Tuesday, March 31, 2009


may Allah bless you always...
I Love You !!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

my bad

Tok Wa passed away last friday.

Mom was mad because I didnt go visit Tok Wa when she was around.

I dont know why I didnt.

Mom called on Tuesday, during office hour. Informing me Tok Wa tgh nazak.

Made a mental note to go visit.

But somehow it slipped my mind because I even forgot to tell hubs about Tok Wa.

Not making any excuse. My bad. And I feel really2 guilty.

Semoga TokWa ditempatkan di kalangan orang2 yang beriman. Amin..

“Innalillah wa-inna ilaihi raji’un - Truly to Allah we belong, and truly to Him shall we return”


went back to my In Laws last weekend....

My erm..nephew.. (i think..my SIL's son..kira anak buah me gak laa kan..) saw his uncle (my BIL) eating bihun using chopstick..and he insisted on using chopstick too..he's only 3!
cuteness ~~~ ;)

ps: had a minor excident on the way back. a car from the opposite side accidently went to our side of the road when she was reaching for something...luckily BIL noticed the car (Hubs was driving but didnt see the car since it was raining heavily) and hubs sempat try elak...but still got hit.. lost the side mirror and got some scratches at the side of the car....Alhamdulillah nobody got injured or worst, killed...this weekend going to half cut shops..hunting for a 2nd hand side mirror!! hehe... ;)


Thursday, March 26, 2009

tema hari ini : kotak-kotak

both from bandung.. ;)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

* shopping trip *

back from a 4 day shopping trip

will update later !!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

back to reality..

wow! finally..I've finished reading all 4 books from the Twilight Saga...hehehe..I can now..finally..get back to my life...hehe..I get really absorbed into the story when I read..and I completely ignore everthing else that surrounds me at that moment..kecian kat hubs..he watched the TV alone..had to sleep with the lights on (because I was reading until 3 am..its really2 hard to put down the book once I started reading it) and even had to cook dinner for himself...and I was on the bed all along...reading...huhu...(thats why I was quite relunctant to start reading the books..i knew I would be like that..but once I watched the movie..and started to read the first book..out of curiosity..trus lekat..cannot stop until I've finished all 4) - I even downloaded the ebook, so that I could continue reading during office hour! giler kan..??

anyways..I'm glad I'm done coz my house is a total mess!! Need to clean up before I go for my shopping trip..I wont want to come back to a messy house after my 4 day trip! (hubs will go hang out at his 'bujang' house while I'm gone, so not counting on him to tidy up..heheh)

to abang, sorry yee...and thank you for understanding...hehehehehhe... ;)

ps: The Twilight Saga..... scrumptious!!! cant wait for another year to reread it...i think maybe i'll wait 6 month...hehehe...


Sunday, March 8, 2009

dear cippa

Dear cippa,

I just read your post and wanted to comment on it, but it seems like you've locked your comments..

anyways..thanks for the great advice! hehehe..fyi..me and ali..we take turn to cook..sampai one time tu bergaduh nak masak.. ;) hehehe..ali can cook simple2 things, usually when he cook it will be like sambal sardin ke, ikan bilis goreng ngan bawang n cili padi ke. nothing gravy for sure (but one thing..he HATES cooking rice..mesti I yang tanak nasi..hehehe..) he's still in learning process..when i cook normally he will ask the ingredients and how to cook... ok laa..but still a long way to go to reach Uncle eh? Pakcik Zubir punya level.. ;)

i just hopes our "take turn cooking' will last long... hehehe!!

thanks again cippa!


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

congrats to me and Roy !!

I made these for dinner..

sawi goreng....err...cincai... ;p
gulai ayam siam
or ayam gulai siam? eh? whatever..what matters is, it was my first attemp and hubs said..
"sedap gilerrr (tapi kurang garam)... kenapa masak susah2 ni? patutnya lauk weekend nih..."
*clap* *clap* ..hehehe..happy sgt2 jadi walaupun kurang garam..actually, for me dah masin dah..but maybe because I am so used to masakan kurang masin makes it masin for me but not for hubs..
but the "patutnya lauk weekend" part..i was..erk? why eh? got eh lauk weekeand, lauk malam keje ke?tak penah tau punn?? hehehe..he said because nampak susah nak masak..hehe..little that he know lauk ni laa senang...potong potong, blend, campak dalam periuk.. ;)
i am starting to really2 love cooking..i loved cooking before but i guess now taht I am cooking for the love of my life..jadi lagi best nak masak.. ;)
roll in the next recipe please......
on a diff note, an office mate of mine got hitched last Saturday.. went to her wedding in Kajang...got stuck in the traffic for 2 hours before reaching her house! tambah boleh sesat pulak! hehe..anyways..congrats Roy! you look damn gorgeous in my fav colour (haha!) love ur dress btw.. Semoga perkahwinan Roy + Hatta sentiasa diberkati oleh Allah SWT..insyaAllah... ;)

me with the lovely bride.. ;)


Sunday, March 1, 2009

*@&*!(^@%^#&*(&@ !!!!!

hari ini, pagi2 lagi aku dah mencarut...mana tak nye...pagi2 lagi dpt call ckp ade error yang dilakukan semalam tapi pagi ni baru realize...org tu cuti...

klu sekali...takpe..di maafkan...

dua kali...hmm..takpela..try jgn buat lagi...

but if dah 5 times.... ni yang mmg rase nak mengamuk giler nih...

eiiii......dah buat sekali tu pepandai laa amek precaution lepas tu so that tak buat lagi...ni takk...asek buat mistake ajeee....tolong cakap sape yang tak bengang????? retarded ke hape ntah...lembap semacam...

pastu kalu salah yang die buat tu tak effect org lain nyer KPI, bonus and increament..takpe gak kan...ni effect.....arrggghhhhhhhhhhhh.....