Sunday, November 29, 2009


while i was hangin' at my SIL's.

little nephew:

"cik esah, cik esah, Nano (MdNoor) nak bau cik esah"

I was confused. Bau? then his nose was at my cheek, literally smelling me.

"emmmmm.....sedappppp....macam mami (thats what he calls his mother)"



he has curly hair. a great smile. a seriously cute laugh. and he's simply the funniest kid I know.

there's always something he does or says that makes us laugh like crazy.

there was this one time he was talking with the neighbour kids, and they were bragging about the things they have.. [normal kids behaviour I guess]

after all the kids have done with their "aku ade ni..aku ade tu..

this kid went... "Nano ade nenek gemuk.."

hahahahahaha. he's definitely one original kid!

Cik Esah sayang Nano!

Opss.. Mommy loves u too little A! <3


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

DIY project : Hip Mama Diaper Bag

hye hye!

it took me 4 days to get back in the mood for blogging. hehe.

spent all day on the bed on Monday [turns out my body couldnt take long journeys anymore!] , catching up on my blogroll list on Tuesday [sambil bekerja- heh!] , MC on Wednesday [fever - but managed to have lunch @ thecurve n shop a bit @ ikea - I blame mom! hehehe!]

I dont feel like writting about my trip to penang since it was more like a romantic [eceehhh] weekend getaway for me n hubs - hehehe... no pictures no nothing.. only boring stuff couples do.heh.

but I do feel like sharing this little project I managed to squeeze in [besides lunch n shopping] and also finish yesterday [slept at 2am!]

remember I was fussing about all the baby bags are so ridiculously expensive? I found a solution to it! DIY !!

I was browsing thru some DIY crafts blog the other day, and found this Hip Mama Diaper Bag tutorial written by A Mingled Yarn [its FREE!!]. At first, it looked complicated, but I printed out the tutorial anyway, hoping that I would manage to follow the steps given.

So, yesterday, with full determination, I turned this

Fabric from Ikea [rm19.90/meter]

into this.......

front view

front pockets

back zip pocket

interior with 4 pockets

I added a place to put my keys

Turns out, the instructions were not that hard to follow, I did have some bumps here and there..but I thought I did good for a first timer ;) [i skipped some parts like the interfacing and the metal snaps coz i was just lazy heh - but it turned out better than I thought it would be] , I also used cotton fabric for the lining instead of vinyl coz I read somewhere in the comment that it'll be easier to wash when the bag gets dirty! just dump it in the machine! ;)

I must say, I love love love the bag!! It has 9 pockets all together, its the perfect size and its spacious which Im pretty sure I can fit everything I need inside the bag! PLUS it costs me LESS THAN Rm50!!! [see..who says you need to spend thousands from your account just to have the best - besides, you yourself define whats the best for you. not others! *wink*]

I cant wait to find a fabric with paterns that I really like to make my baby bag [owh, I forgot to tell yer, this one's a trial bag! hehe] - loving the Amy Butler designs but its so hard to find in Malaysia.. :(

Planning to make matching diaper clutch, changing pad, bottle holder and whatever I could think of later with the bag! <3

and today, I received these:

fabrics I ordered from Kids Island , very cheap, only rm10/meter and its heavy cotton! I dunno what to do with them yet, but I've got plenty of choices to choose from this blog I found DIY Bag Lover .. it provides links to tutorials for all crazy cool DIY bags! I super love this blog.

opss..I think I'm going a bit crazy here...hehe..anyways...for those who loves art and crafts as much as I are some links that I think are super wicked!

DIY Bag Lover [my fav of course!]
oh franson!
little needle
my sweet den
my sewing corner
nisa abas
sweet lil craft shop
sew chic and unique

well..those are some of them....theres a lot of links in the websites itself...rajin2 click click click laa yer... i promise, you'll be mesmerized!!! enjoy! ;)


Wednesday, November 18, 2009 to penang tonight....

...back on monday...


makkkkk aaiihhh...panjanggnyaaa list !!!!!

if my calculation is right, I'd be in my 28th week next week. (yes 7 month!! giler cepat!)

