Monday, April 30, 2012

green blue and white

a few things i need to settle this month (before another travelling package starts!) , and one of them is getting ready aqil's room before the baby arrives, of course klu ikut hubs, mmg biar as it is, but ntah laa...i want aqil to like his room and feel cozy in it so that lepas ni die mmg nak tido in his room instead of ours..

at first i was dead set at painting the walls grey - tapi bila pk2 balik macam mandommm i googled and fell in love with the green and blue combo :) smart jugak, as long as the green bukan jenis terang benderang, i think it should be ok...and maybe just 2 walls out of the 4 jer nak cat, the other 2 leave it white..ok gak kann,,

anyways, here are some of the ideas that i love..

ok this is more white n green - but love the combo!

love the dinasour detailing, tapi aqil bukan suka dino pun lagi...carss jer memanjang

love the army green wall!! tapi takut gelap plak sbb bilik aqil kecik jer..hmm..


not liking that much the blue wall...

love this one!

dark grey and green - pun suka

another white and green!

looks simple but so hard to decide, but whatever it is, need to decide like in another hour, kedai bukak jer trus nak pergi beli and balik cat bilik coz we have already ordered an Ikea wardrobe for his room - white color - and its arriving todayyy!! 

ok laa...i think i've decided - 

walls - white and green
furniture - white - tinggal nak beli katil baru jer
deco and stuff - mix of blue, white and green

now to decide - which green??


aisyah samsudin

Thursday, April 26, 2012

DIY : bling up ur boring old case

so i cannot sleep coz Ive been going to the loo for a million time already (exaggerating much?) heee..taktau laa salah makan ape siang tadi but now my ass is in pain for all the toilet time I've been taking - hmmm... wayyyy to much information aisyah!!!

anyhoooo...since lil sis was using the lappy and I couldnt go online, i decided to take that time to bling up my hp case that is 5 month old i think? tapi yg penting dah kusam and boringgg..into something more fun..

and this is how i did it, its so super duper easy you guys will cry seeing how easy it is..enjoy!

so i bought this sticker sheet kat kedai siang tadi..yes, sambil berbisnes sambil shopping :) price? rm4.90 per sheet :) cheeepoooo!!!

then I cut a piece from the sheet according to my existing case size (i swear tho it looks pretty in the picture, casing tu dah menguning and kusam T__T)

then I peeled the sticky skin of its paper thingy and stuck it on my old casing..

i took a 20 sen pisau lipat and started to kemaskn all the sides and tebuk all the lubang needed..:)

tgk macam boringg jer lepas dah siap tampal, took out my bling kit...with some glue in hand, i started blingingggg!! (is that even a word???) - you can totally skip this part if you want :)

voilaa!!! my new casing (shud have taken a picture of the old one..hmmm) 

2 hearts black n white :)


ps: anyone wants to get themselves Premium Beautiful set, call me okehh!! 0192710102 - save rm600 before 7th May 2012!! thanks lovesss :)

aisyah samsudin

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

YOUR CHOICE >>> 3 more days!!!




BONUS RM4500 - 11/05/2012


BONUS RM3000 - 10/05/2012



AISYAH - 0192710102

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Premium Beautiful : clients feedback

feedback from my business partner, Angah's Premium Beautiful Clients....

see it to believe it!!

aisyah samsudin

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Premium Beautiful : pantang

cara nak cepat kurus dalam pantang ??

berpantang dengan Premium Beautiful >> faster results....

what more can I say???

aisyah samsudin

a HUGE NO from the Ba T__T

Aqil used to be such a sweet boy (and still is at most times) .. sitting in his carseat, well behaved..being mama's little angel..

even when takde carseat coz mama is so lazy to fix the carseat after ba took it out masa nak kemas kereta...he was still the sweet little one..

BUT now, being all grown up - having a mind of his own - mula2 ok dok diam with the seatbelt on, tapi halfway or maybe 15-20 minutes after starting the journey, die dah start nak berdiri, dah start nak bukak radio sendiri, tuka frequency, bukak tutup aircond..... arghhhh T____T

the ONLY way nak bagi die duduk diam is giving him my phone main game..T______________________T then by the time sampai destination. battery dah half gone!!!

last monday, tetibe dapat idea bernas (or so i think).. buy him his own gadget ... the first thing came into my mind was a PSP

would love to get him this one!! (ok mama yg overexcited!!) 

but being a total virgin in the game department, went to the expert - my cousin Syu - apparently, to cut the story short - not suitable for a 2 yo - games too complicated !! well...guess not yet aqil .. (mama kecewa)

cousin Syu and a friend ckp, what about a Nintendo DS?

honestly, the first look at it, mama dont like it ! boleh tak ikut kepala mama T___T ..hehe.. but when I did some research and reading about the nontendo-ds , i think, not so suitable for aqil yet kot .. so another one out of the picture..

