Sunday, June 24, 2012

birthday tea time :)

yesterday (sunday) , my ex-headgirl Azz organized a combined birthday get together for a few of our friends, she went all out with cards, cake, and even a birthday board!! for a 38 weeks pregnant lady, tabik springg ~~ heee :)

it was nice, meeting my friends, jarang2 jumpa diorang bila jumpa tetibe rasa berasa di highschool kembali :) suppose lagi ramai but last minute ade yg ade hal ~ but nvm ~ the show must go on right :) 

tak tau nak tulis ape ~ layan gambar jer laa k :)

the organizer ~ 2 more weeks Azz!!

Farah and FanFan! comel gilerrr!!

peace!!! pandai sungguh budak nihh!!

with erin :) one of the birthday girl :)

Dr Shila :) she went back to Penang right after the get together :) gagah ~~

Birthday girls ~ Nurvia just came back from Milan for work ~ dengar cerita die ..dalam hati .. I want her job!!

the mommies :) 

Azz is 38 weeks pregnant and she's thinner than me! pfffttt...

the birthday cake :) Tiramisu ~ sedap giler ~~

The birthday girls :)

Happy Birthday Girls!!! enjoy your 28th birthday :) 

thanks Azz for organizing this get together :)

thanks girls for the wonderful time :)

*owh ~ lupa ~ it was a Decanter, Bukit Damansara ~ I swear the food id to die for! sedappp gilerr!!*

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