I guess, it'll be safe for me to start buying baby stuff..a bit of this and a bit of that..kan.. ok laa dah 7 month... [i'm so worried i'll jinx it]

so, i thought today i'll make a list of what to buy...and i found out that i was in total lost! blank.

naturally, i started to google.. typed "newborn checklist" .. a million of hits pop out.. and i was smiling. easy.

when I opened the lists, I got the shock of my life!

my first words...

makkkkk aaiihhh...panjanggnyaaa list !!!!!

seriously! contoh eyh:

Bottle feeding
1. feeding bottles & teats - 3set
2.Bottle & teat brush - 1
3.Bottle drying racks - 1 (optional)

1. Breast pump set - 1
2. Breast Milk Storage Container(Bottles & Disposable bags - 20pc
3. Nursing bra - 2
4. Breast pad - 1 box
5. Nursing Pillow - 1
6. Nipple Cream - 1

1. Baby Cot - 1
2. Plastic Drawers - 1 (optional)
3. Mosquito Net & Stand - 1
4. Crib Set ( Pillow & Bolster, Cot Bumpers, Fitted Sheet, Comforter) - 2
5. Mattress ( Latex / Foam ) - 1
6. Waterproof bed pads - 1
7. Blanket - 2
8. Night Light - 1

1. Sleepsuit - 5pcs
2. Daywear - 5pcs
3. Cloth Diapers - 12pcs
4. Disposable Diapers - 50pcs
5. Mitten and Booties - 5 pairs
6. Receiving Blankets - 1pcs
7. Swaddle/Bedung - 5pcs
8. Barut - 5pcs
9. Socks - 5pcs
10. Handkerchief - 3 pcs

Bathing & Grooming
1. Bath Tub - 1
2. Wash Cloths - 1
3. Bath Towels - 2
4. Toiletries - 1 set

Health Care & Hygiene
1. Grooming Set ( Comb, Nail Clipper, Scissors) - 1
2. Medicine Set ( Medicine Dropper, Medical Syringe - 1 (optional)
3. Minyak telon / Vicks - 1
4. Diaper rash cream - 1
5. Cotton bud - 1
6. Baby wipes - 2

1. Stroller/ Travel System - 1
2. Infant Car Seat - 1
3. Diaper Bag - 1
4. Travel mattress set - 1
5. Travel waterproof bed pad - 1

1. Tempah Tukang Urut - 5 sessions
2. Set Jamu Bersalin - 1 set
3. Bengkung - 1

mind you. thats one of the shortest I could find!! like seriously..??

i knew i had to buy clothes for the baby. but i wasnt expecting like so many different kinds of things in one category.

contoh for breastfeeding...i thought i just needed my "sisters" for one told me in needed Breast pump set,Breast Milk Storage Container, Nursing bra, Breast pad, Nursing Pillow,Nipple Cream bla bla bla....errrr...

itu belum masuk list hospital lagi.


its not how much money i have to spent i'm worried about [ok maybe a bit], but the quantity of stuff i have to remember to buy. bnyknyerr!!!

my main concern is i'd forget to buy something important then last minute baru realize that the thing takde mase nak guna tu. yelaa..even if i make a checklist pun. beli sikit2...mesti ingat-lupa-ingat ape yg dah dibeli..pastu kompom akan terlupa nak tick the checklist or ingat dah beli...aiyoohh... [membebel!]

ini belum tgk brand lagi, i mean there's lots of baby brands out there kan...pureen laa, anakku laa..ape laa..hmmm....itu nak kene google and read the reviews lagi...i definitely dont like last minute preparation. nanti panik. kepala serabut. rase nak marah2. uiiiii....i must prepare and make a proper list..nk survey harga lagi..nak quality bagus but cheap! [i got that from my dad!]

my heart is beating pretty fast right now.

ok aisyah. take deep breath. in - out - in - out.

40-26 = 14 weeks = 3 month...

howh. ok. lambat lagi. sempat.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

he's 56 today

i love u more than you'll ever know. MIL shares the same date as my dad's, but she's 57 today. A year older.. ;) so..


