asked so frequently, I can even hafal the anwser.

1- Senang tak pakai Cloth Diaper (CD) ni?

Well, if you were to compare dengan pakai Disposable Diaper (DD) , of course pakai CD ni remeh BANYAK, with DD you only need to buy, use and throw. where dengan CD ni, there's a lot of extra steps to be taken like

* after beli you need to pre-wash the CD at least 3 times (wash-hangdry-wash-hangdry-wash-hangdry) to get rid of the natural oil especially those made from organic fibers also for its absorbency. tahap kesabaran harus tinggi coz I believe parents yg CD bila beli CD baru mesti tak sabar nal bagi anak pakai :)

* then when dah start pakai, after poopoo kene sembur buang poopoo, if kecing then kene rinse, then kene gantung and kumpul for atleast paling lama 2 days, sebab 1 day rugi air basuh sikit sgt CD, more than 2 days CD start berbau.. or at least I wash bila dah ade 10 CD :) jimat air..

* of course the obvious extra step where u need to wash and hang and lipat the CD, comes the season where it rains everyday so lagi lambat CD kering .. and you find yourself kehabisan CD sbb semua tgh jemur..huhu

* and..after a certain time using the CD, when it starts to stink faster than usual, or becomes yellow, kene stripwash the CD..kene blaja mcm mana nak stripwash plak

* plus the different detergent u have to buy, a place to stack the CD (ok this is actually the fun part), a place to hang the CD to dry where you need sunlight..bla bla bla

so kesimpulannya... nope, pakai CD is not as easy as ABC... BUT!! once you get the hang of it, selitkan in your daily routine, I swear you will LOVE IT especially when you see your baby with that big bum of colorful fabric :)

and there's the environmental friendly thing.. :)

2- Betul kerrr pakai CD ni boleh jimat $$$$ ??'s the thing, a newborn needs atleast 30-40 pieces of CD stashed, an older baby about 20-30 CD, depending on your washing cycle... so IF you stick to that amount, sure, mmg jimat...BUT if you are like me, jenis tak boleh tahan diri tgk CD yg comel2.. and asek nak beli CD baru every other day, NOPE.. tak berapa nak jimat sebenarnya coz CDs are expensive!!!....haha..but in my defense, I'm still collecting CDs for Alya, she has less than 20 now, sometimes when its raining, CD die tak cukup, so, it still ok for me to buy more CDs..kan kan kan....

3- Why ade CD yg mahal, ade yang murah, which one you prefer??

actually its more about preferences, and your own budget,

*ade yang economical CD (mostly China brand) prices range from rm15-29/piece

*local brands are mostly middle range priced from rm29-59

*imported brands are more expensive from rm50-100++

 if handmade plak..

*local (very few that make them) mostly range dari rm70-100++ coz the material are very hard to find, mostly kene import, ok semua kene import! and they are not cheap!!

*dr US (mostly yg handmade dr US) harga around rm70-200 - mostly is the postage..skrg ni makin mahal shipping from US

i did buy economical CD first, sbb dengan alasan nak jimat kan, but after a while I changed to imported brands like simplex, itti bitti, grovia, eli monster.. mainly because of the material and cutting, I find that material yg economical CD ni stinks pretty fast and the cutting does not fit very well, habis merah2 peha alya... so I was like takpelaa spend sket asalkan Alya pakai selesa performance performance..!! does not leak, does not stink, does not stain easily and boleh pakai lama...we call it ROI :)

Alya in her red Itti Bitti, 

Alya's collection of her Itti Bitti..

you can get ready stock of Itti Bitti here 

but now, I'm slowly making my own CD for alya coz like I said, quality CDs are super duper expensive! hehe :) buying the materials are not that much cheap, but at least ade laa jimat sikit :)

my 1st attempt

I made this after drooling over a super talented momma yg buat ni kat US, it was selling for rm190!! crazy!! tak tahan try buat sendiri..oklaa :)

alya modeling mom's creation :)

*people are asking if I'm taking orders, insyaAllah soon..tengah kumpul material, not easy to get in malaysia, semua kene order + import*

4 - Ape yang bestnya pakai CD ni?

Sebab die COMELLLLL!!! hahahhaa...seriously, I can go all, its environmental friendly and safe for your kids bla bla bla.. but seriously it is, you know how many chemicals are used to produce a DD? too many!! they are still studying the effect it has on a human body.. also they still dont know how long it takes to dispose a DD .. you can read about it here .. I dont wanna scare people..haha..

but I love CD because they are cute on alya..I mean, you have to have a good reason to dress up ur kid going out or kenduri...but with CD, you need no can put on cute diapers on her everyday!! :) heee ~~

5- Boleh explain tak types of CD? 

too much to explain.. sila baca disini 

hehe..ngelat tak???

6- What kind of CD do you recommend for a newborn?

Prefold and covers of course!!

because a newborn needs 30-40 CD coz in average a newborn needs to change every 2 hours or so, that makes like 10-12 CD per day.. the thing is newborn ni takdelaa kencing bnyk mana pun, so by using prefolds and covers ni, u can easily just change the prefold and use back the cover as long as tak kotor kene poopoo or anything, so you would probably need like 10-15 covers and 30-40 prefolds, covers cost from rm30-60/piece , and prefolds cost rm13-25/piece, depending on material, I super love hemp, coz it absorbs more than cotton, but for newborns cottons are good enough :)

7- when do I start buying/stashing CD?

I started on my last month of pregnancy, wrong move! start early, like on your 5-6th month, coz CD are expensive, and you need a lot, so, buy sikit2 so that tak terasa sangat nak kene beli sekali gus... I mean, mr hubs wont be too happy if he spends rm1k on CD in a single buy kan... and normally husbands are not so supportive when it comes to CD :) so sikit sikit is the key! for sure!

Ok laa, itu jer for now, baby dah bangun...if you have anything to ask, just buzz me on FB or email me :)

Aisyah Samsudin