I own an ipad (the first version-very ancient) but I use it for my business presentation, so giving him my ipad is just as same as giving him my phone right - i need the battery to last the whole day coz sometimes I dont have time to go back and charge my battery, and please dont suggest me car charger - dah ade 3 - 2 rosak (original ok!) satu lagi hilang mana ntah.. i've given up on buying a new car charger..

so the next thing that came to mind was Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

the reason 7.7 is because the 7 version is heavy!! nak masuk handbag my ipad and the tab - mau patah bahu - but when i googled the price for 7.7 >>> RM1.4k >>> hmm...i bit too much for a toy no? i can say that mama can also use it, but, hmmm..mama dah ade ipad, kan ker membazir tuh...i love my ipad sbb besar, so its better for business purpose compared to the having something that serves almost the same function...?? nolaa kot..

and then tetibe .... *tingggggg* .. omg!! why didnt I think about this earlier??? an i-touch!!!

its small - its light - once jail braking it can download all the games for FREE!! and it doesnt cost a bomb!! trus p website apple and guess what I saw???

a white i-touch!!!!!!! *heart melts* 

and its cheaper than before, I remember mom buying it for RM789 for the 8g last time (which is now my sisters) , but now its only RM699!! plus klu order online boleh free engraving (already thinking of what should I have on the back) --  ALMOST put in an order there and then...

tapi decided to hold first and let aqil try Acu (my sister) nyer i-touch

of course he LOVED it! which little kid wouldnt? right?

BUT when I pitched my idea to mr hubs, he simply said NO - ok let me rephrase that.... hubs gave me an are-you-out-of-your-mind look and gave me a HUGE NO!!

no spoiling his kid he said T_____T

there goes all my research flushed down the toilet...

*the sound of mama's heart crying* laa...i see his point, I guess in a way, mmg laa nampak mcm spoil anak...getting him such an expensive toy at an early age..but theres also education and learning apps that can be downloaded - as long as we parents monitor the usage, should be ok kann....

sesi memujuk dan membentangkan kes bermula *rolling up sleeves*

lets see how this ends :)

aisyah samsudin

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The night we all glam-ed up!!!

Last Saturday started with me being super stressed (no hijab, shoes) , I woke up early and started to glam-up my dress (a bit) coz I just had the inspiration after subuh...siap jer trus bersiap p kenduri at Ampang, then went to Jalan TAR (yes on a Saturday!!! crazyy!!!) coz I didnt have a hijab to wear, the theme for us yg naik pentas is black and gold, but I ended up a shawl close to Mustard Yellow coz hubs loved the color and he was paying for it :) went to selayang Mall after dat looking for shoes (crazzy last minute but I had to find flats sbb I knew it would be a longggg night) and some false lashies... :) sampai rumah went to my neighbor's coz her baby just came back from the hospital and I just had to take a peek at the little angel (shes adooraablee!!) then trus bersiap kluar ke MIECC - fuuuhhhhhhh...tulis tu pun dah menjela dan memenatkan...bayangkan I went thru all that !!

But, despite everything happened before the was superb!! I loved loved loved the event and of course the company I had for the night!!

jom layan gambar dulu :)

OTW to MIECC, no make up on.. 

with my team :)

gossip gossip...berbaldi malam tuhh!!

last minute ajak mamat nih coz I had an extra ticket..sajer bawak die untuk teman ali :)

cant wait for the picture from Jie's photographer :)

no commmennttt???

thats the part I glammed up myself :)

tunggu nak naik pentas, macam convo plakk...

award for the night - Diomand Sales Manager :)

gossiping with Ismalina and Jie on the stage sbb lama giler berdiri atas pentas T__T

no need introduction anymore - My Idol :)

kak Lily and Iffa, a good friend in the business - my go to girl when it comes to makeup-handbags-clothes and scarfs :)

I did my own makeup :)

Diamond Diva with our ever so gorgeous CDM Salha

My Mentor in the business, CDM Salha Zain - she was wearing Rizalman that night - simply gorgeous!! loved her makeup too!! :)

my bestie from college - he made it more fun with his theories and remarks!!

next top CDMs :)

of course with she that I love :)

pose sebelum balik :)

with my love, my backbone, my everything :) thanks hubs for always supporting me!!

6 month pregnant :)

walaupun I was super tired after running here and there in the day, my legs were aching standing up for soo long waiting for my turn to get on stage, my body was screaaaminggg for me to rest...I had a great time with my friends and business partners coz honestly... bila lagi nak seronok2 macam ni..

we did at times look ridiculous and overly gedik - but who cares!! yg penting we enjoyed ourselves, these are the only times we could forget of being a mother and wife for a night and let loose... sure having your own family is the biggest blessing Allah could ever give you, BUT at times, you do need time for you, to be crazy, to have fun, to glam up (not always in kain batik n tshirts) .. life needs balance, and in this business I found mine :)


our group is growing and shining even more brighter than before...come join us in this Premium Beautiful business and experience it yourself :)

call me text me beep me k

aisyah - 019-2710102

for more pictures you can check out my fb page :)

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