[hehe..i dun think she reads my blog - i hope she doesnt! hehe! well nvm, i've texted her this morning pun]

**ayat ayah pagi tadi: Rupanya org dah pencen ni badan sihat lagi laa ye.. [?????]


Sunday, November 15, 2009

one gloomy day

i'm in my office.

its raining outside.

feeling all gloomy inside.

trying to cheer up and find something exciting to write.

but just dont feel like it.

altho i had a pretty great weekend - shopping with mom at jln TAR, met with a client from Sabah, a wonderful makan2 at wa's (cu masak mee kari n carrot cake with cheese cake yg super yummy!!), meeting ol friends at a friends wedding and collected another 5 wedding invitations-all in december! huhu~

but still - cannot get myself to write about any of the above.

i wish....i wish...i wish....

i was home on my bed. sleeping.

and i feel like crying too. I dunno why. I just do.

maybe i miss him so much.

looking forward for friday.

a trip to penang. yeay!

hmm..nope..even that..still couldnt cheer me up.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lipstick Apa Aku Pakai :: Tagged by Sarah

Sarah, tagged her readers "Lipstik Apa Aku Pakai".

Since I am one of her readers and I thought it'll be fun, here's mine.

I'm not a lipstick fan actually, but I do love lipgloss.

The ONE and ONLY lipgloss I have right now is this. [i believe u just need one that suits u best]

Bobbi Brown Lipgloss in Petal.

Nadz introduced this colour to me, and I fell in love with it the very moment I tried it on!

I super love the colour, the texture and the effect it gives when wearing it. ;)

and because its so cute and small, its always in my purse so that I could wear it anywhere, anytime.. ;)



Monday, November 9, 2009

not a good one

I'm suppose to be the trainer for this new intern in my team.

and I tell you. I totally suck at it!!!

I have no idea where to start.

I talk too fast.

I'm teaching her how to "cheat". [?]

and just now, my team lead came to me and asked if I've given the intern work or not.

and when I said yes, she said to me " so why she's opening her Yahoo account?"


I have to monitor her the whole time ke..??



Sunday, November 8, 2009

sampai menitik-nitik

yesterday, before sending hubs off to Penang, we decided to jalan2 a bit at OU.

then. as soon as we entered OU's basement parking, I noticed a very odd sound coming from behind. so I told hubs to stop and take a look.

i dunno how or when it happened, but turned out we had this

a flat tire!!!

luckily. nothing happened on the road. alhamdulillah .

luckily. we were already inside the basement, so we were covered from the blazing sun outside. alhamdulillah.

luckily. there were no major damage to the rim or anything [since we didnt realize when the tyre was flat] . alhamdulillah .

luckily. the spare tyre was in good condition. alhamdulillah.

the unlucky part is for hubs, since he had to change the tyre alone. I was just standing there. helplessly doing nothing. [there was nothing I could help pun.]

berusaha bersungguh2

hubs took only 20 minutes to change the tyre [ my hero!! ;) ]

butt..... he was sweating like crazyyyy!!!

eeeewwwww !!!

punya laa berpeluh sampai menitik2 atas lantai...dasyatt.... ;p

I thought he didnt want to jalan2 after that because he looked so tired. but he wanted to.

alang-alang dah sampai katanya. biar berbaloi. ;)

...and now he's in penang for 3 weeks... sob sob.. :(


my weekend breakfast

when it comes to weekends, I must say, my favourite breakfast of all time [except for mom's nasi lemak], would be this..


[i dont like the ikan bilis because nanti cam rase liat2]

not only because its yummy and super easy to make [tepung, telur, garam, air, bawang - duhh?? ]

but also because it gives me a good reason to have this..


ever so early in the morning!! ;)

hehe..I am such a cili padi freak!! I cannot eat if the food is not spicy. Sambal kicap is my life! [talking like a true Javanese!!] - which explains the buasir I have since form 2... hehehe..

lagipun, takkan nak makan ngan cili sos kan...tak authentic laa babe! hehehe...

tambah plak pedas2 tu minum ni...

