Monday, June 18, 2012


masa mula2 kenal designer bags dulu, I didnt really fancy Prada coz for the price, I thought the bags were either too plain or too berkedut2.....haha..seriously! (siapa yg mmg hantu beg ni mesti berpusing2 mata - amende laa minah ni - Prada kot!)

yeah - I know..Prada ~ but I'm not the kind yg tgk brand ~ I look at designs ~ if cantik ~ cantik laa ~ if tak ~ taklaa kan...

but then the other day, pergi Pavilion ngan Salha, saje usha2 beg, masuk Prada, angkat, pegang, posing sket ~ 

okeh ~~

jatuh hati!!

simple yet so sophisticated ~ and not to mention gorgeous!!

for nylon, RM6k is kinda steep but seriously I couldnt take my eyes of it!!

Chanel? Prada? now I'm confused !!

Moral of the story? udah2 laa tu p usha beg ~~ nnti lagi pening tak tau nak yg mana satu T___T

Aisyah Samsudin 
Authorized Premium Beautiful Agent


erinchunk said...

my mom has that nylon bag ;)

Anonymous said...

Those are all leather.

aiesya said...

the second one is nylon, only the handles and straps are leather..