Friday, May 18, 2012

I never thought I would be obsessed with bags!

I never understood the craze of collecting designer bags before...

until I owned my first LV..

I remember telling hubs after getting that bag ... "I wont buy another bag for 5 years!!"  *yeeah right!!*

but now..


already googling for my next dream bag... T____T

I was thinking another LV , like Stressa

I just love how casual it looks :)

but then Salha kata, why not a different brand?

well, I've always dreamed about owning a Mulberry Alexa

in love with the blue one! 

and another bag I've been obsessed with these past few weeks..

the Balenciaga City Bag - what is it with blur lately??

once upon a time ago, I didnt really like this bag, sbb its so simple (yet so expensive!) .. but ntah laa... one day, I woke up, watched E! i think... and fell in love with this bag! haha..boleh??

you can go casual..

or dress up!

ok..hati dah berdebar2... I would say this will be my next target - maybe I would get it during our FREE trip to London and Paris nanti ke??


*hope hubs doesnt decide to read my blog today*

Aisyah Samsudin


Anonymous said...

Stressa tue
PM = 975 pounds
GM = 1080 pounds


aiesya said...

yeah, retailing about rm5-6k in malaysia :)