Teh-O Panas...

meleleh weeeyyhhhh..... !!!!

**erk..lapar sudahh....


Thursday, November 5, 2009

little A

I am just so overwhelmed with happiness right now. I'm speechless.





Wednesday, November 4, 2009

cerita Hollywood mana?

sometimes hubs complaints that I watch too many Hollywood movies [elehh..mcm laa die tak!] and sometimes get influence by the things in the movie [erkk..???]

like last time when I wanted a wedding ring instead of a wedding necklace or a wedding bracelet [he did argue I had too many rings already, couple, risik, tunang] but I insisted on a wedding ring because I said "omputih mana ada bagi rantai ke gelang mase dorang kahwin..kan ke bg cincin jer.." hehe.. trueee whatt...!!

or when I told him I wanted to have a baby room for little A coz "omputih kan ade nursery untuk anak dorang, mana letak baby cot dalam bilik dorang.."

then there was a time when I told him about the baby moniter thinghy, he went.."mane sayang tau ade bende tu..?" .. and I answered "alaaa...dalam movie yg kita tgk aritu tuuu.."

ok.ok. I admit. I do sometimes get influenced by movies. I mean. Who doesnt right?

but atleast, the things I am influenced by are not those bad ones..but the good ones..right? baikk anak mak nih.. hahaha.. [oklaa..I did have my rebellious stage in life, but takdelaa sampai minum ke drugs ke...I still knew my roots.]

so anyways...[dah terlanjur bende lain plak] , when I told hubs I wanted to do this..

... the first thing that he said was... " Ni cerita Hollywood mane plak yang sayang tengok ni..? "



then I told hubs, "en Ali, you think omputih jer ke buat belly cast ni? Org lain pun ade laa...and as a matter of fact, I knew about this belly cast thingy from a blog I love to read and the blogger happens to be a Malay lady tau..."


here are some of the belly cast art that I found interesting..

flower motives. [maybe sesuai if anak perempuan kot]

trees. a symbol of life.

butterflies. simply because I love them.

abstract. if its a boy?

original. simple.

well, I still have a long way to go before I do this. [ in my 8 month ?] , I just cant stop myself from being excited about it...heeee...

I've googled around and the only online store I can find selling this kit is at retailing at RM119. Any idea if I could get it anywhere else at a lower price?


The early generations of the grandchildren :)

stole this picture [and the title! hehe!!] from my cousin's blog.

honestly, I could only name a few faces [we were so cute and small then, well I am still cute! haha!], but according to her :

Abg Amir, arwah Dato' Haji Wan Omar, Syahrur, Datin Hajah Wan Zaharah, Zahidi, Adam, Kak Syuhaida , Zuriah, Zailin, me [white n red shirt] and Kak Nana seems like nobody but Zuriah [Tok Aji n Tok Ajah too of course] is looking at the camera. [why?]


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

of business date and ideas

had a business date with Salha and Farah last night at Ikea.

yes. business is still on people!

I couldnt have afford my new Blackberry if it wasnt because of this business. ;)

For those interested. drop me an email. I'll explain how. ;) []

on a diff note, hubs blanje me Ketam Steamboat Village, Steamboat @ Ikano [sayanggggggg abangg!!! hehe]

I love it here because the tomyam soup at this place is superrrr spicy..!! sedappp..!! ;p

extra pedas tomyam soup

mine : Homemade Dumpling Noodle set

Hubs: Sliced Lamb Noodle Set

Then, while waiting for Salha n Farah to arrive, I wandered around in Ikea and saw these...

uuuu...lovely..lovely... i love the bold paterns and colours! and its not that expensive, ranging from rm19.90- rm26.90 per meter..

hmm...ideas were pouring in like crazy in my head. Cant wait to start decorate my new home.

*bila laa nak dapat kunci ni...haihhh....*


Monday, November 2, 2009

mandi wiladah dan mandi nifas

had a conversation with friends the other day about this topic.. I was like... blurrr..... [mcm ade belajar mase PAFA/KAFA [?] dulu.. but lupa.. yelaa..bende yg bukan amalan harian kan..

then my friend gave me this link to explain about this and I thought I'd share it here, [mane tau ade jugak yg blur cam saya nie..] hehehe...

I'll just copy paste ok. [article source : forum]


Seorang perempuan yang telah selesai melahirkan anak mempunyai kewajipan tertentu iaitu mandi kerana bersalin (wiladah) dan mandi kerana nifas.

Para ulama telah ijmak mengatakan bahawa wajib mandi dengan sebab keluar darah nifas. Termasuk di dalam perkara yang mewajibkan mandi ialah wiladah iaitu mandi kerana bersalin, sekalipun melahirkan tanpa basah (darah). Begitu juga bagi perempuan yang mengalami keguguran anak, tidak terkecuali daripada kewajipan mandi, sama ada keguguran itu hanya berupa darah beku (?alaqah) ataupun hanya berbentuk seketul daging (mudhghah).

Bagi sebilangan perempuan yang terpaksa menjalani pembedahan perut untuk mengeluarkan anak, maka dikategorikan hal yang sedemikian itu sebagai wiladah maka wajib ke atas perempuan tersebut melakukan mandi.

Perlu diingat, mandi kerana bersalin dan mandi kerana nifas mempunyai perbezaan.

Bagi mengelak kekeliruan, maka darah nifas ialah darah yang keluar dari rahim perempuan selepas melahirkan anak sekalipun hanya setitik. Bermulanya darah nifas itu keluar sebelum berlalu lima belas hari setelah seseorang perempuan melahirkan anak. Andaikata darah itu tidak keluar melainkan setelah berlalu masa selama lima belas hari atau lebih, maka darah yang keluar itu tidak dikatakan sebagai nifas tetapi ia merupakan darah haidh. Maka dalam hal ini perempuan tersebut diwajibkan mandi kerana nifas.

Manakala mandi kerana wiladah ialah apabila seorang perempuan itu melahirkan anak atau mengalami keguguran anak sekalipun hanya berupa darah beku (?alaqah) atau hanya berbentuk seketul daging (mudhghah). Maka wajib bagi perempuan itu mandi kerana bersalin (wiladah) setelah berlakunya kelahiran atau keguguran sebagaimana disebutkan.

Maka apabila seorang perempuan telah melahirkan anak, dia wajib mandi kerana bersalin (wiladah) dan wajib juga ke atasnya mandi nifas setelah berhenti darahnya atau habis tempoh masa yang sederhana iaitu empat puluh hari empat puluh malam atau masa paling maksima selama enam puloh hari enam puloh malam.



on my off day

I was on-leave yesterday.

Had a check-up in the morning.

Gained an unhealthy amount of weight - which I be will be monitored next month - maybe kene minum air gula - tidaakkkkkkkk!!!!!!

Not enough blood count [erk?] have to eat lots of iron n vit-C

My tagging sticker on the pink card has changed from white [normal patient] to green [problematic] - huaaaa!!!!!! sobbsss... :(

Spent the rest of the making these...

4 done, 2 more to go... [erk..actually only ONE from the four that has been completely finished - yes - ko punya Mala! ;) ]

I dun like making the base [ because the chiffon material is soOooooooOoo hard to handle ]

but i love love love "pimp"ing them up. especially with crystals... ;)

here are some of the stuff I use to make the tudung pretty..

lace, crystals, pearls, labuci, beads

for those who asked me, i'll be honest, crystals n pearls are expensive, coz I usually buy the Swarovski crystals. One tudung can cost around rm150-rm180 (only the materials). I'm not kidding. For cheaper alternative can opt for labuci, manik n what not, but hehehe..saya tak terrer jahit manik.. ;p

TAPI.... i'm truly sorry, I dont take orders, only from really2 close friends.. hehe.. tak cukup masa nak buat.. sorry yerrr...

but if there's anything you would like to ask about the tudung, I'd be happy to help out. email me at escallonia08[at]yahoo[dot]com , or its easier to YM [same email add], I'm normally online during office hours.. [oppppsssss!!!] ;)

for more info on how to make the tudung, please read this post. TQ.